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    Ayleid Statue Guide by WhoGuru

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    The Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion
    Ayleid Statue Guide for the PC
    Version 1.00 May 5, 2006
    Written by: WhoGuru
    Copyright 2006 Karen Hoyt
    INTRO:  To begin the Ayleid statues quest for the collector, acquire one of the
    statues.  Vilverin is easy as you most likely know where it is already.  Once
    you have your statue you can do one of two things to start the quest.
    1:  Go to Umbacano Manor in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City and
        talk to Jolring.  Tell him you have something to show his master and he'll
        take you to him.
    2:  Sell your statue at any of the merchants in the Imperial City and sleep
        over in the city for a night or two.  Jolring will come find you and offer
        to take you to his master.
    Umbacano is a collector of Ayleid antiquities and desperately wants a complete
    set of Ayleid statues.  There are ten.  He will pay you 500 gold for each,
    and will double your reward should you bring him all ten.  
    Once you bring him a second statue, he will give you the locations of five more
    ###There is no statue in Sardavar Leed.  The Guide is wrong.
    ###If you come across an Ayleid Ruin called Miscarcand and have not done the
    Main Quest yet, LEAVE IT ALONE, especially if you're on the xbox.  This ruin
    contains an item essential for the MQ, the Great Welkynd Stone.  It's nothing
    you can use, is a quest item so is undroppable and if you pick it up without
    having the quest, you may have trouble finishing the main quest later.
    If you're on PC and this has already happened to you, these codes will allow you
    to drop the stone and then add it back into your inventory, fixing the quest.
    player.removeitem 000345AF 1 - Takes the Welkynd Stone out of your inventory,
    and once your quest updates, either go back to Miscarand,or enter:
    player.additem 000345AF 1 - Puts the Stone backk in your inventory.
    This is a very straight forward guide:  Directions to each Ayleid ruin, the
    general location of each statue within the ruins, and any special actions
    needed to get the statue.  Directions to the statues once you are in the
    ruins will be very general as you can use your maps and see far better than I
    can tell you.
    You'll notice I bypass a lot of locked doors.  I always assume the person using
    this doesn't have the skeleton key, has trouble with hard locks, or is out of
    lockpicks.  There's always a way around locked doors in Ayleid ruins.  I look
    for the alternate path.  If you can pick the lock, go ahead, you may even find
    it's a shorter path to the statue.
                              TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1:  Tips and general knowledge
    2:  Vilverin
    3:  Culotte
    4:  Moranda
    5:  Ninendava
    6:  Fanacas
    7:  Mackamentain
    8:  Wenyandawik
    9:  Wendir
    10:  Welke
    11:  Wendelbeck
    12:  "Nothing You Can Possess" - second quest from Umbacano
         Malada Ruin
    13:  "Secrets of the Ayleids" - Third quest from Umbacano
         Lindai Ruin
         Nenalata Ruin
    Get a horse.  Most of these ruins are in the backwater of nowhere.  Taking your
    horse will make this go alot faster.
    Keep an eye out for traps.  Ayleid ruins are notorius for the instant death
    If you find a door you can't open or see a path on the map you can't seem to
    find, backtrack a little.  You're looking for small blue switches in the wall
    or on a pillar and square pressure plates in the floor, usually found in
    When hunting for an Ayleid ruin, always keep your eye on your compass.  When
    you get near a ruin or any other landmark, the icon will appear in your compass
    to guide you.
    Night Eye is the handiest ability you can have in an Ayleid ruin. It makes
    switches and floor pressure plates stand out.  Detect Life is also helpful.  It
    will keep you from stumbling into zombies, skeletons and the like unprepared,
    as well as revealing hidden areas by showing you the bad guys hiding inside.
    Since creatures in Oblivion level with you, you'll face tougher enemies at
    higher levels.  Come prepared.
    Consider investing in a resist poison spell, potions, or enchantments.  Ayleid
    ruins are famous for poison gas traps.  You can lose a lot of health very
    2:  VILVERIN
    LOCATION:  Directly across the river from where you exited the palace sewers
    at the beginning of the game, outside the Imperial City.
    STATUE:  Inside Vilverin, enter the Vilverin Canosel.  Keep an eye out for the
    floor switches to open the hidden doors.  From the Canosel, enter the Vilverin
    Wendesel.  Be careful.  In the first room is a section of floor that drops
    onto spikes.  Walk across either side, hugging the wall, and it shouldn't drop.
    At the "T" junction, turn left and head to the Vilverin Sel Sancremathi.  In
    the first room, in the area at the center of the swinging blades, you'll find
    a pedestal, the statue is resting here.
    Grab your trophy and have fun killing the necromancer on the way out.
