DLC/Language pack related question?

  1. Ok, thanks to reports on Lionhead's Community forums, i downloaded the English language pack, despite my XBOX locale being Canada and me speakin English, because apparently the Language Pack also gives you Hal's Armor and the dungeon.

    I just made a new character (3rd, I still have saves for the other 2) to test this out as I've opened the chest on both others for the site rewards.

    The new guy was not able to open it, despite having the Language Pack present.

    What gives? I'm still waiting for my code from Microsoft because I got jipped when I paid $70 CDN for the game.

    Is it true that the language pack gives you the LE DLC or is the LH community a bunch of dummies?

    User Info: Daedryon

    Daedryon - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I am. I'm always connected. I've tried rebooting my XBOX 360 as well, but the English Language pack doesn't seem to want to unlock it for me.

    I've deleted my old character, kept my current character and even tried making a brand new one, but all 3 cannot get Hal's Armor or even access the DLC Dungeon.

    My first character opened the chest and received the Bag of Gold from the Chicken Kickin' game. My current character opened it last night after DLing the pack, to see if I'd get Hal's Stuff. All i got was the expression book and some dye. The new character wasnt even able to open it.

    I hope Lionhead releases a multiple-chest-open patch...

    User Info: Daedryon

    Daedryon - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Are you connected to xbox live when playing? If not then try contacting microsoft for help. Sorry I can't help much :(

    User Info: Mantato

    Mantato - 8 years ago 0 0

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