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    Gargoyle Guide by Xertious

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/25/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fable 2,
    Who Will You Become?
    Gargoyle Guide
    Table of Contents
    => [1.1] Introduction
    => [1.2] Revisions
    ==> [1.3] Must read information
    ==> [1.4] Suggestions
    => [2.1] Gargoyles Trove
    => [2.2] Dungeons with Gargoyles
    ==> [3.1] Bowerstone Market
    ==> [3.2] Fairfax Gardens
    ==> [3.3] Bowerstone Old Town
    ==> [3.4] Bowerstone Cemetery
    ==> [3.5] Bowerstone Lake
    ==> [3.6] Guild Cave
    ==> [3.7] Oakfield
    ==> [3.8] Brightwood
    ==> [3.9] Bandit Coast
    ==> [3.10] Rookridge
    ==> [3.11] Westcliff
    ==> [3.12] Bloodstone
    ==> [3.13] Wrathmarsh
    => [4.1] Rewards
    ==> [4.2] The Legendary Weapon
    => [5.1] Contact
    => [5.2] Copyright and information
    -- [1.1] Introduction --
    My introduction, well what to say. Well this is my first guide written for
    a game, and hopefully not the last. It is a guide to aid you in finding the
    Gargoyles. What are the Gargoyles you might ask, I should hope not, because you
    found this hopefully with the intention of hunting for Gargoyles. I'll tell you
    regardless, Gargoyles are the small stone characters dotted around Albion,
    which spout insults as you pass them by. Recognisable by the shiny eyes and
    bright grey stone. Killing these in increments of ten will earn you a reward
    every time you return to the Gargoyle's Trove. With each 10 you get to open a
    chest and receive the reward as stated in section [4.1] Rewards. Not only that
    it will get you ever so closer to the ultimate reward, the legendary weapon,
    for a better description of it, see section [4.2] The Legendary Weapon.
    Not only that but you get the reward of not being randomly insulted as you
    wander round, well at least not by a statue.
    -- [1.2] Revisions --
    v 1.0 - First Revision
    v 1.1 - Minor Update:
    ----- Changed some wording, added this revision section.
    v 1.2 - Minor Update:
    ----- Fixed a typo.
    v 1.3 - Minor Update:
    ----- Another typo, fixed some wording too.
    -- [1.3] Must read information --
    This section is not quite an introduction, but is a requirement to understand
    before getting in contact with me. I am English, hence some of my words will be
    English(UK) rather than English(US). I apologise for any inconvenience this may
    cause to you reader. I also am human, so prone to typing mistakes and
    grammatical error, issues of such can be brought forward in a academic manner
    rather than an immature manner. Yes, I know there are several videos out there,
    but I hope this to be a slightly bit more concise than the videos out there,
    the videos I saw jumped to locations and didn't actually show you how to get to
    places. ESPECIALLY the Forsaken Fortress. If you prefer reading things through
    and understanding them before doing them, follow this text guide, otherwise if
    you enjoy following visual images, follow the videos. Just don't complain about
    this being pointless and a waste of time.
    BEFORE you attempt to accuse me of plagiarism, this is all my writing, and I
    have done so as I followed through to find each Gargoyle of my own. Also, look
    at it this way, EVERY Gargoyle is in the same place for each game, there will
    be only a few differences between guides. As I said, well wrote, this is all my
    own work, if you don't believe it to be so, sue me. (I take no credit for the
    wonderful game and text taken from Fable 2). I accredit GameFAQ's Answer
    section with, well answers.
    There are words in the guide CAPITALISED for emphasis, usually to tell you to
    stop and read the next sentence before you jump down. All the locations I tell
    you to "Head in via" and such, are locations you can 'Fast Travel'. Fast
    travelling is the far quickest method of getting from A-B, if you don't know
    how to do this, open up your Quest/Region section of your start menu, and
    select Region, and hit the region you are heading for. Now it will give you a
    new selection, of places within that region you can fast travel to, usually a
    region exit/entrance or a place of importance. There is also a number next to
    each Region name you look through, this is the total number of Gargoyles in the
    I shouldn't need to tell you, but you will get attacked as you're getting
    these, clear out the area and get rid of Bandits/Hobbes/Highwaymen/ETC before
    you go pointing your weapon in the air looking for a Gargoyle.
