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    Dark Brotherhood FAQ by TwistidSoul

    Version: 0.60 | Updated: 03/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        T h e   E l d e r   S c r o l l s   I V
      ,%$$$%    $$$$$!%   $$!!'    !$!!'  !$$    $$!  $ %!     $!%$$.     $$   !$$$
     ,$$$!%$%'   $!$!$!'   $$$      %$$    $$!  !$$    $%$    %%$! $$!   %!$$   $$$
     %$$   $!$   $!  '$%   $$$      %$%    $$$  !!$    $%    %!$   %$$   % $$   %%$
    ,$$%    $!%  $$. ,$$   $%%      !$%    !$!  $!!    %$   !! $    $%%  %!$$$  $%$
    !$%     $%!  $%$$$$!   $%%      !$$    '$$  %$'    $$   !!%!    !%$  %%$$$$ $!$
    !$$     %$!  $$$$$!    $!!      !$!     $$$ %$     $$!  !%$     %!$  %%$%$$$%!$
    !$!!    %$!  $$' '$.   $%!       $!     '$$%%%     $%   !$%     % %  %!$ $$$$ $
     $%!   !$$'  $$   $$!  $$%      !$$      $%$$'     !!   !$ $    $ $  $!%  $%$!$
     !$%%!%$$$   $!'.,$$$  $$!,,,' !%$%      %$$$     $ $!   !$ $!%$ %  !%$$ ! $%$$
      %$$$$$$    '$$$$$$  %$$!$!$   '$$       $ '      '$%    %$$$%%$    !$$    $$%
       '$!$'                                   $                '!!'       !     '%
                             '$$$$$$$$$$$''  ''$$$$%!!%$
                              $$%$$$$$$$'      '$$$$%!$$
                             $$%%%$$$$'          $$$$%!%%
                             $$$$$$$$             $$$%$%$$
                            '$$$%$$$'              $$$!%$$
                            $$$$$$$%               $$$$%$$'
                            $$$$$$$      ,'$%%.    '$$$%$$$
                            $$$$$$'      $$$%$%     $$$$$$$
                            $$$$$$       $$$$$$     $$$$$$$
                            $$$$$$       '$$$$'     $$$$$$$
                            '$$$$$                  '$$$$$$
                             $$$$$'                  $$$$$$
                              $$%$$                  $$$$$'
                               $$%$                  $$%$$
                               !$!$!                 $$$$$
                                $$$%!               '%%$$'
                                  $%%%              %%$$%
                                    $%!            $%$$$
                                      $!          ,%$$'
             Dark Brotherhood FAQ For The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion v0.60
                              For The Microsoft Xbox 360
    **Thanks to Scurty for the ASCII Art**
    Author:      TwistidSoul (TwistidSoul@hotmail.com)
    Game:        The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Platform:    Xbox 360
    Version:     0.60
    Last Update: March 28, 2006
    This Document is Copyright 2006 TwistidSoul
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                    |             Table of Contents              |
                    | I.    Introduction                 | C010A |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | II.   About the Dark Brotherhood   | C0201 |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | III.  Joining the Dark Brotherhood | C0202 |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | IV.   Quest Walkthrough            | C040A |
                    |          - Murderer                | C0401 |
                    |          - Slayer                  | C0402 |
                    |          - Eliminator              | C0403 |
                    |          - Assassin                | C0404 |
                    |          - Silencer                | C0405 |
                    |          - Speaker                 | C0406 |
                    |          - Listener                | C0407 |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | V.    Ranks and Achievements       | C050A |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | VI.   Frequently Asked Questions   | C060A |
                    |          - FAQ Related Questions   | C0601 |
                    |          - Game Related Questions  | C0602 |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | VII.  Acknowledgements             | C070A |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | VIII. Revision History             | C080A |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | IX.   Legal Disclaimer             | C090A |
                    |                                    +-------+
                    | X.    Author's Last Words          | C100A |
                                 -= I. Introduction =-
    Hello!  Welcome!  This is an in-depth FAQ for just a tiny portion of The Elder
    Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  Within, you can find all the information about the Dark
    Brotherhood that you will ever need (once it has reached its final version).
    I plan to write more FAQs on Oblivion after this one, and compiling them all
    into a complete FAQ/Walkthrough is a possibility.  Why did I decide to begin
    with the Dark Brotherhood?  It is, in my opinion, the most exciting guild with
    the greatest quests.  In the Gamefaqs forums I see many topics regarding this
    guild so I figured it would be a great place to start.
    Before I conclude this introduction, I would like to ask all of my readers to
    help me out and send feedback to TwistidSoul@hotmail.com.  If you happen to
    find mistakes, think I should add something, or have anything to say regarding
    this FAQ or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, just send me an e-mail.  I will
    gladly hear what you have to say and you will receive credit for any
    contributions to this FAQ in the "Acknowledgements" section.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the FAQ and I hope it answers any questions you
    may have regarding the Dark Brotherhood.
                         -= II. About the Dark Brotherhood =-
    Before I go further I figured I should answer the question, "What is the Dark
    In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there are four guilds: the Thieves Guild,
    the Mages Guild, the Fighters Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood.  Each guild has
    a string of quests for you and as you complete them, you receive rewards, and
    become well-liked in the guild and rank up.
    The Dark Brotherhood is a group of assassins that eliminates from existence
    anyone who is wanted dead by someone who has the money to pay for it.  In most
    cases, you will never know who has requested the assassination or why.  You
    receive your orders from certain Dark Brotherhood members ranked higher than
    you.  They only tell you what you need to know and there's always a nice lump
    of gold waiting for you for when you are successful.
    Not only are you required to be a cold-blooded killer, but most of the time,
    your quests require you to be a mere shadow.  No one should ever know you were
    there.  On some occasions, the one who requested the murder doesn't even want
    it to look like an assassination.  You will rely heavily on your stealth skills
    throughout the Dark Brotherhood quests.  In most cases, your primary goal is
    simply to make sure the target dies.  Being stealthy and killing the target in
    a specific manner is usually optional, but you will receive a bonus if you can
    fufill those requirements.
    The Dark Brotherhood has some of the most unique quests in the game.  Most
    quests are so predictable, but the contracts you receive from the Dark
    Brotherhood are far from it.  Some of the quests are so twisted, but that's
    what makes them Dark Brotherhood quests.
