How get all emote of fable 2?

  1. Really where all emote books miss 3 in each group

    User Info: subzerodark

    subzerodark - 8 years ago

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  1. Some expressions are from being famous.
    Some expressions are from being really good.
    Some expressions are from being really evil.
    Some expressions are from the bookstore (not always from purchasing *hint- upstairs -end hint*).
    Some expressions are from quests/digging spots/stealing from other people's bookshelves.
    Some expressions are from Fable II Pub Games (Spinnerbox's Revenge...).
    ...and some expressions are from fable2 dot com.

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  1. Try searching every shop in every town, there's usually a vendor that will offer expression manuals for both you, and your dog.

    You can also get expressions from being evil, and renowned. You'll hear Theresa say "You are now [evil/good/renowed/corrupt/pure] enough to use the [whatever] expression."

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  2. If you can tell me which expressions you have, I can tell you where to find the missing ones.

    User Info: ashynioki

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  3. Middle Finger- Bookstore
    Vulgar Thrust- Bookstore
    Play Dead- Bookstore
    Kiss My Ass- Renown
    Feign Attack-
    Extort- 100% Evil
    Threaten- 50% Evil
    Scary Laugh- Renown
    Lute- Buy a lute
    Dismiss- Renown
    Follow- Renown
    Hat, Headband & Mustache- Fable 2 Pub Games
    Belch- Bookstore
    Laugh- 75% Good
    Sock Puppet- Bookstore
    Seduce- Bookstore
    Come Back to My Place- Bookstore
    Blow Kiss- Renown
    Worship- Buy the bookstore. Its in a bookcase upstairs.

    Most books can also be found by digging or sometimes in treasure chests. One that comes to mind is Play Dead. Both the expression and the dog trick can be found in a crypt in Bowerstone Cemetery.

    Don't forget to always check out the inventories of wandering book venders.

    User Info: TayaLyn

    TayaLyn - 8 years ago 1 0

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