I pick sacrifice at the end isnt that supposed to bring my sister back where is she?

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    kb2408 - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Does Love give you good?

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    guitarrock117 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Sacrifice: 300 good points and all the lives lost to the tower returned... pointlessly, may I add.

    Love: Your family, including dog and sister, come back to life.

    Wealth: 1,000,000 gold and 300 evil points.

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Other Answers

  1. Sacrifice brings back all of the people who perished in building the tower. the middle card is what brings back your sister, tho the name currently escapes me.

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  2. No love does not

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  3. Your sister's name is Rose, and the middle card, "the family," is the one that brings your family back, inculding Rose and your dog.

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  4. When you choose to save you dog and sister, you get Rose's Letter. In there it says that she is with a thin man wearing a cloak and looks like a king. who is this man she is on about?

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  5. Sacrifice: 300 Good Points, the lives lost whilst building the tower are returned (you'll never see these individuals), and a statue of your hero erected in Bowerstone Old Town. The Sacrifice achievement.

    Love: Family is returned, including your dog, and your sister is stated to be alive. **Rose is with Scythe, or William Black the 1st Archon. Her letter states that she is with him, and that they'll see your character again someday. Currently she isn't in the game.** Additionally, you get The Family achievement.

    Wealth: 1,000,000 gold, and 300 Evil Points. Egomaniac achievement.

    ***NOTE*** It should be noted that in order to completely beat the game, one should choose the path of Love. While you do not need the dog to complete the archaeology missions, you will need him to dig up the buried silver keys, and remaining treasure. Not to mention that attaining 300 good or bad points can be as easy as donating $50k to a villager, or killing 10 people. Additionally, attaining $1,000,000 is still possible (and very easy) without choosing the Needs of One.

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  6. Scythe or the 1st Archon? That's the best guess I've heard. Perhaps they're leaving that question unresolved for Fable 3.

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  7. If your worried about the money set your xbox dashboard forward a few years in the date and keep reloadin you get lots of money dependin on your 5 mins income

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  8. no it does not the

    wish love brings back your dog and sister rose and whatever family you may have had back to life but you never see rose in fable 2

    Sacrifice brings back all the people that died during the building of the spire and they put up a statue in bowerstone old town and gives you 300 good points which u can easily earn

    wealth gives you 1,000,000 gold from the guild and gives you 300 bad points which u can easily earn

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