                        -= III. Joining the Dark Brotherhood =-
    You do not simply walk into the Dark Brotherhood headquarters and ask to join
    like you would for the Fighters and Mages Guild.  For one, the Dark Brotherhood
    doesn't let just anyone know the location of their hide out.  You first have to
    prove yourself--let them know you are right for the job.  The Dark Brotherhood
    has eyes everywhere and will be watching for those with certain qualities.  To
    prove you are worthy of being a member of the Dark Brotherhood, you must kill
    an innocent person in cold blood.
    You can kill any person, so long as they did nothing to deserve it (like attack
    you first).  Don't worry about killing someone important that is a part of a
    quest.  You cannot kill them; they will simply be knocked out if you lower
    their health to zero.  A few seconds later they will get back up.  After you
    kill a person, a message will appear in the top left corner of the screen:
    "Your killing has been observed by forces unknown...".  If this message does
    not show up, you haven't killed anyone in cold blood.  Check the statistics
    page in your journal.  Scroll down to Murders and it should read at least 1.
    When it comes to who you're going to murder, you have quite a few options.  If
    you have no problem going to jail for a short amount of time or paying a small
    bounty, there is an NPC named Restita Statlilia who can be found at the
    Chestnut Handy Stables.  The Stables are just west of the Imperial City Talos
    Plaza District.  She is not inside the building at the stables, but inside the
    fence with the horses.  I spoke with her and am fairly certain that her death
    will not effect you in the future at all.  She also goes down pretty easily.
    When her health is low, she will run for the Imperial City.  If you closed the
    gate to the fence before you attacked her, she will have to open it (which will
    slow her down).  If a guard comes, simply resist arrest and chase Restita down.
    Follow her into the Imperial City if you need to.  When she's dead and you see
    the message at the top of your screen, flee the city and run until the guards
    stop chasing you.
    If you do not want any jail time or a bounty on your head, you can use this
    more time consuming method.  Go to the Bloodworks at the Imperial City Arena.
    Talk to an orc down there named Agronak gro-Malog.  He goes by the name, "The
    Gray Prince".  He will give you a quest called, Origin of the Gray Prince.
    Take the key he gives you and go to the ruins of Crowhaven, an old fort.  You
    can find Crowhaven northwest of the town of Anvil.  Enter the fort and follow
    the arrow on your compass.  You will have to use your key on a locked door.
    Keep following the arrow and you will come to a table with a journal on it.
    Take the journal and return to Agronak to complete the quest.
    Now speak to Owyn in the Bloodworks and sign up for a match in the arena.  Keep
    fighting in the arena until you have reached the rank of Champion.  You can now
    challenge Agronak to a fight.  When you get out to the arena, Agronak will not
    try to attack you if you've completed his quest.  Since he was not hostile, if
    you kill him it will count as a cold-blooded murder and you will see the
    message in the top left corner of the screen.
    The final method I will give you is probably the easiest.  It will not cause
    you to have a bounty and can be done early in the game.  The following method
    contains some very minor spoilers if you haven't begun the main quest line yet.
    If you follow the main quest line, the first Oblivion gate you enter is at
    Kvatch.  When you enter Oblivion, a guard will approach you.  He's going to
    follow you for a while and help you as you fight your way to the tower.  Let
    some monsters get his health low and then finish him off.  It will count as a
    murder and you get some nice loot from him as well.
    Now that you have a murder under your belt, you need to find a bed to sleep in.
    Almost any bed will do.  I always go to the Waterfront at the Imperial City for
    a place to sleep for free.  If you go to the section of the Waterfront with all
    of the shacks, there is a small bed outside near a campfire.  Sleep in the bed
    for a few hours.  As you're sleeping a message will appear at the top left
    corner of the screen: "The air grows chill and a shadow approaches...".  When
    you wake up, a man in a black cloak will be next to you.  His name is Lucien
    Lachance.  He is a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood.  He is aware of your
    murder and would like for you to join the Dark Brotherhood.
    You will have to complete a quest for him that serves as a test before you can
    become a member.  You cannot decline the quest, but you don't have to do it.
    Lachance will give you the Blade of Woe.  Upon completing the quest, sleep in a
    bed again and Lucien will come to visit you in your sleep.  You will be
    recruited into the Dark Brotherhood on the spot.  Here is the quest:
    A Knife in the Dark
      REWARD: Admission into the Dark Brotherhood
      BONUS:  None
    A man name Rufio needs to be killed.  He can be found at the Inn of Ill Omen
    which is located south of the Imperial City and north of Bravil.  You cannot
    use the "Fast Travel" option to get to the Inn of Ill Omen because you haven't
    discovered it yet.  Instead, fast travel to the Bay Roan Stables which are just
    north of Bravil.  Steal a horse and then head north along the road to the Inn
    of Ill Omen.  Make this quest your active quest by selecting it in your
    "Current Quests" list and pressing A.  When it's your active quest, a marker
    will appear on your compass and your map telling you where to go next.
    Once you arrive at the Inn of Ill Omen, go inside.  Turn to your left when you
    first enter.  If you look down you will see a trap door leading to the private
    quarters.  This is where Rufio is.  Once in the private quarters, head down the
    hallway and go through the second wooden door your left.  On the other side of
    the door is Rufio's room.  He is sleeping in his bed.  Sneak up and stab him
    with your weapon, shoot him with an arrow, or hit him with a spell.  It doesn't
    matter how he dies.
    Now that Rufio is dead, sleep in his bed.  A message will appear: "You sense a
    presence nearby...".  Lucien will appear and deem you a member of the Dark
    Brotherhood.  Your rank is Murderer.  Lachance says to go to Cheydinhal (a town
    east of the Imperial City).  In Cheydinhal there is an abandoned house.  Pick
    the lock of the house and then go to the basement.  In the basement there is a
    door called the Ancient Black Door to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.  Press A
    when you reach the door and a voice will ask, "What is the color of night?".
    Respond with, "Sanguine, my brother", and you will be allowed into the
    A woman named Ocheeva will be waiting for you near the entrance.  Speak with
    her.  She tells you to speak with a man named Vicente Valtieri when you are
    ready for work.  Ocheeva also gives you Shrouded Armor and a Shrouded Hood.
    These are nice pieces of light armor that will be useful for a while.  Put on
    your new threads and then find Vicente.  He is inside the santuary but he tends
    to move around a lot so you can only follow your arrow to find him.  Talk to
    him for your first contract as a Dark Brotherhood member.
    The rest of the Dark Brotherhood quests can be found in the next section,
    "Quest Walkthrough".
