How do you make a black soul gem?

  1. I read the handwritten note but i just can't figure it out

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    Oh, so it has to be Empty for it to work...

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    SporeManiac13 - 9 years ago
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    Is there any way to find them premade? instead of waiting around....

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  1. you have to follow the directions on that note by going to the necromancer shrine out next to one of the caves (I can't remember the names of them) and then you wait for a mysterious light to be shining on the coffin at the cave (this only happens once per week at midnight) you then put an empty grand soul gem in there and cast a soul trap spell on the coffin and your soul gem will be transformed

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  3. Go to one of black chests outside of a Necromancer Cave (the one where you find the note is one) and place an empty Grand Soul Gem inside. Cast any form or type of Soul Trap Spell (it will not work if it is enchanted on a weapon) when a bright light is shining on the chest. It happens once a week at around midnight, and it is hard to see close up. Step back a little bit and look to see if a bright light blue light is shining on it. If it use, use Soul Trap and the gem will immediately transform into a Black Soul Gem. With these you can Soul Trap NPC's (Dremora are NPC's.) It will be the same strength as a Filled Grand Soul Gem once filled.

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  4. Go to a necromancer cave. there will be a stone altar (a rock structure with red cloth on it.) Wait until midnight. If there is not a purple light shinning on the altar wait 24 hours until there is. once the light is shinning on the altar put an empty grand soul gem in the altar. Then hit the altar with a soul trap spell or scroll. then the altar should pulse and a purple ring should epand from the altar. If so go to the altar and retrieve your new black soul gem.

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  5. You just have to go to an area that has an altar outside of it (The Dark Fissure is one of these) on Morndas at 12:00 AM (there will be a light shining down on the altar if you got the time right), open the altar, put in as many empty Grand soul gems as ou like, then cast any type of Soul Trap spell on the altar. Open it again, and BAM, you got Black soul gems, which can house a human soul, worth 2000 points when enchanting.

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  6. Go to Dark Fissure, this will be added as a map-marker as you progress through the Mages Guild. A beam of light shines on the altar outside once every 8 days between midnight and 4am (roughly). Wait 24 hours every day at that time until you do. When it finally happens all you have to do is place a grand soul gem into the altar, cast Soul Trap on it and remove the soul gem again. Now you have a black soul gem. If you are wondering what it does a black soul gem is the same as a grand soul gem and holds 1600 charge but unlike a regular grand soul gem you may use it to Soul Trap npc's.

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  7. If you go to the Valus Mountains Range. You can find a random altar in the middle of nowhere, it's quite tricky to find. But once you get there place a grand soul gem on the altar, and wait for midnight. Cast a soul trap spell when the altar is glowing and voila instant black soul gem.

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  8. Look all you have to do is go to Dark Fissure with EMPTY Grand Soul Gems, wait around until Midnight, and keep waiting until you see a light shining down from the sky, it's harder to see on altar so look up at the sky, be warned though a Necromancer does show up to make one himself. As soon as you see him cast the soul trap, kill him and there will be a free Black soul gem in there, Put in as many EMPTY Grand soul gems as you like and cast Soul Trap on the Altar by the amount of Grand Soul Gems that are inside the Altar. The light stays until dawn so take as long as you like.

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