What are the best houses and buildings to rent?

  1. I was just wondering what building or house gets you the most rent money?

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    jbanovz - 8 years ago

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  1. Bars and Blacksmiths bring in the benjamins. Sorry, I just needed the alliteration.

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  1. All of the unique buildings like Giles Farm, and the Bloodstone Manor, are the most expensive. However, shops tend to produe the most revenue.

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  2. What I found useful, when first starting out, is buying a good amount of stalls. They're cheap, and though are small individually, add up in the long run. The best part, you can buy them spontaneously without worrying about losing too much cash.

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  3. well if your looking to spend and you have a 1000000 then git the castle. but you cant rent it out . but thats ok cuz its BIG. O YA AND IF YOU DO GIT IT DONT I REPEAT DONT!!! DRINK THE POTION. i was a boy and i gat it and . well lets just say i was.............MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wut it dus is if your a boy it turns you into a girl and if your a girl then it dus the opposite. but thats not the bad part it also auto saves. o ya to git the castle i think you have to beat the game.

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  4. The most lucrative business opportunities in the beginning of the game seem to be the inns located in Bowerstone and Oakfield: "The Cow and Corset" and "The Sandgoose," respectively. Other opportunities include the coach houses, home rental, and various shops (not stalls) - in depreciative order.

    When you go to buy a property, it would serve you well to get to know the owner well first, as this will grant you a large discount should you choose to purchase. I would also suggest diversifying your investments, which is a fancy way of saying you should buy properties of different kinds and in different areas. Since Albion is constantly changing throughout the game, if one of the areas takes a hit, you won't be as badly damaged in terms of finances.

    I currently own several homes in Oakfield and Bowerstone (around 10 combined), the inns in Bowerstone and Oakfield, the bookstore in Bowerstone, the coach houses in Bowerstone and Oakfield, and the Temple of Light. I am only about half way through the game, so this supplies me with a bounty of resources.

    You can also google several articles on money-making strategies for Fable 2.

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