                              -= IV. Quest Walkthrough =-
    ----- Murderer --------------------                                     (C0401)
    A Watery Grave
      REWARD: Black Band
      BONUS:  None
    Your goal is to kill a captain named Gaston Tussaud in his cabin on his pirate
    ship.  He is surrounded by his crew.  The name of the ship is Marie Elena and
    it can be found in the Waterfront district of the Imperial City.  Use the fast
    travel to get there.  There are two ships at the Waterfront.  You want the
    western one with all of the pirates on and near it.
    If you simply walk onto the ship, the pirates will attack.  Get on the stone
    path west of the ship where there are a bunch of crates lined up.  The pirates
    are loading all of these boxes onto the ship.  The northern most crate is open.
    Walk up to it and you will be asked if you want to hide in the crate.  If you
    hide in the crate, you will be carried on board and will have make your way to
    through the ship and to the Captain's Cabin.  An easier method, brought to my
    attention by IRONxDevice, involves climbing on top of the boxes, and then
    jumping over the water and onto the top part of the ship.
    If you want to do this, I suggest saving your game first.  Then make sure there
    are no pirates standing on the ship near where you will land.  If they see you
    they will attack.  Jump onto the ship and then sneak down two flights of
    stairs.  Right at the bottom of the second set of stairs is the door to the
    Captain's Cabin.  You may have to try this method a few times because it's
    difficult sneaking to the Captain's Cabin without being seen by a pirate.  They
    pace around so wait for them to walk off of the ship before you make your move.
    If you used this method, skip the following section of the walkthrough until
    you get to the part that details killing the captain.
    If you decided to hide in the crate, the game will load, and when you gain
    control again, you will be inside the ship.  You're in the lower part of the
    ship.  You need to make your way up to the captain's cabin.  As you go, loot
    all of the sacks, crates, and barrels.  Take anything that could be of use or
    sold for some gold.  There is a lot of food on the ship which can be used to
    raise your alchemy.  Now, directly ahead of you should be a ladder.  Walk
    forward through all of the crates and then climb up the ladder to the Mid Deck.
    When you emerge, you'll be in a small room.  Exit the room (there is only one
    exit).  Turn right and then go straight until you run into a door.  Remember
    this door because you will have to go through it and hide there in a few
    moments.  Turn right and follow the path until you see two pirates standing
    next to one another.  Remember to sneak (click the left thumbstick) and walk
    in the direction of the pirates until they begin talking.  When they do, run
    back to that door I mentioned and go through it.  Close it behind you and wait.
    You should still be able to hear the two men talking.  Just wait for them to
    When they get through talking they will walk by the room you're in.  You should
    hear their footsteps.  Wait about 5 seconds after they pass and then open the
    door.  Walk straight out of the door and make the first left.  Inside this room
    you will find one of the pirates sitting at a chair.  Sneak up behind him and
    kill him however you please.  A sneak attack will take out a lot of his health
    and cause him to die quicker.  Once he's dead, loot his corpse and then sneak
    back to the room where you originally found the two pirates talking.
    Inside that room is the other pirate.  He is sleeping in the bed on the left
    side of the room.  Kill him like you did the first one and then take all the
    goodies from this room.  Now exit the room and turn right to find a ladder.
    Climb this ladder up to the captain's cabin.  When you come out of the trap
    door, turn left and the captain will be directly in front of you.  He's sitting
    at the table, but you can barely see him because a chair is blocking your view.
    I suggest you save your game here.
    Step out into the room and strafe to the left so you can get a better view of
    the captain.  Shoot him with a couple arrows or just charge right in with your
    melee weapon.  If your health gets low, just start running in circles around
    his table like a little girl while spamming your Heal Wounds spell.  When the
    captain is dead, two pirates will come into check on him.  Sneak and stand at
    the table near where the captain was sitting.  Make sure you have a good view
    of the door and if your sneak is high enough you can shoot the pirates with
    your bow and deal extra damage from a sneak attack.  Finish them off with your
    melee weapon when they get close (you should be able to drop one with your bow
    before they reach you).  Run circles around the table if you need time to heal.
    When they're dead, exit the cabin using the door the two pirates came through.
    This will take you to the top deck of the ship now.  If you try to walk off of
    the ship, the pirates will attack.  Use the fast travel and go back to
    Cheydinhal.  Enter the sanctuary by going through the abandoned house and speak
    to Vicente to receive your reward.
    Accidents Happen
      REWARD: Sufferthorn
      BONUS:  50G
    This quest requires you to kill a Wood Elf named Baenlin.  That is the only
    goal that needs to be accomplished to complete the quest, but if you want the
    bonus you have to kill Baenlin in a specific way.  Baenlin's death has to look
    like an accident.  Between 8:00pm and 11:00pm, he likes to sit in his chair and
    read.  Directly above his chair is a mounted head that can be loosened from the
    wall which will cause it to fall on Baenlin's head, killing him.  He must die
    in that manner and his manservant, Gromm, must not be killed in order to
    receive the bonus.
    Fast travel to Bruma.  Then follow the arrow to reach Baenlin's house.  Do not
    go through the front door.  Around back is a locked door that leads to his
    basement.  Pick the lock and enter.  While in the house, steal anything that
    catches your eye.  There's quite a bit of food in here.  Exit the basement by
    walking up the stairs.  At the top of the stairs is a locked door that leads to
    the rest of Baenlin's house.  Pick the lock and go through the door.  Once
    inside, use the wait feature (the back button) and wait until 8:00pm.  At this
    time you can easily make it to the crawlspace from which you'll loosen the
    mounted head.
    Sneak forward and you will find some stairs on your right.  Go up the stairs
    and then turn to the right.  You'll be looking down on Baenlin.  He's in his
    chair and above him is the head that will soon kill him.  Turn right and walk
    into his bedroom.  Steal all of the goodies and then open the crawlspace door
    (it's to the right of the desk).  Enter the crawlspace and make your way to the
    end.  You will see the mounted head fastenings.  Press B and select the Maps
    and Quests tab to make sure it's between 8:00pm and 11:00pm (the clock is at
    the top of the page).  Then loosen the fastenings and let the mounted head
    fall.  You'll hear Baenlin let out a cry as he dies.
    Exit the house the same way you came in (remember to sneak) and then return to
    the sanctuary in Cheydinhal to receive your reward and bonus from Vicente.  You
    will rank up upon speaking to Vicente.  Congratulations, Slayer!
