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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kraiz

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           |           Started: Oct. 21st, 2008  Completed: TBD            |
           |                        Author: Kraiz                          |
           |                 Email: kraiz.r[at]gmail.com                   |
           |                                                               |
           |             This guide utilizes Canadian spelling.            |
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    | |                            Table of Contents                            | |
    | |                                                                         | |
    | |                                                                         | |
    | |           - Table of Contents..........................CN.TT            | |
    | |           - About This Guide...........................AB.TF            | |
    | |           - Version History............................HI.TR            | |
    | |           - Tips/Hints.................................HP.IF            | |
    | |           - Gameplay Mechanics.........................00.00            | |
    | |                - Combat................................00.01            | |
    | |                - Interacting...........................00.02            | |
    | |                - Crime.................................00.03            | |
    | |                - Marriage..............................00.04            | |
    | |                - Quests................................00.05            | |
    | |                - Health & Magic........................00.06            | |
    | |                - Property..............................00.07            | |
    | |                - Experience............................00.08            | |
    | |                - Alignment.............................00.09            | |
    | |                - Renown................................00.10            | |
    | |                - Expressions & Dog Tricks..............00.11            | |
    | |            - Abilities.................................01.00            | |
    | |                - Strength..............................01.01            | |
    | |                - Skill.................................01.02            | |
    | |                - Will..................................01.03            | |
    | |            - Weapons...................................02.00            | |
    | |                - Melee.................................02.01            | |
    | |                - Ranged................................02.02            | |
    | |                - Legendary.............................02.03            | |
    | |            - Property..................................03.00            | |
    | |                - Bloodstone............................03.01            | |
    | |                - Bowerstone Market.....................03.02            | |
    | |                - Bowerstone Old Town...................03.03            | |
    | |                - Gypsy Camp............................03.04            | |
    | |                - Oakfield..............................03.05            | |
    | |                - Westcliff ............................03.06            | |
    | |                - Other.................................03.08            | |
    | |            - Locations.................................04.00            | |
    | |                - Demon Doors...........................04.01            | |
    | |                - Gargoyles.............................04.02            | |
    | |                - Silver Keys...........................04.03            | |
    | |                - Silver Chests.........................04.04            | |
    | |            - Bestiary..................................05.00            | |
    | |                - Humans................................05.01            | |
    | |                - Monsters..............................05.02            | |
    | |            - Main Story................................06.00            | |
    | |                - Childhood.............................06.01            | |
    | |                - The Journey Begins....................06.02            | |
    | |                - The Bandit............................06.03            | |
    | |                - The Ritual............................06.04            | |
    | |                - Hero of Strength......................06.05            | |
    | |                - Hero of Will..........................06.06            | |
    | |                - The Bargain...........................06.07            | |
    | |                - The Crucible..........................06.08            | |
    | |                - The Spire.............................06.09            | |
    | |                - The Cullis Gate.......................06.10            | |
    | |                - The Thief.............................06.11            | |
    | |            - Side Quests...............................07.00            | |
    | |                - The Archaeologist.....................07.01            | |
    | |                - A Bridge Too Far......................07.02            | |
    | |                - The Blind Date........................07.03            | |
    | |                - Brightwood Tower......................07.04            | |
    | |                - The Cemetery Mansion..................07.05            | |
    | |                - Cold Comfort Farmer...................07.06            | |
    | |                - Evil in Wraithmarsh...................07.07            | |
    | |                - The Hit...............................07.08            | |
    | |                - Hobbe Squatters.......................07.09            | |
    | |                - Love Hurts............................07.10            | |
    | |                - Red Harvest...........................07.11            | |
    | |                - The Rescue............................00.12            | |
    | |                - Rescuing Charlie......................07.13            | |
    | |                - The Sculptor .........................07.14            | |
    | |                - Something Rotten......................07.15            | |
    | |                - Till Death Do Us Part.................07.16            | |
    | |                - T.O.B.Y...............................07.17            | |
    | |                - Treasure Island of Doom!..............07.18            | |
    | |                - Westcliff Development.................07.19            | |
    | |            - Extras....................................08.00            | |
    | |                - Archon's Knot Tomb....................08.01            | |
    | |                - Castle Fairfax........................08.02            | |
    | |                - Defender of Light.....................08.03            | |
    | |                - Hall of the Dead......................08.04            | |
    | |                - Oakfield Massacre.....................08.05            | |
    | |            - Frequently Asked Questions................FT.WQ            | |
    | |            - Legal & Copyright.........................LG.CW            | |
    | |            - Credits...................................CR.ED            | |
    | |                                                                         | |
    | |                                                                         | |
    | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| |
    | |                           About this Guide             AB.TF            | |
       Welcome to my Fable 2 walkthrough! This is my first time writing a guide for
    an RPG and I hope for this guide to be a great resource to all struggling
    players, or even to help others find all of the secret gems scattered
    throughout Albion!
       I'd imagine that most of you already know this, but to easily find a section
    of this guide you'd wish to go to, simply find the character codes in the Table
    of Content, copy them, press CTRL-F and paste to search. 
                               Enjoy the guide folks. 
    | |                           Version History              HI.TR            | |
         Final  November 2nd, 2008   All
         =====  ==================   ===
         Well, that's it! I'm finished now and will update it only if something
         drastic happens like a huge update or some downloadable content. Thanks
         for sticking with me.
         2.00   October 29th, 2008   Step up
         ====   ==================   =======
         Looks like I've got more work that I anticipated left, still have to write
         some side quests. Big news, a property guide has been added!!!!!! Still a 
         WIP for the most part but it is there in its early stages.
         1.87   October 28th, 2008   Week of Salvation
         ====   ==================   =================
         Added gargoyles and silver keys thanks to David, also added The     
         Archaeologist due to popular demand. Some minor tweaks within the guide
         as a response to reader emails. Consented for this guide to be hosted on
         a handful of other websites.
         1.44   October 24th, 2008   One is dead wrong
         ====   ==================   =================
         Removed the region section (useless) and temporarily got rid of the items 
         section since it is too early and I haven't had a chance to search for
         everything. I've also addeda a weapons section, clothing soon to follow, 
         and because of all these changes I've pulled my submission from GameFAQs, 
         I will definitely submit it again today, 100% guaranteed!
         1.24   October 23rd, 2008   Enough I tells yeh
         ====   ==================   ==================
         Tired of searching for silver chests across the whole damn game, any info
         you send would be great, I've also been finding a ludacris amount of    
         mistakes in the version history section, signs that I'm getting tired of
         this. I'm going to send in for submission now before I lose interest. 
         1.11   Octbober 23rd, 2008   The Riddler?
         ====   ===================   ============
         Added demon door information, starting on silver chests but I don't know 
         all of them yet. Changed formatting.
         1.00   October 23rd, 2008   Choose Wisely
         ====   ==================   =============
         Finished writing for the main quests and sorted out the side quests a    
         little better. Still have some structure work to do and base items to add
         before I submit it to GameFAQ's.
         0.84   October 23rd, 2008   Webster ain't got nothin' on this
         ====   ==================   =================================
         Did some proof reading and word changes to the guide, no significant new 
         information added, but still worth an update.
         0.83   October 23rd, 2008   Here's lookin at you, kid
         ====   ==================   =========================
         Added some sidequests and extra information into the guide, it really is 
         shaping up to what I want it to be. Will resume work later.
         0.80   October 22nd, 2008   Setbacks for a Broad
         ====   ==================   ====================
         Erg, restarted the game because I didn't like how the evil and corrupt   
         hero looked, rolling out again and going to be good about it. Also got
         the main quest done with the exception of the final mission.
         0.70   October 22nd, 2008   Barebone Bastard
         ====   ==================   ================
         Skeletal version of what is to become a rather large guide. Finished the 
         template for the Table of Contents and working around the actual story
         sections, hoping for an Oct. 25th submission.
    | |                               Tips/Hints               HP.IF            | |
    - Don't rely too much on the glowing quest trail, if you don't explore Albion
    you will never find many secrets and fun little easter eggs that the great
    folks at Lionhead have implemented.
    - You can use the pause menu to fast travel to your next quest waypoint, the
    game will scale time automatically.
    - Always look to your sides, especially in caves, for opening that may lead to
    hidden treasure.
    - Weigh in on each decision carefully, there is no way to revert back to a
    previous save in Fable 2, you live your choices.
    | |                          Gameplay Mechanics            00.00            | |
    o~------------------ Combat --------------------------------------00.01------~o
       One of the newer features of Fable is the integration of single button
    combat to allow virtually anybody pickup the game and enjoy it. Not unlike
    other RPG's, Fable 2's combat is divided into three categories: Melee, Ranged,
    and Magic. 
       Melee combat relies on strength and makes uses of weapons such as the Sword,
    Cutglass, Katana, and Cleaver. Ranged combat is about skill and dexterity, uses
    Pistols, Crossbows, and Rifles. Magic; however, focusses on Willpower and there
    are nearly infinite possibilities presented to the Hero who can control their
    o~------------------ Interacting ---------------------------------00.02------~o
       Quite honestly, your character doesn't have much, if any, dialogue. There
    are still hundreds of NPC's in Albion you can interact with by use of
    experessions. Each of these NPC's have a different personality and may react to
    your expressions uniquely.
       Each NPC has a favourite gift, place, and expression that they like to see;
    they also have one of each that they dislike. Keep in mind that these NPC's are
    dynamic, so spamming their favourite expression will nor always yield  the best
    o~------------------ Crime ---------------------------------------00.03------~o
       You have power, to steal, to vandalize, to harrass, to harm, and to kill.
    All of these crimes may result in a punishment from the guards of Albion. In
    Fable 2 you have the choice of what punishments you wish to receive. 
       You may either go to jail, pay a hefty fine, or do community service. Your
    punishment depends on the severity of your crime(s). Of course, it's only a
    crime if you get caught, right?
    o~------------------ Marriage ------------------------------------00.04------~o
       First thing you may need before you decide to get hitched is get a makeover!
    You'll need a haircut and some new clothes, a beard, maybe some makeup too if
    you'd like. When getting these items take notice to their stats and go for
    attractiveness (or cross-dressing if your partner is same-sex).
       If you have high renown and attractiveness half the ladies in any town will
    be dropping dead at your very site! Take your pick and woo him/her with your
    flirty expressions.
       After they've taken the bait, you'll need to get a ring from the jeweller if
    you don't already have one. The lower-class citizens will suffice with and
    ring, but the upper-class will only accept the best, hopefully your (loved) one
    is a ditch pig, for your wallets sake.
       When you get the ring go back and propose to your soon to be, and they will
    accept. Now you're engaged! You'll need to get a house if you want to be
    officially married in Albion. You can come across some fairly inexpensive
    shacks in Old Town, or you can find a couple single bed houses in Bowerstone
    Market. I'd suggest avoiding Oakvale if you plan on taking the evil path. After
    you buy your house get your partner to follow you to the house and set it as
    your marital home. You're now married and you are showered with dowry, renown,
    and purity.
       Now for sex, you'll have to do an incredible amount of flirting for your
    spouse in order to get lucky. Much like in real life, they may want sex, but
    they'll still want nearly everything in the world before they deliver the
    goods. Eventually they should ask you to go to bed, a simple thumbs up and
    follow expression shall suffice, select the bed and choose either protected or
    unprotected sex. Unprotected sex will usually result in a child, and sometimes
    an adorable STD!
       Be sure to set aside time for your famiy now, if you don't visit them enough
    your wife will divorce you!
    o~------------------ Quests --------------------------------------00.05------~o
       In Fable 2 players have the option to participate in many side quests in
    Albion, some of which are completely avoidable, some required to progress into
    the main storyline. Quests in Fable 2 often require you to either find people
    or retrieve something, which oblviously requires a fair amount of killing in
    o~------------------ Health & Magic ------------------------------00.06------~o
       Your basic RPG stats are refined in Fable 2, Lionhead has chosen the "hero
    never dies" approach to the game, which means that when your health plummets to
    zero (if it ever does) you will be "knocked out" and will regain consciousness
    shortly which results in a few unattractive scars. The use of resurrection
    phials can counteract the negative affects to being knocked out.
       You do not have a magic meter in Fable 2, but you do have five levels of
    spells which have to be charged in battle. This allows you to have up to five
    spells readily available, each more powerful than the last.
    o~------------------ Property ------------------------------------00.07------~o
       It's not hard to become a home owner or entrepreneur in the game, there are
    little board outside of each building/stall that shows you basic stats of that
    site. One of the great features of the game is that you will always earn money
    from your assets, every five minutes the money will be sent to you, even if
    your offline!
       On the information board for property, you can see the total cost of the
    property and what affects it, one of the easiest way to lower the price is to
    kill the current owner, or get them to like you to lower the price.
       For homes, you may buy them and rent them out to citizens of Albion, you can
    choose how much you'd like to charge for rent or just evict them and take the
    home for yourself! You can always rent out the property after you've evicted
    the current residence as well, but you'll have to wait for tenants before you
    get any more.
       Remember that your settings on property that you own affects the economy of
    the town that its located in. Also, the higher you set the percentages means
    that you will gain corrupt points and the citizens will resent you a little
    more. The opposite will happen if you set the percentages to a negative level,
    generating purity and making you an ever-loved Hero.
       Busness follow the same principle, but you do not get the choice to evict
    the shopkeep, you only get the option to set the rent that they must pay. Shops
    generally provide more much income than rented out houses do.
    o~------------------ Experience ----------------------------------00.08------~o
       Experience is divided into four categories: Strength, Skill, and Will are
    the foundation of your character and have their own pools of abilities that you
    can train under the categories. You can combine any of the main three
    categories with the fourth, General.
       The more experience you spend on abilities will level you up and, in turn,
    makes you older.
    o~------------------ Alignment -----------------------------------00.09------~o
       In Fable 2 you get corruption, evil, purity, and good. These will be
    affected by choices you make during the story and many actions you do such as
    shop markup value and rent prices. 
    o~------------------ Renown -------------------------------------00.10-------~o
       Reputation is earned in the form of renown points, you can gain renown from
    jobs around the towns or completing some of the side quests in Albion. You will
    need to reach a certain level of renown points in order to progress through the
    main story.
    o~------------------ Expressions --------------------------------00.11-------~o
    Flirty Expressions
    Blow Kiss - Learned at 2500 renown
    Come Back to My Place - Available at Fiction burns or Oakfield Demon Door
    Heroic Pose - Learned During Childhood
    Pickup Line - Learned during Adolescence
    Seduce - Available at Fiction burns during Adulthood
    Whistle - Learned During Childhood
    Worship - Purchase the Fiction Burns bookstore and find it on the top floor 
    Fun Expressions
    Belch - Available at Fiction Burns and as a reward.
    Dance - Learned during adolescence.
    Fart - Learned during Childhood.
    Hat, Headband, Mustache - Win this from the Pub Games on Xbox Live Arcade
    Laugh - Learned at 50% Good Morality
    Sock Puppet - Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood
    Victory Arm Pump - Learned during childhood.
    Rude Expressions
    Beg - Learned during Adolescence
    Chicken - Learned during Childhood
    Kiss my Ass - Learned at 20,000 renown
    Middle Finger - Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood
    Play Dead - Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood
    Point & Laugh - Learned during Childhood
    Vulgar Thrust - Available at Fiction Burns and as a reward.
