*Spoilers* Ending quest and the disappearing wife?

  1. Alright, to start I was wondering if anyone else had the issue with the disappearing wife. I married Alex and every thing was going good. Then I had to take the wonderful trip to the Spire for that deal and when I got back I had my son but she was gone. Our house was in the Oakfield Demon door, which I think is glitchy since it took FOREVER for my son to go from baby to boy. Anyways, it doesn't say we divorced and it still says she is Happy and stuff, but she is nowhere to be seen. Anyone else have this issue? Also, in the final mission, "Retribution", are you supposed to do the final blow on Lucien? I was listening to his story and then Reaver awoke and shot him, and now I have the Retribution quest still even though I obviously finished the main quest. Any insight would be nice thanks.

    User Info: ASC117

    ASC117 - 8 years ago
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    Lol, it is not so much the fact that I miss her and all, it is more of a matter of trying to keep her happy, and finish the dang Retribution Quest. Stupid Reaver ruining everything. Anyone else have any tips?

    User Info: ASC117

    ASC117 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To finish the Retribution quest, you need to visit your family, if you picked the "Love" ending. Also, your son would not have gone from baby to boy until after the Spire quest, so it is not because of the house you lived in. Best I can do for you to try and find your wife is to select her from the "Families" tab in the pause menu, Then gold trail should then mark her as your target, which should lead you to her. Hope that helps.

    User Info: kymess

    kymess - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Glitch, she might be spawning in the floor or some crazy place. Don't worry ASC117, there's plenty of fish int he sea ;)

    User Info: Lostfighter001

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  2. I have the same problem. The gold trail just leads to a gold circle. No person or anything and I can not finish the quest w/o finding her. Is there a way to reset your wife?

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  3. Well, if u killed reaver then ur wife would be dead.. but im not sure y ur kid is atill around (unless u picked love) i also had this problem in the demon door, as my wife disappeared and the gold trail leads halfway up the stairs :S. i dunno if u can reset ur wife, other than by loading a ery early save and trying agen. And 'Kymess' ur family can still grow up even after the spire quest, as i found out later in the game, it just takes ages to do...

    User Info: skunky_boy_mwha

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  4. I was married to a shadow worshipper, and we had the house in Bowerstone. >.> Same problem, but the trail doesn't even show up. He's alive. He's happy. I think our son may have eaten him. And I shot the crap out of Lucien before he finished talking xD. No Reaver problem there. He's an annoying little bug, isn't he? Wish I had the answer to this question, but all I can do is sympathize. ^-^

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  5. Wow. Go figures the only time I try to find an answer to a question about a game and no one can figure it out.

    I married Lady Grey after doing the mandatory storyline. then when I do the cemetary mansion quest she disappears.


    and my gold trail leads me into the little guard hut by the side where you first get into her tomb can not figure out why

    User Info: TheElementClash

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