HOw do you change the color of your characters skin?

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    brownsk8ermm - 9 years ago

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  1. Good + Pure = Healthy tan, blond hair, blue eyes, good skin, halo
    Good + Corrupt = Grungy looking, bad skin and flies following you, bad skin
    Evil + Pure = White skin, black hair, good skin, no horns(Vamp look)
    Evil + Corrupt = Horny, black skin

    I'm pretty sure lines are just cause of Knowledge in the area of will and I have no idea about scars as my avatars have none...

    Everything else is tweaking the balance between good / evil and purity / corruption. I've watched all kinds of changes such as natural red hair, RED eyes... It's a pain in the tookus to keep them a particular way if they reside somewhere in between as apposed to one extreme or the other...

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  1. I think you can only change your skin color by being good neutral or evil.

    User Info: photogspeedster

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  2. When I decided to go evil, my skin went vampire white. I use Inferno all the time, maybe that's why I went black. I also have red cracks from evil. I'm so pretty.

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  3. Thanks alot for the quick responses, all of you. With the sun-tanning method, in case I wanted to go back to normal caucasian-ness, how do I go about reversing it? It just wears off after time?

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  4. You can turn pure black my spamming inferno but without evil or full magic it just looks weird as for reversing it, thats impossible sorry dude.

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  5. It all depends on your purity.
    As far as I know your person can only turn pale green or white with line all over his or her body.

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  6. By being either completely good and pure, or being completely evil and corrupt. The whiter you are, the more pure and good you are, the tanner you become, the evil and corrupt you will need to increase

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  7. Hay wen i beat the game I was very good and corrupt and all maxed out stats I turnd red had curling horns
    and red and blue lines and a halo resting on the horns it was wierd wen I noticedthat there was a circle above my head. But u just gotta be good or bad corrupt or pur it depends on that. Hope i helped

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  8. I don't think you can tan in matter how much you run round with no clothes on.

    You start vaguely pinkish.

    Becoming good + uncorrupt makes you whiter and glowy and you gain a halo when you max out. Becoming evil + corrupt makes you go grey towards black, get red lines on your body and grow horns.

    If you want to change, just go the other way. Changing your housing policy is the fastest way to reduce change corruption, and giving to the poor gives you goodness in vast sums. Evil...just kill main and destroy stuff. :D

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