    Scary Expressions
    Bloodlust Roar - Learned during Childhood
    Extort - Learn at 100% Evil Morality
    Feign Attack - Visit www.fable2.com and play the Hero's tale
    Growl - Learned at Childhood
    Scary Laugh - Learned at 10,000 renown
    Slap - Learned at Adolescence
    Threaten - Learned at 50% Evil Morality
    Social Expressions
    Apologize - Learned at 25% Good Morality
    Dismiss - Learned at 100 renown
    Dog Praise / Thumbs Up - Learned During Childhood
    Dog Scold / Thumbs Down - Learned during Childhood
    Follow - Learned at 100 renown
    Gift - Learned at Adolescence
    Lute - Purchase a Lute from a merchant
    Trophy - Learned after acquiring your first trophy (Thag's Head)
    Dog Tricks
    Backflip - Win a 2 star Fortune's Tower Tournament on Pub Games using Xbox Live 
    Begging - Purchased at Fiction Burns bookstore
    Bunny Hop - Chest in Bower lake
    Growl - Chest in Gargoyle's Trove
    Hide Snout - Random dig spots, npc gift, chests, or Fiction Burns bookstore
    Play Dead - Chest in Bowerstone Cemetery
    Roll Over - Purchase at Fiction Burns Bookstore
    Tail Chase - Purchase at Fiction Burns Bookstore
    Targeted Urination - Purchase at Fiction Burns Bookstore
    Wave - Random dig spot, npc gift, chest, or at Fiction Burns Bookstore
    | |                               Abilities                01.00            | |
       A Hero's abilities is the foundation to their power, your Hero is a
    connector Hero and divides his/her abilities in Strength, Skill, and Will.
    o~------------------ Strength ------------------------------------01.01------~o
    |Brutal Styles|
    Level: 1
    Ability: Blocking
    Experience: 300
    Description: Hold "X" to block your enemies strikes.
    Level: 2
    Ability: Flourish
    Experience: 3000
    Description: Hold and release "X" for a powerful and unblockable attack.
    Level: 3
    Ability: Chain Attacks
    Experience: 18000
    Description: Chain your strikes together for extra damage.
    Level: 4
    Ability: Counters
    Experience: 72000
    Description: Press "X" as your enemy is about to strike to counter them.
    |   Physique  |
    Level: 1
    Experience: 600
    Damage: x1.25
    Level: 2
    Experience: 6000
    Damage: x1.5
    Level: 3
    Experience: 36000
    Damage: x1.9
    Level: 4
    Experience: 144000
    Damage: x2.3
    Level: 5
    Experience: 432000
    Damage: x3.0
    |  Toughness  |
    Level: 1
    Experience: 450
    Additional Life: 100
    Level: 2
    Experience: 4500
    Additional Life: 200
    Level: 3
    Experience: 27000
    Additional Life: 100
    Level: 4
    Experience: 108000
    Additional Life: 100
    Level: 5
    Experience: 324000
    Additional Life: 100
    o~------------------ Skill ---------------------------------------01.02------~o
    | Dex. Styles |
    Level: 1
    Ability: Roll
    Experience: 300
    Description: Allows you to dodge attacks.
    Level: 2
    Ability: Aimed Ranged Attack
    Experience: 3000
    Description: Select targets manually, allowed to shoot gargoyles.
    Level: 3
    Ability: Zoom
    Experience: 18000
    Description: Zoom in on your target.
    Level: 4
    Ability: Sub-Targetting
    Experience: 72000
    Description: Allows you to aim for a particular part of your enemy.
    |  Accuracy   |
    Level: 1
    Experience: 600
    Damage: x1.25
    Level: 2
    Experience: 6000
    Damage: x1.5
    Level: 3
    Experience: 36000
    Damage: x1.9
    Level: 4
    Experience: 144000
    Damage: x2.3
    Level: 5
    Experience: 432000
    Damage: x3.0
    |    Speed    |
    Level: 1
    Experience: 450
    Speed: x1.1
    Level: 2
    Experience: 4500
    Speed: x1.15
    Level: 3
    Experience: 27000
    Speed: x1.2
    Level: 4
    Experience: 108000
    Speed: x1.25
    Level: 5
    Experience: 324000
    Speed: x1.3
    o~------------------ Will ----------------------------------------01.03------~o
                                   |    Shock    |
      | Lvl |   Exp   | Target Dmg | Target Dur | Area Dmg | Area Dur | Targets |
      | 1   | 450     | 25         | 1 sec      | 17       | 1 sec    | 3 max   |
      | 2   | 2700    | 450        | 1.5 secs   | 300      | 1.5 secs | 4 max   |
      | 3   | 16200   | 900        | 2 secs     | 600      | 2 secs   | 5 max   |
      | 4   | 64800   | 1800       | 3 secs     | 1200     | 3 secs   | 6 max   |
      | 5   | 194000  | 3600       | 4 secs     | 2400     | 4 secs   | 8 max   |
                                   |   Inferno   |
                      | Lvl |   Exp   | Target Dmg | Area Dmg |
                      | 1   | 350     | 120        | 78       |
                      | 2   | 2100    | 360        | 240      |
                      | 3   | 12600   | 720        | 480      |
                      | 4   | 50400   | 1440       | 960      |
                      | 5   | 151200  | 2880       | 1920     |
                                   |  Time Ctrl  |
    | Lvl |   Exp   | Dmg Multi | Multi Dur | Knockdown Str | Stun Dur | Area Dur |
    | 1   | 600     | 1.2       | 2 secs    | 0             | 0 secs   | 4 secs   |
    | 2   | 3600    | 1.25      | 4 secs    | 0             | 0 secs   | 6 secs   |
    | 3   | 21600   | 1.3       | 6 secs    | 1             | 2 secs   | 9 secs   |
    | 4   | 86400   | 1.4       | 8 secs    | 1             | 4 secs   | 12 secs  |
    | 5   | 259200  | 1.5       | 10 secs   | 2             | 6 secs   | 15 secs  |
                                   |   Blades    |
                      | Lvl |   Exp   | Target Dmg | Area Dmg |
                      | 1   | 450     | 120        | 40       |
                      | 2   | 2700    | 360        | 90       |
                      | 3   | 16200   | 720        | 144      |
                      | 4   | 64800   | 2160       | 360      |
                      | 5   | 194400  | 4320       | 540      |
                                   |   Vortex    |
          | Lvl |   Exp   | Target Dmg | Dur | Area Dmg | Dur | Max Targets |
          | 1   | 400     | 60         | 2   | 40       | 1   | 2           |
          | 2   | 2400    | 180        | 3   | 120      | 2   | 2           |
          | 3   | 14400   | 360        | 4   | 240      | 3   | 3           |
          | 4   | 57600   | 1080       | 5   | 720      | 4   | 4           |
          | 5   | 172800  | 2160       | 6   | 1440     | 5   | 5           |
                                   |    Chaos    |
                      | Lvl |   Exp   | Target Dur | Area Dur |
                      | 1   | 600     | 5          | 3        |
                      | 2   | 3600    | 10         | 6        |
                      | 3   | 21600   | 15         | 9        |
                      | 4   | 86400   | 20         | 12       |
                      | 5   | 259200  | 25         | 15       |
                                   | Force Push  |
    | Lvl |   Exp   | Dmg. | Coll Dmg | Stun Dur | Area Dmg | A Coll | A Stun Dur |
    | 1   | 300     | 48   | 18       | 0        | 32       | 12     | 0          |
    | 2   | 1800    | 150  | 45       | 3        | 100      | 30     | 1          |
    | 3   | 10800   | 300  | 90       | 6        | 200      | 60     | 3          |
    | 4   | 43200   | 900  | 180      | 9        | 600      | 120    | 5          |
    | 5   | 129600  | 1800 | 360      | 12       | 1200     | 240    | 7          |
                                   | Raise Dead  |
                    | Lvl |   Exp   | Dead Summoned | Duration |
                    | 1   | 500     | 2             | 8 secs   |
                    | 2   | 3000    | 3             | 12 secs  |
                    | 3   | 18000   | 4             | 18 secs  |
                    | 4   | 72000   | 4             | 25 secs  |
                    | 5   | 216000  | 5             | 35 secs  |
    | |                                Weapons                 02.00            | |
       All normal weapons will show damage, type, attack speed, augment slots, base
    price, and vendor. Legendary weapons will show damage, type, attack speed, and
    a brief description on how to get it.
    o~------------------ Melee ---------------------------------------02.01------~o
    Wooden Sword
    Damage: 1
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Base Price: 1
    Rusty Mace *
    Damage: 23
    Type: Blunt
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Base Price: 485
    Iron Katana **
    Damage: 27
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Fast
    Base Price: 1100
    Iron Longsword **
    Damage: 30
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Base Price: 1000
    Iron Cleaver **
    Damage: 31.5
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Base Price: 1200
    Iron Mace **
    Damage: 34.5
    Type: Blunt
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Base Price: 
    Iron Hammer **
    Damage: 40.5
    Type: Blunt
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Base Price: 1400
    Steel Katana ***
    Damage: 48
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Fast 
    Base Price: 4400
    Steel Longsword ***
    Damage: 53
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Base Price: 4000
    Steel Cutglass ****
    Damage: 55
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Base Price: 4800
    Steel Cleaver ***
    Damage: 55
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal 
    Base Price: 4800
    Steel Mace ***
    Damage: 61
    Type: Blunt
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Base Price: 5200
    Steel Hammer ***
    Damage: 71
    Type: Blunt
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Base Price: 5600
    Master Katana ****
    Damage: 71
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Fast
    Base Price: 17600
    Master Cutglass ****
    Damage: 75
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Base Price: 16000
    Master Cleaver ****
    Damage: 83
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Base Price: 28800
    Master Mace ****
    Damage: 91
    Type: Blunt
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Base Price: 20800
    o~------------------ Ranged --------------------------------------02.02------~o
    Toy Gun
    Damage: 1
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 1 second
    Range: 12
    Base Price: 1
    Rusty Clockwork Pistol *
    Damage: 12
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 3
    Reload: 1.25 seconds
    Range: 35
    Base Price: 350
    Rusty Clockwork Rifle *
    Damage: 15
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 3
    Reload: 1.35 seconds
    Range: 50
    Base Price: 350
    Rusty Turret Pistol *
    Damage: 16
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 3
    Reload: 1 second
    Range: 35
    Base Price: 300
    Splintered Repeater Crossbow *
    Damage: 17
    Type: Arrow
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 3
    1 second
    Range: 35
    Base Price: 250
    Light Splintered Crossbow *
    Damage: 20
    Type: Arrow
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 1 second
    Range: 40
    Base Price: 150
    Rustly Flintlock Pistol *
    Damage: 22
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.65 seconds
    Range: 40
    Base Price: 250
    Iron Clockwork Rifle **
    Damage: 22.5
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 4
    Reload: 1.35
    Range: 50
    Base Price: 1400
    Heavy Splintered Crossbow *
    Damage: 23
    Type: Arrow
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.9 seconds
    Range: 45
    Base Price: 200
    Rusty Flintlock Rifle *
    Damage: 26
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.75 seconds
    Range: 60
    Base Price: 275
    Light Yew Crossbow **
    Damage: 30
    Type: Arrow
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.65 seconds
    Range: 40
    Base Price: 600
    Iron Flintlock Rifle **
    Damage: 39
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.9 seconds
    Range: 60
    Base Price: 1100
    Light Oak Crossbow ***
    Type: Arrow
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.65 seconds
    Range: 40
    Base Price: 3600
    Steel Flintlock Pistol ***
    Damage: 58
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.65 seconds
    Range: 40
    Base Price: 4000
    Steel Flintlock Rifle ***
    Damage: 68
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.9 seconds
    Range: 60
    Base Price: 4400
    Light Master Crossbow ****
    Damage: 79
    Type: Arrow
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.65 seconds
    Range: 40
    Base Price: 9600
    Master Flintlock Rifle ****
    Damage: 102
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Ammo Cap: 1
    Reload: 0.9 seconds
    Range: 60
    Base Price: 17600
    o~------------------ Legendary -----------------------------------02.03------~o
    The Calavera (Mace)
    Damage: 67
    Type: Blunt
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Augments: Flame
    You can obtain this weapon by unlocking the Westcliff Demon Door.
    The Chopper (Axe)
    Damage: 91
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Augments: Discipline, Stoneskin
    You'll have to score eight perfect rounds in The Crucible for this one.
    The Daichi (Katana)
    Damage: 96
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Fast
    Augments: Bewitching, Devastation, Killerwatt
    Go through Archon's Knot Tomb, when you exit it you dog with find a chest
    containing The Daichi.
    The Enforcer (Blunderbuss)
    Damage: 177
    Type: Blunderbuss
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Augments: Barkskin, Lucky Charm
    Complete "Cold Comfort Farmer" and "Blind Date" then buy Farmer Giles' farm. Go
    to the cellar and dig.
    Hal's Sword (Energy Sword)
    Damage: 22
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Fast
    Augments: None
    Limited Edition DLC in the Chamber of Fate.
    The Hammerthyst (Hammer)
    Damage: 78
    Type: Blunt 
    Attack Speed: Slow
    Augments: Barkskin
    Unlock the Oakfield Demon Door.
    The Maelstrom (Longsword)
    Damage: 58
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Augments: Scourge
    Sacrifice your spouse and three monks between 12:01AM and 1:00AM game time and
    you should get the points required for this prize.
    The Perforator (Turret Rifle)
    Damage: 81
    Type: Turret Rifle
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Augments: Barkskin, Discipline, Fear Itself
    Unlock the Wraithmarsh Demon Door.
    The Rammer (Crossbow)
    Damage: 119
    Type: Arrow
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Augments: Bewitching, Flame, Ghoul
    Secret unlock, shoot every Gargoyle in Albion and go to the Gargoyle Cave for
    the reward.
    The Red Dragon (Turret Pistol)
    Damage: 41
    Type: Bullet
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Augments: Devastation, Lucky Charm
    Get first place at the Westcliff shooting range.
    The Rising Sun (Cleaver)
    Damage: 61
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Augments: Righteous Violence
    Donate 10,000 gold to the Temple of Light between 12:01PM and 1:00PM. You must 
    donate all the gold at once.
    The Wreckager (Cutlass)
    Damage: 78
    Type: Cutting
    Attack Speed: Normal
    Augments: Fear Itself, Golden Touch, Stoneskin
    Limited Edition DLC found in the Hall of the Dead.
    | |                                Property                03.00            | |
       Buying, selling, and renting property can be a harsh mistress in Albion, 
    much like it can be in real (estate) life. Most buildings in towns are buyable, 
    and with that comes a few factors for you. Note that these factors have been 
    quoted from the game.
    Base Value
    The basic price of the building, unfurnished.
    Town Economy
    The greater the wealth of a town, the higher the prices of the buildings within 
    it. If the town is going through an economic slump, the prices will drop 
    Not Vacant
    If the house you want to buy is still occupied, you will have to pay extra to 
    convince the current residents to move out.
    Owner Killed
    Nothing dries property prices down like murder. Killing the owners of a house 
    is a favourite tactic of evil magnates.
    Hero Opinion
    If the owners of a house like you, they will be willing to lower the price for 
    you. Of course, if they hate you, be prepared for a massive price hike.
