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  1. So, if I don't level up in a certain way, I can't max out my stats? Or will it just take more levels?

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    BackupHamster - 8 years ago

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  1. Levelling in this game is a pain. The best way to level up so that you max all your stats is by picking the right major skills and attributes.

    The following guide is very indepth and helps you manage your stats so that you max your stats at level 50.

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  1. Either
    if you do it a certain way you can get all stats max relatively quick, but if you don't do it that way it's not impossible, you just have to measure your training in certain things

    overall its a pain in the but, and doesn't make you more of a god than you usually are

    User Info: Nasgate

    Nasgate (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. To be honest with you and it IS the biggest pain in the Butt. Pick your Major Skills carefully because these affect your Stats.

    For example:

    Blade: Use a Sword alot and Blade goes up.

    Please refer to GAME GUIDE for more information, The PC/Mac Versions of this Game have a Cheat to Max Stats. I sugest you buy this on PC... I to crave the things you want mate... and remember...


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  3. In truth maxing out stats depends on weather or not they are major or minor. major gives you 2-3 times normal xp for minor.
    It also depends on what skills your doing. For the mage skills, they are SO easy(except for restoration which is the hardest skill in the GAME to get to 100 even if its a major one.
    So in truth pick skills you want to get to 100 first by picking them for major skills. oh and the cheats are nice but for me its more satisfying to get them up by hand.
    Oh and this guide gives you trainer less skill training,

    User Info: Mossdeep2

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  4. if you want to get the highest level character, make your major skills sneak, conjuration, security, light/heavy armor,mercantile, blade and speechcraft, sounds crappy right? no. all these skills have ways to level them very easily, use the adoring fan pickpocketing cheat to level sneak to 100 very fast giving you 10 levels, then for every level you go up, use a trainer to level your blade 5pts as this will be the hardest to level normally, then do that for eveey level, and you gain another 5 levels added onto the 10 from the sneak, then you level train you skill another 5 times for each of those five levels, then use the same tequniqe for any other skill, conjuation is EASY to train, just cast the summon skeleton spell, everywhere you go, it will level up very fast, also mercantile will level up fast if you duplicate some items, and sell them one at a time, even though merchants have 1200 gold, that only means the max that they can give at a time, so if you have 100 of an item that is worth 2000, they will buy it for 1200 x 100 giving you 120,000 gold. there are several cheats to level your skills fast, you can create a drain security spell on self, and train it up to 100 very easy, past 100 is a little harder, but it can be done.

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  5. Btw, in my last post, i got my character from level 1 to 37 in less than 6 hours

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  6. The answer is simple. Your character will stop leveling up once your major skills are all maxed out. "Oh no, I've already done this and now i can no longer level up!" one might exclaim. Fear not, for there is always a way. Simply commit a horrendous crime, like ... murder... then allow yourself to be arrested. Now save your game. Now serve your time (done by sleeping in the prison bed). When you exit the prison you will find that many of your abilities have lost their levels. The reason for saving is so that if the game takes points away from minor skills or unassigned skills, you can load and try again. The objective is to get an instance in which primarily major skills lose their levels. Once this has occured, one can simply visit one of the many training facilities in other minor or unassigned skills to level them up, such as the marksman trainer in Bruma. Train, then level up, then train then level up. This will obviously take time and patience, but in the end there is no fast way to max out everything, but i find this to be the easiest. Losing the points in your major skills is essential so you can level up again, as you can only train in any particular skill 5 times in one level, after which you would need to level up to train again. This method will also allow you to ever so slowly reach level 100 (if the levels go that high, as i have never bothered trying to find out).

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  7. It's impossible to max out all your stats. You can max out them but not all unless you cheated like I did.
    (There's a glitch that gets your stats up though).

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  8. Theoretically, you can max all your stats with plenty of levels to spare. As long as you control your levelling, you can map it out level by level. That's the build I'm using right now, currently level 45 with 100 in all but strength, intelligence and luck, which are 95/95/99 respectively. Next level will finish it off perfectly.

    Theoretically, you can keep levelling up until you can't distribute 3 points at your next level up. If you continue to go to jail for extended periods of time, every now and then it'll drop a major skill. You can't, however, level up unless you can spend ALL 3 attributes.

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