    3:  Culotte
    LOCATION:  Start at Cheydinhall, Black Waterside Stables.  Leave on the Blue
    Road going west.  Follow the road to the coast, across from the Imperial City.
    At the "T" junction, turn left and follow the road South.  You'll pass
    Wellspring Cave, Fort Magia and the burnt out ruins of All Things Alchemical.
    Keep heading south until you reach the river.  Do not cross.  Follow the shore
    of the river as it curves SE and you can't miss the ruin sitting half on the
    bank, half in the water.
    STATUE:  Culotte is not a complicated ruin, only having a single floor.  The
    statue is easy to find and easy to get to as there are no monsters on your way
    in.  You'll need  to find a pressure plate to open the door.  It's in the room
    straight back from the entrance.  As you cross the bridge, part of it will
    crumble away.
    The statue is in a room, sitting on the floor in the center of three pillars.
    Once you pick up the statue, the dead awaken in the crypt behind you.  Watch
    your step on the way out.  As you can't take the bridge back out, follow the
    side path on your way out to what looks like a dead end and drop down onto the
    bridge below, bypassing the crumbled portion.  Now retrace your steps to the
    4:  MORANDA
    LOCATION:  Start in Weynon Priory.  Take the road out heading East.  This is a
    bit of a trek.  Stay to the road, checking your map often.  You're looking for
    the words "The Orange Road" written on the map.  When you reach the "THE" in
    The Orange Road, turn off the road and head North.  Watch for the Ayleid ruin
    map marker to appear in your compass.  It's not too far North of the road.
    STATUE:  When you enter, you'll find a passage on your right blocked by a gate
    with a very hard lock.  If you can't pick this, go around the long way to your
    right and enter the Moranda Aratasel.  This will lead you back to the Main
    floor, on the other side of the blocked passages.  Keep an eye out for Varla
    stones, there are two of them in Maranda.
    Enter the Moranda Abaspania.  The statue is on this level and there are no
    creatures here.  What there is is poison gas.  The floors down here are filled
    with it.  Take the statue in the central chamber and find the other door back
    to Moranda's main floor.  If you checked every chest and casket, you should now
    have a key for the locked gate, unless you picked your way through it the first
    time around.
    ##When you bring Umbacano your third statue, he will offer a second quest,
      "Nothing You Can Possess".  I recommend leaving this until you have
      collected and been paid for all ten statues.  Finishing this one may make it
      impossible for you to get the bonus for acquiring all ten.
    LOCATION:  Due NW of Moranda in the mountains above it.  Also due West of Bruma
    if you need a second reference.  Quite a ways West.
    STATUE:  Ninendava is a single floor.  The statue is in the room furthest north
    behind a hard locked gate.  Not up to picking it?  Visit the complex on the
    left side of the map.  You'll find vampires and in a small alcove, a Ninendava
    key atop a copy of Darkest Darkness.
    ##Upon returning with your fourth statue, you'll be greeted in the street by
      Claude Maric, who says he's another of Umbacano's treasure hunters.  Follow
      him to the Tiber Septim hotel where you can speak with him.  He has some
      information about the "Nothing You Can Possess" quest Umbacano offered you.
      He'll tell you to go to the First Edition bookstore and read their copy of
      "Cleansing the High Fane".  It will give you a map marker for the High Fane.
      If you'ld rather not read it, just butter him up a bit and he'll give you
      the map marker himself.
      If you ask Umbacano about Claude, he'll tell you he feels competition is
      good for the spirit.
    6:  FANACAS
    LOCATION:  From Cheydinhall's East gate, head NNE.  It's pretty much on top of
    a mountain.  
    STATUE:  The statue is in an alcove straight back from the entrance at the rear
    of the ruin.  You'll have to take a quick swim to get to it as the entrance is 
    submerged.  The place seems a bit of a maze, but as it's only one floor, it's
    fairly easy once you figure it out.
    LOCATION:  Middle O' Nowhere.  Look on your map.  Find the words "Nibenay
    Basin" far below Cheydinhall.  There is a small lake next to the word "Basin".
    The ruin is just above the NW corner of the lake.
    STATUE:  Inside the ruin, head straight back from the entrance.  In the first
    large chamber, there are four Varla stone cages.  The switches, two of them,
    are on opposite sides of the room in small alcoves.
    In the next room, over the smashing floor panel o' death, is the entrance to
    the Tombs of the Undead.  
    In the Tombs, make your way to the area furthest left of where you came in.
    You'll find a door to the Necromancer's Asylum.
    The statue is on an altar in the center of the large chamber.  On the far side,
    you'll find a door back to the main floor.  Press the switch and make your way
    back out.  
    LOCATION:  A short ride WNW of Bravil.
    STATUE:  Inside the first large chamber, there are three doors to the 
    Wenyandawik Edesel.  Take the door on your right, push the switch to the left
    of the gate to reach it.
