How do you make a good looking character?

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    adamq1 - 9 years ago
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    I personal want a badass looking guy but I made the question broader so I would get different answers because I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.

    User Info: adamq1

    adamq1 - 9 years ago

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  1. What do you mean by good looking?

    Do you want a hot babe, a hot dude, a badass looking guy, or what?

    Give us something to work with.

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  1. Just play around with the Character Creation settings, it's easy to get used to and can be fun, we don't know what your definition of "good-looking" is so we can't help with that, just play with the settings and eventually you'll have a good-looking character :)

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  2. Just be conscious of what your own definition of beauty is, then mess around with the character creation. It may take time, especially if you're unsure of what your standards are.

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  3. It's hard to answer your question because we don't know what your definition of 'good looking' is. However, you could try adjusting all of the sliders in character creation so they are all in about the middle. I've found that doing this usually makes the character's features more balanced and therefore better looking. Apart from that, the only thing you can do is just to play with sliders until your character looks how you want them to.

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  4. I found starting at the last facial feature on the list (chin or jaw i think) and working upwards. Nose, mouth etc.. Then adjusting cheeks, eyes and brow then the whole face last.

    High cheekbones can sometimes make the eyes too small, so try lowering the slider on the cheeks/height, especially if cheeks/pronounced is set high.

    Then I set eyes, making them quite large, spaced evenly and LOW on the face.
    Because I am setting the eyes low on the face, the cheeks have to be set low as-well, else they push the eyes too small.

    Then just mess with the brow sliders for angry, surprised etc. before changing the face width.

    I NEVER mess with the ratio sliders after this or the age slider!

    If i am making a chick, I also set forehead/FORWARDS 75% and reasonably large, for that baby-face look :P

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  5. Throw on a mask....
    But no, if you put on a helm that covers the face they all look the same..

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  6. i cant tell you how to make a "good looking character" but i do have some tips.
    1. dont bother with anything but the race in the very beginning. wait until you are about to exit the sewers and SAVE before exiting. Then you can do the facial stuff because now you can view your character from the menu and vanity mode(hold right stick)
    2. Be careful. set age and complextion first then shape then tone. if you screw up on one thing it might mess up 10 others.
    3. keep the save i told you to do before exiting the sewers. DONT ERASE IT!!! it will save you alot of time so you wont have to go through the beginnning tutorial again if you plan to make a new character.

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  7. I made a really good looking character, who seriously actually looks like Chris Brown with a white ponytail hairstyle and green eyes but even more better looking!

    What I did was:

    1. First choose which race. I chose Imperial.

    2. Randomise face until you get a good idea of what you want.

    3. Set age to young, and complexion bout 3 quarters to the right. (tanned skin colour is good)

    4. Edit your characters cheek bones, jaw etc. to make it look a little sculptored. Eyes and eyebrows are important also, so kinda make the eye brows point downwards, and dye them black.

    Hopefully that will slightly help, cos I definently got a pretty boy character doing it that way. Unintentionally too!

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  8. I find that if I just continuously randomize the face then I can occasionally find a sweet looking face. (sweet being like awesome). Otherwise just experiment with the face customization options.

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  9. Devote approximately 1-3 hours to tinkering with the character creation settings until you go "Ooooo... i like it!". The elder scrolls series was created with one purpose, to consume your life entirely.

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  10. If you want an awesome character, be an Argonian and wear the items you get at the beginning of the game. Only fight using your bare fists and turn the dificulty all the way down. Its very funny.

    User Info: Pimp_Cactuar

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