What is the best way to beat the warewolf thing?

  1. I have gone just hiting the best but i want to take it down in one hit and not take up my time to kill it !

    User Info: XboxPhotonbomb

    XboxPhotonbomb - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    The brown ones are the most comen. can you kill them in one hit with a gun even?

    User Info: XboxPhotonbomb

    XboxPhotonbomb - 8 years ago

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  1. If your physique is high enough and you use a fast sword, you can kill them without much effort by making use of level one teleportation. Whack the balverine until it tries to hit you back, then teleport behind it. If it disappears, wait for it to reappear, then teleport behind it. You can mix in the high level magic, too. It's almost as quick as the other methods, and probably better in situations where you're fighting a couple of them at the same time, as you can't block with a ranged weapon.

    User Info: Archvelius

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  1. Well if you mean the white one in the cave there is no way to kill it with one hit. in the crucible lvl 5 fire works.

    User Info: thedarkone999

    thedarkone999 - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. You can never kill it in one hit.
    Even with the best weapon it will still take at least 3-4 hits. (I don't remember how many)

    User Info: inn0c3ntl0wlife

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  3. Level five shock kills pretty much every creature in the crucible, including the white balvarine, if you focus it on a single enemy. The one in the howling halls is the same, and will die if you shock it with a level 5. Note that it doesnt kill it immediately, but continues to shock it for about 6 seconds after the initial attack and will kill it then.

    If you want to kill it with a weapon, use a high power rifle, legendary or master, and shoot it in the head. You need level four dextrous styles for head shots.

    User Info: HybridTheory13

    HybridTheory13 - 8 years ago 1 2
  4. If your talking about the one in the crucible use guns. I use a master clockwork pistol and beat the Balverines in around 40 secs every time.

    User Info: Rambo_Style

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  5. Head shot with a steel flintlock rifle should be enough, though you might need a lucky charm/devastation charm, and some accuracy. Of course you'll need dexterous styles lvl 4. Personally I found a few lvl 3 shocks or a few aimed shots killed it quickly enough.

    User Info: Trelmayas

    Trelmayas - 8 years ago 2 1
  6. I would go get the enforcer at giles farm in brightwood its a legendary weapon that i beat the cruicible in under 45 seconds.

    User Info: Chojaku

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  7. I would raise dead. Then shoot it/them with a master/steel flintlock pistol as fast as you can.
    (If you can put the "ghoul" augment in)

    User Info: shrooboid313

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  8. One hit to the head with the enforcer will kill any balverine (including the white ones) in one shot.

    User Info: xxzomegaxx

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  9. i just use the Red Dragon takes me 12 body shots so, about 2 seconds

    User Info: touma9090

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  10. I have beat the crucible 2 times basically using nothing but a master pistol( can't remember which one but it does like 87 damage and costs like 30K+) just quick fire for medium range, go for head shots long range, and if they get too close and you don't want to shoot swing a sword. For the white Balverine I did a couple quick shots to the body and then when he was running up to me i got a head shot. With body shots and head shots i killed it like in 15-20 seconds.

    User Info: Fadingsilence

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  11. I found that the easiest way to kill it is by using a level 3 time control spell and then attacking it with either a level 4 or 5 shock attack. If that doesn't work, it will weaken it enough to kill it with a semi-automatic rifle. A clockwork or a master crossbow.

    User Info: longswordsman

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  12. You can't kill it in 1 hit.
    However, you can slash it apart before it even touches you when you get 5 star Strength, and The Daichi.

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  13. First do a lvl 5 fire spell and the use the peforator ( ithink its the crafted blunderbust) or the turret rifel behind the deamon door not sure which one and the head shot capability shpuld od it preety quick

    User Info: dark_lorican

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  14. I found a headshot with a master flintlock rifle with 3 augments kills a huge majority of creatures in one hit, melee i have narrowed a white balverine kill down to 2 hits using the flourish attack if you happen to have the sceptre obtained from becoming king, but you need to remove its augments and replace with stronger ones in its stead.

