Where can I find a book traders, specific expressions missing ?

  1. I'm missing 3 expressions, two from the "Scary", and one from "Fun" , i don't really know whats the names of the expressions i'm missing, but i'll mention what i have, for the scary expression i have " 1-Bloodlust roar 2-Slap 3-Growl 4-Threaten 5-Scary laugh" and for the Fun side i have: "1-Belch 2-Victory arm pump 3-Dance 4-Laugh 5-Fart 6-Sock puppet" whats the name of expressions i'm missing? and tell me the locations please help me! thank you very much.

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    Rovian88 - 8 years ago
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    K got this one! need two more please. ty nejifx

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    Rovian88 - 8 years ago

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  1. To get Extort, you must be almost completely evil. Just go on a killing spree and to fix it, give some villager 100,000 gold. You will get 1000 good points for this gift.

    To get Feign Attack, you must complete the mini game 'A Hero's Tale' at Fable2.com and make the evil choice at the end. All prior choices are meaningless to the end result. Then log in to Live and launch your game. You will find the book 'The Counterfeit Warrior' as well as your Apocalyptic Pink Dye (the only true pink) in the chest next to the cullis gate in the Guild cave.

    Finally, the Fun expression you are missing is the Hat, Headband, Moustache expression, which you can only get if you have the Fable 2 pub games.

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  1. One of the scary expressions you are missing is extort, you have to be evil or corrupt to get it.

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  2. Feign Attack is Scary. I'm guessing Laugh is Fun, I don't have Laugh yet but I don't see any other place it can fit.

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