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    Daedric Shrine Quest Guide by WhoGuru

    Version: 1.67 | Updated: 05/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion
    Daedric Shrine Quest Guide for the PC
    Version 1.67  April 10,2006
    Written by: WhoGuru
    Copyright 2006 Karen Hoyt
    INTRO:  This is my first FAQ, so bear with me.  I couldn't find one on the
    Shrines and after much frustration, decided to do it myself.  If at any point,
    you wonder about the order of the Shrines...if there is one, I don't know it.
    This is simply the order I used.  I sometimes use a previous Shrine to 
    reference the location of the next.  So, there is method to my madness.  If
    I've missed something you've found, let me know.  OR, if Ive made an error
    somewhere, please let me know and I'll investigate.  Good luck and Enjoy.
                                      TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1:  Hints,Tips and general info
    2:  Shrine of Azura
    3:  Shrine of Namira
    4:  Shrine of Mephala
    5:  Shrine of Boethia
    6:  Shrine of Peryites
    7:  Shrine of Nocturnal
    8:  Shrine of Sheogorath
    9:  Shrine of Molag Bal
    10:  Shrine of Hircine
    11:  Shrine of Clavicus Vile
         #XBOX 360 fixes for the crash.
    12:  Shrine of Meridia
    13:  Shrine of Sanguine
    14:  Shrine of Vaermina
    15:  Shrine of Malacath
    16:  Shrine of Hermaeus Mora
    17:  Frequently Asked Questions
    18:  Credits
    19:  Contact Me
    20:  Copyright Notice
    1:  Hints,Tips and general info
    Each Shrine walkthrough is laid out the same way.  Requisite Level, Location,
    Offering, Time of Day, Reward and the Quest.  Some of the details about dungeon
    delving treasure may be a bit sparse.  I figure you can explore on your own
    once you know where you're going.  
    ##I did each Shrine AT THE LEVEL REQUIRED, no more.  As the creatures and 
      treasures in Oblivion are to some extent random and level with you, you may
      find yourself facing something different, or finding different treasure.
      Don't take what I faced as what you'll find, more as a guide that at that
      level, you're likely to face something similar.
    When sneaking, removing your boots is a great idea.  It lowers the chances of
    anyone near hearing the sound of your footsteps.  This actually works. 
    When beginning a Shrine quest, go ahead and save at the beginning.  Do not
    however save again until you've completed the quest.  ie: recieved your reward
    from the Daedra.  You never know when something you did, or didn't do, could
    negate your success.  The voice of experience here.  Feel free to Quicksave.
    Pay attention to the level requirements, if the level is low, there's probably
    a reason, as in Namira's Shrine.  Low stats are the only way to get the quest.
    If your stats are too high, you'll have to either skip it, find a potion/spell
    or use the console codes to lower them.  Not that I'm advocating cheating, 
    because that would just be wrong.  Of course.  Yeah.  Anyway.
    Doing these before you've advanced the main quest too far could be to your
    benefit.  As the main quest progresses, so do the number of Oblivion gates
    opened across the countryside.  Stray too near one and it starts spitting
    Daedra at you.  Depends on how distracted you like to be during a quest. 
    The bad guys really DO level up with you.  Again, this goes toward the level
    requirements.  Some of the quests take you into Oblivion, higher level -
    spunkier bad guys.  Your choice.
    I apologize now for the directions to some of the Shrines.  You're going to
    have to do some wandering.  Some of them are a little difficult to give 
    accurate directions to.  You'll see and if you think of a better way to give
    the directions, let me know and I'll update it, with due credit of course.
    Detect Life spells are your freinds when commencing combat with chameleonic
    creatures of the night.
    Clear your inventory before each quest.  There's some very good,and expensive
    treasure to be had here... but only if you can carry it.
    It is possible to get map markers for atleast some of the Shrines by talking 
    to the people in each town.  If you see "Daedra" as a conversation topic, that
    person will give you one.  However, this conversation topic is only activated 
    once you reach a certain point in the main quest.
    Always watch your compass.  When you near a Shrine, or any other landmark on 
    the map, the icon will appear in your compass.  The Shrine Icon looks like a 
    little genie lamp, or maybe it's a teapot...or my glasses need a stronger
    2:  Shrine of Azura      YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 2 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Almost Due North (NNW) of Cheydinhal Castle, past lake Arrius.  I
    think this is also the only Shrine marked on your map at the beginning.
    OFFERING:  Glow Dust, obtained from the Will O' the Wisp.
    TIME:  Dawn or Dusk 5-7 am or pm
    REWARD:  Azura's Star - reuseable soul gem
    QUEST:  Now, you can A: Run around the countryside hunting for the elusive
    will o' the wisp or B: Go to the "Main Ingredient" shop in the Imperial City
    Market District and buy some.  It's cheap.  
    At dawn or dusk, offer the glow dust to the Shrine.  Azura will speak to you
    and offer a quest.  Travel to the "Gutted Mine" and give the peace of death
    to five of her followers who were afflicted with Porphyric Hemophelia while
    cleansing said mine of Vampires.  The mine is SW of her Shrine.  Follow your
    map marker.