    How to read a guide? This was rhetorical, you are reading it right now! Just
    some pointers to help you navigate through this, in the table of content there
    are section numbers, now there may be section numbers in the passages of text
    to refer to another section, so to search for a specific section, use your
    Control + F function to find '-- [X.X]' (naturally without the apostrophe)
    where X is the number, and sub-section number you are looking for.
    -- [1.4] Suggestions --
    I don't want to tell you how to follow this guide, but the method I advise you
    makes things go along quicker. First of all, I'll suggest you wait until you've
    completed the main storyline before you attempt to go on collecting them all.
    You will need to have completed the main story line and to have amassed
    1,000,000 Coins to get the one in Fairfax Castle. There are allot of Gargoyles
    which require Side-Quests to have been completed, so I would recommend you to
    have done all of the main Side-Quests first (not the quests which are to beat a
    previous score, such as the crucible, nor the archaeologist quest). I do them
    in order of closest to each other, apart from when I break off after Oakfield,
    which the place has different locations off different exits. I suggest you go
    through them in the order that I have gone through, and skip out the ones you
    know you already have (if you're not sure, there is no harm in checking). Once
    completing the game you should have moderately good skills, strength and will
    as well as above average equipment. I had a Master Flintlock Rifle (60 Range,
    better so you don't have to get too close I actually swapped half way through
    this guide to the Enforcer with only 20 Range and was still able to get the
    last Gargoyles down the page) and The Daichi for combat (Gotten in Achron's
    Knot, you can get this weapon also during your collection).
    If you want to do this your own way, and just use the locations, and get them
    all as you complete the game, I've listed the dungeons with Gargoyles in, so as
    you go into a Dungeon, consult [2.2] Dungeons with Gargoyles.
    -- [2.1] Gargoyles Trove --
    This is where you collect your rewards, is under the bridge in Bowerstone
    Market, just follow a ramp down and jump into the river, it's the dive spot
    under the bridge.
    Inside you will hear (and feel) a rumble each time you collect your reward and
    a gate is opened (each side alternately first the right side) through the gate
    you will see a path to your chest and a switch, activate the switch to unlock a
    section of the invisible bridge. Once the bridge is complete after unlocking
    all switches, you will be able to get to the final chest. You will also be able
    to break through the wall behind the final chest and get the legendary weapon,
    more information as to what the rewards are in section [4.1] Rewards. Once
    you've been here once, you can fast travel here.
    -- [2.2] Dungeons with Gargoyles --
    If you're reading this as you're playing, and you're just about to head into a
    dungeon, stop, you might as well get the Gargoyles whilst you're going in
    there. Here is the list with the matching section number:
    -Lady Grey's Tomb [3.2]
    -Shelly Crypt [3.4]
    -Old Tomb [3.6]
    -Tomb of Heroes [3.5]
    -Archon's Knot [3.8]
    -Forsaken Fortress [3.8]
    -Howling Halls [3.11]
    -Hobbe's Cave [3.10]
    -Twinblades Tomb [3.13]
    -Shadow Court [3.13]
    -- [3.1] Bowerstone Market [4] --
    Travelling to Bowerstone Market's Market Square, head towards the furniture
    shop and head up stairs, next to the door in the side room upstairs.
    Travelling back on yourself, head over the bridge and head towards the Carriage
    Shop, and there will be one inside the shop just below ceiling height.
    Head outside the carriage shop, and down the path to the river and under the
    bridge, there will be one on your right against the wall.
    Up the ramp, and next to the general store you will see an opening, follow this
    round and head up to the city wall, go to the right and follow this path round
    until you see the Gargoyle facing you on one of the spires.
    -- [3.2] Fairfax Gardens [3] --
    Go straight on, and get closer to Castle Fairfax, but don't get too close look
    upwards into one of the arches you will see the guy sitting there.
    Head inside the Lady Grey's Tomb (Starting the quest Love Hurts is Required),
    and follow the path round, BEFORE you get to the bit you have to jump down to,
    he will be opposite you, facing the medusa statue.
    Once you have bought Castle Fairfax (Completion of the game is required), enter
    and head up and on your second left is the library. Down the stairs and go
    inside the library and turn around on yourself, he is above the door you just
    entered in on.