    Sale Price
    The overall price, based on all the above factors.
    o~------------------ Bloodstone ----------------------------------03.01------~o
     _| |_______
    | ~ Homes ~ |
    Bloodstone Mansion *****
    Bloodstone Hilltop
    Bonuses: Health Regeneration, Speedboost
    Base Price: 88200
    The Boudir **
    4 Bloodstone Hill
    Bonuses: Animal Magnetism
    Base Price: 6000
    Frenneck Mansion **
    3 Bloodstone Hill
    Bonuses: Bodybuilder
    Base Price: 7000
    The Hook **
    10 Bloodstone Hill
    Bonuses: Health, Mask of Evil
    Base Price: 6000
    House of Vice *
    11 Bloodstone Hill
    Bonuses: Heart of Corruption
    Base Price: 4000
     _| |_______
    | ~ Shops ~ |
    Blood from a Stone ***
    1b Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 14000
    Bloodsmith *****
    1 Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 56000
    Bloodstone Fish Stall *
    2b Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 3250
    Bloodstone Fruit & Veg Stall *
    10b Bloodstone Hill
    Base Price: 1750
    Bloodstone Gift Stall **
    4b Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 5500
    Bloodstone Pie Stall *
    3b Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 2500
    Curl Up And Die ****
    6 Bloodstone Hill
    Base Price: 36000
    Fiendish Fashions *****
    2 Bloodstone Hill
    Base Price: 28000
    The Furniture Graveyard ****
    8 Bloodstone Hill
    Base Price: 42000
    The Leper's Arms ****
    3 Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 48000
    Needles of Death ***
    2 Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 22000
    Your Health Is Low ***
    4 Bloodstone Front
    Base Price: 18000
    o~------------------ Bowerstone Market ---------------------------03.02------~o
     _| |_______
    | ~ Homes ~ |
    The Besting Heart **
    5 Middle Street
    Bonuses: Speed Boost, Health Penalty
    Base Price: 5880
    The Final Lap House **
    2 Middle Street
    Bonuses: Speed Boost
    Base Price: 4200
    The House of Plenty **
    1 Slum Street
    Bonuses: Purification
    Base Price: 3600
    The House of the Ghostly Puffin ***
    5 Posh Street
    Bonuses: Health, 
    Base Price: 18000
    The Luminous Lodge **
    2 Market Square
    Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame, Purification
    Base Price: 4320
    Medicant's Response **
    2 Slum Street
    Bonuses: Do Gooder
    Base Price: 7200
    Miracle Manor ****
    4 Posh Street
    Bonuses: Health Regeneration
    Base Price: 24000
    Monster Manor **
    1 Market Square
    Bonuses: Bodybuiler, Troll Face
    Base Price: 6720
    The Nice House ****
    2 Posh Street
    Bonuses: Do Gooder, Purification, Animal Magnetism
    Base Price: 27500
    Pimpington Manor ***
    1 Posh Street
    Bonuses: Animal Magnetism
    Base Price: 9600
    The Ogre's Palace **
    3 Middle Street
    Bonuses: Bodybuilder, Troll Face
    Base Price: 6720
    Scum House **
    3 Scum Street
    Bonuses: Tough as Nails, Troll Face
    Base Price: 3360
    The Silk Moon **
    3 Market Square
    Bonuses: Animal Magnetism
    Base Price: 3600
    Vestry Manor ***
    3 Posh Street
    Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame
    Base Price: 12000
    Wraithlodge **
    1 Middle Street
    Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame, Heart of Corruption
    Base Price: 2880
     _| |_______
    | ~ Shops ~ |
    The Beautification Factory ***
    2 Sovereign Road
    Base Price: 18000
    Bit of Skirt ****
    1 Sovereign Road
    Base Price: 28000
    Bower Stones ***
    4 Side Street
    Base Price: 15000
    Bowerstone Coach House ****
    2 Bowerstone Entrance
    Base Price: 26000
    Bowerstone Drinks Stall *
    1 Bowerstone Bridge
    Base Price: 1000
    Bowerstone Fish Stall *
    3 Bowerstone Bridge
    Base Price: 1250
    Bowerstone Fruit & Veg Stall *
    7b Market Square
    Base Price: 2000
    Bowerstone Jewellery Stall *
    5b Market Square
    Base Price: 6500
    Bowerstone Meat Stall *
    2 Bowerstone Bridge
    Base Price: 1500
    Bowerstone Pie Stall *
    7c Market Square
    Base Price: 2250
    Bowerstone's Big Pile of Stuff ****
    1 Bowerstone Entrance
    Base Price: 32000
    The Cow & Corset *****
    5 Market Square
    Base Price: 64000
    Fiction Burns ***
    3 Market Square
    Base Price: 16000
    Pants! ****
    1 Old Town Street
    Base Price: 28000
    Potion in Motion ****
    1 Market Square
    Base Price: 26000
    Up In Arms *****
    6 Market Square
    Base Price: 52000
    World of Chairs ****
    7 Market Square
    Base Price: 38000
    o~------------------ Bowerstone Old Town -------------------------03.03------~o
     _| |_______
    | ~ Homes ~ |
    The Bennett House **
    1 Lookout Way
    Bonuses: Animal Magnetism
    Base Price: 3600
    The Dark Mark **
    3 Market Walk
    Bonuses: Mask of Evil
    Base Price: 4800
    The Felling Residence **
    4 Lookout Way
    Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame, Mask of Evil
    Base Price: 5760
    The Helping Hand **
    1 Sandgoose Street
    Bonuses: Do Gooder
    Base Price: 3000
    The House of Goodwill **
    3 Lookout Way
    Bonuses: Purification
    Base Price: 3600
    House of Hard Knocks ***
    5 Lookout way
    Bonuses: Tough as Nails
    Base Price: 8400
    The House of Might *
    1 Cemetery Road
    Bonuses: Bodybuilder, Health Penalty
    Base Price: 2450
    The Immortal's Abode **
    3 Side Street
    Bonuses: Health, Troll Face
    Base Price: 6000
    The Invisilbe Hand **
    2 Cemetery Road
    Bonuses: Speed Boost, Mask of Evil
    Base Price: 2800
    The Knuckles **
    1 Market Walk
    Bonuses: Tough as Nails, Troll Face
    Base Price: 3360
    The Pit **
    2 Lookout Way
    Bonuses: Speed Boost, Heart of Corruption
    Base Price: 3360
    The Steel Moon ***
    2 Market Walk
    Bonuses: Bodybuilder
    Base Price: 8400
     _| |_______
    | ~ Shops ~ |
    Old Town Alchemists *
    1b Market Walk
    Base Price: 4500
    Old Town Clothing Stall *
    4b Market Walk
    Base Price: 4500
    Old Town Food Stall *
    1b Sandgoose Steet
    Base Price: 1500
    Old Town Gift Stall *
    4a Market Walk
    Base Value: 2500
    Old Town Warehouse ***
    2 Sandgoose Street
    Base Price: 16000
    Old Town Weapons **
    1c Market Walk
    Base Price: 6500
    o~------------------ Gypsy Camp ----------------------------------03.04------~o
    If there are any confusions over shops/homes in this town it is because there 
    is technically one shop, everything else is operated out of the business owners 
     _| |_______
    | ~ Homes ~ |
    Your Caravan *
    1 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 800
    Gypsy Caravan *
    2 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Gypsy Caravan *
    4 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1200
    Gypsy Caravan *
    7 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Gypsy Caravan *
    8 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Gypsy Caravan *
    9 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Gypsy Caravan *
    10 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Gypsy Caravan *
    11 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Gypsy Stone Cutter *
    3 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 4000
    Gypsy Tattooist *
    6 Gypsy Camp
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 3000
     _| |_______
    | ~ Shops ~ |
    Gypsy Trader *
    5 Gypsy Camp
    Base Price: 4500
    o~------------------ Oakfield ------------------------------------03.05------~o
     _| |_______
    | ~ Homes ~ |
    Cockerel Cottage **
    4 Oakfield Way
    Bonuses: Do Gooder
    Base Price: 2400
    The Flirtroom **
    3 Orchard Road
    Bonuses: Animal Magnetism
    Base Price: 4800
    Hobbe Cottage **
    3 Ocean Walk
    Bonuses: Tough as Nails, Troll Face
    Base Price: 4480
    House of a Million Callouses **
    4 Ocean Walk
    Bonuses: Body Builder, Troll Face
    Base Price: 2240
    House of Sock ***
    2 Ocean Walk
    Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame
    Base Price: 4800
    Manure Manor **
    1 Oakfield Way
    Bonuses: Speed Boost
    Base Price: 2800
    Porridge Cottage **
    3 Oakfield Way
    Bonuses: Bodybuilder
    Base Price: 5600
     _| |_______
    | ~ Shops ~ |
    Oakfield Clothing Stall **
    1c Riverside Road
    Base Price: 4500
    Oakfield Coach House ****
    3 Oakfield Way
    Base Price: 24000
    Oakfield Fruit & Veg Stall *
    2b Oakfield Way
    Base Price: 1500
    Oakfield Weapon Stall **
    1b Riverside Road
    Base Price: 9000
    The Sandgoose ****
    1 Riverside Road
    Base Price: 36000
    o~------------------ Westcliff -----------------------------------03.07------~o
    If you completed Westcliff Development.
     _| |_______
    | ~ Homes ~ |
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Westcliff Caravan *
    1 Barnum Road
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Westcliff Caravan *
    2 Barnum Road
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Westcliff Caravan *
    3 Barnum Road
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Westcliff Caravan *
    4 Barnum Road
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Westcliff Caravan *
    5 Barnum Road
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Westcliff Caravan *
    6 Barnum Road
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
    Westcliff Caravan *
    7 Barnum Road
    Bonuses: None
    Base Price: 1000
     _| |_______
    | ~ Shops ~ |
    The Foaming Jugs ****
    1 Crucible Walk
    Base Price: 36000
    Westcliff Alchemist Stall **
    3 Crucible Walk
    Base Price: 6000
    Westcliff Blacksmith *****
    2 Crucible Walk
    Base Price: 52000
    Westcliff Clothes Stall **
    3 Crucible Walk
    Base Price: 5000
    Westcliff Food Stall *
    3 Crucible Walk
    Base Price: 4500
    Westcliff General Store ****
    3 Crucible Walk
    Base Price: 24000
    Westcliff Miscellany Stall *
    3 Crucible Walk
    Base Price: 4000
    o~------------------ Other ---------------------------------------03.08------~o
    Castle Fairfax *****
    Fairfax Gardens
    Bonuses: Health, Health Regeneration, Animal Magnetism
    Base Price: 1000000
    Bowerstone Cemetery Mansion *****
    Bowerstone Cemetery
    Bonuses: Health, Five Minutes of Fame
    Base Price: 100000
    Brightwood Tower *****
    Bonuses: Health, Health Regeneration, Five Minutes of Fame
    Base Price: 250000
    | |                               Locations                04.00            | |
       In Albion there are many things to find as you progress, these things may
    provide nifty little rewards, or not.
    o~------------------ Demon Doors ---------------------------------04.01------~o
    The Arid Sea #1
    Location: Bower Lake 
    Solution: Use expressions bloodlust roar, fart, middle finger, worship, blow 
    kiss, growl, point & laugh, dance, laugh, and thrust.
    Reward: Lucky Charm Augment
    Forgotten Keep #2
    Location: Bowerstone Cemetery, down the path from the mansion.
    Solution: Kick a chicken at it.
    Reward: Balverine Strength Potion, Practiced Skill Potion, Infused Will Potion
    Memory Lane #3
    Location: Rookridge, just off the path southeast of the bridge.
    Solution: Have your dog perform four tricks for the door, you can use Fetch.
    Reward: Potion of Life
    Homestead #4
    Location: Oakfield
    Solution: Propose in front of the door or blow a kiss towards it (male).
    Reward: Serenity Farm with "Come Hither, Dear" and The Hammerthyst
    The Sepulchre #5
    Location: Brightwood
    Solution: Get Cheese, Dreadlocks, Mutton Chops, a Yokel Hat, Tart Skirt, and a 
    Noble Gent's Shirt.
    Reward: Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt, Harlequin Trousers
    Winter Lodge #6
    Location: Bloodstone
    Solution: Perfect lute expression.
    Reward: Master Longsword
    The Vault #7
    Location: Westcliff
    Solution: Be more corrupt than pure.
    Reward: The Calavera
    Terry Cotter's Army #8
    Location: Wraithmarsh
    Solution: Bring 10 people with you.
    Reward: The Perforator
    The Sanctum #9
    Location: Fairfax Castle
    Solution: Open the first eight doors.
    Reward: 50,000 gold
    o~------------------ Gargoyles -----------------------------------04.02------~o
    There are 50 Gargoyles around Albion and are stone carvings attached to houses
    and buildings. You need to unlock and use a fine aim and shoot them to destroy
    them. Fine aim comes under Dexterous Styles and can be gained fairly
    early in the game. The first Gargoyle shot gives you a map - although this
    basically gives you the quest to destroy all 50. The gargoyles are the Scottish
    sounding guys you hear on your travels. If you hear one slagging you off, that
    means there's one nearby.You return to Gargoyles Trove in Bowerstone (in the
    water under bridge) to... unlock the treasure for each 10 you silence.
    10GG - Dog Tricks Growl Book
    20GG - Potion of Life
    30GG - Emerald x3
    40GG - 10,000 gold
    50GG - The Rammer
     Bandit Coast  2/2
    1.In the main ruins of the bandit camp at the west of map there is a Gargoyle
    on the ruins up high.
    2.Before you reach the ruins you can drop down on the path to the left where
    there are two flags and a small wooden platform, follow a narrow path to a
    doorway, enter this door to find a chest and Gargoyle on the left in a hole in
    the wall.
     Bloodstone  4/4
    1.Head to the boathouse where a boat is being built, before going in through
    the door, look between the boathouse and the house on the left, the Gargoyle is
    rested on the side.
    2.At the waterfront where the large ship is moored, swim into the water and
    head to the only sandy area against the rocks (it's just big enough to stand
    on. Opposite, facing out to sea you'll see a Gargoyle on the rocks.
    3.Head along the waterfront until you come to lots of huts and a large crane.
    The Gargoyle is on the crane.
    4.The SInkHole - after you take the ship to find the 10 bits of treasure you'll
    drop into a water area around a large tree. To exit this area you need to climb
    up the grassy areas near the waterfalls. The second waterfall has a Gargoyle on
    the left of it.
     Bower Lake  5/5
    1.If you go to the edge of the largest lake , You'll see some arches in ruins.
    Its directly opposite the door of the hut that is in the center of the lake.
    Inside the arches on your left up high is the Gargoyle.
    2.Inside the OLD TOMB (center of the lake) Work your way until you reach an
    area with water and ruins. Follow the path upwards and you'll enter above the
    water and next to some stalagtites. Drop down once on your right and the look
    upwards from where you jumped from to see the Gargoyle.
    3.On the east side of the map there is an exit point and slightly NW of there
    is a a ruined archway next to the path (south of the smaller lake). If you look
    up on the side of the archway the Gargoyle is on the right up high.
    4.On the east side of the map there is an exit point and slightly NW of there
    is a a ruined archway next to the path (south of the smaller lake). The
    Gargoyle above the arch very close to the previous Gargoyle.
    5.Coming from the gypsy camp if you follow the path you'll come to a bridge
    which crosses the river. On your left there is a waterfall. If you follow the
    small grassy area before the bridge that gets you closer to the waterfall just
    on the rocks above the fall is the Gargoyle he's on the right side. He will be
    quite far from here so you'll need to aim carefully.
    -Inside the Tomb of Heroes - you'll enter an area with a pool of water in the
    center of the floor.Simply walk through the area into the arched doorway at the
    end and turn around to look up at the opposite side of the door.