    There's a tripwire just inside the door, show off those acrobatic skills and
    jump over it.  You'll run into two of the afflicted brethren in the first 
    room.  A detect life spell could come in handy here as one or more of them 
    may cast invisibility.  Green map markers will show you the location of each
    of the brethren.
    They're all nicely spread out so you wont face more than two at a time.  
    Fight your way through and your journal should update after you kill the last
    one.  Return to Azura's Shrine for your reward.
    She'll thank you for freeing her brethren and gives you Azura's Star, the
    reusable soul gem you may remember from Morrowind.
    NOW, go find a church and get a blessing from the altar unless you want to
    play out the rest of the game as a bloodsucker.  You HAVE been infected with
    Porphyric Hemophelia.  Three days of infection will bring on the dream.  I
    suggest a church because a cure disease potion didn't work for me, but it may
    for you.
    3:  Shrine of Namira      YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 5 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  ESE of Bruma's East Gate
    OFFERING:  Namira is ONLY interested in speaking to the repulsive.  You need a 
    personality score of 20 to get this quest.  Buy a few bottles of "Cheap Wine".
    Each bottle will lower your personality by 10 pts. for 120 secs.  Lower your
    score to 20 and the quest will be yours.
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Ring of Namira - Reflect Damage 12% constant effect
    			  Reflect Spell 10% constant effect
    QUEST:  Namira tells of the Forgotten, a group of fanatical worshippers that
    live in the darkness of Anga.  Priests of Arkay are planning to bring light to
    Anga and "save" the Forgotten ones.  You are to use the spell Namira gives you,
    Namira's shroud, on the priests, and let the Forgotten finish them off.
    Anga is due south of the Shrine and is an Ayleid ruin.  DO NOT use a torch in
    here.  the light hurts the forgotten ones and hurting Namira's fanatics might
    just hurt your chances of getting a reward.  Use Night Eye.
    The Priests of Arkay are easy pickin's.  Simply walk up, cast the spell then
    stand back and watch the Forgotten work out their frustrations.  All the
    priests are shown on your map with the usual green markers.  Once they're all
    dead, return to the Shrine.
    Namira thanks you for freeing her Forgotten to wallow in their misery and
    awards you the Ring of Namira.
    4:  Shrine of Mephala       YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 15 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Almost due south (SSE) of Namira's Shrine and almost due north (NNE)
    of Vilverin, about midway between the two.
    OFFERING:  Nightshade.  Again, wander the hills or visit the shop.
    TIME:  Between midnight and dawn.
    REWARD:  the Ebony Blade - Silence 10 seconds on strike
                               Absorb Health 8 pts. on strike
                               Charge 3700 / 45 uses
    QUEST:  The Webspinner, as she's also known, asks you to go to Bleaker's Way.
    There are two families there, Nord and Dunmer.  You are to kill the leaders
    and plant evidence on the bodies incriminating the other families.  "Allow no
    one to see you commit these crimes", which isn't hard.
    On a side note - This is murder and "forces unseen" will take notice.
    Follow your map marker to Bleaker's Way.  
    In Hrol Ulfgar's house, he should be alone.  Knock him off, he's a pushover.
    On the second floor, on a table in a side room, you'll find the Ulfgar family
    ring.  Take it.  On to your next victim.
    Nivan Dalvilu.  He's home, near as I can tell, between 6pm and 6am.  Enter
    the house and kill him.  Plant the Ulfgar family ring on his body.  On a table
    to the right of the door as you entered is the Dalvilu Ceremonial dagger.
    Take it and return to the scene of your first crime.
    Plant the dagger on Ulfgar's body.  At this point your journal should update.
    Go back outside and find someone, doesn't matter who, and prompt the carnage.
    Heh heh.  Now, stand back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, a village wide
    melee.  Of course, you'll have to make sure it's 6am if you want to see the
    Return to the Shrine for your reward.  Mephala is pleased with the strife
    you've caused and awards you her Ebony Blade.  
    5:  Shrine of Boethia       YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 20 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  This is a cross country trek and not an easy find.  Two routes:
    A - (Longer) Start outside the Arcane University and travel due east.  You
    should run straight into the Shrine...eventually.
    B - (shorter and less clear) Start at Cheydinhal and travel SSE from the city.
    The Shrine is about halfway up a mountain ridge.
    OFFERING:  A Daedra's heart.  I'm sure, by now, you can think of a few hellish
    places to pick one up.
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Goldbrand - Fire damage 22 pts. on Strike
                         Charge 3000 / 76 uses
    QUEST:  Boethia offers you the chance to participate in the "Tournament of
    the Ten Bloods".  He opens a portal to Oblivion, go through when you're
    prepared for a series of ten one-on-one battles.  You'll arrive in a brood
    cage.  Don't panic.  Open the cage and move down the ramp, the first gate is
    too your right.  Boethia's a talkative fellow, enjoy the occasional short
    monologues on the chosen's dissapointing defeats.  Oh, and falling off into the
    lava would be bad, know where the edge is at all times.  Better yet, try not
    to get caught on the bridges.  