    -- [3.3] Bowerstone Old Town [2] --
    Come in via Cemetery Road you look to your left you will see one of the towers,
    and you will see one of our friends sitting on that.
    Follow the path round to the South west of the old town, near where you start
    the game as a kid, there will be a house called The Felling, head inside and up
    the staircase, he will be there facing you as you head to go back down.
    -- [3.4] Bowerstone Cemetery [5] --
    Upon entering the Cemetery you come across the statue which reacts to your
    expressions, go up the first set of stairs opposite him, until you come across
    the small cemetery on your left, to the right of the main tomb, on a roof you
    will see the Gargoyle.
    Head up the second flight of stairs, you will see him on right on the top of
    the larger tomb which you can access.
    Head up to the very top of the cemetery path, stand in the entrance of the
    large crypt and face outwards, and you will see the Gargoyle.
    Head out in the opposite direction of the statue now and on the second right
    (not the right that leads to more graves) and follow the path up until you get
    to the gate which depending on if you have bought the Mansion in the Cemetery,
    will be either locked or unlocked. If you want to do this before you have
    unlocked the game, you can, stand on the side where the bookcase is littering
    the ground, then look towards the gate and notice the spire to your left
    (facing the bookcase) it is inside the spire, you can shoot it out. (This is
    allot easier after you have opened the gate).
    Inside Shelly Crypt (You need to complete the Quest Love Hurts and to have
    bought the Mansion to enter here, you get the key to the gate when you buy the
    mansion) when you're at the last invisible bridge, BEFORE you go up the slope,
    stand on the edge of the invisible bridge and turn to you're right, its next to
    the lit torch.
    ** You have 14 Gargoyles and are able to collect a reward **
    -- [3.5] Bowerstone Lake [5] --
    Come in via Brightwood Road, head down the path, you will see some old ruins,
    some arches, on your right stop and face right and you will see him on the
    largest arch.
    Head through the large arch and stand back a bit and face the arch, he will be
    on top of the largest and most complete Bastion (like a small tower, attached
    to the wall). He will be there at the top, remember, you might need to stand
    back a bit.
    Continue back down the path until you're on the south east part of the large
    lake, there will be some ruins and arches again, head on the inside of the
    ruins and he's left of the treasure chest, up at the top.
    Go round and head towards the Gypsy Camp, go past the entrance to the Gypsy
    Camp and head over the bridge over the lake, once over, head towards the
    waterfall, and stop at the top of the waterfall, get as close to the edge as
    you can and look along the bank, you will see him there on the right bank
    (where you are standing, just a bit north).
    Head inside of the Tomb of Heroes (the Rescuing Charlie quest is required, it’s
    the one where you get him from), follow the path round until you get to the
    section with the pool of water with steps leading to it, there should be two
    arches opposite this, one should be open, one will have a gate, head to the
    open one (to the left of where you come in), and as soon as you have gone
    through it turn on yourself and its above that archway.
    -- [3.6] Guild Cave [1] --
    Head into the Guild Cave via the lake entrance, the Old Tomb, follow the path
    round, until you get to a room with ruins arches, and some stalagmites and
    stalactites which look like teeth, it’s the part where you dive to get the
    Augment, which the diary pages you pick up refer to. You can try shoot it from
    down here, it’s in the part that looks like teeth or a cage. I would advise
    heading in to the pathway that has the glowing mushrooms and following it round
    until you get to the top and stand at one of the edges and shoot.
    ** You have 20 Gargoyles and are able to collect your second reward **
    -- [3.7] Oakfield [3] --
    Travelling to the Sandgoose (the pub), head to the bridge vault over the fence
    and you will see it on the side of the bridge.
    Follow the path up until you get to the Sculptor's house, behind her house on
    the wall of her house you will see the Gargoyle there. (Set the Sculptors quest
    as your primary quest to find the house if you're unsure)
    Open up your map (Press start and go to Quests/Maps), you should see a small
    patch of water in the east, head towards there, go across this patch of water,
    to the side you see the ruined arches, look to these arches and it will be up
    -- [3.8] Brightwood [5] --
    Head in via Brightwood Tower, once you have bought Brightwood Tower, head up to
    the very top where the bed is, stand in the middle of the room, and face the
    stairs and the hole where the stairs are, count two windows across and shoot
    that window out look out that window and you will see the Gargoyle.