     Bowerstone Cemetery  5/5
    1.Facing the statue that is bent over, follow the path up the steps and the
    veer to the left as you reach the top. You'll see an area with some tombs. If
    you look on the right of the largest tomb you'll see the Gargoyle on the roof.
    2.At the top of the cemetery is a large crypt if you stand on the steps and
    face away from the door way, you'll see a building on your left. The Gargoyle
    is on the roof here.
    3.Following the path upwards from the bend over statue (facing it) you'll reach
    steps going up. keep going up the second flight of steps and immediately look
    sharp right, on the roof of the large tomb is a Gargoyle. Smoke his sorry ass.
    4.In the cemetery mansion area to the NW of the map there is a locked gate that
    requires buying the mansion to acquire. Well you can ignore that for now and 
    simply hug the tree and bookcase on the very right of the gate. If you fine aim
    and look up to the tower on your left between the trees, you'll see the 
    5.Shelly Crypt - gain access here you need to purchase the Cemetery Mansion.
    This gives you the key to the locked gates outside the mansion. Once inside
    you'll follow a single path as the quest plays out. Once you enter a room where
    you shoot the orb switch to light the invisible walkways. before you exit this
    room at the doorway turn right and you'll see the Gargoyle on the rocks. he is
    quite hard to hear.
     Bowerstone Market  4/4
    1.Upon entering from the lake entrance, before crossing the main bridge into
    town, go down to the waters edge. Go down the slope and under the bridge. On
    your right above two arches is a Gargoyle.
    2.Upon entering from the lake entrance, before crossing the main bridge into
    town, go up to the ramparts and follow the path to the end. The Gargoyle is at
    the end on top of one of the spires. To reach the spires the entrance is to the
    left and slightly behind the statue of the person riding a pig.
    3.Before crossing the main bridge from the Bower Lake entrance there is a
    carriage area. The Gargoyle is in the carriage park..
    4.On the top floor of the furniture shop (shop on right side as you enter from
    Bower Lake). Next to the door.
     Bowerstone Old Town  2/2
    1.As you enter from the cemetery side, you'll see steps leading up and an arch
    on the left, There's a water tower above. The Gargoyle sits on the water tower.
    2.Inside the house called The Felling Residence on the staircase. The house is
    located just on the right before you get to the large tree dead end. SW of map. 
     Brightwood  5/5
    1.In the SE area of the map there is a large lake with a ruined tower in the
    centre. Go behind the tower and the Gargoyle is there.
    2.Archon's Knot - to get here you need to climb up to the teleporter on
    Brightwood tower and jump off into a circular hole. this leads into Archon's
    Knot. As soon as you drop down into the water there is a Gargoyle behind you
    3.On route to westcliff you'll see three ruined arches that you can walk
    through and a small pond next to them. The Gargoyle is above the arches This is
    before the SW exit.
    4.Inside the Forsaken Fortress (SW of Brightwood map). As you enter the castle
    grounds there are two staircases on each side of you as you enter the outdoor
    area, take the right hand stairs to the top. The Gargoyle is at the end at your
    height on a ruined pillar. It's opposite one of the circular indentations on
    the path's wall.
    5.The last is in Brightwood tower once you instigate the quest by buying it for
    around 240,000. The Gargoyle is at the top , in the room with a bed just
    outside one of the windows, shoot them out and you'll find it. 
    (thanks to i_706_i )
     Fairfax Gardens  3/3
    1.Above the main building doorways up high. You'll need to stand back a bit to 
    2.Lady Grey's Tomb - you'll have to start the quest that allows you to enter
    here Love Hurts. Once entered follow the path until you need to vault. Before
    jumping the Gargoyle is directly ahead of you.
    3.There is another in the FairFax mansion but you have to beat the story before
    you can buy the mansion for 1,000,000. Once you buy it, head inside to the
    library, The Gargoyle is on the wall above the entrance you walked in. (thanks
    to i_706_i )
     Oakfield  3/3
    1.Behind the sculptor's house.(simply activate the Sculpture mission to find it 
    2.Opposite the Sandgoose Inn there is a small footbridge over the stream. The 
    Gargoyle is on the side of the bridge, you can aim and shoot from the path.
    3.You need to swim across a pool of water to reach the Oakfield Cemetery (area 
    of water on right side of map). As soon as you exit the water look up to your 
    left on a ruined pillar/arches and there's the blighter.
     Rookridge  5/5
    1.Go upstairs of the Rookridge Inn and follow the rail tracks and work your way
    to the second set of tracks by following the path - work your way to the end
    and on a top of the pulley tower on your right is a Gargoyle.
    2.Inside the Hobbe Cave as you enter a cavern with wooden beams and chains the
    Gargoyle is on the wall on your left.
    3.At the Hobbe Cave entrance/exit by the water's edge there is a Gargoyle on
    the cliff face viewable from the beach. Turn to your right just before entering
    the cave and you'll see it. (this area is after you have jumped off the
    destroyed bridge - it's slightly off center of the map and a little to the 
    4.At the entrance to the Temple of Shadows (NW of map), before going down the
    spiral stairs, walk to the large windows where there are two statues and lots
    of arches. Facing the windows, turn right and you'll see the Gargoyle perched
    up on the wall beyond the arches.
    5.Inside the Temple of Shadows - Follow the Left pathway (inside the room with
    the dial) to the main chamber (a room with a misty floor) and there is a
    Gargoyle above the doorway opposite the chair and desk.
     Westcliff  5/5
    1.From the docks as you make your way up the cliff you can see the Gargoyle on
    the cliff face.
    2.Howling halls - As you make your way down, you'll come to to a room with a
    spiky floor, immediately on your left as you enter is the Gargoyle on the wall
    behind a pillar. Although if you come from another direction it'll be on your
    3.Outside the entrance to Howling Halls where there is a large archway. Go to
    the Halls doorway but do not enter. Turn around and look up at the arch on the
    left and the Gargoyle is there.
    4.The SE part of the map (south of the river) there is a ruined tower which you
    can climb. On one of the edges you can dive and the other vault. Use the vault
    option to drop down onto a raised section with a chest and Gargoyle.
    5.At the very south pathway on the map you'll see some stones and a stone
    archway before a wooden shack. With the shack in front of you turn left and
    you'll see a stone archway in the trees and a treasure chest. the Gargoyle is
    on the stone archway as you turn around from the chest.
     Wraithmarsh  6/6
    1.Inside the small house at the start as you enter here for the first time.
    2.After crossing the lake there is a house with a shed in front of it. The shed
    has a wheel on it. Around the side of the shed is the Gargoyle.
    3.After crossing the old Oakvale bridge, follow the path until you reach some
    old ruins. On your right there is a path which leads to a chest go to chest
    turn around and you'll see the Gargoyle on the ruined arch.
    4.As you make your way through an area with buildings you can't enter, there is
    a pool of fog before you with several statues and coffins around it. Progress
    from here and you'll reach some ruined tombs, the Gargoyle is on the last tomb
    on your left. This is just before going under a large arch.
    5.Inside Twinblades tomb once you navigate the puzzles to reach the coffin room
    at the top there is a Gargoyle inside this room above door.
    6.Once you have taken the seal to the doorway you'll enter the SHADOW COURT
    tomb and follow a set path until you descend the two stairs. you'll see a
    corridor with spikes coming from the floor. Run past these and do a u-turn to
    look behind you . The Gargoyle is above the doorway where you entered the
    spiked floor room.
    o~------------------ Silver Keys ---------------------------------04.03------~o
     Bandit Coast  1/1
    1.There's not much deviation here so about halfway down the path on the left. 
    It's before the path turns back on itself on the map.
     Bloodstone  5/5
    1.As you enter Bloodstone from Wraithmarsh, you'll see a crypt on your right 
    with a statue - perform the blow kiss move and a crypt door on the right 
    further up opens for you. Inside is a key.
    2.As you enter the SInk hole there is a key in front of the drop down point. 
    You wont be able to reach it until you finish the related quest and raise the 
    water level. Once you return to Salty Jack go back inside the Sink Hole to now 
    reach the key.
    3.The SInkHole - after you take the ship to find the 10 bits of treasure you'll 
    drop into a water area around a large tree. To exit this area you need to climb 
    up the grassy areas near the waterfalls. As you ascend and before you enter the 
    stone archway there is a silver key on a lower ledge, you need to drop down to 
    reach it.
    4.Inside the cellar next to the Furniture shop - kick of hit the orb to open 
    the cross door. The shop lies at the east part of the map.
    5.Go to the waterfront and follow the docks all the way to the end where there 
    is a crane (far west of map). Jump in the water below the crane to find a dive 
    spot. The key is in the dive spot.
     Bower Lake  4/4
    1.A key can be found on the small island which has the entrance to Bower Lake 
    Tomb on it - You'll get this as you follow the story at the beginning.
    2.Gypsy camp - enter the camp and head to the right side of the camp - there is 
    an opening in the fence which leads up a dirt track. If you follow this path 
    you'll see a ruined tower.The key is on top of the tower. (note the fence 
    opening won't be available from the start of game).
    3.By the second largest lake (the one on the right side of the map) if you walk 
    to the end of the platform that goes into the water and the turn around to face 
    the way you entered. Walk alongside the rocks on your left and behind the first 
    tree is a key.
    4.Inside the Tomb of Heroes (Rescuing Charley mission unlocks this area) - 
    you'll enter an area with a pool of water in the center of the floor.Simply 
    walk through the area into the arched doorway follow the path until you meet 
    Charley. Simply look behind the pillars on the right.
     Bower Lake Tomb  1/1 
    1.As you enter Bower Lake Tomb you'll jump down into water. Enter the next room 
    (you drop down) and you'll be attacked by beetles. Walk through the cavern 
    until you reach the doorway. Before going through the door, on the left side of 
    you behind a rock is the key.
     Bowerstone Cemetery  4/4
    1.In Bowerstone cemetery as you progress through the mission you'll come to an 
    area which has a broken down shed, a stove and a man tied up. It's the top left 
    area of the map. The key is in the broken shed.
    2.The next key is in the 2nd to last turning at the bottom of the Bowerstone 
    cemetery map.
    3.Go to the top of the Cemetery mansion and the key is here.
    4.Shelly Crypt - You'll need to have purchased the Cemetery Mansion and then 
    enter the crypt. Go down the spiral stairs and drop down. You'll enter a room 
    with coffins, if you walk up the slopes by the coffins you'll see a crack in 
    the wall. Smash this open to find the key.
     Bowerstone Market  3/3
    1.In the cellar of the Furniture shop (first shop on the right as you enter 
    from Bowerstone Lake - shoot the glowing orb to unlock the door.
    2.As you first enter Bowerstone from the Lake entrance, there is a gate doorway 
    on your immediate left - however you need to enter a dive entrance to access 
    it. As you enter Bowerstone from the Lake entrance, you cross a river. Simply 
    climb into the river and swim to the corners near a dock platform (it'll be on 
    your left or right depending on which side you entered the water). There is a 
    dive point directly under the platform's steps that takes you to the key - 
    thanks to Airdweia for heads up.
    3.There is a small alley by the side of the inn at the main square. Enter the 
    alleyway and your dog will find a dig spot at the end with a key inside. You 
    need the dog and perhaps maxed out with the treasure skill. Buy books from the 
    shops to increase this skill.
     Bowerstone Old Town  3/3
    1.The Invisible hand house there is a key up stairs on the outside. The house 
    is near the exit to Rookridge to the North of map.
    2.In the cellar next to the house called the Helping Hand. This is next to the 
    Gift and Food stalls and is located following the path straight ahead as you 
    enter from Bowerstone Market.
    3.In the Old Town Warehouse behind some crates under the stairs. The warehouse 
    is located up the 2nd set of steps next to a crane. It's near the Rookridge 
    entrance at north of map.
     Brightwood  5/5
    1.Archon's Knot - to get here you need to climb up Brightwood tower to the 1st 
    floor with the teleporter. From this level if you walk to the sides near the 
    teleportal, the camera view will auto change and show a hole you can vault 
    into. This leads into Archon's Knot. Once inside you'll go past a spiky floor 
    puzzle and then onto a second puzzle with a statue. You need to evil laugh at 
    the statue then go up stairs and the key is on the left side of the spiky 
    2.On the road to Westcliff heading west just before the sharp slope/turn in 
    path there is a turning on the left with a key. This requires the locked gate 
    from Brightwood Tower to be opened. If not opened yet, then simply head to the 
    bandit camp which is the South part of the map between the broken bridge and 
    the lake with the tower. Follow the path to the locked gate and the key is on 
    the right in a small turning.
    3.A collapsed bridge (SW of map) , the key is on one side (on Westcliff road. 
    It's SW of the map).
    4.In between two horse statues at the NE path of the map. If you're coming from 
    Bower Lake it's the first left turn near the signpost.
    5.Inside the Giles farm cellar there is a portcullis that needs a key. You need 
    to buy the property to get the key from the upstairs drawer. Once inside there 
    is an area with statues, pillars and a key.
     Cullis Gate  1/1
    1.There is a slave area to the south of the map in the middle, follow the path 
    upwards and in an alcove before the gates is a key.
     Fairfax Gardens  2/2
    1.In tunnel under the main manor - you can get here by going under the stairs.
    2.Lady Grey's Tomb - after dropping down and making your way into the main 
    chamber, upon exiting this area you'll enter some tunnels and then a set of 
    stairs, the key is on your right. This is just before the huge set of stairs 
    you climb.
     Oakfield  6/6
    1.As you enter Oakfield for the first time coming from Rookridge, the second 
    house on the right has a key inside.
    2.As you return to the Abbot from Oakfield, if you look at your map you'll see 
    a small lake on the right side of the map. Follow the path here and you'll see 
    the key next to the path by the lake.
    Echo Mine
    3.As you enter and follow the path to the open room Follow the path to the 
    right and you'll see the key on your right
    4.Go through Oakfield until you come to the Scuplture's workshop by the 
    waterside area. The house next door to the scupture's workshop is called 
    Porridge Cottage. If you go inside and up the stairs you'll find a key. The 
    house lies at the northern tip of the land next to the sea in the middle of the 
    Wellspring Cave
    5.Once you enter the cave with Hannah and go through door one of the three and 
    are required to both stand on the panels as part of the mission (to fill the 
    jug with water). You'll see a key behind the platform you stand on. Or as you 
    enter the circular room with the chains, take the left hand door and once you 
    reach the room with the statue, it's behind the raised platform and steps.
    6.After the scene at the planted tree and the end of the mission with Hammer, 
    follow the path and by some bails of hay there is a key. It's the west side of 
    the map next to the sea. The bails are near Luminous Cottage. 
     Rookridge  6/6
    1.Traveling along Bowerstone Road South part of map, you'll be attacked by 
    bandits. Just past this area and following the road, you'll see a wooden 
    walkway with a statue at the end. There is a key at the base of the statue.
    2.You'll be tasked with taking out the bandits in Rookridge. From the exit from 
    the Rookridge Inn, follow the path to reach the old station. The path goes past 
    a wooden shack next to a rail track. If you follow the track to the end (to the 
    right) next to the shack you'll find a key.
    3.Hobbe Cave - Inside the cave in a narrow area there is a dig spot next to the 
    path/entrance with a key inside (the dig spot looks like a black mark on the 
    ground). It is just after (or before) depending on which way you're coming 
    from; the large open room with stone walkways, fire torches and a misty bottom. 
