What are the chances that I did not get the DLC?

  1. I got the game off of Amazon.com. It said that it was new, factory sealed, and it contained the DLC. It did not say anything about the DLC not being there, or any news of Microsoft saying anything about the DLC. So I wonder what are the chances that I dod not recieve the DLC. Is it a small percentage of the Fable 2 games, or is it like every single one off the internet. Please help, I don't want to pay that much extra for nothing.

    User Info: Mauler77

    Mauler77 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Don't worry, you can get the DLC no matter what if you own the game:

    Usually after a game has been released a while, additional maps, items, quests, or whatever the game studio wants to release becomes available on the Xbox LIVE marketplace as Downloadable Content (DLC). There is no such thing as having DLC included on the retail game disc, by definition.

    What probably happened is that the Amazon description listed the game as supporting future downloadable content, which it does. Every Fable 2 game disc will support your downloading additional content if and when it becomes available.

    The Limited Edition copies of this game include a code with activation instructions to access an exclusive in-game dungeon with an exclusive sword (The Wreckager). This content ships on the retail disc, requiring no network connection to obtain.

    Finally, there is a chest in the Guild Hall that you can activate special items in by visiting www.fable2.com and playing the interactive game there (it is done in the style of a puppet theater show). Searching the FAQs here for more details.

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    GhostTigerDAM (FAQ Author) - 8 years ago 0 0

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