    Some of the Chosen wield magic, all have enchanted weapons.  There's some
    choice loot here.  They are also weighed down with health potions, which keeps
    this from being impossibly hard. At level 20, they're not too difficult if
    you're fast on your feet.  Simply frag your way through Boethia's champions,
    making yourself the victor,  then exit back through the portal to the Shrine.
    You are now Boethia's Chosen one.  He rewards you with his enchanted sword,
    the Goldbrand.
    6:  Shrine of Peryites         YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 10 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Due South of Boethia's Shrine on the opposite side of the river.
    OFFERING:  None
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  the Spell Breaker - Reflect spell 30% constant effect
    QUEST:  Five of Peryite's followers have put themselves into a trance,
    transporting their souls to His Oblivion dimension.  Simply click on his Shrine
    to activate the quest.  Your mission:  Go to Oblivion, retrieve all 5 souls
    to reunite them with their bodies.  Activate the Shrine a second time when
    you're ready to go.  This place is long but fairly straight forward, not a lot
    of twists and turns.  There are, however, a plethora of Daedra here, heal
    often.  The followers will show up on your map as green markers.
    Soul 1 - Follow the path around and to your left.  You'll find the soul of
    Ilvel Romayn in front of the Bloodwell Tower.  Nothing much in the tower.  On
    the upper floor, you'll find a Dremora Kynmarcher with a nifty "Grand Ring of
    Strength" - Fortify Strength 10 pts. constant effect.  Leave the tower.
    Soul 2 - Head back up the hill and turn left at the arch.  Down this path and
    on your right, you'll find the soul of Er-Teeus outside the door to "the
    Sightless Grotto".  
    Soul 3 - Enter the Grotto.  Inside, take the path to your left and follow
    through to the "Oblivion cave to the realm of Peryite".  Follow the long,
    loooong path and find the soul of Kewan.
    Soul 4 - Keep to the path and keep to your left or you'll find yourself back
    where you started.  Checking the map often is a good thing.  You'll find a fork
    in the path.  Head left, jump some rocks over the lava, and find Maren the
    Seal outside the door to another sightless grotto.  
    Skip the grotto if you're in a hurry.  There's nothing of importance, some
    common soul gems, a bit of gold and a round-a-bout path that will lead you
    back to where you found Er-Teeus.
    Soul 5 - Retrace your steps over the lava and back to the fork and go left.
    Follow this around, whoop some Daedra and you'll find the soul of Mirie.
    Release her and head back to the Portal where you came in.
    Peryite thanks you for releasing his idiot followers and rewards you with his
    shield, the Spell Breaker.
    7:  Shrine of Nocturnal         YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 10 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Start in Leyawiin.  Leave by the North East gate and follow the
    road north.  You'll pass the Ayleid citadel of Veyond, Blanken March and find
    a dirt path on your right leading to the Shrine.
    OFFERING:  None
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Skeleton Key - Unlimited Uses, Fortify Security 40 pts.
    QUEST:  The Daedra's "Eye of Nocturnal" has been stolen, She believes by two
    Argonian thieves hiding out in Leyawiin.  She asks you to find them, retrieve
    her eye and return it.  Quick travel back to Leyawiin's North East gate and
    talk to the guard just inside.  He'll point you to Weebam-Na and Bejeen.  They
    were recently boasting about a valuable jewel they had found.  Check your map
    and you'll find a map marker for Weebam-Na's house.  
    Weebam-Na and Bejeen both play dumb when you ask them.  Go back around the
    corner by the door and listen in on their conversation.  They've stashed the
    jewel in Tidewater cave.  Your journal will update at this point and give you
    a map marker.  They also comment on the place being overrun with Trolls.
    Make your way to the cave.  As you may have guessed from the name, this one
    requires a little swim.  When you enter, there should be a couple bears waiting
    for you just inside.  The path to your left is the one you want.  It curves
    around and you'll have to take a quick dive in the dead end to reach the jewel.
    No worries.  
    Now, if you're up for some useful treasure, assuming it wasn't random, head
    back to where you came in and take the paths that curve around to the right.
    There's an underwater tunnel leading to a small chamber, don't worry, there is
    air here, also a couple slaughterfish.  There's a chest floating at the top.
    Inside, you'll find a "Greater Soul Trap Ring" - Soul Trap 30 seconds and a
    "Ring of Wizardry" - fortifies all your magical skills by 10 points, constant
    As for Trolls, I only found three, and a bunch of bears and mountain lions.
    Return to the Shrine and claim your reward.  The Skeleton Key makes this quest
    worth a little swimming, for all those aspiring thieves out there.
    8:  Shrine of Sheogorath         YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 2 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Leave Leyawiin by the West Gate and follow the road North.  Stay on
    this side of the river.  You'll pass "White Stallion Lodge".  Keep heading 
    North and  you'll come to "Waters Edge", turn due NNW.  You'll pass "Rockmilk
    Cave" and should run into the Shrine a little ways later.  It's slightly
    further from Waters Edge as that is to White Stallion Lodge
    OFFERING:  A lesser soul gem, a head of lettuce and yarn.
