Where are all of the murgo statues?

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  1. Murgo's "Pay Me" Model - Given at start of Snow Globe

    Murgo's "Chicken" Model - Just a bit after you enter the Well to the left, your dog should spot it.

    Murgo's "Dancing" Model - On the beach all the way to the left in a rock cluster just after rescuing the first child from a red guy

    Murgo's Dismissive" Model - From the town in which you talk to the woman about saving the children head towards the beach to cross a bridge, vault from here to find a dive spot to take you right to it.

    Murgo's "Begging" Model - Once you enter the Shadow Court (seal given by school teacher), go down the second set of stairs and you'll notice a wall that can be broken down, there it is.

    Murgo's "Sycophantic" Model - At the very start of the Cursed Skull Quest, to the left in a small alcove, can't really miss it.

    Murgo's "Slanderous" Model - After cutting down the first set of hedges, you'll get attacked by at least one balvarine. After this, look to the right to see a very small hedge you can mow down. Walk further down and it'll be there.

    Murgo's "Tickled Pink" Model - After getting the "Slanderous" Model follow the trail into an open bog area, from there, go left instead of following the trail. You'll hit some more hedges to cut down under a Stone Henge looking thing and then again more hedges and there it'll be.

    Murgo's "Optimistic" Model - At the top of the long wooden path to where you got the Hobbe costume, if you go all the way to the top then look straight then down, you'll see a vault area.

    Murgo's "Mad Trader" Model - After using the stilted Hobbe to get across the river of poison, there's an expression statue of a hobbe to the right by some boxes, break the boxes and go through the pathway to get it."

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