    ----- Slayer --------------------                                       (C0402)
    Scheduled For Execution
      REWARD: 50G
      BONUS:  Scales of Pitiless Justice
    This is a very long quest, but it's very rewarding in that you get to kill a
    man that you probably wanted to kill earlier in the game, but couldn't.  Valen
    Dreth is his name.  He is locked in the Imperial Prison.  If you can remember,
    he was in the cell across from you at the beginning of the game.
    To get to Valen, you're going to use the same path you used to escape at the
    beginning of the game.  Vicente gave you the key you'll need to get into the
    sewers.  Use fast travel to get to the sewers.  They're northeast of the
    Imperial Prison.  Once there, open the gate and enter.  Equip a torch if you
    have one.  Inside the sewers you will find mud crabs and rats.  I will not
    detail the location of each one because they are so easy to kill.  Just follow
    my directions and kill them as you see them.
    Go straight and make the first right.  Follow this path and you will run right
    into a door.  Follow the red arrow and use your map often.  Go through the
    door.  On the other side is a small room with a couple chests and a barrel.
    Collect all of the loot and then continue down this so far linear path.  You'll
    come to a long room with a stream of sewage running down the middle.  Turn left
    and jump into the water.  Walk northeast and you'll go through a small tunnel
    that takes you to another room.
    Walk to the northeast end of this room.  Then take the passage that takes you
    northwest.  This path leads you to another room with sewage flowing through it.
    Directly across from you is a gate.  Jump across the stream of sewage and pick
    the lock on the gate.  Follow the path on the other side of the gate and you'll
    run into a door.  Go through the door and you will emerge in a circular room
    with a single passage connected to it (southeast part of the room).  Open the
    gate blocking this passage and then follow the path.
    When you reach another room split in half by sewage, do not cross the water
    this time.  Turn right and go straight until you find an opening to your right.
    Follow this short path to a small room with a set of stairs leading up to a
    ladder.  Pick the lock on the trap door that the ladder leads up to and then go
    up the ladder to the Sanctum.
    Put away your torch in here.  You will hear two guards talking.  Click the left
    thumbstick to sneak and wait here in the dark until they're through talking.
    When they do finish talking, they will return to their posts.  Move forward
    through this room and keep going through the doorway directly ahead.  When you
    get into this next room, turn right and get into the shadows.  Walk alongside
    the wall and you will see a guard to the northeast.
    You need to go up the staircase he is near.  He moves between two spots.  One
    is the center of the staircase and the other is in the corner to the left of
    the stairs.  You have to wait for him to go in the corner before you can make
    it by.  Stay right next to the wall and make your way to the right side of the
    stairs.  Then jump up onto the raised floor and go up the stairs.  Directly in
    front of you will be the door to the Imperial Subterrane.  Go through the door.
    You emerge in a room that is being watched by a single guard.  He has a large
    patrol route and he carries a torch, but it's very easy to sneak by him because
    there are so many pillars to hide behind.  What I did was wait for him to come
    to me (near the door to the previous area).  When he turned around and headed
    to the other end of the room, I followed behind him, moving from pillar to
    pillar.  When he reaches a hallway and goes down it and turns the corner, I
    waited in the large room with the pillars and stood to the right of the
    entrance to the hallway.
    When the guard comes back, his torch will light the area, but he won't see you
    if you stand as close to the wall as possible.  After he walks by, go down the
    hallway to a room with a table and some chairs.  take the helmet and dagger
    that are sitting on the table if you want them.  Exit this room by taking the
    path to the southwest.  It will take you to an area that looks down upon the
    room you were just in.  In this area there is an unlocked door and on the other
    side is a path that takes you southwest.  It's in the dark so it is easy to
    miss.  There is a second door just on the other side of that one so go through
    it as well.
    The rest of the quest is very straightforward.  Follow this linear path and it
    will lead you to a door that takes you to the Imperial Prison.  This section is
    linear also.  If you follow the path you will end up at a hole in the wall that
    takes you to your old jail cell.  Directly across from this cell is Valen
    Dreth.  There is a guard outside of this cell talking to him.  Sneak forward
    and open your gate.  Be careful not to hit the guard as you fire an arrow
    through the bars and into Valen's body.  If your sneak is high enough, he will
    die in one hit from the sneak attack bonus.  If not, then just wait for the
    guard to leave before you kill Valen Dreth.  If the guard is standing there and
    you one-hit-kill Valen, he won't do anything.  If somehow you get the guard's
    attention, just start running back the way you came.
    Return to the sanctuary and speak to Vicente for your reward and bonus.
    The Assassinated Man
      REWARD: Cruelty's Heart, Sanctuary Well Key
      BONUS:  None
    Your objective is a little different than it has been in previous quests.
    Instead of assassinating your target, you are saving his life.  The man's name
    is Francois Mortierre.  He borrowed money from some underworld types and then
    missed a payment.  Now they don't want his money, but a payment in blood.
    They're going to send an enforcer to kill Francois and it's your job to stage
    his assassination so the enforcer's employers believe Francois is dead.
    Vicente gives you a Languorwine Blade.  It has been coated with a rare poison
    that knocks a person out so they appear to die.  Equip the blade and then fast
    travel to Chorrol (west of the Imperial City).  Follow the arrow to Francois'
    house.  Save your game outside his door and pick the lock.  Once inside, talk
    to Francois.  He tells you the name of the enforcer that is being sent to kill
    him: Hides-His-Heart.  When Hides-His-Heart comes in, Francois will put on an
    act that only a monkey would buy.
    Wait until Francois says "Oh, Dark Brotherhood assassin, please don't cut me
    with that wicked blade!".  That's your cue to cut him with the Languorwine
    Blade.  Francois will appear to die and Hides-His-Heart will try to kill you.
    Run from Hides-His-Heart and do not kill him.  He needs to live so he can tell
    his employers that Francois is dead.  Exit the house and follow the arrow to
    the town gate to exit Chorrol.
    Once outside Chorrol, wait 24 hours so Mortierre's body can be found and taken
    to the Chorrol Chapel Undercroft.  Then enter Chorrol again and follow the
    arrow to the chapel.  Enter the chapel and go down the stairs inside.  Then go
    through one of the two doors that leads to the Undercroft.  Next, follow the
    green arrow to get to Francois.  Press A when you have your crosshair on him to
    give him the Languorwine antidote.  Press A again and he will get up and speak
    to you.
    Apparently, reviving Mortierre pissed of his dead ancestors that are also down
    here in the undercroft.  They're going to try to stop you from escaping.