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  15. For the Crucible, charge up a level 5 inferno before the wave spawns, let it go when the wave attacks and charge it up again. You can do the entire Balverine chamber in about 37 seconds (I think that was my time) and no wave will take more than two infernos to wipe out.

    As for the cave, easiest way is time control to slow down time, time control again to jump behind it and slash, or TC -> targeted level 5 spell (blades does a nice whack of damage) or TC -> headshot.

    User Info: Strawberry_Jum

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  16. Since they come in close I shoot them with a bluderbuss with the sub targeting skill in the head.

    User Info: Dshigeo

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  17. Best way to take out a balverine is to snipe it. Get a good level flintlock rifle (clockwork will do the trick too if you're quick enough) or a Heavy crossbow, and build your Skill up to maximum so you can sub-target, then simply line up a shot with the thing's head and fire away. You'll decapitate it quickly for an easy kill.
    Alternately, Balverines seem to be especially susceptible to the "Raise Dead" spell. Use a couple levels of Time Control to give yourself some breathing space (Use a level 1 to charge a level 3, use the level three to charge a level 4 or 5), then drop a high level Raise Dead (The whatever level you don't have occupied by the high level Time Control spell), and watch the idiot mutt try and fail to kill your summoned ghosts as you pick away with impunity using whatever firearm you like. The nice thing about Balverines is that they only come in small groups. 3 At the most, and they'll attack any bandits around you with equal fervor (I've actually watched a group of balverines take out 3/4 of a Slaver camp), so all you need to do is get the battlefield busy enough and you'll have no problems taking them out.

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  18. Single headshot from a master flintlock pistol kills the common balverines. I usually use one with the ghoul and lucky charm augmentations. For the white balverines, it takes 2 headshots with the flintlock pistol, but it only takes one with the Rammer. The Rammer is a legendary weapon you get from destroying all the gargoyles. Don't be fooled by the rotten apple in the chest, just break the nearby wall and you will find the real prize.

    User Info: ashynioki

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  19. I tend to agree with the above.

    However a weapon equipped with one of he following Augments...

    Righteous Violence
    Divine Luck <--------- Reccomended
    Divine Favour

    ...Acts like the Silver Enchantment from Fable 1. Of course, you can't get ANY of those until bringing rain to Knothole Island. So, you have to, at least, go up to the doors of the Crucible, to end the "Road to Westcliff" quest.

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  20. I don't know what kind of werewolf your talking about so i will just list a strategy for all three if you don't want to get the damn legendary weapons and the legendary weapons aren't even worth the effort.

    White werewolf-there is no way to kill this in one hit so just let all of hell lose on it's ass.
    A kinda mutated brown werewolf-You can tell the difference because this is taller then the brown werewolf,has spiky back hair,will charge at you,and a lot harder because of its speed.But a bullet or two to the head will do the job.
    brown werewolf-three words BOOM head shot.

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  21. Fire Will Spell all the way to the max, or a really good Rifle/Crossbow.

    *Hint* As soon as you strike the wolf a couple of times the wolf will jump into the air and then jump back in back of you. Remeber as soon as it leaps turn around to strike it before he strikes first.

    User Info: Endingtwilight

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  22. 4 regular melee attacks is the minimum to kill a balverine with the best weapon. (The Daichi)

    Maybe 2 flourish attacks will kill him. (with the daichi)

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  23. Hit him hith the sord will spell the stronger the spell the better.

    xxxxxx[]======> xxxxxx[]======> xxxxxx[]======> xxxxxx[]======>
    good luck!

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  24. one word:
    FLORISHES!!!!! And lots of them

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  25. If you are Talking about the one in howling halls then your best bet is time control, inferno and being able to roll. hammer( good) for mellie but DONT USE THE RANGED!1!!!!! When the balverine jumps cast time control and roll behind then cast a lvl 5 inferno when he finally comes down. PS you get a bonus if you use this specific stratigy

    User Info: Fable2RoxUrSox

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  26. The only way to succesfully one hit the best of the best(white balves, crimson balves, and commandants) you need a 4 aug slot master hammer, or axe which comes from the knothole island they have a lot of luck based augements that majorly increase attack (a normal weapon has the strength of a legendary for example)

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