    Once in the Edesel, the room on the right contains two Varla stones.  The
    switches are on either side of the room, look carefully.
    Go back down the hall.  As you near the end, a secret wall will open revealing
    a hidden room.  Go through and you'll find the statue sitting on a pedestal.
    Go through the gate on the other side.  It leads you out onto a short walkway.
    Drop down and the door to the Main floor is right next to you.
    9:  WENDIR
    LOCATION:  SSW of Chorrol.  See the words, "The Black Road" on your map?  The
    ruin is due south of the word "Black".
    STATUE:  Inside, to your right, is a hard locked gate.  To your left is a break
    in the wall where you can jump down into the central chamber.  I jumped.  There
    are three sets of spikes in here.  Look up at the ceiling to find them and
    watch your step.  Make your way to the entrance to the Wendir Nagasel.
    In the Nagasel, there are floor spikes in the center of the first chamber.
    Avoid these and head into the next room.  Poison gas here.  Go to your right
    and follow the passage to a flight of stairs.  At the top, there's a passage on
    your right and a gate straight ahead.  Go to the gate, hit the switch to the
    left of the gate.  The statue is on an altar to your right.
    Backtrack and take the passage to your right.  As you enter, take the stairs on
    your right.  Follow the passage at the top of the stairs and you'll find a door
    that leads back to the main floor.
    10:  WELKE
    LOCATION:  East of Bravil, find the words "Panther River" on your map.  Welke
    is just south west of the word "Panther".  WSW actually, above the river bank.
    STATUE:  Inside, turn left.  Follow the twisting passages to the large chamber.
    In the center is a door to the Welke Ceyede.
    In the Ceyede, you'll have to take a quick swim to reach the central chamber.
    Once there, at the back of the room, you'll find a door to the Welke Edesel.
    In the Edesel, the statue is on an altar at the center of the room.
    LOCATION:  East of Bravil, find the words "Panther River" on your map.  The
    ruin is across the river, due North of the word "Panther".
    Statue:  As you enter, you'll find a large balcony overlooking the central
    chamber blocked by a hard locked gate.  Jump the balcony to the floor below.
    #Be careful.  On the floor past the pillar is a vent, in the center of a large
    square.  If you step anywhere in the square, Walls will shoot up around you,
    locking you in with the poison gas vent.  They take about five seconds to drop
    back down.  If you get trapped, heal often until they drop, then get out fast
    before they raise again.
    Take the hall at the back right of this chamber.  It leads to another poison
    gas filled room.  If you can pick the lock on that gate, you can bypass both
    these rooms.  
    Enter the Wendelbeck Aldmerisel.  To get to the next level, go to the passage
    in the far right corner of this room.  Follow it back, hit the switch, and you
    can now reach the door to the Wendelbeck Sel Aran Mathmedli.  It's on your
    This next area is irritating.  Poison gas and my favorite pillars that shoot at
    you if you get too close.  Turn left, then right.  Hit the switch to drop the
    gate and the statue is on an altar to your right.  You may now explore the
    rest of the ruin at your leisure.
    Umbacano wants you to find the High Fane and retrieve a carved panel for him.
    You can get a map marker for this by going to the First Edition bookshop and
    reading their copy of "Cleansing the High Fane".  It's now known as Malada.
    If you already talked to Claude Maric, you may already have the map marker. 
    MALADA:  This ruin is on the far east side of the map, ESE of Mackementain.
    You should have a map marker for it by now.  Enjoy the scenery, it's a long
    walk.  As you near the ruin, you'll see two people standing on a rise to your
    left.  They aren't interested in telling you why they're there.  The Khajiit on
    the hill above the ruin however will, if he likes you.  He'll offer to help you
    get the better of Claude Maric, if you come out alive, for half your reward.
    Inside Malada, the chamber you're looking for is the furthest west and south of
    the entrance.  This floor seems a bit confusing at first but is really straight
    When you take the carved panel, the wall it rests in will crumble forward. Back
    up quickly to avoid taking damage.  Go through the door to the Malada
    Aldmerisel for a Varla stone and a roundabout way back to the main floor.
    When you exit Malada, you'll find Claude Maric and his three freinds waiting
    for you.  Claude wants the panel and orders them to kill you when you refuse.
    Your Khajiit freind will help in the fight.  Claude however makes for his
    horse.  He's fast.  If you need a little revenge, ranged attacks or a bow are
    the best way to take him down.  It wont be the last you see of him though.
    Bring the carved panel back to Umbacano.  He rewards you 500 septims and offers
    another task.  "Secrets of the Ayleids".
    There is one more relic Umbacano wants, the Crown of the last Ayleid King.  His
    collector rival, Herminia Cinna, has it.  He'll give you 1000 septims to go and
    buy it from her.
