What is the best weapons before and after the spire?

  1. Im interested in a list of the best weapons (including augments if they have any) before you do the Spire mission and also after the Spire mission, its to help people who want to prepare for the battles

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  1. Well, you can't take anything to the Spire, so anything you find before is enough. You'll get a Steel Cutlass and a Steel Clockwork Pistol while you're there.

    The best weapons overall are the Daichi (Katana) and Chopper (Cleaver?) for melee and the Red Dragon (Clockwork Pistol), the Rammer (Heavy Crossbow) and the Enforcer (Blunderuss) for ranged. They come pre-augmented.

    The Red Dragon can be gotten through the target shooting minigame before the Spire but it is harder then. Make sure you pay the 5000 gold to the guy who wants a business partner before you leave. It's easier then; instead of shooting villagers, you shoot bandits. This is EXTREMELY FAST, with pretty good power.

    The Rammer can be gotten after shooting all 50 gargoyles. It is no easy task and I haven't even gotten this far. It is apparently quite the beastly weapon, especially for headshots. This one takes a lot of patience to get, but there are rewards on the way.

    The Enforcer can be gotten through two ways; do Red Harvest before the Spire, and come back after and dig up his grave, or do Cold Comfort Farmer before the Spire and then the Blind Date afterwards. You can then buy his farm and he gives you the key. It's in a dig spot at the end with a silver key next to it. This weapon MURDERS with headshots, and with Speed upgraded, it is very deadly.

    The Daichi is a powerful katana, and you have to purchase Brightwood Tower after delivering the Dark Seal to the place Reaver wants it taken. After buying it, a statue moves around the cullis gate and you can jump off into a dungeon. Outside the end of the dungeon, there is a chest on a round platform with the Daichi in it.

    The Chopper can be obtained by getting 7 perfect rounds in the Crucible, but sometimes you NEED to get 8, not sure why. It's actually pretty easy to get, but there are three trouble rounds; the Bandit Fort, the Cave with the fire traps, and the Rock Troll.

    Credit goes to me for actually typing this crap up,

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  1. evrything tyler2zelda said is right except u dont have 2 buy Brightwood Tower 2 get the Daichi im pretty sure it can be obtained anytime during the game or maybe just after the spire. i didnt try to get it until after yhe spire.

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  2. Actually once the cullis gates activated because in all honesty i got it on accident but eh i digress and master weapons are available in west cliff before you go to the spire but sadly they are over priced.

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  3. The chopper is an Axe

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