How do i become a vampire?

  1. I want to become one but idk how. And are there any serious side effects of this?

    User Info: zombiethegreat

    zombiethegreat - 8 years ago

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  1. Ok first you need to comtract vampires disease, which i dont know how to spell it but it is something like pschoitc hemophilia, you can get this by fighting a vampire and getting hit alot, they can be found in the barren cave, this cave is found by following the road outside of cheydinhal until you reach a small fork. then wait 3 days once you contract the disease, after you wait a full 72 hours sleep in a bed, when you wake up you will be a vampire. the vampire is and excellent theif and has increased sneaking skills, they also have increased atributes, however they are damaged by the sun, in fact after the 5th day of being a vampire you lose 8 life per second in the sun, this makes fast traveling difficult, also everybody exept guards fears you which means you need to use a special vampire ability called vampire charm to get them to like you for a little bit, unfortunatley this ability can inly be used once a day, also you have a weakness to fire, and finally you need to feed on peoples blood every so often, this will lessen some of the negative effects of vampirism but the longer you go without feeding the better you stats are, also you can only feed pn a sleeping NPC, the easiest are the beggers but if you are part of the theives guild dont try it. so now you can decide whether you want to be a vampire, oh and you can also become a vampire from vince of teh dark brotherhood, however it doesn't happen till later in the game

    User Info: bigglescat

    bigglescat - 8 years ago 2 0

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