    This room is just as you enter from Rookridge (down the ladder) or the last 
    room if you entered from the Gemstone Grotto side. - You will need to make sure 
    your dog skill is at least level 3 otherwise the dig spot won't appear. Buy or 
    find books to increase dog rating.
    4.You'll exit the Hobbe Cave and come to an area which is other side of the 
    broken bridge you dived off earlier.You'll see a yellow and brown house with a 
    path that leads around it. Follow the path and there is a key behind it.
    5.Gemstone Grotto (Far NW of map - go through Hobbe Cave and swim across lake - 
    or just after you have dived off the broken bridge swim to the far left and 
    follow path) - Once inside: Follow the pathway and you'll come to a single 
    chest before you drop down. In the room Just before the chest there is a path 
    to the left with a visible key in front of a statue.
    6.Inside the Temple of Shadows - Follow the Left pathway (inside the room with 
    the dial) to the main chamber (a room with a misty floor) there is a key behind 
    the chair and desk.
     Westcliff  4/4
    1.on the south part of the map there is a ruined camp - inside the wooden hut 
    is a key
    2.Inside the tomb (Howling Halls - west of map) you'll come to a spiral 
    staircase. At the top in one of the alcoves is a key
    3.On the beach to the right behind some crates.
    4.In the same water where you can enter the Old Tin Mines, this is near the 
    archway entrance to Howling Halls - it's the left part of the middle body of 
    water on the map. Swim along the water and you'll see a key on a raised grassy 
    section along the rock face.
     Wraithmarsh  6/6
    1.Inside the abandoned farm building on the top floor. Just after crossing the 
    lake. Its the first building on left as you approach the second lake with the 
    well in the middle.
    2.As you make your way through an area with buildings you cant enter, there is 
    a pool of fog before you with several statues and coffins around it. On your 
    left is a key.
    3.After the water area where you defeated the 2nd banshee you'll enter another 
    flooded area with a green hut . there is a path next to this hut that leads to 
    a key its the right path if you're facing the huts steps.
    4.Inside Twinblades tomb once you navigate the puzzles to reach the coffin room 
    there is a key inside this room on the right of the coffin.
    5.inside twinblades tomb there is another key in the coffin.
    6.As you exit TwinBlades tomb (after destroying wall in coffin room) there is a 
    key directly ahead
    7. There is a 7th key in the Shadowcourt making the total 51 keys. During the 
    fight in Wraithmarsh, when you have to meet with the Shadow Court, in the room 
    were you have to fight various Shadows (Hobbes, Bandits, ect.) there is a fake 
    or cracked wall on the back left side when you enter the room on the way to the 
    shadow court. (thanks to FBI Casualty).
    o~------------------ Silver Chests -------------------------------04.04------~o
    1 Key Chest - Bowerstone graveyard on the left of the statue.
    1 Key Chest - South area of the Bowerstone lake directly opposite where the
    path splits to go three ways.
    1 Key Chest - Bowerstone Lake towards Brightwood, the pathway leads to some
    ruined arches. There's some building debris on the side of the path which has
    three arched windons. Opposite this is a path leading to a single archway. Go
    through the arch and the chest is on your immediate right. East of map.
    5 Key Chest - Fairfax Road in Bowerstone, on the left in an enclosed fenced
    area next to a tiny pond.
    5 Key Chest - From the Old Bowerstone Market and entering Rookridge, on your
    left just past the tree and dig spot.
    5 Key Chest - In the ruined tower in the centre of the Brightwood map.
    5 Key Chest - Westcliff towards the center of map at shooting range.
    5 Key Chest - Bowerstone Road in Rookridge. At the most southern part of the
    map there is a turning which leads to a chest next to a kneeling statue.
    5 Key Chest - From Old Bowerstone leading into cemetery road, you'll come to
    Rookridge Road. As soon as you have entered this area from Cemetery road, when
    the path splits, take the right path which will lead to the chest which is next
    to a kneeling statue.
    10 Key Chest - At the bottom of map in a tomb.
    10 Key Chest - Gypsy camp, enter the camp and head to the right side of the
    camp - there is an opening in the fence which leads up a dirt track. If you
    follow this path you'll see a ruined tower.The chest is at the base of the
    tower. (note the fence opening won't be available from the start of game).
    10 Key Chest - Go through Oakfield cemetery and follow the path upwards, the
    chest is at the end. This grants you a weapons Slash and Burn Augment. This is
    at the NE part of the map.
    10 Key Chest - On the Westcliff path there is an "O" on the map just as the
    path reaches the "O".
    15 Key Chest - In Cullis Gate area SE of map under the stone stairs.
    15 Key Chest - Wraithmarsh from coming from Wrathmarsh into bloodstone, its on
    15 Key Chest - In Rookridge after you have followed the path past the Inn, head 
    along a rail track. On you left is the chest next to a wooden water
    20 Key Chest - Bloodstone into Wraithmarsh take the left and follow path to 
    20 Key Chest - On the road to Westcliff southern part of map in ruined slave 
    50 Key Chest - Fairfax Castle throne room once you purchase it.
    | |                               Bestiary                 05.00            | |
    o~------------------ Humans --------------------------------------05.01------~o
    Approach: Strength, Ranged
    Difficulty: Easy
    Weak Against: Strength
    Bandits generally ambush you in small groups, for the most part they will 
    harmonize their melee attacks so watch your back. Their ranged combatants don't 
    seem to aim too well.
    City Guards
    Approach: Strength, Ranged
    Difficulty: Average
    Weak Against: Strength, Will
    City Guards are usually friendly NPC's unless you are determined to follow the 
    path of evil and destroy towns and kill innocents. They will attack with swords 
    and guns.
    Highway Men
    Approach: Strength, Ranged
    Difficulty: Average
    Weak Against: Strength
    Highway Men are similar to Bandits in the fact they travel in packs. They are 
    usually armed equally with swords and guns, their gunmen are very susceptible 
    to your strength attacks.
    Spire Guards
    Approach: Strength
    Difficulty: Hard
    Weak Against: Will
    Spire Guards follow the path of badassery and are usually holding katana's. Of 
    course, these enemies cannot hurt you if you keep your range and attack them.
    o~------------------ Monsters ------------------------------------05.02------~o
    Approach: Will
    Difficulty: Above Average
    Weak Against: Strength
    Banshees are very intimidating, they will summon their shadow children and are 
    only vulnerable to attacks once their children are decimated. They are immune 
    to area spells.
    Approach: Strength
    Difficulty: Hard
    Weak Against: Strength, Ranged
    Balverines usually attack in pairs and will try to catch you by surprise. Don't 
    give these any chance to charge up their attacks, especially their charge 
    attack as it is guaranteed to ruin your day.
    Giant Beetles
    Approach: Strength
    Difficulty: Easy
    Weak Against: Anything
    Beetles usually bury themselves and ambush as you walk by, but are easy to 
    Ghost Pirates
    Approach: Strength
    Difficulty: Above Average
    Weak Against: Will (Inferno)
    You won't encounter them much, but be sure that you are equipped with a good 
    spell when you do fight them.
    Approach: Strength, Will
    Difficulty: Annoyance
    Weak Against: Strength
    Former children turned monsters, Hobbes will use variety in their numbers to 
    kill you. They can be easily overcome by your strength.
    Hollow Men
    Approach: Strength, Will
    Difficulty: Average
    Weak Against: Strength, Area Spells
    When you see lots of lights touch the ground you know a Hollow Men attack is 
    imminent. They are fairly weak but will overwhelm you with their numbers. Using 
    a levelled area spell will take care of them in record numbers.
    Shadow Creatures
    Approach: Strength, Ranged, Will
    Difficulty: Above Average
    Weak Against: Varies
    These enemies morph into monsters that you've previously faced, which is 
    basiclaly every enemy including humans in the game. They are slightly stronger 
    than their counterparts.
    Approach: Strength, Will
    Difficulty: Hard
    Weak Against: Ranged, Will
    Some Shards will spawn enemies, others will attack you, and one will do both. 
    Charge a high level spell at it when it opens up, this is when it is 
    vulnerable. Don't let them get close to you.
    Approach: Strength, Ranged
    Difficulty: Aggrivating!
    Weak Aginst: Ranged, Will
    Trolls will adapt to their surroundings and explode out of the ground while you 
    are nearby. They will use three different attacks against you and are only 
    vulnerable when their nerves appear and glow red. Shoot their nerves to hurt 
    | |                              Main Story                05.00            | |
       The main story section of the guide covers what it says, it is all shown in
    Enter the code for the content before starting the game!
    o~------------------ Childhood -----------------------------------05.01------~o
       Your first decision in the game is to choose between a male of female hero,
    please notice that this does not take any affect of the storyline itself.
    Follow Rose to the sale where a man is selling a "magical" music box for 5
    gold. A character named Theresa appears, hinting that this music box may
    actually possess some magical powers. Your first quest is to make 5 gold to
    purchase the music box.
       Follow the golden bread trail to the guard (warrants will be pieces of paper
    on the ground near the trail as you complete other jobs), who needs you to
    collect five missing warrants, and promises a single gold piece. After
    accepting you will be lead to an olde time photographer who will pay you and
    Rose 1 gold coin to pose for a photo. Do so and continue on your quest for
    "riches". From there on you will find a bully beating on a dog, and eventually
    hits your sister. Weild your mighty wooden sword and defeat him. Proceed on to
    a shopkeep who needs you to kill large beetles upstairs. When you enter the
    shop a man will give you the option to destroy the stock for a gold coin. I
    found it easier to kill the beetles and it won't have any affect on corruption
    after this quest is complete.
       Continue and you'll find a tramp, who needs you to grab his wine from
    Magpie. Magpie is in an alley behind you (not down the stairs). Don't worry
    about waking him up, grab the wine and give it either Betty (good) or Pete
    (evil). Either way you get your coin and final arrest warrant, which somehow
    got in the bottle. Make your way back to the guard, a man named Arthur will
    demand the warrants, giving Arthur the warrants will eventually have a negative
    impact on the town, whereas giving the warrants to the guard will yield
    positibe results.
      One more coin to go, and you will find a man named Monty calling at his
    girlfriend from outside. Talk to him to get a proposal letter then knock on the
    girlfriends door. Yet again you have an option to be good or evil, either give
    it to the Mother or go upstairs and give it to Belinda.
      Now that you have five gold, go get the music box and bring it to a quiet
    place. Head into your shack and sleep, Rose's diary is also there if you'd like
    to take it. In the scene you'll meet Jeeves, Garth, and Lucien, who all appear
    later on in the main story.
    o~------------------ The Journey Begins --------------------------05.02------~o
       Go down to your caravan and collect your items from your chest, now is also
    a good opportunity to put your caravan up for rent, as you probably won't feel
    any desire to return. There also isn't much point in browsing around, you have
    no money, so just head up to the gate to meet Theresa.
       Theresa wants you to head into the Guild Tomb on the lake. Go straight and
    vault off the ledge, there is a chest there. When you get to the little island
    where the tomb entrance is located go around and take the silver key behind it.
       Go through the tomb until you come up to some beetles, eiher kill them with
    your crossbow or sword, either way its easy, and collect the experience orbs.
    There is another silver key in this area, walk around it until your dog barks.
    Keep going and to your left there is an unlocked gate that contains a chest.
    There will be a glowing target ahead that you'll have to shoot to proceed.
       When you get to the spot where you have to swim, you can go to the left and
    right to loot skeletons for a diary and a letter. Next is a room where you'll
    have to shoot at a target, melee hit it, then shoot it once more to unlock the
    hallway. Seach the bookcase to your left, then go down the passage next to it
    to find some other goodies. Enter the Chamber of Fate and you'll unlock some
    nifty abilities, you are required to choose at least one Will ability to unlock
    the Cullis Gate. 
    Before entering the Cullis Gate, open the chest next to it for your unwordly
    armour and weapon.
       Upon arrival to Bower Lake, you get to kill more beetles, follow the bread
    trail to Bowerstone and be sure to explore a little on your way, there are lots
    of treasures on your way.
    o~------------------ The Bandit ----------------------------------05.03------~o
       You'll notice the road to Bowerstone is closed, and you must kill Thag
    before the road to Bowerstone will reopen. Behind some ruins on your way is a
    chest with an Assassin's Coat, and there is another chest near the lake with a
    pistol in it.
       The slaves at the Bandit Camp will warn you of an ambush, there will be a
    few bandits that drop down from trees and attack you. Use your new abilities
    along with your sword to drop them. Defeat Thag to complete the quest and
    you'll get Thag's Head (trophy) and 100 renown. Open the chest in Thag's house
    to get a key. There is also a cave behind Thag's house that has another chest
       When you go to the slaves a man will appear, he will pay you to give him the
    key. If you give him the key you will get evil points, and if you attack him
    you will get evil points, but if you wait for him to attack you after freeing
    the slaves you can get 200 gold and no evil points.
       Go back to the blockade and you will be travelled to Bowerstone. Roland the
    Bard will be following you around singing about your adventures, you can also
    find him around towns later on, but he'll want fifty gold per song. Your dog
    will find a few chests around Bowerstone, for the sake of my not having to
    point them out. 
       Theresa would like to meet you under the clock tower, but she is going to be
    late. She advises you to seek work at the Blacksmith, which I'd recommend if
    you need some easy money. After the time expires you can either meet Theresa
    right away or continue exploring Bowerstone. Theresa will hand you three fate
    cards, The Pilgrim, The Mage, and The Thief. Our first visit will be to 
       On your way you'll see a man looting corpses of the bandits victims, you can
    kill him if you want to, you'll get evil points and nobody will know. You can
    also take some of the items laying around. Up the path you'll encounter some
    bandits, use your crossbow or will attacks to get rid of them without
    confrontation. There is also a chest and dig spot near where they were sitting.
       As you continue, you will encounter a group of bandits, some will be near
    you and others will be up on a hill. Take them out with a crossbow or run up
    and kill them with your sword. Follow the path behind them to a chest and keep
    going on your way. You'll come across the Rookridge Bridge which is out, you'll
    have to dive and walk up onto a nearby beach where you will meet a distraut 
       The man has lost his child inside the Hobbe Cave, and is afraid to go in
    alone. When you enter the cave there is a dive spot in the water next to you.
    Follow the parth and you'll stumble upon a few Hobbes, it shouldn't be too hard
    of a fight. After killing those ones you'll have to travel across a rickety
    path, there is a hidden area with a chest just off the path. 
       When you come across a locked door, your dog will show you a way around
    where you find out that the mans child has been converted into a Hobbe. You'll
    come by more Hobbe's in the cavern, you can easily kill these by pushing them
    off the ledge. There is also some treasure off the main path that you can take,
    and some more right before the exit, go up the ladder to go back to Rookridge.
    To your right there are the three bandits still guarding the bridge, you can
    take two of them with your crossbow before the other one charges you. There is
    also a silver key behind you.
       Follow the glowing trail to the Abbot, and he'll request for you to build up
    your reputation through side quests before he can trust you.
    o~------------------ The Ritual ----------------------------------05.04------~o
       After you gained enough renown, go back to the Temple of Light and speak
    with the Abbot. He'll send you to the cave, to accompany a monk named Hannah.
    At the first spring there is a silver key sitting near the pressure plate you
    have to stand on. As you exit the first spring there will be two groups of
    Hollow Men that you'll have to kill, these are a little stronger than the
    Hobbes, but still isn't too bad. In the second spring you have to protect
    Hannah as she is filling the jug, the fastest way is to shoot them from the
    plate and use your will abilities against them, this way you can protect her
    while standing on the pressure plate.