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Wabbajack Staff - Wabbajack on target  Charge 3000 / 10 uses
    QUEST:  Let the wierdness begin.  There are several faithful around the Shrine,
    they're all in their undies and all mad as hatters.  Ravel is the one you
    want, he'll give you the absurd list of offerings you need.  Buy or borrow
    what you need.  The imperial city market has everything on your list, either
    in a shop or stashed in the street crates.
    Now that you have all your goodies, approach the Shrine.  Sheogorath is a real
    fruit bat with too much time on his hands.  He asks you to visit the settlement
    of "Borderwatch", where they are "dull, dull, dull".  He wants you to bring one 
    of their darker prophecies to life, simulating the events, and providing him
    with amusement.  You are to find the Shaman and ask him about the K'Sharra
    prophecies.  You should have a map marker for the village now. 
    The Shaman's name is Ri'Bassa, he's probably hanging out by the cookfire.  If
    he likes you enough, he'll tell you about the prophecy.  It has three plagues:
    a vermin infestation, all of the sheep mysteriously dying and the third, which
    he wont talk about.  He'll tell how thier cooking fire can be smelled across
    the countryside and suggest you go to the Inn and ask the barmaid about her
    cheese collection.  Helpful, isn't he.
    The barmaid is a stinky cheese collector.  In fact, she has, in a locked case
    by the bar, the stinkiest cheese ever made, the Olroy cheese.  She'll tell you
    if it was ever left out, it would bring rats from miles around.  Show off your
    sneaking skills, unlock the case, steal the cheese and go back outside.  As a
    point of interest, there's a "Nirnroot" in a pot on the shelf behind her.
    Outside, the cooking fire is to the left of the Inn, drop in your cheese.  Be
    patient, if you cook it, they will come.  A swarm of rats will shortly make
    their way into the village.  Chaos ensues and your journal will update.  Your
    buddy, Ri'Bassa is dropping rat poison around the square to kill them.
    Now for the second plague.  Grab one of the rat poison piles and head over to
    the sheep pen. It's just to the left of the Inn.  Drop the rat poison into the
    feed trough.  The sheep will gravitate to their deaths like...well...lambs to
    the slaughter.  Heh.
    Once the last sheep drops dead, Sheogorath will speak to you again,
    congratulating your victory and ask you to go to the center of town for the
    final plague.  You know, the one Ri'Bassa wouldn't talk about.
    The center of town is the area between the two main stairs.  Get comfy and look
    up.  Sheogorath outdoes himself and I'm not going to spoil it.  Once the fun
    is over, return to the Shrine for your reward.
    9:  Shrine of Molag Bal        YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 17 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  From "Weynon Priory", head East along the road until you come to
    "Odiil Farm".  Turn South just after the farm.  You'll find "Narfinsel", an
    Ayleid ruin.  The Shrine is just South of the ruin.
    OFFERING:  The Pelt of a Lion.
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Mace of Molag Bal - Absorb Strength 5 pts. on Strike
                                 Absorb Magicka 5 pts. on strike
                                 Charge 2200 / 44 uses
    QUEST:  Molag Bal will give you a cursed Mace and send you to "Brindle Home".
    There you must find Melus Petilius and drive him to kill you with the Mace.
    Molag Bal promises to save you before you die.  Probably.  Melus Petilius is
    a good man and a Paladin.  Molag despises him of course.  Follow your map
    marker to "Brindle Home".  It's a short walk.
    Once there, ask one of the villagers about Melus.  They'll tell you his wife
    died while he was away fighting and he hasn't lifted a weapon since.  He goes
    to his wife's grave every day to mourne her.  I found him there around one in
    the afternoon.  
    Follow him to the grave.  Drop the Mace in front of him and throw a fireball
    at him, or some other minor attack that wont kill him.  You MUST be at the
    grave or he will not fight.  I recommend removing all your armor, as well as
    any enchanted items that reflect magic.  If Melus dies, you lose.  Now, go get
    a drink.  Have a wee.  This is going to take a bit.
    As you die, Molag Bal transports you back to the Shrine, true to his word,
    alive and well.  He thanks you for corrupting the Paladin and creating another
    ruined soul.  As a reward he gives you his Mace.
    10:  Shrine of Hircine        YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 17 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Start outside the south wall of the "Arcane University".  Travel
    South.  Just before you cross the water, you'll find "Fatback Cave".  On the
    other side, you'll find "Sardavar Leed", an Ayleid ruin.  As you pass on its
    East side, a Shrine icon should appear in your compass.  Follow this to the
    Shrine, just South and a little East of the ruin.
    OFFERING:  A Bear pelt or a Wolf pelt
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Savior's Hide Cuirass - Resist Magic 25% constant effect
    QUEST:  Hircine is the great white hunter type. and he demands proof of your
    skills.  You're to go to the "Harcane Grove", slay a Unicorn and bring the horn
    back to Hircine as a trophy. Follow your map marker.
    There are three Guardians of the Grove.  Minotaurs with Elven Warhammers.  Try
    to only attract the attention of one at a time.  They're alot easier to take
    on that way.  Once you've dealt with the Guardians, go after the Unicorn.
