Does anyone have a list of Places for the Archeologist?

  1. Can't figure out the one about travelers.

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  1. !!Spoilers!!
    If you plan to choose the purest, most moral path, I recommend doing as many of these as you can while you still have your dog, which includes all but the last four. You will receive a glowing trail for the remaining locations, but it only seemed to work well for me in caves.

    Archaeologist Quest locations:
    1. Bowerstone Old Town
    2. Rookridge
    3. Bowerstone Cemetary
    4. Oakfield, Temple of Light
    5. Bower Lake, Gypsy Camp
    6. Brightwood
    7. Bandit Coast
    8. Westcliff
    9. Gemstone Grotto
    10. Wraithmarsh (near the tree by the entrance to the Shadow Court)
    11. Bloodstone (in the part of town with the broken-down carriages in the center)
    12. Guild Cave (chamber just off the main path where you found several knocked over bookcases)
    13. Reaver's Rear Passage (can't remember the exact location, but since it is a cave, the glowing trail will lead you right to it)

    Note: I recommend giving Belle the Archon's Dream. You get 50K and 50-100 good points. At this point in the game, particularly if you own all the shops, you won't get much more than that for selling the gem.

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  1. The 1st one is in old city the 2cd is in rookridge(i think i misspelled) and i havent turned that one in yet good luck

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  2. The Gypsy Camp

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  3. Anybody know where the "place sacred to heroes" is?

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  4. place sacred 2 heroes would be the heroes guild wudnt it?? I dnt actually kno I aint that far wit it yet

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  5. Yes the place sacred to heroes is the Guild Cave.

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  6. Travelers is the gypsy camp

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  7. Check Kraiz's FAQ under side quests. It has them all up to when you finish the main quest line.

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