       The third room you'll fight a few waves of Hollow Men, follow by a Headless
    Hollow Man (boss). He has hard melee and the Shock spell that can wreck you if
    you aren't careful. The easiest way to kill this guy is to stay at a range and
    shoot him with spells, if he gets close get a couple hits in and get your
    distance back, eventually he will go down. In the next room you'll be informed
    of something and complete the quest after you go back to the Temple of Light.
    o~------------------ Hero of Strength ----------------------------05.05------~o
       Turns out the monk Hannah becomes the badass "Hammer", she is the second
    hero. Shortly after doing something to her fathers grave you will receive a
    Golden Oak Leaf and 1000 renown points.
    o~------------------ Hero of Will --------------------------------05.06------~o
       Travel to the Heroes Guild to gain this quest then make your way to the
    Brightwood Tower through Bower Lake. Watch out for these Spire Guards, they can
    definitely kick your ass if you aren't powerful enough or don't have a good
    enough weapon. Make your way up through the Tower, fighting Spire Guards until
    you come by the scene that has The Commandent taking Garth away to The Spire.
    o~------------------ The Bargain ---------------------------------05.07------~o
       You'll have to make way to the Cow and Corset Pub in Bowerstone and talk to
    Jeeves. You'll have to pony up 1000 gold for the directions to Lucien's Diary.
    Make sure you have a good ranged weapon and upgraded spells before you go to
    Bower Lake, you will be fighting a Forest Troll. 
       The troll with throw rocks at you, and has a tunnel attack, it will also
    slam you if you get close enough, hence the ranged weapon. To defeat this beast
    you have to shoot the glowing red nerves on the Troll. After you kill the 
    Troll, go to the empty spot and dig to get the diary and return to the Guild 
       The next step is to go to Westcliff, you'll meet Hammer on the road into
    Brightwood toward Bandit Coast. On your way you'll have to fight waves of
    bandits, these won't be particularly tough, but they will severely outnumber
    you. There is a ton of treasure you can find on the way, your dog will alert
    you for most of these but you might have to do some snooping around. You'll
    come to the Highwaymen Camp, avoid getting stuck in the middle of all of them
    while fighting, there is also a spiral staircase that has a chest on the top.
    Cross the bridge into Westcliff.
       You'll come across a fair share of Balverines, try to stay near them and
    charge for more damaging attacks when they jump. Avoid getting hit by their
    charge attack, it is the most powerful thing they have. Continue to meet a
    Lilith, her son has been captured by Balvarines. Just past the bridge there
    will be a silver key adjacent to the silver chest.
       Move down the hill into the Howling Halls, there is a digspot with a
    resurrection phial near the entrace, keep going until you enter the large room.
    In the room you'll have to fight a couple waves of Balvarines, then a White
    Balvarine. Hammer will create a bridge for you to go over, there is a chest to
    your left on the other end of the bridge. Move up the stairs where you will be
    facing a silver key, up the next flight of stairs is Westcliff.
    o~------------------ The Crucible --------------------------------05.08------~o
       Stock up on food, potions, and weapons before you dare entering the
    Crucible. There are eight rounds of the Crucible, most rounds have three waves
    of enemies and start immediately after the one before is dead. If you compelete
    eight perfect rounds you will get a bonus legendary weapon, don't worry if this
    doesn't happen on your first play through, you can return to the Crucible. I've
    find that the Rise Dead spell is a great way to distract the enemies.
       | Round |   Enemy   |                    Strategy                       |
       |   1   |  Beetles  | These are easy to kill with spells and a sword.   |
       |   2   |  Hobbes   | Use area spells and your sword, like Beetles.     |
       |   3   |  Hobbes   | Use the exploding barrels and push them into the  |
       |       |           | middle. Watch for some of them to be hiding.      |
       |   4   | Hollowmen | Hollowmen take more damage from Inferno spells.   |
       |   5   |  Bandits  | Only charge at them if you are drastically weak   |
       |       |           | with your ranged weapons, otherwise shoot and use |
       |       |           | the pressure plate and barrels.                   |
       |   6   |  Bandits  | Waves here will appear before the first is dead,  |
       |       |           | and try to push them into the pit, didn't find    |
       |       |           | much use for the pressure plate that shoots fire. |
       |       |           | If you step on the plate twice they will be moved |
       |       |           | and it makes it much easier.                      |
       |   7   | Balvarine | There isn't that many of them, its just like      |
       |       |           | going through the Howling Halls without Hammer.   |
       |   8   |Rock Troll | Just like any other troll fight, only exception   |
       |       |           | are some obstacles and a few summoned Hobbes.     |
       After doing this the quest, The Spire will be unlocked, do not start this
    without doing the "Westcliff Development" sidequest and having children.
    Another good idea is to invest in shops and houses before starting this.
    o~------------------ The Spire -----------------------------------05.08------~o
             |     Quest Checklist - Complete before entering Spire     |
             | Defender of Light / Oakfield Massacre                | X |
             | Cold Comfort Farmer / Red Harvest                    | X |
             | Westcliff Development                                | X |
             | Blind Date                                           | X |
       Meet Hammer at the docks and head down to the ship where you will hand over
    your possessions to Hammer and part ways with your dog. Next you'll meet a man
    named Bob, move ahead to listen to Lucien's speach.
       When you wake up you'll be sent to go meet the Commandant, when you get
    there you'll be given the option to obey or disobey, if you disobey you will
    lose experience, if you obey nothing will happen. 
       At week 38 you'll be assigned to guard the prisoners and you will have three 
    minutes to decide whether or not to feed them or starve them, which affects 
    your purity/corruption in obvious ways.
       At week 137 you are asked to kill Bob, he's going to die either way so make
    your choice. There really isn't a penalty for doing it or not, I found it 
    faster just to finish him off myself.
       Many years later you are summoned yet again by the Commandant. He asks you 
    to check on a guard, when you find the guard take all of his stuff and
    meet up with Garth. Bring Garth to the Commandant's Chambers, on the way you'll
    encounter about five groups of Spire Guards, they aren't particularly 
    difficult. When you get to the Chamber, defeat the Commandant and his guards, 
    these guards are more powerful than the Spire Guards, so play careful. The 
    Commandant is a tough cookie himself and will block most of your attacks so 
    you'll have to charge up. Most of the experience will go to Garth once everyone 
    is defeated.
       At the dock you'll encounter more Spire Guards, but now Garth can fight for
    you so you can sit back a little if you are low on health. Make your way on to
    the boat with Garth and the others.
       You'll appear in Oakfield, ten years passed, reunited with your dog and the
    rest of Albion. Theresa will bring Garth with her and instruct you to visit
    your family and look around and see the changes in Albion. You will also be
    given 5000 renown points, Broken Spire Collar (trophy), and your items.
       Meet Hammer and she will tell you to catch up with Albion, this is a good
    time to check in with your family and look at Westcliff if you took the
    development quest.
    o~------------------ The Cullis Gate -----------------------------05.09------~o
       You need to find a pirate in Bloodstone named Reaver. Meet Garth and Hammer
    and go to the rear entrance of Brightwood Tower. When you get there, there
    Spire Guards there that you will have to deal with, but it is much easier with
    your allies. There will also be a Spire Shard there to take care of, but it is
    easy to defeat, especially with Garth doing most of the work.
       As you rise to the top of the tower you will find anoter Spire Shard that
    will, instead attack you, but spawn Spire Guards and other enmies to attack
    you, making your job of protecting Garth much more difficult. The enemies will
    come from both of your sides, Garth will tell you when he's ready for you to
    use the Cullis Gate. 
       After the cutscene you will be all alone in Bloodstone.
    o~------------------ The Thief -----------------------------------05.09------~o
       Follow the path into the where you will encounter a Banshee, these aren't
    all that hard to kill. Use a spell and some melee to kill the demons she
    summons, when you kill those the Banshee will be vulnerable to repeated
    slashing. As you progress there are a few groups of Hollow Men you'll have to
    kill, then you will be told that you've made it halfway through the marshes.
       Next you will fight an Elder Hollow Man, he isn't too difficult, kill him,
    take the silver key in the area, and move on to where you'll face another
    Banshee. Shortly after facing the second Banshee you will meet face to face
    with a Troll, this Troll is no different than the others you've killed before
    it, take the treasure next to it. Once you make it to the town you can explore
    around or go meet Reaver right away. You might as well just talk to him right
    away though. Reaver will ask you to gain more renown before he will consider
    your offer, so, just as before, complete some sidequests or do some jobs to
    spike your renown.
       Talk to Reaver after you've reached a worthy reputation, he'll send you to
    deliver a Dark Seal in Wraithmarsh, on your deliver job you will encounter
    various creatures, the first being a Banshee. Follow the path and unlock the
    door into the Shadow Court. Once inside make your way down, there will be a
    hidden door to your left with a chest behind it. Keep going, you can hear
    Elizabeth crying. You will come to a room with a gate where you will have to
    fight several waves of Shadow's, these are just weaker versions of monsters
    you've alreay faced time and time again.
       After you've defeated them vailt down and speak to Elizabeth, she needs
    help. The Shadow Judges will appear and you'll have a choice to make, if you
    give the Seal the them and age you will gain purity, if you give it to
    Elizabeth you will gain corruption. Whatever happens, walk back and there will
    be a chest in your path.
       Now you'll have to go back to Reaver, and much like The Spire quest, you'll
    be a while so take care of everything you need to first.
       When you're ready, speak to Reaver and escape down the tunnel with him.
    You'll have to fight some of Lucien's men, Reaver will help you by using his
    pistol. After you're done in the first area you'll run into more of Lucien's
    men in a small room with a water floor. Proceed and take care of the men on the
    tracks, above you there are exploding barrels that you can shoot to kill all of
    Lucien's riflemen. Follow the tracks to the next area to get up top. You don't
    have to worry about the enemies below if you don't like a ranged fight, just
    run across into the next room and they will follow you there and you can kill
    them with your sword. Make your way to Smuggler's Beach.
       You'll meet Garth and Hammer on the back, and all four heroes will be united
    for the first time. When Reaver thinks he is on his way out a Great Shard will
    arive, this is the kind of badass thing that will spawn enemies at your feet
    and shoot at you! The only way to defeat it is to wait until it opens up and
    shoot a spell at it, watch out for enemies on the beach though, especially
    Spire Shards. Keep cycling between killing Lucien's men on the beach and
    running up into ranging and focussing on the Shard, I found a level five Blade
    spell really useful for this. Watch out for a red beam concentrating on you,
    this is a major powerful attack, immediately vacate your position when you see
    this. For defeating the Great Shared you get Shard Shard (trophy) and 10,000
    renown points.
       Now you will be transported to Bower Lake, you and the others will assemble
    to construct a great weapon, one powerful enough to take down Lucien.
    Unfortunately you are interrupted by Lucien and his men.
       Lord Lucien has killed your family, and now he is going to kill you. You'll
    then come to find yourself, a young boy with your big sister on a farm. There
    are a few things you can do but soon enough Rose will want to go to bed. Rose's
    diary is next to her bed, a good thing to check into if you grabbed her diary
    from the beginning of the game.
       Go to bed and you will hear some music playing, you can either follow the
    sound or go back to bed, if you sleep again the day will restart. Go through
    the charred path and pickup the music box, your characters life with spiral
    before your eyes. Rose will say something to do, and you will be sent to the
    Tattered Spire.
       You walk up and see Lucien there, hold the music box against him. Reaver
    will kill him and Theresa will appear and tells that that the Spire has power
    to grant you one wish, you can choose between:
    Sacrifice: Restores life to all that were lost in the building of the Spire.
    Love: Brings all of your loved ones back to life, including your dog.
    Wealth: Gain 1,000,000 gold and 300 evil points.
       Choose wisely.
    | |                             Side Quests                07.00            | |
       All quests in this section are organized alphabetically.  
    o~------------------ The Archaeologist ---------------------------07.01------~o
       This sidequest is one that should keep you amused for a fair bit of time,
    first thing you need to do is speak to a lady named Belle in Fairfax Gardens.
    Upon accepting her intriguing quest you will be handed your first card.
       Get your first note and go to Bowerstone Old Town, your dog will find out
    where this dig spot is right away, it should be in an alley just before an area
    with a large tree. Return to Belle once you get it for your 75 renown.
       The next artifact you need to grab is fairly simple, go to Rookridge from
    Oakfield and your dog should sniff it out quickly, it's on a cliff near the
    abondoned building. You will have to fight bandits to get there. The reward for
    this note will be 100 renown.
       Where the dead dwell? I hope you've alredy made your way to the Bowerstone
    Cemetery, if not go there and pretend I didn't have to tell you (joking). If
    you haven't completed a certain quest yet you will probably face an un
    countable amount of Hollow Men (100 to be exact). Nevertheless, follow your dog
    down the path to a dead end where you will be able to dig up the artifact. Go
    back and collect your reward of 125 renown when finished.
       If Belle has no more jobs for you after the ones above, you must progress in 
    the story a little more.
       When new quests become available go back and see Belle, read the note, and 
    this one is a little tougher. If you can't figure it out then just say you 
    could, and make your way to Oakfield where you will find an Ancient Scroll near 
    the Temple of Light. Back to Fairfax Gardens for your 150 renown and another 
       Your next clue should point you in the direction of Bower Lake, this one is 
    too easy, it will be buried in the middle of the Gypsy Camp. For this artifact 
    you will get 200 renown points.
       "There are contstant mentions in the old tets of a 'dense forest' that lies 
    somewhere in the shadow of a tower". Hmm, well Brightwood is a woods, in turn 
    is a dense forest, and I believe I've seen something called the Brightwood 
    Tower before. I'm going to take a wild guess that we should go to Brightwood 
    for this next artifact. Your dog will take you to the treasure as usual, it's 
    near the river down a hill. Your reward for getting this is 250 renown.
       Don't go just yet, Belle has another task. Her research will take you to 
    Bandit Coast through Road. You'll have to fight lots of bandits here, 
    obviously. Eventually your dog should take you to a spot just off the main path 
    where you'll have to dig in front of a door. You might as well go inside, there 
    is a chest and gargoyle in there. Then, bam! 300 renown.
       Your next adventure will take you to the home of the Crucible, you guessed 
    it, Westcliff. Your dog should take you down to the beach where you boarded the 
    ship to The Spire. Your reward for uncovering this scroll is 350 renown.
       This next one is actually a little interesting, since it isn't so obvious. 
    You will have to travel to the Hobbe Cave in Rookridge then turn around and 
    exit the cave. After you kill the Hobbes outside look to your right (facing 
    away from the cave) and swim to the trail across the water. Follow the trail, 
    you should run into a few Hollow Men, at the end of the trail there is the 
    Gemstone Grotto. Once inside the Grotto your dig will sniff out the buried 
    artifact. If you continue past where you dig the scroll you can find a silver 
    key and a chest will 200 gold. When you return to Belle you will get 450 
    renown. By the way, this is your last adventure until you complete the main 
       When you complete the game more quests will open up from Belle, return to 
    her whenever you wish. The note will tell you to go to a bured town called 
    "Oakvale", which now goes by the title of Wraithmarsh. Travel to the Drowned 
    Farm. There will be a Banshee fight right away, but you should probably expect 
    that kind of thing from where you are. Follow your dog as usually, if you don't 
    have your dog there will be a glowing trail as long as this is your active 
    quest. For finding this artifact you will recieve 500 renown.