    He'll just stand there as long as your weapon is sheathed.  Almost seems a
    shame to kill him as you can ride him.  Unfortunately, if you do take him, when
    you get off, he'll return to the Grove.  You can't keep him.
    Once you've killed him, assuming you're not riding in style now, take the
    Unicorn's horn back to Hircine and recieve your reward.
    11:  Shrine of Clavicus Vile      YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 20 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Leave the Imperial City from "Talos Plaza" and cross the bridge into
    "Weye".  Take the first left on the road and follow it South, staying along
    the waterfront.  You'll find "Fanacasecul", an Ayleid ruin.  Pass it by and
    keep following the road, well, more of a path now, South until you find "Fort
    Virtue".  From here, turn to face SW and you should see a Shrine icon appear in
    your compass.
    OFFERING:  500 gold
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Mask of Clavicus Vile - Fortify Personality 20 pts. constant effect
             Umbra Sword - Soul Trap for 120 seconds 
    QUEST:  Clavicus Vile has a deal for you.  He wants you to go after the Umbra
    Sword.  It holds the soul of a hero he had dealings with.  In return, he'll
    give you his mask.  He tells you to start in "Pell's Gate".  You now have a map
    marker.  You also recieve a statuette of a dog.  His name is Barbas, the Hound
    of Clavicus Vile.
    Once you reach "Pell's Gate", Barbas tells you returning Umbra to Clavicus
    would be a big mistake, things always end badly with that sword.  Like we're
    going to listen to that.  Onward we go.  
    In "Pell's Gate". speak with Irroke the Wide and he'll tell you about Umbra.
    His apprentice, Lenwin, found the sword, became bloodthirsty, joined up with
    mercenaries and began calling herself Umbra.  She was last seen near the Ayleid
    ruin, "Vindasel".  Follow your new map marker.  
    Enter "Vindasel".  Keep alert for traps, there are a couple in here of the near
    instant death variety.  In the first large chamber is a drop away section of
    floor with, you geussed it, spikes.  Kill the rats, try not to be impaled.
    In the next large Chamber, stay away from the center of the room.  It spews
    poison gas.  More rats, no loot.  Head down the passage.  In the next, small
    room, another rat and a small coffer with a strong potion of healing.  Go
    through the gate and down the hall.
    Here you'll find Umbra; the sword and the person.  She offers you a choice:
    Stay and die or leave and live your life.  Barbas the dog pipes up at this
    point, trying to convince you to go back to the Shrine and take your chances
    with a dissapointed Clavicus.  We're not going to listen.  She's tough, but not
    that tough.  Once you've killed her, pick up the sword.  The dog tries to talk
    you out of giving it to Clavicus one more time, saying it will ruin him.  Back
    to the Shrine, avoiding traps on your way out.
    Now you have a choice.  Give back the sword or keep it.  If you keep it,
    Clavicus is mad and swears to watch you from now on, the sword also goes from
    weighing nothing to 45 lbs.  It's also one of the most powerful swords in the
    game, not too mention handy for enchanters.
    If you give him the sword, you'll recieve the Mask of Clavicus Vile.  If you
    found this in Morrowind, you'll know it's a sweet piece of armor.
    Either way, Barbas the dog will leave you once you've made your choice and
    return to his masters side.  
    If you notice your magicka not regenerating, you've been cursed with "Astral
    Vapors".  Just go to the nearest church and get a blessing from the altar.
    ###On the XBOX 360, there is a now infamous glitch.  If you go to the Shrine
       and get this quest, you're given the statue of the dog.  The Dog WILL
       crash your game when you bring the sword back to the Shrine, as soon as he
       leaves your inventory to return to Vile.
       The only real solution for this is to go get the sword BEFORE recieving the
       quest.  Go to Vindasel, Kill Umbra and take the sword.  At some point, your
       journal will update telling you to go to the Shrine.
       Go to the Shrine, talk first to the Khajiit priest, then the Shrine.  If you
       don't talk to the priest first, the dog statue will STILL appear in your
       inventory, causing the glitch.  Once you've spoken to the Khajiit, talk to
       the Shrine and either return the sword or keep it.  This way you can finish
       the quest without ever having the dog in your inventory.
    ###If you can't go back to a save before you took the quest, try this.  Talk to
       the Shrine and give back the sword or keep it, whichever.  AS SOON as you're
       done talking to the shrine, hit your journal button, go to your map and
       quick travel to Bruma.  If you get there and start to hear the dog begin to
       speak, go into your map and quick travel somewhere else, fast as you can.
       It's the dog that's crashing your game.  Keeping him from speaking is your
       only way to avoid the crash.  You may have to do this several times and it
       doesn't always work, timing is everything.  Good luck.
    12:  Shrine of Meridia    YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 10 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Start at Castle Skingrad.  Leave by the West Gate.  Follow the road 
    west until it turns south.  GO offroad here, still heading west and you'll find
    the "Cursed Mine".  The Shrine is just a short hop West of this atop a small
    OFFERING:  Mort Flesh, Ectoplasm or Bonemeal
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Ring of Khajiiti - Chameleon 35% 
                                Fortify speed 10 pts.
