How do I join the Blades?

  1. I started the game and went a long way befor doing somthing wrong. So i loaded the game back up just befor i joined the blades (i was standing next to the man who asked me to join). When i loaded the game back up he did not ask me to join and i dont know how to now can anyone help? this time i realy have gone too fare to just load that old game back up

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    moppy9 - 7 years ago

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  1. From what I remember, you just need to talk to Jauffre and the option join the Blades should appear, I turned him down when he first asked, but then went back and joined later on.

    User Info: bluedragon619

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  1. You need to make sure you have very little or no infamy. when you do that, ask him and he should see that you are a good kid lol and ask you to join. or like the guy above said, it should just be there when you talk to him.

    User Info: Choadaload666

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  2. Make sure you have very little infamy and more fame than infamy and after Martin makes the speech. speak to the man who asked you to join and you will get the option of joining. Hope this helps. =)

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  3. To join the blades you have to close the oblivion gate in Kvatch, rescue Martin from Kvatch, also make sure you take the Kvatch guards with you into Kvatch because they will easily kill off all the scamps, or the daedric worshippers you encounter. Then go back to Weynon Priory and save Jauffrey in the chapel from the Daedric guys then find that the amulet is missing, then you can fast travel to Cloud Ruler temple and there Martin will give his speach and when thats over Jauffrey will ask you to join the blades and there you go your in the blades. Joining the blades is not much of an accomplishment though. There aren't any quests given from them. There is one but it's not really considered a guild quest. Also one other perk is that in the armory you sell off all the akaviri katanas and Dai - katanas.

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  4. You have to close the oblivion gate in front of kavatch and then go into kavatch go to the church talk to Martin the preist go to Weynon Priory go to the chapel and kill theenemy talk to jauffre and head to Clou ruler Temple and Jauffre Will ask you to be a blade

    Good luck ;^)

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  5. Dude first off why did you start over in the first place now just go back and talk to jauffre and if you have never killed any monk like prioer mabriel or the other guy then he'll let you in

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  6. :/spoiler/: first find Martin after closing the oblivion gate after you have spoken to Jauffre at Weynon Priory then get martin to follow you to Weynon then kill the mythic dawn attacking the Priory then find Jauffre in the chapel then go to the main building where you first find Jauffre in Weynon Priory and search his hidden room for the amulet of kings then a quest will show after you've talked to him to go to cloud ruler temple then there sit through martin's speech then afterwards speak to martin and after done with martin speak with Jauffre :/end spoiler/:

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  7. You have to complete the mission in which you rescue Martin in the chapel in Kvatch then you talk to Jauffre at the Weynon Priory. You will go up, north of Bruma, thats where the Blades outpost is. You talk to Jauffre and he will recruit you for the Blades (if you want to, of course).

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