       For the next note travel to the Bloodstone Water Front, from there your 
    dog/trail should lead you to the yard behind "The Boudir". Return to Belle to 
    recieve 550 renown.
       Next you are to travel to the Guild Cave, fast travel to the Chamber of Fate 
    and work your way backwards through the cave. You'll encounter nothing more 
    than two swarms of Beetles as you are lead to the scroll. You will be awarded 
    600 renown when you return to Belle.
       This next adventure will lead you to Reaver's Rear Passage, and since you've 
    already been there you can fast travel to that exact area. Much like before you 
    will be lead to the artifacts location by your dog or trail. It is fairly deep 
    into the passageway and you will encounter Bandits and Hobbes. When you get 
    this artifact go back to Fairfax Gardens, this time Belle will be in the 
    excavation site, get your 700 renown.
       You've found all of the ancient scrolls! With all of the scrolls discovered 
    Belle can now open the passage uncovered in Fairfax Gardens, but she needs you 
    to clear it for her. There will be a chest below guarded by two Spire Shards. 
    Manage your distance and shoot at them with will abilities to defeat them. 
    Remember not to let them get close to you. After you destroy them open to chest 
    and recover "The Archon;s Dream". Belle will meet you in the area, she will 
    offer you 50,000 gold for the precious gem. You can either give it to her for 
    good points or take the evil path and keep it, it is worth 100,000 gold. If you 
    choose to keep it you will have to kill Belle, thus earning evil points. Either 
    way you will get 1000 renown.
    o~------------------ A Bridge Too Far ----------------------------07.02------~o
    Reward: Dash's Goggles, Barnum's Thesaurus
    Renown: 250
       Go into the Sandgoose Inn and talk to the guy crying near the railing, he is
    the guy who took the picture of you as a child and now he's got a big problem.
    He will need you to get all of the Bandits out of Rookridge. Follow the path to
    Rookridge Inn, where you will encounter your first group on Bandits, and in the
    closet above the stairs there will be a chest.
       You'll encounter the Bandit Dash, who runs from you. When you chase him you
    will come by more Bandits, on the tracks near the hut you will find a silver
    key. Follow Dash down the tracksand fight a couple more groups of bandits near
    some water. You'll see Dash on some stone ruins, shoot him and he will die
    immediately. Walk up to him and open the chest for some bandit gear. Then
    travel back to Oakfield.
    o~------------------ The Blind Date ------------------------------07.03------~o
       Go to Giles' farm and talk to him, he needs you to find a date for his son 
    and hands you a photo of Rupert. You'll have to go find Rupert, he is in the 
    field next to you.
       After speaking with Rupert go to Bowerstone Market to look for a potential 
    date, remember that Rupert is interested in a male partner. If you show the 
    photo to a woman you will get evil points, but if you find a gay male. When you 
    run into an interested villager they will agree, then you can return to the 
    farm and give Rupert and Giles the good (or bad) news. 
       When you speak to them the farm will go up for sale at a base price of 
    70,000 gold.
    o~------------------ Brightwood Tower ----------------------------07.04------~o
    Reward: Son of Chesty, 100,000 gold, Diamond of Sorrow
    Rwnown: 3000
       Before starting this you need to have around 230,000 gold, give or take
    5000. When you collect the required amount of gold travel to the tower where
    you will face some enemies and a Spire Shard, the shard is easy to kill if you
    use magic and keep your distance. After you fight them off, go up and buy the
    Bloodstone Tower. Go to the stop, you'll pass by the Cullis Gate that is
    supposed to be wrecked, and go to bed.
       You'll dream of being a child again, walk up and open the chest ahead of
    you. Read the note and follow the trail another chest, open the second chest
    and read the note. Kill off the group of monsters it spawns. Make your way back
    and open the third chest, the Hobbes you'll face seem big and strong, but only
    seems that way because you're a child again. After you kill them follow the
    quest path to another chest and open it. 
       After you've killed the Hollow Men follow the trail again, to your right
    after the gate is a statue, mimick its expression and go to the next chest. A
    banshee will appear, kill it as you normally would by defeating the minions
    then slashing at it. Keep going after you're done that. If you go off trail to
    your right there is a house with a chest (the good kind) in it. Continue and
    open up the next chest, fight the Balverines. Open the chest again to recieve
    your prize and go back to the bed.
       Welcome back to reality.
    o~------------------ The Cemetery Mansion ------------------------07.05------~o
    Renown: 3500
       You'll need to scrape up 100,000 gold before you can purchase the mansion.
    Travel to Bowerstone Cemetery and buy the mansion. You'll get a key and note,
    now turn around and follow the trail. There is also a demon door there that you
    can kick a chicken at to enter.
       Enter Shelley Crypt and continue down the path no matter what any Hollow Man
    says. Open the chest at the end of the path. Make your way out through the
    hidden door until you enter a blood soaked room, there you will fight off three
    waves of Hollow Men, there is also a chest in there with a potion in it. Kill
    the already dead Hollow Men and keep going. You'll see an orb that you have to
    hit and shoot in order to form an invisible bridge. On the last bridge after
    you hit it it will appear behind you from where you entered the area, there is
    a gargoyle in the room too if you'd like to take care of it.
       Now you get the choice to hand over the gem to the Hollow Men or kill them
    and keep it, the Hollow Men are easy to kill, even the biggun' so I decided
    just to kill them, there will be a couple waves of them. Now leave the cavern
    and exit the crypt.
    o~------------------ Cold Comfort Farmer -------------------------07.06------~o
    Renown: 750
       Giles can be found in Brightwood, accept his plea for you to "bring 
    justice" to the Bandit Ripper. Giles will take him dead or alive. After 
    accepting the quest the golden trail will lead you to Ripper's camp.
       When you walk into the camp you will be pleasently welcomed by a large group 
    of Bandits, there are much more here than any other fight you've been in so 
    far. Think of it as fighting Hollow Men, but against Bandits you will 
    synchronize their attacks.
       After killing of all of the Bandits, Ripper will ambush you from one of the 
    trees. Don't worry about Giles' request, encounter Ripper as you would any 
    other enemy. Take notice that he will use some will, specefically Time Control. 
    After you beat Ripper up enough he will forfeit which gives you the chance to 
    either kill him or spare his life and let Giles take over. If you kill him you 
    will obtain evil points, and vice versa.
    o~------------------ Evil in Wraithmarsh -------------------------07.07------~o
    Reward: Banshee Rags
    Renown: 4000
       You remember these assholes from earlier, well they're at it again and you 
    get to cover up what they've done for a second time. Meet Mrs. Spade in The Cow 
    & Corset in Bowerstone Market. She will tell you that her son is an idiot (in 
    short) and she needs ou to go rescue him, no problem, if you don't mind going 
    to Wraithmarsh.
       Travel to Wraithmarsh to the Drowned Farm and a golden trail should lead you 
    to a nearby well. When you are in "The Well" you'll be greeted by three Hollow 
    Men in the foyer alongside the sounds of swords clashing. Down the path you 
    will see Sam and Max being attacked by Hollow Men, save them. So apparently 
    these guys unleashed Evil upon Bloodstone, and even worse is that their mother 
    has to chase grown men around!
       Travel to The Waterfront and follow the trail to the dock where you will 
    meet the Banshee. It is the same as any other Banshee, first kill the shadow 
    children then slash at the Banshee itself. It may be a little awkward at most 
    since you don't have much room to play with. When you've slaughtered the Evil 
    go back to Bowerstone and speak with Mrs. Spade. When you talk to her you can 
    use eiher emote or stay quiet, she'll be happy she didn't have to do anything 
    either way.
    o~------------------ The Hit -------------------------------------07.08------~o
    Reward: Lucien's Contract
    Renown: 7500
       No doubt you've been ambushed by Bandits before, but if you have engraved 
    yourself into the habbit of walking around Albion you've most likely been 
    ambushed countless of times. There are times that these ambushes will drop a 
    piece of a map, once you collect four pieces you will unlock a new quest.
       Go to the Forsaken Fortress in Brightwood, when you get there it will be 
    overrun with Bandits, more than you're used to. You need to Kill the Bandit 
    Darius Zing. Like the other Bandit leaders, Zing will run off after you've 
    slain all of his followers. Run after him and fight off all of the Bandits that 
    you run into. Eventually he will stop and join his henchmen and attack you. He 
    isn't difficult to kill, it is easier to kill the Highwaymen first though.
    o~------------------ Hobbe Squatters -----------------------------07.09------~o
    Reward: Hobbe Leg
    Renown: 3500
       Go to the Temple of Light and speak to err, Tommy? Anyway, he asks for you
    to clear his cave (home) from Hobbes, not something we haven't done before
    though, right? Anyway, go to Echo Mine where you will be greeted by a swarm of
    Hobbes outside. 
       You only need to kill fifteen stumbling Hobbes, and there are diary pages
    spread throughout the cave you may pickup if you so choose. After you kill the
    fifteen Hobbes you'll have to go kill their leader. He'll summon a couple more
    enemies but they're all easy kills, take the diary page behind him if you'd
    like and open the chest. Go back to the cave entrance and you'll find out that
    Tommy is more of a crazy asshole than you originally thought. He wanted you to
    be killed, you'll have to fight Tommy now, it only took me one hit so I imagine
    nobody will have any troubles with him. Take his key and leave the mine.
    o~------------------ Love Hurts ----------------------------------07.10------~o
    Reward: Rod of Life  
    Renown: 8500
       Victor the lonely gravekeeper wants you to collect body parts for a "science
    experiment". To begin this quest you will need to knock on his door once or
    twice and wait there for a few seconds.
       The first place he sends you is into the Hobbe Cave, a familiar locale. Your
    dog will sniff out the body part from the second you enter the cave, as soon as
    you enter there is a dive spot in the water next to you.
       Continue through the cave smiting the Hobbes until you reach the room you
    were first ambushed (beginning), your dog will find the dig spot there which
    has the Lady Grey's (familiar?) lower body and a note. Don't leave yet though!
    A little further ahead there is a dig spot covering a silver key, after you get
    the silver key you can fast travel back to Bowerstone Cemetery.
       Victor tells you what really going on, as if you didn't already know right?
    Then he'll send you to a tomb in Wraithmarsh, the quickest way to get there is
    to use fast travel and take Bloodstone road. When you enter Twinblade's Tomb
    you'll have to kill a nice handful of monsters in a room. From there you'll
    have to find a way to open that locked door. On the left side there is a
    pressure plate hidden by two bushes, destroy the bushes and stand on it, aim
    and the glowing circle across from you and hit it with a gun or spell. Then
    melee hit it, then shoot it again! Congrats, you've just opened the door with
    no help at all (ahem).
       You'll be greeted by three or so delightful dead, finish them off (can they
    die?) and proceed to the locked gate. Assuming you've already stood on the
    pressure plate, walk back over to where you are facing the spiked floor of
    death, and shoot the circle (yea I don't get the floor part either) to continue
    your journey.
      At the water area kill you the monsters and stand on the pressure plate, then
    repeat the expression that the statue behind you just did, its the chicken, and
    if you do it wrong the statue will not be pleased and will most certainly knock
    you back a bit.
      Go through the right side door, destroy the shrubs, stand on the pressure
    plate, then go back through the left side. Stand on the pressure plate and
    shoot the circle, and voila! Continue through to the circular room and kill
    everything inside. To the left there is an orb that you have to shoot, then
    shoot it several times as it rests on each statue, and finally, on the door.
    Put your Indy suit on and make your way through the firebreathing statues, the
    cycle begins at the furthest one then restarts from the entrance statue, so be
    careful. When you get to the end, step on the pressure plate and go back.
       Make your way up the spiralling stairs and too the body lobby, in the right
    corner of the area there will be a casket contain Lady Grey's upper body, and
    note, then a silver key beside you. There is also a silver key in the casket
    centered to the room, and, incase you didn't hear it, if you look above the
    entrance door there is a gargoyle! Another bonus is that behind one of the
    glowing doors there is a chest contain 500 gold, the other holds the way back
    to Wraithmarsh.
       The final part of Lady Grey is in a tomb in Fairfax Gardens. Lady Grey's
    tomb to be precise. Before you vault down into eternal darkness there is a
    gargoyle near you. After vaulting there should be a chest behind a pillar, your
    dog should find it. Walk up to her heads final resting place and steal it, then
    head back to Victor. 
       Now you have a choice, take the Lady for yourself or let Victor have her, if
    you take her away, you'll get evil points, and vice versa.
    o~------------------ Red Harvest ---------------------------------07.11------~o
       This is the evil side to "Cold Comfort Farmer". All you need to do is travel 
    to Brightwood and walk to the west end where you will encounter Giles and a few 
    of his helpers. To make things easier you can stay back and pick off Giles, if 
    you would rather kill him up close he will charge you, you don't need to kill 
    any of the others to complete this mission.
    o~------------------ The Rescue ----------------------------------07.12------~o
    Reward: Hobbe Staff head
    Renown: 1500
       One day you will return to your spouse and hear quite possibly the worst 
    news of your life. Your child has run off to a cave to follow in their 
    fathers/mothers footsteps (sorry I went in the cave, hehe).
       You'll soon find out that they went off to the Hobbe Cave, travel there. 
    When you enter the cave it is much like before, go through the cave where you 
    will encounter numbers of Hobbes, it is their home afterall. Follow the paths 
    and slay Hobbes (they're former childen, you know). When you find your way into 
    a room with an excess number of Hobbes and cages you will find a cage key on 
    one of the Hobbes. When you kill all of the Hobbes and obtain the key unlock 
    your child. Exit the cave with your child.
    o~------------------ Rescuing Charlie ----------------------------07.13------~o
    Reward: Golden Burden Augment
    Renown: 5000
       Find Granny Miggins in the Gypsy Camp, her grandson went venturing off into 
    a cave in Bower Lake and she wants a responsible adult to go after him, that's 
    you. It's not hard to find the Tomb of Heroes, it's on the far corner of the 
    area, the golden trail will lead you there.
       Navigate through the tunnel (when you hear a gargoyle turn around and look 
    up) to where you will find Charlie. Charlie is opening a casket and needs your 
    help to protect him from Hollow Men. The Hollow Men will appear in groups in 
    the room, the easiest thing I found to do was go back to the entrance way and 
    aim at them if your have totally upgraded your Dextrous Styles skill path.
        After a few waves the Hollow Men will quit coming and Charlie will need you 
    to open the quest for him, do so and you'll get an item. Now you will have to 
    excape the tomb as countless Hollow Men ambush, they aren't hard to kill but 
    they strongly outnumber you so you should make use of a potion or some food. 
    The easiest way to kill these are to use a level two Time Control spell then a 
    level five spell like Inferno, Shock, or Force Push.
        Make your way back through the tomb towards the entrance fighting off 
    Hollow Men, when they are all dead you have a choice that the game doesn't 
    really hint of. You can leave with Charlie or you can kill him and obtain his 
    top hat. If you choose to spare his life exit the tomb and Granny Miggins will 
    be waiting outside.
       Of course, if you want the top hat you can kill him and get some evil 
    points. Except when you leave the cave don't give Granny the top hat, just walk 
    away from her and put it on, the quest will automatically complete and you will 
    get your typical reward.
    o~------------------ The Sculptor --------------------------------07.14------~o
       Before meeting with the Abbot for the second time you can pose for a statue, 
    for every statue plinths you find you can pose for for the Oakfield Sculptor 
    for a statue. Your first session will be free and each addition statue will 
    cost you a small sum of gold. 