                                Constant Effect
    QUEST:  Once you make the correct offering, Meridia will speak.  She despises 
    the undead and wants you to take care of a group of necromancers for her.
    You're to go to "Howling Cave".  It's on the other side of Skingrad, follow
    your map marker.
    Inside, you'll find rats, a zombie and a skeleton on your way to the back of
    the cave.  No loot out here.  When you enter the necromancer's lair, watch for
    the tripwire just inside the door.  The necromancers are spread out and all
    of them have few undead freinds.  Watch your health as they just seem to keep
    coming.  Nothing in here is hard to kill, they just try to overwhelm you with
    numbers.  Go for the necromancers first, some of the horde trying to kill you
    are summons and will dissappear with the necros death.
    When the last one dies, your journal will update.  Return to the Shrine and 
    Meridia will award you the Ring of Khajiiti.  Very handy.
    13:  Shrine of Sanguine     YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 8 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  From Skingrad's west gate, travel west along the road until it turns
    south.  Leave the road at that point, continuing west until you find the 
    "Cursed Mine".  The Shrine is due North of the mine, just over a small hill.
    OFFERING:  Cyrodilic Brandy
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Sanguine Rose staff - Sanguine Rose on Target
                                   Charge 3000 / 10 Uses
    QUEST:  You can find a couple bottles of Cyrodilic Brandy at the Gilded Carafe
    in the Imperial Market.  Once you have your offering, speak to Sanguine.  He 
    wants you to go to Leyawiin and liven up the Countess's dinner party with the 
    spell he provides you;  Stark Reality.  He suggest you be insconspicuous and
    says you'll need to find a way into the party, as it's invite only.  Head over
    to Castle Leyawiin.
    ##NOTE:  The Countess is out of town on the 15, 16 and 17 of every month.  If
             you've gotten to the party, and she wont show up, check the date.
             One of her maids will give you this information if you ask.
    What you need here is a set of exquisite clothes, ot atleast high end clothing.
    You should be able to find what you need upstairs in the family's private 
    quarters.  Don your new outfit and head back to the throne room.  You can't 
    open the door.  Speak to the guard in front of it, you must be wearing your new
    threads.  If he likes you enough, you'll be able to bribe him to let you into 
    the room.  The spell must hit ALL the dinner guests and the Countess.  The
    spell also has a range of 300 ft. so it's going to get you to.  Every item in
    your inventory is going to vanish.  Don't panic.  It's been transported to a
    chest next to Sanguine's shrine.  
    Now, you have to choices.  You ARE going to be caught.  After several hours of 
    trying to find a way to throw the spell without being caught, I couldn't find 
    one.  Your choices are:
    Go to jail - because all your belongings are now in the chest at Sanguine's 
    Shrine, you wont lose any items, however, jailtime does mean a drop in all 
    your skills.  You can use this a learning experience, it'll give you the 
    chance to train your skills up again.  
    You could drop a lockpick before you cast the spell, pick it up afterward, and
    use it escape the prison, avoiding the skill drop, but the guards will still
    catch you, so I go with option two if you're a member of the Thieves Guild...
    Resist Arrest - Don't bother fighting, there's no point really.  Run.  That's
    it.  Pick up your feet and flee the guards.  You wont take much damage if 
    you're fast on your feet.  Run to the west gate and steal a horse from the 
    stables.  Your faster on horseback than on foot and you'll be able to outrun
    the guards.  Once you're far enough away from them, you'll be able to quick
    travel back to the Shrine.  Get your reward from Sanguine, your loot from the
    chest and then head for the Imperial city.  At the waterfront have Armand,
    your local Thieves Guild rep, remove the bounty from your head.
    NYEKOBUG says:  "I found a way to do the quest without ticking the guards off.
    I did it with one chameleon and one invisibility potion and a decent sneak
    skill.  Talk to the guard, get him to open the door for you and back all the
    way out across the castle hall.  You should still be able to see into the
    dining hall.  Drink the chameleon potion and go into sneak mode.  When noone
    can detect you, save and fire off the stark reality spell into the room.  As
    the spell leaves your hand, drink an invisibility potion.  When the spell hits
    the room, all of your items will still dissappear but the guards wont know who
    did it :)"
    SERRAPPHYM SAYS:  "I can add something about the Sanguine quest.  To escape the
    room, all you have to do is cast a 100 power charm spell for 4 sec on a guard,
    yield and he will pay your bounty."
    This really does work beautifully!
    14:  Shrine of Vaermina      YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 5 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Start at Black waterside stables outside Cheydinhal.  Turn so you 
    are facing directly between S and SW on your compass.  Keep that bearing as you
    travel.  The Shrine is located on the NE shore of Lake Poppad.
    OFFERING:  Black Soul Gem - To get this you need an empty grand soul gem and a
    soul trap spell.  Travel Due East from the Shrine until you find "Dark Fissure"
    cave.  Outside the door is an altar.  Once a week, at night, a light will shine
    down on the altar until midnight.  Place your gem inside the altar and cast 
    soul trap on the altar.  Instant Black Soul Gem.