    First, equip another weapon if you haven't already because the Languorwine
    blade is weak.  Then, turn around and dice up Aunt Margaret.  There are two
    more zombies after Aunt Margaret.  If you want to be safe, talk to Francois and
    tell him to wait behind and then clear the undercroft out.  When it's safe,
    tell Francois to follow and then exit the undercroft and the chapel.  Follow
    the red arrow to the Grey Mare.  Once inside the Grey Mare, speak with
    Francois.  He will thank you and you can now leave him and go back to the
    Talk to Vicente at the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary for your reward.  You will
    rank up when you speak with Vicente.  Congratulations, Eliminator!  You can no
    longer receive contracts from Vicente.  Ocheeva will give them to you now.
    Follow the arrow and speak to her for your next quest.
    ----- Eliminator --------------------                                   (C0403)
    The Lonely Wanderer
      REWARD: Shadowhunt
      BONUS:  50G
    There is a High Elf named Faelian in the Imperial City that needs to be killed.
    Ocheeva says he may be hard to find, because the Dark Brotherhood has no
    information on him other than that he fancies long walks.  Luckily, I've done
    all of the detective work so this will be an easy quest for you.
    Adamus Phillida is a guard at the Imperial City.  He has dedicated his life to
    eradicating he Dark Brotherhood and he often gets in the way of contracts.  If
    he suspects the murder is the work of the Dark Brotherhood, he may become a 
    problem and go poking around in the Brotherhood's affairs.  To complete the
    quest, you need only to kill Faelian.  For the bonus, you have to kill Faelian
    indoors and there can be no witnesses.  This is to make it look like a "simple
    Fast travel to the Elven Garden's District of the Imperial City.  Faelian goes
    to Lorkmir's House often.  Find Lorkmir's House in the Elven Garden's District
    and then pick the lock on the door.  Go inside and then wait until 3:00pm if
    Faelian is not there.  Faelian will be there at 3:00pm.  Kill him however you
    please and your objective will be complete.  Exit the house and return to the
    Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.  Speak to Ocheeva for your reward and bonus.
    Bad Medicine
      REWARD: Deceiver's Finery
      BONUS:  50G
    Your target in this quest is a warlord named Roderick.  He can be found at Fort
    Sutch in the mountains to the west.  He is surrounded by his company of loyal
    mercenaries.  To complete the quest, you only need to kill Roderick.  Anything
    else is fair game.  For the bonus, things change a little.
    Roderick is very ill and is only kept alive by taking his medicine daily.  If
    you want the bonus, you have to sneak into Fort Sutch and take his medicine
    from the medicine cabinet and switch it with a bottle of poison.  You cannot
    let anyone see you or the bonus will be forfeit.  It must look like Roderick
    simply died from his illness.
    By talking to some of the other Dark Brotherhood members in the sanctuary you
    will learn of an alternate entrance to Fort Sutch--one that is not guarded.
    Near the ruins of Fort Sutch are the ruins of Fort Sutch Abbey.  Enter there
    and you can get to Fort Sutch by traveling underground through some unguarded,
    flooded tunnels.
    Fast travel to the Horse Whisperer Stables.  They are just to the north of the
    Anvil main gate.  Anvil is on the far west side of the map.  Steal a horse and
    begin riding north to Fort Sutch.  When you arrive, you will clearly see Fort
    Sutch.  Southeast of it (mostly south--a little east) are the remnants of Fort
    Sutch Abbey.  There is a square, stone platform with a trap door to Fort Sutch
    on it.  Pick the lock on the door and crawl down.
    Remember to sneak and follow this tunnel.  You'll soon reach the flooded
    section.  You will come to a "T" in the path.  To the left is a dead end and a
    chest.  To the right is where you need to go for the quest.  After you make the
    right turn and continue down the tunnel, you will come to a point where you
    have the choice of going straight or right.  Straight will lead you to a dead
    end (no chest this time) so turn right.  The path will begin to ascend.  You
    will come to a left turn, but the tunnel also continues straight for a few
    feet.  Instead of turning, continue walking and hide in this dead end.
    A guard patrols the area and will pass by in a moment--she will come from the
    northwest.  When she does, go in the direction that she came from.  Ignore the
    path that branches off to the left and keep going straight until you come to
    two guards.  Your approach will initiate their conversation.  You need to wait
    until their conversation ends and they move before you can continue on.  One of
    the last lines before they finish talking goes something like this: "And I will
    guard the medicine cabinet myself, just in case", said by the man.  When you
    hear this, turn back the way you came.
    Make the first right and follow this path until you run into the wall at the
    end.  Then hide next to the barrel and chest to the left.  Enter third-person
    view so you can look around the corner without exposing your body.  The two
    guards will come down the hallway toward you but turn left (your left; their
    right) and go through the gate before they reach you.  Once they're out of your
    sight, head down the hallway and go through the gate they went through (it used
    to be locked, but they opened it and left it open).  Be sure not to get too
    close to the two guards.  They walk pretty slow so wait behind a moment until
    they get out of the way.
    Walk straight and keep going straight until you pass a torch.  Right after you
    pass the torch, turn right.  Right around the corner there will be a chest.  Up
    ahead you will see an opening to another passage.  Go through the opening and
    follow the path.  Make the first right and continue onward.  Then skip the
    first left, but make the second one.  You'll come to a large area with a guard
    patrolling.  It's fairly simple to avoid him, but just to be safe, you should
    save your game while hiding in the shadows.
    Hide behind the wall at the top of the stairs in the east corner of the room.
    Go into third-person so you can see the center of the room where the red rug
    is.  The guard spends most of his time either at the northeast end of this room
    (near you) or the southwest end.  I just waited for him to go southwest past
    the red rug, into the hallway, and out of sight.  Then I just ran northwest
    along the northeast wall, staying in the shadows.  If you do that, you'll come
    to a corner and the medicine cabinet will be southwest of you in a well-lit
    room.  Make sure the guard cannot see you from the other room and then sneak to
    the cabinet and take Roderick's Medicine.  Then use the left trigger to switch
    to your inventory and put Roderick's Poison in the cabinet by selecting it and
    hitting the A button.
    The rest is simple.  Go back the way you came until you reach the room with the
    big bridge.  In the southwest corner of this room, there are two doors: one
    that is locked and needs a key, and another that is locked, but can be picked.
    Pick the lock on that door and then follow the passageway southwest.  At the
    other end of the path is another locked gate.  Pick its lock.  On the other
    side of the gate is the door that leads out of this place.  Go through it and
    then fast travel to get back to Cheydinhal.  Talk to Ocheeva at the sanctuary
    for your reward and bonus.
