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"Fable ll, a fun, yet problematic, game"

As most people know, Fable II is the sequel to the famous Xbox hit, Fable. Fable was a very unique game for its time and it still took me off my feat when I went back to play it. The main theme of the game is choice, you can choose to be good evil, choose to take sides, choose how to fight, and much more. Although playing through it again showed me the flaws... but this review isn't about Fable, its about Fable II.

At first sight Fable II is just like Fable, its fun, easy, and you get to be creative and customize your character. However if you go more in depth you will notice very serious flaws. For example, in Fable you had the choice for most every quest to do the good side or the evil side, however if you pay attention you will realize that no matter which side you choose the game will stay the EXACT same, excluding the changes to your character. In Fable II this is not so much the case. As early as your childhood you can make a choice (which I'm going to avoid from spoiling) which will drastically change the town for better or for worse. This happens several other times in the game, so they've managed to improve on that detail.

When they made Fable II they also reworked the good/evil bar and made it into two separate bars, one which will change depending on what you do on the outside (good/evil) and one which will change depending on what your true intentions are (pure/corrupt). For example, if you were to kill a villager, that would be classified as evil and there for give you evil points. However, if you killed that villager because he/she was committing an evil deed, than it is classified as pure, but you will most likely still get evil points. If you ask me this system works very nicely, and your appearance will change depending on BOTH meters.

As I said before, the game looks flawless at first, but after playing for a while you will begin to notice that the combat is severely flawed. just as the last game you have a choice of spending your experience in strength (up close weapon combat), skill (ranged weapon combat), or will (spells). Let's start with strength. There are three skills for strength, one which increases up close damage done, one with increases your health meter, and one which unlocks new ways to fight with up close weapons. To be perfectly honest, all you have to do is mash the X button constantly to defeat even the toughest of foes. They have a block feature, but your foe will be left helpless to do anything while your swinging your sword around. The next up is skill. In the previous Fable game you had a choice between bows and crossbows and in order to fire them you would have to charge them up for more power and they went straight forward, creating quite a realistic feel compared to the usual "heat-seeking" missile feel. But of course Fable II is set 500 years into the future (of the previous game) and so you know have your choice between crossbows and guns. You don't have to charge up your weapons anymore, and mashing Y works almost just as well as mashing X for up close combat. Strength and skill have practically the same feel to them, excluding the fact that one can be used from a range and is slower. Now for will, the worst of them all. Will in the last game was set up so that there were LOADS of spells that you could choose from and each being unique. In Fable II there are only eight spells, and only three of which are even worth spending your points in. But wait! Its doesn't stop there! You can also take out any enemy (including the last boss) with only 2 completely charged up will attacks. It takes the challenge of the game and rolls over it with a semi truck.

One thing that got people angry about the first game was the length. Anyone could take Fable and spend a day beating the whole game and having almost nothing left to do. This is almost the same with Fable II, instead one one day, it would take two or three days. Now even even after you bear Fable II there is still LOADS to do... but the thing is... why would you want to do them? Most things in Fable II don't have much of a reward. For example, if you buy every building in the entire game then all your reward is is money, which cant be used for much except buying houses. To rap this paragraph up the story is short, and most things in the game aren't worth doing.

One feature about the game that I did enjoy was the clothing. In the first game you had armor that added stats and everyone looked the same after they beat the game because everyone got the best armor. Now in Fable ll not only did they get rid of the fact that armor gives stats but they also got rid of all armor (unless you buy the Knothole Island DLC) and replaced it with a large amount of customizable clothing. This feature of the game is very fun because not only can you mix up boots, pants, shirts, coats, gloves, hats, and masks but you can also change the color of practically all of them, and there are TONS of colors to find, I'm not quite sure but I would have to say there are around 40 different dyes. And you can also use the dyes on your hair.

Although this game does have a lot of flaws in it, the game is fun. Its fun to do the quests and here the humorous dialog. Its fun to dress like the weirdest person ever to walk the Earth, or to dress like you own the world. Its fun to slaughter and entire town. And its fun to play through it again just to see what choices you missed out on. In the end all that really matters is if the game is fun or not, so if your thinking of playing this game then by George play it. I don't regret buying it an neither will you.

So in the end I have to give this game a 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/03/09

Game Release: Fable II (US, 10/21/08)

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