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Skull of Corruption - Corruption 30 secs. on target
                                   Charge 3000 / 20 uses
    QUEST:  Vaermina has had an orb stolen by the wizard, Arkved.  Follow the map
    marker to his tower, retrieve the orb and return it to the Shrine.  I strongly
    reccomend having a night eye spell.  There's an area in the tower where a torch
    does you little good, you'll want to be able to see more than three feet in 
    front of you, sheer drop offs, certain death, that kind of thing.
    Once at the tower, you can explore the outside, not much here, corpses and a 
    few potions.  Inside the tower, the first two rooms are vacant.  Couple chests
    and some potions, not much in the way of loot.  The last room before Arkved's 
    Void will find you duking it out with a Flame Atronach and a Clanfear Runt.
    Quicksaving before you enter the void is a good thing.  
    Arkved's void is near pitch black.  There are thin walkway's you must traverse.
    Watch your step, it's a long way down and a torch wont give you enough light to
    see where you're going until it's too late.  Follow the straight path across to
    the other side and the entrance to Arkved's Lost Halls.  
    The first large chamber has three Clanfear Runts for you to deal with.
    Straight across is a short hall leading to Arkved's Oasis.  Go check it out for
    the view and watch out for a Scamp who'll try and knock you off the ledge.  
    It's a loooong way down.
    Back in the first room, take the flight of stairs.  On the other side of the
    door are a couple of Flame Atronachs.  You'll find what looks like a Giant's
    bedroom.  There's a trapdoor to Arkved's Oasis, nothing interesting except
    for the splatted body of the Scamp I knocked off the observation deck.
    Go back to the bedroom and take the door to Arkved's Hall of Changes.  Aside
    from the Clanfear Runts, there's a pillar in the center of the room that lobs
    the magical equivalent of a grenade at you every five seconds.  There are two
    doors.  You want the door across from you.
    The next room looks like a Zombie morgue.  They're dead and a Flame Atronach is
    standing guard.  The trap door in the floor goes to Arkved's Retreat, a creepy 
    room with dozens of bodies dangling from the ceiling and a chest.
    The door to your right is where you're headed.  This leads to another room with
    another annoying pillar, lightning this time.  You want the door to the left as
    you enter.  Down a short hall and a trap door to Arkved's Rending Halls.  
    Through a long set of halls populated by clanfears, scamps, and Flame Atronachs
    and littered with corpses to the entrance to Arkved's Death Quarters.
    In here, you'll find Vaermina's Orb on a table to your right.  Arkved is
    unconcious in his bed.  This is a good place to up your sneak skill as he wont
    wake up.  Find a comfy corner, sneak and hit auto walk.  You'll get about a 
    level a minute.  
    Across the room is a door leading straight out to Nibenay Basin.  Before you
    wonder, no, the trap door you come out of isn't there before you go in.  That
    would have been too easy. 
    Return to the Shrine and collect your reward from a grateful Daedra.
    15:  Shrine of Malacath    YOU MUST BE ATLEAST LEVEL 10 FOR THIS QUEST
    LOCATION:  Start from Horse Whisperer Stables outside Anvil.  Follow the road 
    until you get to the point where it starts to curve eastward.  Leave the road
    here and head Due North.  You'll pass Atrene Camp on your right, keep heading
    North.  Just past the camp, you'll see the Shrine marker appear in your compass
    follow that North and you can't miss it.
    OFFERING:  Troll Fat
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Volendrung - Paralyze 3 secs. on Strike
                          Drain Health 5 pts. for 20 secs. on Strike
                          Charge 2500 / 16 uses
    QUEST:  You're at a disadvantage here if you're not an Orc.  You'll have to
    max out Shobo Gro-Rugdush's disposition before he'll tell you what you need.
    Malacath likes Ogres.  An uppity Lord Drad has enslaved some of his Ogres to
    work in his mine and Malacath's mad.  Head to Lord Drad's estate.  When you
    speak to Lord Drad, he gets angry, he thinks using Ogres for slaves is a good
    thing.  After he tells you off, speak to his wife and she'll tell you the Ogres
    are working in the Bleak Mine.  It's not far and you'll have to go free the
    Ogres.  VERY IMPORTANT:  If even one of the Ogres dies, your quest is over.
    You lose.
    Once inside the Mine, I suggest killing all the guards before you release the
    Ogres.  Seems this doesn't count as murder since you don't gain a bounty for
    slaying them.  Be warned, these guys are heavily armored but they also
    didn't come to each others aide, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.  If you
    let them live, they will attack the Ogres as they try to leave and you could
    lose one.  Hence the aforementioned pre-freedom slaughter.
    Once all the guards have been dealt with, free the Ogres and go back to Lord
    Drad's estate.  You'll see Lord and Lady Drad working the fields under the
    careful supervision of the Ogres.  Feel free to raid the house for any goodies
    you may want, it's empty.
    Return to the Shrine for your reward.
    16:  Shrine of Hermaeus Mora           NO LEVEL REQUIREMENT
    LOCATION:  Due West of Cloud Ruler Temple.  It's a hell of a trek.  You'll find
    a trail west of Cloud Ruler Temple.  As long as your traveling uphill and west,
    you'll find it.  Keep an eye on your compass.  The Shrine is near the top of 
    the mountain.  Follow the Shrine icon when it appears in your compass and you
    wont get lost.