    Herminia isn't interested in selling the crown for any price.  She's convinced
    Umbacano will use it badly.  She tells you of a second crown, in the ruins of
    Lindai.  Umbacano, having never seen the real thing, will not know the
    You have a choice:  Steal the real crown from Herminia Cinna's house or go to
    Lindai, recover the second crown, and give that to Umbacano.
    STEALING THE CROWN:  Herminia goes to the cemetery at the Palace every day
    around eleven am.  Sneak into her house and upstairs to her bedroom.  In the
    desk you'll find a key to an Ayleid cask.  The cask is on a table on the other
    side of the room.  Take the Crown of Nenalata.
    GOING TO LINDAI:  It's due East of Chorrol, a short walk.  Inside, watch out
    for two sets of swinging blades in the entry hall.  Follow the winding paths
    through two chambers.  In the third, there are three floor panels in the center
    of the room.  The ones on either end lead to ceiling spikes.  The one in the
    middle will lift you up to a switch to open the gates on either side of the
    room.  You can easily walk around the outside of this room.  At the back is a
    door to the Lindai Inner Tombs.
    In here you'll find two Varla stone cages.  The switches are on either side of
    the room.  At the back is an Ayleid cask holding the Crown of the Lindai.
    Return to Umbacano with the crown of your choice.  Whichever you give him, he
    notices no real difference.
    Umbacano has one last task.  He needs you to take him to the ruins of Nenalata
    so he can complete his research on the last King of the Ayleids.  You'll find
    Nenalata East of Bravil on the opposite shore of Niben Bay.  Umbacano gives
    you three days to meet him there.  I recommend going in ahead of time and
    clearing out all the mobs before he arrives.
    NENALATA:  Though expansive, Nenalata is simple.  There's only ever one way
    to go and there are no traps.  Just follow the passages, first to the Nenalata
    Wendesel.  Then from there to the Nenalata Sel Aran Arpena.  
    In the Sel Aran Arpena, at the very back of the central chamber, is a wall you
    can't get through without Umbacano.  On your way out of this room, be sure to
    grab the two Varla stones in brasiers.
    Outside, you'll find your freind Claude waiting, if you have detect life that
    is.  He's invisible.  He says he holds no hard feelings and is truly there at
    Umbacano's request.  He wants both of you to escort him to the throne room.
    When Umbacano arrives, lead them back to the chamber you couldn't enter.
    Umbacano will open the door and seat himself on the throne with his crown,
    proclaiming himself the new king.  The outcome of this is determined by which
    crown you gave him.
    If you gave him the crown of Nenelata, you'll be able to keep it as it's a nice
    piece of enchanted armor.
    If you gave him the crown of Lindai, it will be irreversibly broken.
    Leaving the ruins after this will officially complete the quest in your
    Enjoy the fireworks.  =)
    Q:  I've gotten Umbacano to the throne room and he wont sit on the throne. I've
    pushed him up to it, gone out and come back in, reloaded an earlier save and
    he just wont sit down.  What do I do?
      A:  Some have found that when they get Umbacano into the Throne room, for
          whatever reason, he wont sit on the throne, preventing you from finishing
          the quest. If this happens to you, kill him yourself. Your journal should
          update, telling you to leave the ruins, and the quest will clear once
          you're outside.
    Q:  Do you know why after giving Umbacanco two statues and he gave me the 
    locations of the ruins, why is it that his house is suddenly lokced up 24/7? I 
    can't get in and give him his statues without getting in trouble.
      A:  Are you running any mods or patches?  You'd be surprised the things they
          can glitch.  Disable any mods or patches you're using temporarily, and 
          then reload your game.  Several people have had all shops in the game
          closed 24/7 because they were running mods.
    Thanks to the ElderScrolls forums.  A great bunch of ES addicts that can answer
    just about any question, no matter how stupid.
    Thank you GameFaqs for posting my little contribution and solving many a gaming
    riddle for me.
    Many more thanks to my oh so patient Husband for testing all my directions.
    Many thanks to tones12 for finding the console codes regarding the Great
    Welkynd Stone.
    Many, many thanks to the Avid Alchemist's Alcove, who's wonderful Obliv-O-Map
    helped me locate several of the ruins.
    Thanks to nuclearstab5 for finding that killing Umbacanowill finish the quest
    if it glitches at the throne.
    Thanks to John Fisher for reminding me to put the fate of both crowns in here.
    Thanks to bf42lvr for pointing out an error in the directions to Moranda.
    Please contact me at whoguru@hotmail.com with any questions, corrections, 
    suggestions, additions, etc...  When you send an email, please put "Statues" or
    "Ayleid" in the heading so I'll know it's not spam. 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.

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