       Locations of all statue plinths, in order of availability:
    Oakfield  - In front of the Sandgoose in.
    Fairfax Gardens - To your left when you enter surrounded by water.
    Brightwood - Next to a gate of a destroyed castle if you take the path from 
    Bower Lake Road.
    Westcliff - Near the shooting range just passed the hut.
    Bloodstone - On the Waterfront, can't miss it!
    o~------------------ Something Rotten ----------------------------07.15------~o
    Reward: Troll's Eyeball
    Renown: 3500
       Go and talk to Joseph in the Rookridge Inn, there has been some unexplained
    pollution driving away all of his customers. He'll need you to investigate it
    for him. Follow the trail down the same path you once chased Dash, you will
    meet up with a handful of Bandits, but they shouldn't be too hard to defeat. To
    your left there is a Wellspring.
       Now I don't know about you, but I'm getting mighty sick of Trolls being
    around everywhere. Nontheless, kill the Troll that creeps up out of the water.
    In case you didn't already notice, there is also a chest n the room where you
    killed the Troll. Now go back and meet Joseph to recieve your reward, and a
    discount to purchase the Inn if you'd like.
    o~------------------ Till Death Do Us Part -----------------------07.16------~o
       On Rookridge road you should encounter a ghost who wishes for you to get a
    woman to fall madly in love with you. He hands you a rejection letter and asks
    you to give it to you. You will also receive the Seduction espression.
       Go to Bowerstone Market and you should find her on the bridge, woo Alex
    until a message pops up giving you the option to break her heart or rip up the
    letter and marry her. If you choose to marry Alex you must buy a ring and a
    house, you will gain every benefit to marriage as you usually would. Return to
    the ghost and receive 100 renown points.
    o~------------------ T.O.B.Y -------------------------------------07.17------~o
       Speak to Toby, he will ask you to recover the Mutton of Eternal Hope, you
    can find this above the Tattoo Parlor. You'll find the mutton in a cabinet in
    front of you. Hold down "a" to steal it, watch out for the eye icon, if it is
    closed nobody can see you, otherwise you'll be caught. If you are caught the
    Tattooist will shoot at you and you'll have to kill him unless you have the
    apology expression.
       Return to Toby and he'll send you to go and steal a bottle of wine for him,
    follow the trail into the house and go upstairs, the wine should be in a
    cabinet next to the bed. You'll only have to worry about whores here who
    usually accept an apology. Next Toby will ask you get a pie, go to the house
    that the golden trail leads you to and go to the cabinet around the corner.
    While you're here get a hooker to follow you. Go back to Toby and he'll ask you
    to bring him a prostitute, luckily you've already gone one. Leave him alone and
    speak to the townspeople.
       You'll learn that Toby is a con artist, kind of obvious though wasn't it? I
    hope so. Go knock on his door four or five times until he opens up, you can
    either kill him for evil points or just scare him and he'll flee.
    o~------------------ Treasure Island of Doom! --------------------07.18------~o
    Reward: Captrain Dread's Sword, Gold
    Renown: 7500
       To get this quest go talk to Salty Jack at the Inn, you'll have to buy him a
    beer, so do that and give it to him and he'll talk. Accept his wild quest and
    make your way to Smuggler's Cave.
       Dive down and follow the trail, keep going until you enter a room. You'll be
    fighting several waves of Ghost Pirates here, get rid of all them (I don't
    think they die again?) and keep going to where you'll be halted by a locked
    door. Behind you should be a pressure plate hidden by some crates and barrels,
    step on it to unlock the door. You'll make your way to Captain Dread's room
    that contains a lock chest, the key to this chest is on the nightstand next to
    his bed. Open the chest and take the lever.
       Go back to the pirate ship and use the lever where appropriate, step on to
    the ship where you will fight Captain Dread and his Ghost Pirates in a PotC
    setting. They aren't too difficult, take the helm after you've had your, uhm,
    way with them. You will be taken to an island where you must locate ten of
    Captain Dread's treasure chests.
       First thing you should do when you are on the beach is turn around and swim
    to the cove, there is a chest there. The next chest you will find is in the
    stern of the beached (read: destroyed) ship. Follow the trail up until you get
    to a small area with a few waterfalls and some land, there is a chest just to
    the side that you'll have to vault down to. Make your way on to the small
    landmass and your dog should find a dig spot with a bag near a tree, there is
    another chest on the other side of the tree. Next there is a dive spot just off
    the land, where it forks. The next one is behind one of the waterfalls. Now go
    up towards the cave, there is a gargoyle next to the waterfall, there also is a
    silver key next to the cave entrance. Go into the cave and there is a room to
    your left with another chest. Past the cave you can vault down and find another
    chest there. The final chest you will have to follow the trail and cut down a
    bush so you can jump on the wrecked ship. Now you can take the helm of your
    ship to return to Bloodstone.
    o~------------------ Westcliff Development -----------------------07.19------~o
    Reward: 15,000 gold
    Renown: 1500
       Talk to Barnum about business and he'll want you to invest 5000 gold into
    his development plan. If you do this quest before entering The Spire it will be
    complete by the time you get back. If you don't I believe he will disappear.
    | |                                Extras                  08.00            | |
       Please be advised that there may be spoilers in this section.
    o~------------------ Archon's Knot Tomb --------------------------08.01------~o
    Reward: The Daichi
       To unlock this tomb you first have to complete the quest "Cullis Gate", 
    after completing that quest Brightwood Tower will come up for sale, you do not 
    have to purcahse this Tower to start Archon's Knot Tomb.
       If you meet the above requirements, head to Brightwood Tower where you will 
    fight the same enemies as before (with Garth and Hammer). Go to the second 
    level of the Tower where you entered the Cullis Gate, next to the Cullis Gate 
    you will see a deviation where a statue used to be. Walk up to it and vault 
       You will dive down into some water, and behind you is a gargoyle. Proceed 
    where you will come up to a locked gate, no worries, to your right is a slowing 
    switch, shoot it to unlock the door. Continue and you will notice the next door 
    seems quite unreachable. To your left is another flowing switch, shoot it and 
    it will go towards the door. Follow the "x" on this template to avoid the 
                |   | x | x | x |   |
                | x | x |   | x | x |
                | x |   |   |   | x | x Door
                | x | x | x | x |   |
                |   |   |   | x |   |
                    |     x x x |
                    |____   ____|
       Hit the switch at the end to unlock the door.
       Follow the path up the stairs and you will notice a switch that you have to 
    hit is locked up in a cage next to a statue, dont worry about it yet and keep 
    going where you will find another room with spiked floors and a pressure plate. 
    Step on the pressure plate and the statue will move, go back down and do a 
    Bloodlust Roar towards the statue to free the switch. 
       Go back upstairs and hit the switch, keep hitting it and it will show you 
    what path to take, when you get to safety hit it one more time to unlock the 
    gate. When the gate is unlocked the spikes are no longer active so you can grab 
    that silver key. Leave the tomb, your dog will alert you of some treasure 
    hidden around the corner on a platform. Voila, The Daichi is in the chest 
    there. If you want you can dive down and swim around to that island in the 
    middle of the water, inside the building is a chest.
    o~------------------ Castle Fairfax ------------------------------08.02------~o
    Reward: Sex Change Souvenir
    Renown: 10000
       Once you purchase the castle navigate yourself to the Regal Bed (this can be 
    tricky) and sleep in it. You'll wake up all nice and refreshed until you are 
    informed that your precious castle has been attacked by Bandits! Just outside 
    of your bedroom you will encounter a small group of Bandits, kill them easily 
    then proceed down the spiral staircase into the throne room.
       In the throne room you will have to single handedly defend yourself from a 
    few waves of Bandits, this was suprisingly easy, seeing as how they're trying 
    to takeover your castle. After defeating the Bandits in the throne room you 
    will have to make your way to the library to kill their leader.
       Of course you get to the library you'll see that the Bandit Leader is not 
    alone, there is a handful of Bandits with him, but you can easily slash them 
    since it isn't a large room. Oddly enough the leader isn't the huge guy with 
    the cape, but he should be the one on the stairs to your left. Kill them all 
    and your whiny butler will quit, leaving you to investigate the tomb on your 
       It's worth noting that once in the tomb that you will encounter Bandits, but 
    when you make your way to a room with prisoners walk up the the door ahead of 
    you a pull the lever on your right. The lever on your left will open the doors 
    and you'll have to fight a bunch of enemies at once. In the next area you will 
    have to fight Hobbes down a few flights of stairs, there aren't all that many 
    of them so there should be no challenge for a noble hero like yourself. Before 
    you go down the last set of stairs you'll notive a chest below you to your 
    right. You can vault down and open it, there's 1500 gold in there.
       Next you will have to dive down another level, there is a dive spot near you 
    if you look to your right while swimming. In the next room are more Hobbes, 
    kill them then explore around a little, there are two chests in this area. The 
    easiest thing to do for the switch in this room is to stand adjacent to the 
    door behind the pillar and shoot the switch, quickly shoot it a second time 
    before it resets, then whack it as it sits next to you. The door will open 
    after you've completed this successfully. 
       In this next room the switch is timed again but it isn't hard, when it is 
    glowing pink send a spell towards it like Blades, Shock, etc. When it is yellow 
    shoot it with a ranged weapon. The switch will go pink, yellow, yellow, yellow 
    before it opens the door.
       Upon entering the next room you will hear an announcer who will inform you 
    that you have this one chance in the game to change your sex. It is permanent 
    and all that jazz. I'll give you a chance to think about it while you walk 
    around the room and open the chests. Walk up to the potion and grab it to open 
    the door. Drink it if you want, if not no big deal.
    o~------------------ Defender of Light ---------------------------08.03------~o
    Reward: Temple of Light Seal
    Renown: 750
       Talk to the Abbot in the Temple of Light, he anticipates an attack against 
    the Temple. Return to Wellspring Cave and proceed to the spring to your left. 
    There are lots of Shadow Worshippers here who are equipped with ranged weapons. 
    Use your strength and will to kill them and go back.
       The second spring you go to is much like the first, repeat what you did 
    earlier and kill the enemy below the spring. When you are finished here you 
    will be lead to another spring, this is the final one.
       You'll encounter Cornelius Grimm, leader of the Shadow Worshippers. You 
    can't inflict any damage on him immediately so focus fire at his companions. 
    The first wave of enemies you will fight are Shadow Worshippers, kill them like 
    before. Next you'll face off against Hollow Men, you should have plenty of 
    experience killing these by now. 
       When you are done killing off Cornelius's goons he will take matters into 
    his own hands and try to kill you himself. He isn't weak to any kind of spells 
    in particular so rely on your strength for this one, if you slash him he should 
    die without many problems. Congrats, you've saved the Temple of Light!
    o~------------------ Hall of the Dead ----------------------------08.04------~o
    *This is Limited Edition content*
    Reward: The Wreckager
       The first thing you need to do is go to Bloodstone Waterfront. There is a 
    dock right next to a ship and the Captain should be standing on it. If you did 
    the "Evil in Wraithmarsh" side quest you fought a Banshee here. Dive off the 
    end and the dive spot in front of you is the entrance to the Hall of the Dead.
       Once you are inside, walk ahead and dive, when you hit the water there will 
    be a path in front of you. As you go down the path you will rn into a few 
    Hollow Men. Keep going on and the path will split, on your left is a chest with 
    some potions. There will be a switch across from you, shoot it, then follow it 
    and hit it. Keep following it into the dive spot, ahead will be a bunch of 
    Hollow Men. Kill all of them then hit the switch with will. Whack it then it 
    will hide behind a a gear thing, shoot magic at it again. Shoot it with a 
    ranged weapon, then magic again.
       It will lead you into a room with more Hollow Men, take care of them. The 
    switch is on top of you, so go straight through the door and it will lead you 
    up stairs to the switch so you can hit it. It will unlock the door and you get 
    to fight a couple more Hollow Men, after you kill them proceed up the stairs to 
    the right. The next room will have three doors, the ones on your sides are 
    locked so go straight.
       Three Hollow Men will appear, kill them and hit the switch. Now shoot the 
    switch and turn around and use a spell against it. It will unlock the door to a 
    chest which contains The Wreckager and a switch. Proceed through the door 
    across from you and follow the path back to Bloodstone.
    o~------------------ Oakfield Massacre ---------------------------08.05------~o
       This quest is the opposite of "Defender of Light". To activate it, speak 
    with Cornelius in the Temple of Shadows. You task is simple, kill everybody in 
    Oakfield to destroy the Temple of Light.
       Sometimes when you are attacking the town you will have a hard time finding 
    any villagers after the majority are dead, the easiest way around this is to 
    walk around then return to The Sandgoose, there should be a couple back there.
       When you complete this quest, there will be consequences for some time if 
    you try to return to Oakfield, you'll have to pay ~20k gold.
    | |                       Frequently Asked Questions       FT.WQ            | |
    How do I have intercourse with my wife?
    Watch the heart icon to become yellow above your spouses head. There is a book
    called "Come Hither, Dear" in the Bowerstone book store that will give you an
    expression you can use. There is also a "Come with me" expression that you can
    use to lead people into the bedroom.
    How do I buy Castle Fairfax?
    It will come up for sale after you've completed the main storyline.
    Where is the Limited Edition DLC items?
    Your otherwordly bonus will be in the Guild Hall, the items from Fable 2 such
    as the chicken suit can be found from vendors in Albion.
    How do I get to the Hall of the Dead!?
    Take this with a grain of salt, but I'm pretty sure there is a dive spot off
    Bloodstone Harbour that will lead you there.
    Can I keep doing quests after I've completed the main storyline?
    How do I lose weight?
    Sell all of your meat and eat celery, every food item has stats available for
    you to see, I'd suggest using potions rather than food to heal to keep the
    pounds off.
    Where can I get a tattoo?
    There is a tattooist in Bowerstone Old Town, Gypsy Camp, Westcliff, and 
    Errr, how do I donate to the Temple of Light?
    There should be a pedestal next to the monk.
    How do I get rid of my scars?
    These are permanent marks of battle that can never be removed, even if you look
    | |                           Legal & Copyright            LG.CW            | |
    This document is Copyright (c) 2008 Kraiz.
    This walkthrough was written for the intended purpose of aiding people for no
    cost, any intention of selling this guide is strictly prohibited and will be
    dealt with. Fable 2 guide is solely to be hosted at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    and all other websites which have received permission from the author to host
    this guide, linking to this guide is; however, allowed.
    I encourage people to send me feedback, but only emails regarding this guide or
    the game it was written for will be read, all other mail will be deleted upon
    Thank you,
    | |                               Credits                  CR.ED            | |
    Expressions and Dog Tricks supplied by myrkul8013.
    Huge thanks to David Jenkins for supplying gargoyles and silver keys.
    There were over a dozen people that supplied information on sex, thanks.
    Heads up to Meck for the round 6 Crucible addition.
    Many readers for pointing out the Bower Lake Demon Door reward.
    Ricardo for confirming the location of the Hall of the Dead.
    All of those who sent information about the Oakfield Demon Door.
    Wildcat Studio sent the weapon rating for the wooden sword.
    Bryan Meulmeester for some information on "Blind Date" and "Cold Comfort 
    Thanks Joey for adding locations and Silver Chests.
    Thank you for reading this guide, it was one hell of a ride.
    Brian for pointing out that all gold must be donated to the Temple at once.

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