    OFFERING:  You MUST have completed all the other Shrine quests successfully, 
    obtained the Mysterium Xarxes as part of the Main Quest and received the 
    Daedric Artifact quest from Martin.  Once you've achieved all this, sleep and a
    servant of Hermaeus Mora will come to you, demanding your presence at his 
    TIME:  Any
    REWARD:  Oghma Infinium - see below for details.
    QUEST:  Hermaeus Mora is impressed with the deeds you've done for the other
    Daedra and wants you to serve him now.  He needs you to collect the souls of
    the ten races.  He will give you his soul gem and a spell, Mora's Soul Trap.
    Make sure you only hit one person at a time with this spell.  I'm told hitting
    two or more will cause some kind of glitch that prevents you from finishing the
    The best way to harvest these souls without racking up a sizeable bounty is to
    pick your victims from the faithful at the Shrines you've already visited.
    If you only kill one per Shrine, the other faithful don't take much notice.
    Because there are no guards around, you shouldn't get a bounty or be attacked
    by the others if you leave fast.  
    You will need:  Khajiit, Argonian, Breton, Nord, Imperial, Dunmer, Altmer, 
    Bosmer, Orc and RedGuard.
    Each time you gain a soul on your hit list, your journal will update.  Once you
    have them all, return to Mora's Shrine for your reward, the Oghma Infinium.
    A rather nifty book.  Read the book and you're given a choice of three paths.
    Each one will raise three skills ten points each, hopefully bumping one of
    those to the next level of mastery, and two attributes.
    Once you use the book, it will dissapear.
    PATH OF STEEL:  Strength, Speed, Blade, Blunt, and Heavy Armor.
    PATH OF SHADOW:  Speed, Acrobatics, Sneak, Security, Light Armor
    PATH OF SPIRIT: Intelligence, Alteration, Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration
    17:                     Frequently Asked Questions
    Q:  What are Wabbajack, Sanguine Rose, and Corruption?  What do they do?
      A:  Use Wabbajack on a non-human npc and it randomly changes them into
          another creature.
          Use Sanguine Rose on a non-human npc and it will summon a random daedra.
          Whether the daedra will fight for you or fight for the creature you
          summoned it on also seems to be random.  Try standing at a distance when
          you use it.
          Corruption creates what we'll call an evil twin of whatever you use it
          on.  The twin will begin attacking whatever you summoned it on.
    Q:  In the Shrine of Sanguine quest i have got into the dinner party but the
    countess is not there!  i have looked everywhere in the castle but i can
    not find her.
      A:  The dinner party happens in the evening so try to be in the dining room
          after six pm.  If she isn't there, try leaving the castle and coming back
          in forcing the castle to reload.  Jump ahead an hour at a time from 6.
          She'll be there eventually.  I think she likes to be fashionable late.
    Q:  Hey, regarding the Sanguine shrine quest, I can't seem to hit all the 
    people with my spell.  Do I have to hit them all with ONE cast?  If so, is
    there a good spot to aim to do this?
      A:  How I managed it, from the door, I aimed at the guy to the right of the
          Countess, on the other side of the table.  Hitting him from the door was
          how I finally got the update that I'd hit everyone.  Tried it four times
          to be sure, worked every time.
    Q:  I somehow managed to get a 1,040 bounty and a one point bump to infamy
    collecting souls for Hermaeous Mora at the other Shrines.  How, when there
    weren't any guards around?
      A:  I had the same thing happen.  Turns out there was an Imperial Forrester
          somehwere nearby.  A good sneak skill or a decent frenzy spell is the
          best way to avoid being seen by a passing forrester.  Though I simply
          went and paid mine off with the Thieves Guild.
    18:                             Credits
    Many thanks to my Husband who beta tested all my directions so I didn't walk
    anyone off a cliff.
    Thanks to Deathbyfate on the ElderScrolls forums for telling me how to get a 
    black soul gem.  I was at a loss, he saved my FAQ.
    Thanks to the ElderScrolls forums.  A great bunch of ES addicts that can answer
    just about any question, no matter how stupid.
    Thank you GameFaqs for posting my little contribution and solving many a gaming
    riddle for me.
    Thanks to nyekobug and Kama_returns for finding a way to complete the Sanguine
    quest without getting caught.
    Thanks Plethorex and Spartacus_prime for pointing out a mistake with the 
    Skeleton key.  
    Thanks to the puppetmaster for correcting me about the Umbra sword and Clavicus
    Vile - you don't have to give it back.
    Thanks to Dave for pointing out a glaring error in the directions for Mephala's
    Shrine:  Got my Shrines confused, heh.
    Thanks to Nathan for pointing out that I forgot to mention the Countess being
    out of town on the Sanguine quest.
    Thanks to Serrapphym on Nirnroot for a wonderful Sanguine solution.
    19:                           Contact Me
    Please contact me at whoguru@hotmail.com with any questions, corrections, 
    suggestions, additions, etc...  When you send an email, please put "Shrine FAQ"
    in the heading so I'll know it's not spam.
    20:                         Copyright Notice
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.

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