What is the best strategy to beat the Rock Troll in the Crucible within the 1 min 50 sec timeframe?

  1. ...To get Mad Dog's legendary weapon

    User Info: ilandboi78

    ilandboi78 - 8 years ago

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  1. Casting a high level Raise Dead spell is useful to keep the Hobbes off you're back and allow you to target the troll.

    Also, casting high level Blades spells at the Troll targets multiple weak spots and is a good way to take it down.

    User Info: Osafune2

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  1. Two ways, the easiest is to use, and the one I used, another player and both of you tag team till its down. The other method is to keep circling it only stopping when you see the little worm targets expose on the body then shooting them, this way it'll keep the troll's minions from hemming you up and help you avoid the troll's attacks saving you time to beat the record.

    User Info: jdconn01

    jdconn01 - 8 years ago 6 4
  2. The best way to me is the time control spell. get it to a high level and cast it

    User Info: 4NS3ST0R

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  3. Use any of the following spells listed above, continue to circle him constantly, and save your game at the start just in case.

    User Info: MelchiorMune

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  4. Well, what I have been doing, is I have accuracy maxed, then I just use a strong rifle to shoot the nerve tendrils. use the roll to dodge the rocks and shock waves. shoot the hobbs as they get close, but run around the troll and shoot the tendrils using the auto aim..

    User Info: aisu21

    aisu21 - 8 years ago 2 6
  5. Have a strong rifle if you can, pistol will work too. At the very start just begin shooting at it, aiming isn't needed because you automatically target the weak spots. Each time you hit it it will roar at you and send rock quakes that aren't hard to dodge. Keep circling the troll from about halfway distance between the troll (center) and the outer wall until it finishes the quakes (1 quake added for each time you hit it). After half its health is gone it will send hobbes at you. If you want the time, either use a 3rd level time control spell and off the hobbes rapidly, or just try to ignore them and focus on the troll. It's one of the few rounds that are hard to guarantee a perfect round in due to the hobbes. But once the troll is down, regardless of the hobbes still left, the round will end. Best way you're going to do this is by getting a Master Flintlock Rifle with at least a ghoul augment and, if available, a lucky charm augment and have your accuracy rating maxed or close to maxed out. Remember, keep moving so that the quakes don't you. It only takes about three quake knockdowns to lose the perfect round I'd say. Good luck.

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  6. What I done was use level 3 raise dead then level 4 time control and then level 5 inferno and it said I done it in 25 seconds

    User Info: MonkeyBoy2194

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  7. Level 2 Raise Dead + Level 3 Time Control + Level 5 Flame.

    I personally found simply casting level 2 raise dead was enough to keep the hobbes busy whilst I ran around waiting for the pods on him to open up. That's when I cast level 3 time then run behind him and cast level 5 flame and he loses about half health. Only took me two casts to kill him this way.

    Though it was just as easy running in circles while having him targeted and shooting him with a master rifle/blunderbuss.

    User Info: BigRedPK

    BigRedPK - 8 years ago 3 2
  8. I personally found the easiest way to beat the troll was to have a decent Time Control spell, and any level of Lightning. I had maxed out all of my spells which is why I say decent.

    User Info: ShredTheSilence

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  9. I find that just running around circling him waiting for the tendrils to pop out is the most effective and if u mess up u can always come back after u beat the spire.

    User Info: pieigood

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  10. Just running around him doesn't do it fast enough

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  11. The only method I need is simple: get behind him at the start of the battle. Shoot the tendrils on his back first. The longer the fight goes on and the more damage he takes, the harder it becomes to get behind him.

    User Info: SandalFury

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  12. I found the best way for me was to use a good strength gun or crossbow, seems to naw em down quite fast.get rid of the ones on the back first

    User Info: jordanl321

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  13. I find the best way (and the way I did it) is to use a nice Flintlock pistol, as it reloads quickly and does nice damage to boot. Seriously, you can never go wrong with a good flintlock pistol by your side. Reaver and I swear by it.

    The most important thing, though, is to keep moving, rolling as often as needed.

    User Info: MordaciousBeast

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  14. You need a well augmented clockwork ranged weapon for this. Save the game before you do this battle, and don't use time control because although the clock visually slows down, the timer is actually still running normally (we'd be beating the crucible in just over 1 minute if it worked that way). And with time slowed, the troll doesn't cycle through as fast, so DON'T use it.

    ALSO make sure when you first enter, start firing at the troll immediately before he ducks into the ground at the beginning, you can take out a bit of its health before the battle even starts. This is most effective with an augmented master clockwork or red dragon.

