Best way to level up???

  1. What is the best way to level, any strategy.

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  1. I had some major skills in magic so I went to the arcane place and made the worst spell in that school that would only cost one point of magic. I layed on my couch and kept casting the spell while waching tv(the best way to play a video game) until maxed that skill out then just slept. I jumped from Lv4 toLv16.

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  1. Ok use the fire ball spell u got right at the start of the game keep using and using and when u run out of magic sleep or wait and then u will gain levels fast or do what i did turn to the easiest level do the arena and repair your own stuff and then you can get to level like 5 or six easy then put it back to a different difficulty.

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  2. You have to use your major skills, which vary depending on class. So, if you're an Orc, which specialize in Heavy Armor and Blunt, equip Heavy Armor and a Double Handed Axe (in my opinion the best blunt). So: Khajiit: Light Armor, Destruction Magic; High Elf: Bows, Blades (one handed), Magic (any type); etc If you aren't sure if you pull up your inventory and look at the tab furthest to the left it will tell you the stats that your character specializes in. Also, once you complete main-story-line quests you will level up faster.

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  3. If you want to level up quick you need to choose some skills that are easy to get quick experience in....
    I would recommend:
    And any mage skill if im honest.
    Just spam levelling these major skills and you'll be getting your levels up in no time.

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  4. The arena and the guilds it works for me

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  5. put alcamy as a main skill and just duplicate a lot of ingredients and presto you gain a lot of levels. But you could also just pay the gold and have the trainers get your skills up for you like blade.

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  6. When creating your character put points towards the attributes that arent your major attributes , because each time u increase your major attribute u level Lower amount of points u start with= greater/easier skills to end up with

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  7. Hmm... It seems that none of you have figured this one out eh? OK! This works best if you are a low level and start doing this. Assuming that you have light or heavy armor as one of your major skills (block will work just as well) Play the game as usual for about 1 or 2 hours. By this time you will have gotten the message: You raised your____skill. You should rest and meditate what you've learned. Ignore it and don't sleep. Keep playing the game the way you normally would WITHOUT sleeping. Sooner or later you will notice that the combat is getting a lot easier. When this happens, talk to Azzan in the Anvil Fighter's Guild and join. Start the first quest. Go to Arvena Thelis's house and break into her basement BEFORE you talk to her. There you will see a group of friendly Rats. punch one of them and be sure to put on the type of armor that you specialize in. Punch each one of the rats and they will start to attack you! Since you are so much more powerful than the rats they will do little damage but still raise your armor skill each time they hit you!!!
    IF your doing this to raise you BLOCK skill be sure to stand in a CORNER of the basement so they do not surround you. ALSO!!!! When raising the block skill! Only raise your shield at the same time they attack! Do not just hold the "block button" this will cause the rats to wait 3 seconds before attacking you and it will take longer to level up!

    Thank you. I hope this helped a bit!

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  8. All I did was make potions and sell them some so im 100 pecent on potion makeing and high level and rich.

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  9. In leawin do the who gods annoy until u get the staff of everscamp go somewhere remote and keep killing the scamps they will constantly respawn and do not shoot fireballs only scrach you and they are very weak do this to increase armor and weapon skills.

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  10. The question asks for best way to level up, this may mean they wanted the fastest way in which case look at other replies. I am interpreting best to mean the wisest way of doing it. As you level up the game levels up the NPC encounters. As a result it is easy to become what is termed overleveled. This is when your character has levelled up but has not got the appropriate skills for the higher level. Levelling quickly also usually means you are getting the minimum stat bonuses on each level up. This practice ultimately creates a weak character at higher levels. Example: Levelling up multiple times just using Alchemy. You may have levelled up, but your combat skills are still low. Your stats are also going to be lower than they would have been is you had levelled slower.

    The solution is to create and level up your character very carefully. Efficient levelling is quite a complex subject so Im not going to attempt to explain it all here. The short version is: Always pick a custom class, most of the premade classes make it impossible to maximise stat gain on level up. Dont choose skills you use a lot as your major skills. This at first glance seems stupid, but when you have the most commonly used skills as a major you cant easily control when you level up occurs and this is the key to the best way to level. As long as you create your character carefully you can just play the game normally, then when you have raised your minor skills enough to get the +5 bonus in your desired stat, you can then turn to your major skills and trigger a level up (10x level up in a major skill = 1 character level up). Yes, it takes longer to level up and yes it takes longer to raise the skills you use most often, but ultimately you will create a much stronger character than would otherwise be the case at higher levels.

    NB: It is possible to do efficient levelling using commonly used skills as majors, however it takes a lot of work (constantly monitoring skills) and often you will have to avoid doing what you want to in the game because you want to avoid the level up triggering when you are not ready.

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  11. What I did: When you first start the game you are separated from the emperor, through a hole in the wall.(The one the rat bursts through.) You keep going after that then come to a cave with enemies in it. When I first entered the cave I was crouching, I noticed my Sneak went up one. As I kept moving it increased again. This got me an idea. I kept moving in a circle, which kept increasing my Sneak, then leveled me up when I got it high.

    Note: You don't have to go to 100, just go to 85, when your picking your major skills, it will increase each one of those by 15.

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  12. Make sure Acrobatics is your major skill. And whilst you play jump around. It's faster and cooler than walking. And you will gain a lot of acrobatics skill points and you'll level up.

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  13. You can also level your merchantile skill by gathering a lot of arrows and selling them one by one.

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  14. just level the major skills you chose, thats how you level up. eat all ingredients or use all of them to make potions for alchemy. making potions is better for xp. for the magic schools just spam cheap spells, it'll work. except for destruction, for that make your own destruction spell that damages yourself minimally and spam cast it. for heavy/light armor, just take damage wearing that armor. that's also when you could level restoration, and a great time to level armorer and block. for athletics and acrobatics, just jump and swim a lot. for the offense skills (blade blunt hand to hand marksman) these will just take time, the level up based on damage done so just keep using them as much as you can. security, just get the skeleton key and spam auto attempt for every lock. speechcraft and mercantile will also just take time. persuading everyone you see will take time and be annoying but it works for speechcraft, and for mercantile just sell things.. shouldn't be hard. if you think you'll run out of things to sell, just duplicate some expensive jewelry or a varla stone. and finally for sneak, once you complete the arena quest line and the adoring fan appears have him follow you to a dark place, go behind him and pickpocket him but don't take or place anything. just access it and close it over and over again. being in water i think works for that too, but I'm not 100% sure on that

    happy leveling :)

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