Where can I find the quest for the Enforcer?

  1. My current main quest part is the Hero of Skill (after the tattered spire). Can someone please tell me when or where can i get the Farmer quest for the Enforcer?

    User Info: fpS_pWn3r

    fpS_pWn3r - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    So say after the send of the game I don't have my dog anymore, do you guys remember where you dug up the gun specifically? or is it random?

    User Info: Jakdbz

    Jakdbz - 9 years ago

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  1. There's not a quest for it, well kinda, you either help the Farmer Dude and kill the Bandits, or you help the Bandits and kill him. (I'm evil so I totally smashed his face in and then betrayed the bandits and looked at their book about how they like to cross-dress and killed em). I dunno bout good side, but evil side you go back and his grave will be there and you dig it up to find the key and ya go into the cellar and dig up the enforcer down there. That's how I did it.

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  1. You were supposed to do the quest before the tattered spire.

    User Info: XxDeadDragonxX

    XxDeadDragonxX - 9 years ago 2 5
  2. I never actually did the quest for this gun, but i still ended up getting it. After I beat the game, I came back to Brightwood and was able to dig up the key to open the portcullis. Inside, you can dig up the gun. Good luck.

    User Info: GotTorqueInside

    GotTorqueInside - 9 years ago 3 2
  3. If you are good, you will have to buy the farm in order to get the portcullis key.

    User Info: suzukigsx212

    suzukigsx212 - 9 years ago 2 3
  4. I am completely good and pure and i didnt have to buy the farm to get the key. I dont remember exactly where i dug it up, but i do know it was somewhere around the farmhouse itself.

    User Info: GotTorqueInside

    GotTorqueInside - 9 years ago 1 3
  5. You are supposed to do a quest for him before the spire. Then, when you return, there should be another quest where you have to find a date for his "sexually confused" son. Then buy the farm (Can't buy it until you complete the quest) Go upstairs, there should be a closet right at the top. Search it. (It made me steal it, from my own house) You'll get a note and a key. Go to the cellar. Kill the hollow men and progress forward. If you "lost" your dog, it should be infront of the altar, like, thing in the last room, opposite the silver key.

    User Info: Bamcrash

    Bamcrash - 9 years ago 1 2
  6. Well it not a quest but if you go to Giles's farm ( the with your dog he'll find a dig spot a there will be a key now go into the cellar & open the gate from there you should get on your own

    (that's how after I did the evil quest )

    User Info: J-R-P

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  7. You don't even have to buy the farm... If you kill the farmer outside of his farm, he will drop a key to the cellar/basement. Use that key to open the door and go inside. Once inside it should be a breeze. Just get to the end and your dog will find it in a dog spot. The only bad thing about this is that you will get evil points for killing the farmer...

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  8. Simple. Get the key from the farmers grave if you killed him. If you didnt kill him buy the property. After you get the key head into the cellar on the other side of the house. Get to the end of the tunnel. There will be a room filled with sand. Your dog will find the spot and then you can dig it up. If your dog cant find it leave get the treasure hunting skill for your dog upgraded and try again. Its only in the last room of the cellar.

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  9. This is not a quest u have to steal the key or if yopu are in the future just dig it an then enter de cellar

    User Info: frankysis

    frankysis - 8 years ago 1 1
  10. its not a quest u just have to get the key from in his house which will be in one of two places considering good or evil

    if youre good: you will have to buy the house and find it in a wardrobe

    if youre bad: you will find it in his house on a desk to the right

    PS. his house will look different when on opposite karma levels

    User Info: stealthresponse

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  11. Actually you dont have to do either of the quest if you returned from the spire the first time go back to where his cot was, go around back youll notice theres a cellar door, and a mound of dirt there near it dig on top of that dirt cause its gilees grave you find the portucullis key take it go into the cellar and unlock the door the enforcer will be buried in the last room of the dungeon.

    I didnt get the enfocer the first or second time, first time i didnt do either of the quest but then my game glitched and i couldnt open doors

    2nd time i didnt choose love so my dog was never revived

    3rd time i bought the farm it was there.

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  12. You can only get it after doing either "Red Harvest" or "Cold Comfort Farmer" BEFORE going to the Spire.

    -If you did the "Red Harvest" you will have to go where Giles' farm once stood and dig a key to his cellar, from his grave. Find his cellar, run through it and at the end, your dog should find a dig spot, where the Enforcer lies, accompanied by a silver key next to it.

    -If you did the "Cold Comfort Farmer" you should have a quest called "Blind Date." At the end of it, Giles sells his farm to you. He leaves you a note telling you that he has a key to his cellar in his cupboard. It is at the top of the house where Giles lived in. Get the key and find the cellar. It's in one of the barns. Once there, run through the dungeon, and there should be the same dig spot and the same silver key I mentioned before.

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  13. Or you can just have your dog dig up the key and go get it urself, if u still have the dog.

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  14. Well you can't get it after the spire but you need to do either red harvest after that you dig a key from his grave or you do cold comfort farmer then you will find the key in a drawer at the end of the quest. You then go down to the cellar do a few puzzles fight some zombies........Make sure your dog is alive then he sniffs it out and you dig it up

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  15. If you chosse to be a good guy and save the farmer Giles from the Bandits you will get a quest after the spire called blind date by now the farm should have the addition of a barn.Once beaten you can buy the farm and get a key then go to the barn and in to the celler. Once there you may have to go through a maze with a lot aof gates and pressure pads but once you get to the big sandy room with the weapon its all up to your dog to find it hopefully it would be a levle 5 treasure hunter. But if you been a bad boy a killed Giles (like most people do) you woul go to Giles grave and go to the cellar near the house. And reapeat the process.Warning I heard that you do need your dog for this. But you guys should know to always care for your animals.

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  16. You have to be able to buy the farm first off.

    Once you buy the farm, the quest is given to you.

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  17. I don't know about the quest but i do know how to get it. after you killed lucien go to brightwood there will be a small
    house next to a graveyard(also pretty small) your dog will tell you to dig next to the house you'll know it's it
    because he'll dig into a grave. once you dig it out you'll see it's a key once belonging to the man in the grave and owner of the house. the key is for the cellar of that house it's easy to spot it's next to the grave.
    inside there will be lots of hollowmen but once you deep enough into the cave your dog will tell where it's buried.
    good luck this is as detailed as i can get.

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