      REWARD: Nightmother's Blessing
      BONUS:  50G
    I really enjoyed this quest.  It was a great idea for a quest, but there is a
    flaw that just takes the challenge away.  Your objective is to travel to
    Summitmist Manor in Skingrad where a contest is being held.  Five people have
    volunteered to be locked in this house and were told that a chest full of gold
    was hidden somewhere inside.  There were also told that the key to the house
    was inside the chest.  The catch: there is no chest, and all five of the guests
    are never going to leave Summitmist Manor.
    Your job is to kill all five guests.  Doing so will complete the quest.  But,
    for the bonus you have to kill all five guests, but none of the guests can
    never know who the killer was.  Fast travel to the Skingrad East Gate.  Then
    follow the green arrow to the Summitmist Manor.  Speak to Fafnir at the door.
    He will give you the key to the house.  Walk inside and Matilde Petit will
    approach you.
    Right off the bat, her attitude makes you not feel so bad about her death that
    is soon to come.  When she asks you to tell a little about yourself, tell her
    that your baby is sick and you are poor and she will of course fall for it.
    Unfortunately, like I said before, this quest is easy since all of the guests
    are complete fools.  Since you are alone with Matilde right now, at the door,
    sneak into a corner and send an arrow her way.  Then sneak upstairs.  The other
    four guests are sitting or standing near the table.  Make sure you cannot be
    seen and then proceed to shoot them all down with your bow.  If you would like
    to make the quest a little more fun and challenging, talk to the guests and
    wait for them to disperse and then kill them off one by one.  Their reactions
    are pretty entertaining as they go placing the blame on one another.  No one
    ever expects you in your black clothes and hood.
    When all of the guests are dead, exit the house and fast travel back to the
    sanctuary.  Speak with Ocheeva for your reward and bonus.
    Permanent Retirement
      REWARD: 100G
      BONUS:  500G
    You probably knew this was coming when you heard Ocheeva explaining "The Lonely
    Wanderer" quest to you, but it is time to kill the nuisance that is Adamus
    Phillida.  He was constantly investigating the Dark Brotherhood, interrupting
    contracts, and even killing Dark Brotherhood members.  The Dark Brotherhood has
    made three attempts to assassinate Phillida, but every time he had been
    surrounded by his guards.  Now, however, he is retired, and very vulnerable.
    Ocheeva gives you an arrow called the Rose of Sithis.  It is enchanted to kill
    its target.  With ordinary weapons, Phillida is difficult to take down, but
    the Rose guarantees his death in one hit.  The only problem is, the Rose of
    Sithis cannot pierce armor.  This means you have to wait until Adamus doesn't
    have his legion armor on before you can hit him with the arrow.  You can either
    study Phillida's routine to see when that happens, or just listen to my
    You do not have to kill Adamus Phillida with the Rose of Sithis.  He only needs
    to die for you to complete the quest.  For the bonus, you have to send a
    message by placing Phillida's finger in the desk of his successor.  Let's get
    started, shall we?
    Fast travel to Leyawiin.  Once inside, use the wait function and wait until
    5:00 pm.  Now follow the green arrow.  It represents Adamus.  Don't worry about
    revealing yourself to him because he doesn't know you're there to kill him so
    he won't do anything.  At 5:00 pm, Phillida should be in the pond swimming.  He
    doesn't have his armor on.  Use sneak and stand somewhere far away from the
    guards near Adamus.  Equip the Rose of Sithis and save your game (just in case
    you miss).  Shoot the Rose at Adamus and he will die.  Swim over to his corpse
    and take his finger and all of his keys.  He also has a nice sword and shield
    so take those as well.
    Now, fast travel to the Imperial City Prison.  It's time to do the bonus.  Wait
    until 2:00 am and then follow the green arrow to the locked door.  Press A at
    the door and you will use the key you found on Phillida to open it.  Once
    inside, the desk will be right in front of you.  Pick the lock on the desk and
    then place the finger inside by pulling the left trigger to switch to your
    inventory, highlighting the finger, and then pressing A.
    Now return to Ocheeva for your reward and bonus.  You will also rank up.
    Congratulations, Assassin!
    ----- Assassin --------------------                                     (C0404)
    Of Secret and Shadow
      REWARD: None
      BONUS:  None
    When you speak to Ocheeva she will hand you a sealed letter from Lucien
    Lachance.  It appears that he has a job for you.  Open your inventory, select
    the letter, and press A to read it.  In the letter, Lucien instructs you to
    meet him at his private refuge in the ruins of Fort Farragut, located in the
    forest northeast of Cheydinhal.  Inside the refuge there are monsters who will
    attack you on sight.  You will have to get through them to reach Lucien.  Think
    of it as a test, he says.
    Exit Cheydinhal through the east gate and then follow the arrow northeast.  As
    you get closer and closer to your destination, you will see the fort towering
    overhead.  Next, you will see a path that seems to lead toward Fort Farragut.
    Get on the path and follow it until you reach the entrance.  You have two
    options available to you now.  You can go through the front doors, which means
    you will have to go through a dungeon to reach Lucien.  Or you can walk around
    the fort to the northwest side.  Near the fort, there is a trap door found in
    a hollow tree.  The tree with the trap door is a lot larger than the others.
    Go down the trap door and it takes you directly to Lucien's room.  If you took
    the trap door, skip the dungeon walkthrough.  If you want to go through the
    dungeon (there is some nice loot in here), then read on.  Go through the front
    Once inside you may want to equip a torch.  It's pretty dark in here and the
    place is littered with booby traps so being able to see well will be to your
    benefit.  Follow the path until you come to a gate.  It cannot be opened
    manually, but you will have to pull the lever right next to it (next to the
    right wall at the bottom of the stairs) for the gate to open.  On the other
    side of the gate you should see a skeleton standing a good distance away from
    you.  Kill him however you please.  My weapon of choice is a bow, so I used
    sneak and then sent arrow after arrow at him until he fell.
    Next, step inside the room if you haven't already.  Look up at the bridge that
    cuts through the room.  Shoot the skeleton up on the bridge with your bow or
    hit it with a ranged spell.  If you'd rather wait until you can kill him at
    melee range, you can (you'll be up on that bridge in a few moments).  If you
    look at your map you will see that you're in a square room with multiple paths
    branching out of it.  Take the path in the eastern corner of the room.  It
    curves around while ascending and takes you to the bridge that the skeleton was
    on.  Make sure you don't miss the chest that's on that path.