    What I did is I just kept rolling around the troll then firing off two shots, then roll, fire off two shots, roll, fire off two shots. Try to stay close enough so the troll stays highlighted in red. And when you start hitting the exposed nerves keep firing unless you see him get ready for a quake. then just roll. The point is to keep moving, and really as long as you keep rolling around in a circle the hobbes have a hard time catching up to you. if they mob you, one flourish is enough to at least knock them down, don't bother killing them. Just focus on the Troll if you can. When the troll goes down the hobbes just die at the same time so they're really just a distraction.

    Really getting a perfect round for this I find is the hardest fight in the game, as the game wasn't that hard. It's more about exploration than anything.

    The gun i was using was the Red Dragon. But if you haven't had the patience to develop the skill to beat the shooting range 1st place score, which I highly recommend, (the gun is the best ranged weapon next to the Rammer crossbow, imo) get a double slotted master clockwork pistol or rifle with ghoul and lucky charm augments. Don't bother with the turret guns because you have to reload all 6 slots when you finish your rounds.

    Note: The first time through the crucible, I finished all 8 rounds as perfect rounds, yet I didn't get the Chopper. It just had me leave, you have to do it after you get back from the spire in order for it to work.

    User Info: testishot

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  15. well for me all I did was give it a fully upgraded blades move about three or four times then he went down in about 40 seconds.

    User Info: ing_hunter34

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  16. What I did was simply beat it normally the first time through to beat the game, then I went into Archon's Knot Tomb and got The Daichi (legendary Katana) and a master flintlock rifle then played through again casting lvl 1 or 2 fire or lightning (or bullets) at the tendrils, then quickly cutting down the hobbes with headshots or the daichi.

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  17. What I did to kill the troll - in 1 minute 29 seconds.

    1. Cast Time Control. I had lvl 4 at the time.
    2. Get close to him, and then cast Inferno at lvl 5 and it will take out one-third to half his health.
    3. Then I just rolled and shot with my Master Blunderbuss. Roll and shoot over and over again. That simple. The Hobbes weren't much of a bother using this method.

    User Info: ford_id42

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  18. This is what I did.

    1. Get level 3 time control.
    2. Get level 4 inferno
    3. Save before you fight him.
    4. Right before you step on the button, cast time, then run up to where the troll is.
    5. Charge up the hill and charge the inferno, and when he pops up release it. (can be level 5 inferno as well)
    7. Profit

    User Info: _Bigdub_

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  19. I run to about half way between the rock (that is to your right when you start,) and the troll. Then cast a level 3 time control, and then an untargeted blade spell. Using this method i killed the troll in one hit from the blades and one shot from a rifle.

    User Info: ACloggingtons

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  20. I run to about half way between the rock (that is to your right when you start,) and the troll. Then cast a level 3 time control, and then an untargeted blade spell. Using this method i killed the troll in one hit from the blades and one shot from a rifle.

    User Info: ACloggingtons

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  21. What I did to beat it was to roll around him when he attacks avoiding all hits from him so you don't waste time getting hit, and when he quits attacking pull out your gun and shoot his weak points, I believe my time was under a minuet once, Also Slow Time and Vortex, or Inferno, work very well in taking out the Hobbs he summons. "My Vortex and Inferno are max level so full charge takes out all Hobbs in the radius." But slow time if used when hes impossible to attack just wastes more time.

    User Info: TheKeatGo

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  22. Well what i like to do is use time control to slow down time than use a relly good ranged wep such as the master blunderbloss(The Enfocer) or the best ranged wep the rammer which you get for destorying all of the gargloyes

    User Info: Agvstvs

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  23. Use Blades and Perferator.

    User Info: brice344

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  24. Make sure you get the node on the back of the left arm first. This is the most difficult, and will be a pain once there are hobbes running around.

    Also, be warned that time control will NOT stop the actual timer for a perfect round. I beat it in 1:50 using time control, but the game clocked it at 2 minutes. Might have just been a one time glitch, but be prepared.

    User Info: cheesecowmoo

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  25. I beat this in less than 20 seconds about 10 times in a row, so I know it works.

    All you need is : The red dragon or something that can pack a punch (clockwork rifle or anything really).

    Shoot one of his tendrils before he goes under, I can do it fast with the red dragon, so it works well with me.

    When the timer starts cast a lvl 3 time stop, run up to him, cast a lvl 5 lightning, he goes down, all the way.

    Grab the crappy axe.

    User Info: dominikpruss

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