    Head back down until you reach the teleported, and you'll see a part of the
    stone railing that has been broken away, dive down into Archon's Knot, as soon
    as you jump down, get out of the water and turn to face your water, he's there
    opposite the passage.
    Head out of Achron's Knot and jump down the ledges and head to your right
    towards the Exit for the Bandit Coast, BEFORE you go to bandit coast, there is
    a turn right through an archway into some more ruins, there should be a small
    pool of water and the Gargoyle should be just above this (not the larger lake
    you can see on the mini-map, this is more south just by the exit).
    Ok, this one is the difficult one in the Forsaken Fortress, just after you have
    shot the last Gargoyle, head through the three arches, take a few steps and
    stop, look to your left there is a pathway which you won’t see if you aren't
    looking for it, go through this pathway and lead it round to the Forsaken
    Fortress. Once in, follow the path until you get to two sets of stairs, one on
    the right and one on the left, take the one on the right and walk over the
    walkway until you get to about two thirds down and look to your right, you'll
    see him poking out of the trees.
    Double back on yourself and head back up towards Brightwood Tower and head into
    the river at its most south-westerly point and on the island, find the door and
    go round the back of that building, he will be sitting on the wall there.
    -- [3.9] Bandit Coast [2] --
    Come in via Westcliff Road, and follow the path round until you get to a
    clearing with some ruins on the right and the wooden fencing to the left, look
    to the right there is a wagon, stand next to it and look forward and up, he's
    just up on the tower.
    Continue on, until you get to that circular bit on the minimap, head down the
    southern path until you reach a small wooden platform, and next to that there
    will be a pathway down, follow that small path down to a small cave with a
    chest, the Gargoyle is in the left wall of the room (facing the chest).
    ** You have 30 Gargoyles and you're able to collect your third reward **
    -- [3.10] Rookridge [5] --
    Start off by going to the Rookridge Inn, head upstairs and outside towards the
    railway, follow the railroad round, when it hits a dead end, follow the path,
    not going up to Wellspring Cave, but the other way back onto the railway track,
    following this round until you get to a giant wooden pulley when you first
    reach the snow. He's on the side facing the blocked off shaft.
    Just before you go inside Hobbe's Cave, look at the shaft and then turn right,
    look between the two fences and slowly move upwards until you can see the
    Gargoyle's eyes on the cliff.
    At the top of the pathway inside the Hobbe's Cave, where all the wooden beams
    are, on the small wooden bridge face out towards the centre and you will see
    him sitting on a beam.
    Go to the Temple of Shadows entrance, head towards the back where the windows
    are, and stand behind the right statue there (right after facing the windows)
    and look to your right as well, it’s there through those arches.
    Head down into the temple and go through to the left passage from the main
    sacrificial chamber (the room with the misty floor and four tables) it will be
    above the archway you enter this room through.
    -- [3.11] Westcliff [5] --
    Head to Westcliff Camp, and head towards the dock, follow the path down to the
    dock until you reach a wooden set of steps, look up at the cliff face and it
    will be there below the pulley.
    Head to the Howling Halls, just outside the Halls, stand on the stairs which
    follow down to the door, turn around and face the archway, and look slightly to
    the left of the archway and there he is.
    Head into the Howling Halls and go down to the room with spikes going across
    the room, head on to the smaller side and, facing the spikes, look on the left
    wall behind the pillar, he will be there.
    Now go to Brightwood Road in the southeast, and follow that road round and find
    the first off cut, a little turning to the right where there is a treasure
    chest behind a Stone Henge type ruin, now stand in front of the chest and face
    the ruin and there he is.
    Go on a short while until you find a set of stone stairs on your right follow
    those round and climb the ruins until you reach the top then left of the
    treasure chest there is a section where you can vault down to another part,
    with another chest, facing the chest the Gargoyle is sitting on top of the
    ruins you're looking at.
    ** You have 40 Gargoyles and you can collect your fourth reward **
    -- [3.12] Bloodstone [4] --
    Head in via The Waterfront, head down to the white boathouse where there is a
    boat supposedly being built, head behind the building, look in-between the
    building behind it and the boathouse and you will see him facing you on the
    corner of the closets building.