    Continue along the path and then walk to the end of the bridge to find a chest.
    Open the chest and then jump back down into the square room.  Take the path to
    the southeast this time.  You will come to a booby trap that shoots dart-like
    things from one side of the path to the other.  It is activated the moment you
    step close to it.  As far as I know, you can't make it through without getting
    hit.  Luckily, they don't do much damage to you so just run through it and then
    heal yourself.
    Keep following the path and you will come to a room with a chest and a
    skeleton.  Kill the skeleton and then open the chest.  Now exit this room and
    take the path that leads southeast.  Walk slowly and make sure you have your
    torch out because you're about to come to a large hole in the floor.  Get out
    of sneak mode and you can easily run and jump over the hole.  If you do happen
    to fall down the hole, there is a path that leads you right back up to where
    you need to be.
    Keep going straight along this path until you come to a fork.  Don't veer to
    the right, but keep going straight.  As you keep following the path you will
    pass between two torches with blue flames.  Now slow down.  Up ahead on the
    ceiling you will see another booby trap waiting for you.  Right when you get
    near it, the balls with spikes on them will come swinging down.  They do some
    heavy damage so approach slowly until you see them begin to fall.  Then step
    back and wait for them to stop swinging.  Now walk through them and down the
    path.  Just on the other side of the trap is a gate that has to be opened by
    the lever in front of it.  Pull the lever and then enter the room that Lucien
    is in.  Speak to him to complete this quest.  He will give you a new one.
    The Purification
      REWARD: Shadowmere
      BONUS:  None
    The Black Hand has chosen you for a very special task--one that will test both
    your skills and your loyalty.  Lucien says the Dark Brotherhood has been
    infiltrated.  There is a link between the traitor and the Cheydinhal sanctuary
    and the sacntuary has been tainted beyond repair.  To eliminate this problem,
    Lucien doesn't want you to find out who the traitor is, but go on a killing
    spree and knock off all the inhabitants of the Cheydinhal sanctuary.  I suppose
    it does save a lot of detective work, although it's a bit more messy than it
    should be.
    You have been chosen for this job because you are only one that can't be the
    traitor.  Lachance says that the traitor has been operating for quite some
    time--longer than you've been a member of the Dark Brotherhood.  There are
    seven Dark Brotherhood members in all who need to be exterminated: Ocheeva,
    Vicente Valtieri, Antoinetta Marie, Gogron gro-Bolmog, Telaendril, M'raaj-Dar,
    and Teinaava.  Lucien gives you a poisoned apple and a summon scroll to help
    with the quest.  You don't have to use them.  To be quite honest, the quest can
    be done easily without them.  Using them does give you a little variety.  It
    can get old performing all of your murders the same old way every time.
    Before you leave Lucien's room, take all of his goodies.  He has a few locked
    containers that you will want to unlock.  The barrel with the very hard lock
    has 10 poisoned apples.  I suggest you pick those up for use in the quest or
    during any other future massacres you decide to partake in.  Once you've looted
    the poor guy's home, exit the room by climbing up the ladder that is hanging
    down near the bath tub.
    Now fast travel to Cheydinhal.  Go to the well behind the abandoned house and
    save your game.  Now climb down to the sanctuary.  If you have this quest set
    as your active quests, there will be seven arrows on your compass.  They
    represent all of the people you have to kill.  Killing them truly is easy, but
    there are a few ways to go about doing it.  Make sure you search all three
    sections of the sanctuary.  There is the main section that you are in when you
    enter from the well or the abandoned house, the Living Quarters, and the
    Training Room.
    Your first option is to just walk into the sanctuary and start wailing on the
    first Dark Brotherhood member you see.  They are not difficult to kill, but you
    cannot be careless when fighting them.  Try to get a sneak attack off if you
    can.  You can always fight a single person at a time because they do not help
    each other.  If there are two members standing next to each other and you hit
    one, the other will just stand there and watch.  The only thing to watch out
    for is the Dark Guardian (the skeleton) that patrols the sanctuary.  Don't
    attack a Dark Brotherhood member with the Dark Guardian nearby.
    Another strategy to use is to enter the Living Quarters of the sanctuary and
    find the only cupboard that has food in it.  Take the food from it and replace
    it with a few poisoned apples.  You might also want to remove all of the food
    from the plates on the table as well.  Use the wait feature and wait in 1 hour
    increments.  This method takes a while.  I ended up waiting a couple days and
    only two people went to the cupboard, ate the apple, and died.  It may take a
    while to see results, but this method is surely more satisfying than the
    Finally, you can hit one of the Dark Brotherhood members or all seven at once
    and then run out of the sanctuary and into Cheydinhal with them all chasing
    you.  Do not attack them once you're in Cheydinhal.  Just run to the nearest
    gate where there are guards.  The guards will not attack you, but will attack
    the Dark Brotherhood members.  This, in my opinion, takes the fun and challenge
    out of the quest.  But, to each his own.
    By executing one (or any combination) of the three methods above while in the
    sanctuary, you have killed at least six of the seven targets.  The final target
    roams around Cyrodiil.  If you have already killed her, just skip this next
    Take Telaendril's Ocheeva Note from Ocheeva's corpse.  It has a the final
    target's schedule.  Instead of traveling across the map to get to her, just use
    the wait function and wait until Middas (wait in 24 hour increments).  On this
    day, Telaendril is at the sanctuary.  Kill her and loot her corpse.  The
    purification is complete.
    Make sure you have looted the corpses of all seven Dark Brotherhood members.
    They drop some very nice loot which can be used or sold.  Also, five of the
    members dropped a key that opens their chest in the Living Quarters.  Go into
    the Living Quarters and open each chest (there is one next to each bed).  The
    chests have some very nice loot.
    After you've looted the entire place and have killed all seven of your targets,
    fast travel to Fort Farragut.  You have the choice again of going through the
    dungeon or just taking the trap door.  If three in-game days have passed since
    you cleared the dungeon out last, everything has respawned.  Monsters are back
    and chests are full of goodies again.  I recommend fighting your way through
    the dungeon because of the loot and the skills you will learn from fighting.
    When you reach Lucien he will explain your future.  Since you slaughtered
    everything at the Cheydinhal sanctuary, you can't exactly get your contracts
    there anymore.  Actually, you have ranked up.  You are a Silencer now--
    Lucien's silencer.  He explains how all speakers have their personal assassin,
    and you are his.  You will only accept orders from him now, but you will never
    see him in person from now on unless he deems it necessary.  Instead, you will
    receive his commands through secret dead drops.  The dead drops will contain
    an envelope containing all you need to know for the current quest.
