Best place to get illusion spells?

  1. As I said in the topic. I've found few there and even fewer there, you know? I'm not really finding any GOOD illusion spells. It's one of my main skills and I'm dissapointed to see how few and far between these illusion spells are.

    I got like only one from Bravil. (eyes of eventide, nice) But after that I've found none actually.

    So you have any advice to find the high-level illusion spells like charm, light, enrage, command, nighteye, paralyze and such? These LvL 1-3 spells what I have are getting useless...damn scaling...

    C'mon, help an Argonian brother out.

    User Info: Feralbreed-20

    Feralbreed-20 - 8 years ago

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  1. Sorry, i'm a Breton, but i'll still help :)
    In the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, there is that Khajiit who despises your character, but you can buy spells and items from him. He has an invisibility spell and a chameleon spell AND a nighteye spell, which is pretty cheap and a REALLY good deal (150 secs on self)....
    There's also a couple people in the Arcane University who sell VERY HIGH LvL spells...

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  1. I would recomend getting the low level spells and creating your own high level one's. You can make spells in Frogcrag spire or the mages guild university.

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    jay3679 - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. The most powerful of illusion spells (and other ones for that matter) is from the mages in the Arcane University. There are a couple (Borissean i believe and Gasper Valtrine) next to the spellmaking altars, and there is one in the chironasium (which is where you enchant stuff).
    However, creating spells is even better because you can have mulitple effects for example:
    Invisibility for 30 seconds + Night Eye for 30 seconds + Detect Life 50 points for 30 seconds (which is a mysticism spell effect) used for sneaking around dungeons.

    Note however that these spells cost money to make and you need a good level Illusion level to make the stronger ones.

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    skilz2_kill (Expert) - 8 years ago 1 0
  3. I'm a Redguard but hey may aswell help out an Argonian in need of some "Services" after all i despise Khajiit.
    Now i suggest doing what i did, going to every person who sells spells and looking for any Illusion spells, i know that Raminus Polus at the Arcane University has a few, some Mage's Guild Members may have some, Earil's Mysteries may also be another place to try, look all over the cities and you may find what you're looking for, then make your own!
    Have fun and if you want any more help just ask me via e-mail

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  4. If you are a member of the Mage Guild, there is a guild that sells them. Cheak your charter if you have one or look through all of them.

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