Could you please help me with a few things?*possible spoilers*

  1. 1. What is the colloseum and how do you get to it?
    2.What are the hero dolls and how do you get them?
    3.Is it possible to get rid of the crucible, donation, and sculptor quests?
    4. Is the original fable worth purchasing?

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    blink14blink15 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1. the Colosseum is a place like the Crucible but in the See the Future DLC
    2. the Hero dolls are a collectable item and only 1 hero doll is in each play through. I.E. if you find a garth doll, there will be only that doll in the game.
    3. The crucible and Donation no, the Sculptor idk
    4. the Fable:The Lost Chapters is better than the original, but is different than 2, you have actual mana and you dont charge spells and there is protective armour.
    Yes i would buy it

    User Info: touma9090

    touma9090 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. 1. In the Colloseum there are 3 teddy bears and if you get them all you can get a special dye needed for the colourist achievement. Other than that theres only a really good weapon with 4 augment slots called Royal Sceptre.

    2.The Hero Dolls are dolls that are needed for the dollcatcher achievement there are 6: Theressa, Hammer, Garth, Hero, Lucien and Reaver. Also theres only 1 per game (not character) but it also happened to me that I once digged up a garth while hammer being my normal doll. You can get your dolls by going to the Westcliff shooting range and getting to second prize (150-174 points)

    3. No you cant get rid of any of those quests. Btw DO NOT complete the Crucible with 8 perfect rounds 2 times or it might glitch your game.

    4. Thats up to you in my personal opinion Fable 2 is better than the other ones but its up to you.

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