What is the best strategy for the westcliff shooting range?

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  1. Clockwork gun- usually contains the same ammo limit as a Turret gun, but reloads all six bullets in one time period (Turret gun reloads one at a time).

    General Rule- There will only be 2 bandits and 2 civilians popped up at one time. If two bandits/civilians are up and you want them to move, you'll have to either wait or go and quickly pop one. Headshots are worth 3 points and as such are almost always worth the time to line up, with few exceptions.

    These tactics are for the 'renovated' Bandit Shooting Range after the skip- if you're trying to do this before the skip, or didn't fund the guy who wants to improve Westcliff, you'll be stuck with the Civilian shoot instead, which is harder both due to the higher required victory score (190) and the far less consistent civilian targets.

    Stage 1- I try to get a run on the roof going- it's the easiest place to move from headshot to headshot without moving much. If they stop popping on the roof I try to focus on ones clear in front of the house. The worst place for them to pop up is far to the right on the side of the house (Takes a lot of time to pop up- usually ignore ones that spawn in this place) and in the doorway (doorway and pillar provide the cut out 'cover', hard to make head shots). A good score for this stage would be in the low to mid 60s.

    Stage 2- I hate this stage- anything that spawns in the towers tends to get head cover, anything that spawns on the bridge tends to stay spread out. I try to stay on the right side and, like Cerena says, on this stage I tend to linger to hope for multi-headshot targets. Eventually, I might get forced out onto the bridge or left tower due to how targets spawn, but hopefully I won't hurt my pace too much on this phase. Easially the hardest segment to get a good score on. As such, I generally don't fret too much as long as I break 40 here/

    Stage 3- Score bonanza, the extremely small area the targets are packed into makes for many quick points. There's a single dead spot off to the right that I try to avoid going after too often, much like in stage 1, but it's definitely fastest if you got both targets popping repeatedly, so if you've got the chance, bring the target back in if you can. You should be able to get 60 here without too much effort, and I've gotten as high as 100. If you're going to try and get 1st on the Civilian version of the shoot, getting good at this stage is mandatory if you hope to break 190.

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  1. I have the best luck with a turret gun and going for headshots, but going for headshots is probably common sense. My advice is to not move right after you get a headshot, because a lot of times I've had the cutout pop right back up, so you can get a chain of three or four headshots without any extra aiming.

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