Colourist acheivement not unlocked!!! How Come?

  1. So i managed to get all the dyes from Murgo's cursed items, including the strawberry blonde dye (the last one i got)!! but when i finally got it, the acheivement didnt unlock/register/wateva u wanna call it!!!

    What gives? and is there anyway to get it still without starting a new Hero?

    User Info: Ryutaro2008

    Ryutaro2008 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    it seems i didnt have the night blue dye, which the location of was provided in the guide but not in the bulk of the walkthrough i went straight past it. and yes i did manage to get 1985 points but it was a complete fluke! after i had saved the game after getting 1400 points i started to randomly kill hobbes and i got 1985 by chance.

    Hybrid if u have live gold i will gladly help u get the colourist now, u can be my henchman, do u have knothole island dlc?

    User Info: Ryutaro2008

    Ryutaro2008 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Are you sure you have all of them? here is a list to help.

    Will Red- End of the path past the school.
    Performers Blue- In the windmill near the field.
    Cursed Grey- In the Shadow Court.
    Gory Glory Red- In Mirror Mist, you have to get the invitation to chesty's tea party.
    Jaunty Jaundice- This one is in the second tier of the well, go to the room with the suits of armour and a chest, it is in the chest.

    Wisp White- In the first crypt behind the tomb, in the sarcophagus.
    Balverine Brown- In the sarcophagus next to the first group of wisps.
    Nightly Blue- Vault down the ledge right before you you open the Hobbe costume chest. |
    Ethical Green- Hidden area involving the hobbe costume.
    STRAWBERRY BLONDE DYE-get all teddies in the colosseum.

    HOW IN THE HECK!!! How did you get the 1985 teddy? I've been trying for a week, I've played the colosseum 100 times. Whats the trick? please help me out too.

    User Info: HybridTheory13

    HybridTheory13 - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Are you sure you didnt miss one? Theres like 10 and if so that is, you can buy them off someone else online. And if you dont have Xbox Live i dont think you can.

    User Info: XxZhiTxX

    XxZhiTxX - 8 years ago 0 0

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