    The dead drop you you have to go to for the next quest is on Hero Hill.  The
    orders are in a secret hollow inside the moss-covered rock at the top of the
    hill.  As a gift, Lucien gives you a horse named Shadowmere.  It's a very fast
    horse and it's waiting outside the fort (at the front door) for you.  Hop on
    the horse and follow the green arrow southeast.  When you arrive at Hero Hill,
    approach the moss-covered rock.  Put your crosshair over the Hollowed-Out Rock
    and press A to open it.  Inside are Dead Drop Orders #1.
    ----- Silencer --------------------                                     (C0405)
    Affairs of a Wizard
    ----- Speaker --------------------                                      (C0406)
    ----- Listener --------------------                                     (C0407)
    ----------------------------- To Be Continued... ------------------------------
                            -= V. Ranks and Achievements =-
                         -= VI. Frequently Asked Questions =-
    ----- FAQ Related Questions --------------------                        (C0601)
    Q: I found something missing from your FAQ.  What should I do?
      A: Email me your findings and I will put whatever you found in my next update
         as long as you email me something useful :)  If I do use something that
         you sent to me in an email I will give you full credit.  Acknowledgements
         can be found in "The Author's Last Words" section.
    Q: I really like your FAQ so I'm going to put it up on my website!
      A: I'm sorry, but there are only three websites that I'm allowing this FAQ to
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         more information about this in the "Legal Disclaimer" section.
    Q: How should I contact you?
      A: If you have anything to say or ask about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or 
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    Q: Can I print this amazing FAQ out?
      A: Of course!  It's much easier to use if you can have it with you at the TV
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         please don't sell it or call it your own.
    Q: I need to find a certain area in the game and I don't feel like scrolling
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      A: There is a very useful feature that will make searching this document very
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         screen.  Type in what you are looking for into the box and press Find
                              -= VII. Acknowledgements =-
    I always appreciate emails with tips, corrections, and alternate strategies.
    If you see something missing from the FAQ, or a mistake, please email me at
    TwistidSoul@hotmail.com.  If you contribute to the FAQ in any way, I will
    credit you in this section.  The following people deserve credit for helping
    me out:
         The ASCII Art at the top of the page is the work of Skurty.  As you can
         see, he is a very gifted fellow.  Thank you Skurty.
         Brought to my attention a few things.  He told me that killing a beggar in
         order to get into the Dark Brotherhood would cause you to get kicked out
         of the thieves guild if you are in it.  He also helped with the strategy
         of killing the Gray Prince to get into the Dark Brotherhood.  Finally,
         IRONxDevice came up with an alternate strategy for getting onto the ship
         in the quest, "A Watery Grave": Jump from the boxes onto the top part of
         the ship.
    dadasd dada
         Said that instead of traveling through the entire dungeon for the quest,
         "Of Secret and Shadow", you can go directly to Lucien's room by entering
         the trap door to the northwest of Fort Farragut.  You will see a tree that
         is a lot larger than the others.  The tree is hollow and inside you will
         find the trap door.
         I had included some of the items that people dropped when you killed them.
         What I forgot was that the enemies' level changes with you so the items
         dropped by each NPC will be different for everyone.  This is what
         Automaticman brought to my attention.  I removed all of the loot found on
                             -= VIII. Revision History =-
    VERSION 0.60 (March 28, 2006)
    KB:    65.6
    NOTES: I had planned to work on this FAQ a lot today, but I was overwhelmed by
           emails.  Many people sent in corrections and alternate strategies.  I
           also answered a lot of Dark Brotherhood questions.  I appreciate the
           emails from everyone.  They were all very helpful.  If this keeps up,
           the FAQ will be free of errors soon thanks to all of the help I'm
           receiving.  All I did today was make corrections and minor additions to
           the FAQ.
    VERSION 0.60 (March 27, 2006)
    KB:    57.2
    NOTES: I only completed two more quests.  I decided to submit the FAQ early
           only because I'm nervous that someone else is going to beat me to a
           Dark Brotherhood FAQ.  Gamefaqs normally only accepts one in-depth FAQ
           on each subject.  Don't worry though, expect the FAQ to be completed
           within the next couple days.  Also, I changed the ASCII art.  Scurty
           created it.  I had already made my own and was quite proud of it.
           Scurty's, however, made mine look like a kindergarten project.
    VERSION 0.50 (March 26, 2006)
    KB:    46.4
    NOTES: I got a lot of work done on the FAQ.  I finished the following sections:
           "Introduction", "About the Dark Brotherhood", and "Joining the Dark
           Brotherhood".  In the "Quest Walkthrough" section I've written
           strategies for the quests in the first three ranks (Murderer, Slayer,
           Eliminator).  I also added the "Legal Disclaimer" and a few frequently
           asked questions.
    VERSION 0.00 (March 25, 2006)
    KB:    0
    NOTES: This is the day I decided to write a FAQ on the Dark Brotherhood.  I
           had already made the ASCII art before the game came out because I knew
           I would be writing an Oblivion FAQ.
                              -= IX. Legal Disclaimer =-
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use.  Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of
    any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    There are only three web sites that I will permit to display this FAQ.  At one
    time, I used to give permission to anyone who asked, but I'm now limiting it to
    three web sites for many reasons: Sending updates to a massive list of sites is
    a pain.  I don't like seeing an out of date version of a FAQ of mine.  Also, so
    many people just take FAQs without asking - so the whole "Ask for permission"
    method seems pointless.  If you want to read this FAQ, you'll just have to go
    to one of the three web sites.  They have all hosted my FAQs since I first
    began writing and they are widely known and reliable.
    The only websites that have permission to display this FAQ/Walkthrough on their
    web site are:
    If anyone finds this FAQ on any website other than the ones listed above,
    please let me know.
                             -= X. Author's Last Words =-
    Thanks for reading my Dark Brotherhood FAQ for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
    I appreciate all of the support from my readers.  That alone is what keeps me
    going.  Expect much more from me because I'm not through with this game yet.  I
    don't have a real solid idea on what I will be writing next, but expect
    something soon.
    Eventually, I hope create a single FAQ/Walkthrough for Oblivion.  I've always
    wanted to write a complete FAQ for a game as large as this one.  Just finding
    a way to organize the entire game into sections and sub-sections is a huge
    challenge--one that I'm more than willing to attempt.  Thanks for reading,
                                                         Copyright 2006 TwistidSoul

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