Demon Door locations?

  1. erm...I cant find a few of them...all I can find is the general I cant find the westcliffe door, no matter where I search....can someone give me specifics? at least the region of the place the door is in? (i.e. oakfield door is in northwest corner of oakfield town, on a beach) or any information beyond, "its somewhere in westcliffe."

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  1. Try checking the FAQs here on Gamefaqs. They are good and specific on where to find and how to open the demon doors.

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  1. Travel to the Howling Halls, turn around and walk out. Backtrack across the bridge, through the mist and arches area, as soon as you're out of there it's straight ahead.

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  2. Demon Door locations:
    !!Spoilers galore!!
    1. Bower Lake: Take the left fork of the path just before the road to Bowerstone Market. Requires the following expressions: Bloodlust Roar, Blow Kiss, Dance, Fart, Growl, Laugh, Middle Finger, Point & Laugh, Vulgar Thrust, & Worship to be performed while the door recites a play. Place: the Arid Sea, chest contains a Lucky Charm Augment.
    2. Bowerstone Cemetary: Follow the main path into the cemetary. You should see the door on your right. Kick one of the chickens until it splatters on the door. Place: Forgotten Keep, chest contains Balverine Strength potion, Practised Skill Potion, and Infused Will Potion.
    3. Brightwood: It takes a while to get this one to tell you what he wants. First he tries to scare you off. After a while he will ask you for some cheese. Once you give him the cheese, he will curse and force you to make yourself look ridiculous. I hear he wants you to wear different items of clothing from some sources, but from me, on multiple profiles and both genders he always wants mutton chops, dreadlocks, a yokel hat, a noble gent's shirt or a corset, and a tart skirt. I can't seem to get the dreadlocks until I go to Bloodstone. I wish there were travelling barbers like in the first game! You have to stand around for a while, although sometimes mashing the A button gets him to speed up, but eventually he will give it up. Place: The Sepulchre, chest contains the Lad of the Night outfit (Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt, and Harlequin Trousers), by far the most hilarious outfit of all, especially if you dye it with that Saint's Row Regal Purple and just about any other color. Tee hee hee.
    4. Rookridge: You pretty much can't miss this one on the way to Oakfield for the first time. It is in a very large bend in the road with a wide open area in front of it. You must get your dog to perform 5 different tricks in front of the door for it to open. Place: Memory Lane (very creepy, and seriously, what is going on in that house? I don't know if they are trying to escape a burning building or do some icky violence to the guy in the middle), chest contains a Potion of Life.

    Continued in next post...

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  3. 5. Oakfield: This door can be difficult to find. It is located along the coastline near the two (pre-Spire) houses that are closest together. If you aren't married, the door wants to see a proposal. If you are, he wants you to blow a kiss to your spouse. I have heard that you can just blow a kiss at the door, but have yet to try this myself. Place: Homestead, or Serenity Farm, chest (in the windmill) contains the Hammerthyst, a Legendary hammer. In addition, this farm (worth 32,000g) is yours, free, and the nightstand upstairs contains the Come Hither, Dear expression book.
    6. Westcliff: On the way to the Howling Halls, Hammer and a damsel in distress in tow, you will find this demon door to the left of the path, behind a few trees. He will only let you in if you've lived a little. You must be at least 50% corrupt to enter. The easiest way to do this is to jack up the rent to +100% for at least a few of your properties. Note: If you are already corrupt, the demon door will open, but you will not be able to enter until you reach Westcliff with Hammer. Place: the Vault, chest contains the Calavera, a Legendary Mace.
    7. Wraithmarsh: I missed this door on my first playthrough until after I had beaten the game. When you arrive in Wraithmarsh, once you have regained control of your character, backtrack toward the one-way cullis gate you came through. The path forks to the right. Follow the path up to this demon door. He wants an audience so he can perform a play. You'll need a decent amount of renown. It should not be a problem to attain some serious renown at this point in the game, as quests are now available worth thousands of renown each. You need to have about 10 followers of at least middle class. I recommend getting as many of the Aristocrats in Fairfax Gardens to follow you as possible. This may be very difficult if you are evil or wearing clothes that make you aggressive. Try switching to either the noble clothes or the monk outfit, do some funny expressions and then ask again. If you don't have enough renown for any more followers, the game will tell you. Fast-travel with your entourage to Brightwood tower (preferable after you have purchased it or they may all get killed by Spire guards). Take the cullis gate to Wraithmarsh and head up to the door. If done properly, you should not encounter a single enemy. The door will do his show, then crack open. Place: Terry Cotter's Army. This place contains several books about momma's boy Terry Cotter, and the Knights. You must travel through the house and into the tomb beyond the broken gates to find the chest containing the Perforator, a Legendary turret rifle. I had fun smashing every single sad imitation of Alfonse Elric in the place!
    8. Bloodstone: On the right side of Bloodstone Road, fairly difficult to miss. Play the lute perfectly until he tells you to stop. Make sure to let go of the button when the dot is over the green sweet spot. Place: Winter Lodge. I love this one. It starts out so pretty and turns so hideous. Chest contains a Master Longsword.
    9. Fairfax Gardens: Enter the region, follow the path under the castle stairs and through the narrow tunnel to a round open area. This demon door won't open until you have opened every other door. Place: Forest Sanctum, chest contains 50k gold and there is a podium with a book titled, 'Marcus's Poem.' The book doesn't do anything. Kind of anticlimactic, eh? I was hoping for something a lot cooler than money.

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