    Now back down to the water facing the water, head left and down to you read the
    first pulley, Gargoyle is there in the wooden part facing the Lighthouse.
    Swim out into the water hugging the right cliffs you will get to a small patch
    where you can stand on, look out to the sea and turn right looking at the small
    rocks, there he is perched on one of the small rocks.
    Head to the Sinkhole, where you do the Treasure Island of Doom! Side-Quest, and
    collect the treasures, if you haven't already gotten up to this bit, just
    follow the quest through until you get to the island, Lion's Head Isle, when
    you get to the middle part with all the waterfalls, the path where you get out
    of this grotto, left of the waterfall up this path you will the him on a ledge.
    -- [3.13] Wrathmarsh [6] --
    Running through from Bloodstone Road, once you reach some ruined tombs that are
    southwest on the mini-map, just before them (they lead onto more tombs and a
    section of ground covered in fog) he will be on the first tomb you see, facing
    the pathway.
    Continue round until you reach a ruined bridge in the south east, over the
    bridge is an arch leading to a chest, stand in front of the chest and look at
    the arch and you'll see him. (NOT the wooden bridge a bit further on)
    Follow the path round until you reach a long path with on the left a flooded
    village, head past there and out of the water, the second house on dry land,
    should have an out-house with a wheel on the top of its door, just to the left
    of this door is the Gargoyle against the house.
    Follow the path round until you reach some more water, and the first house on
    the left contains the Gargoyle inside the house on some wooden wall.
    Now, travel to Twinblades Tomb, once you've completed a all the orb puzzles and
    headed up to the top room where there is the stone coffin, and it will be above
    the door as you enter this room.
    Head towards the Shadow Court, if you haven't done "The Hero of Skill" quest,
    or at least got up to the point where you unlock the Shadow Court, then you
    won’t be able to get this one. Follow the path down to where the spikes
    are/were and head across them then stop, turn around 180 degrees and look above
    the archway at the start of the spike path, you'll see him there.
    ** You now have all 50 Gargoyles, collect your final reward **
    -- [4.1] Rewards --
    10 Gargoyles - The Dog Tricks, Growl book. (Teaches your dog growl)
    20 Gargoyles - Potion of Life (Extends your Health Meter by 50, and heals you
    by 1000)
    30 Gargoyles - Emerald x3 (Gift, 15% Poshness and 20% Friendliness)
    40 Gargoyles - 10000 Coins
    50 Gargoyles - Ghoul Augment (Drains health from your opponent with each hit,
    and transfers it to you)
    Final Chest - Rotten Apple (Healing Points 20, Purity -5)
    Break through the breakable wall behind the chest will allow you to access the
    legendary weapon, The Rammer.
    Once you have gotten this weapon you will unlock the Achievement 'The Gargoyle'
    worth 25 Gamerpoints.
    -- [4.2] The Legendary Weapon --
    The Rammer
    Base Value 54000
    Damage: 119
    Damage Types: Arrow
    Ammo Capacity: 1
    Reload Time: 0.75
    Range 45
    - Ghoul Augment (Drains health and gives to you)
    - Flame Augment (Inflicts fire Damage)
    - Bewitching Augment (Makes you more attractive)
    This Extremely powerful crossbow belonged to the heroic farmer Sabre, who
    protected his lands from bandits and invaders using the weapon he had
    constructed himself. It was said that a shot from The Rammer was like a
    stampede of wild animals crushing his target.
    -- [5.1] Contact --
    Feel free to contact me, after you have read the section [1.2] Must read
    information. I can be contacted via Email & MSN at benmfowler[at]gmail.com and
    my Xbox Live Gamer ID is Xertious (http://live.xbox.com/member/Xertious), you
    are welcome to contact me on Xbox live also.
    -- [5.2] Copyright and information --
    You are welcome the post and repost this guide anywhere as long as it’s in its
    entirety (linking to the gamefaqs url would be much easier). I reserve the
    right to remove all hosted material without reason. All locations and names
    written in the guide are Copyright Lionhead Studios, nor do I claim ownership
    of any part of Fable 2.
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