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    Secrets/Easter Eggs FAQ by TheSacredRing / moshaspartan2

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/24/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          /\  \         /\  \         /\  \                   ___        /\__\
          \:\  \       /::\  \       /::\  \                 /\  \      /:/  /
           \:\  \     /:/\:\  \     /:/\ \  \                \:\  \    /:/  /
           /::\  \   /::\~\:\  \   _\:\~\ \  \               /::\__\  /:/__/  ___
          /:/\:\__\ /:/\:\ \:\__\ /\ \:\ \ \__\           __/:/\/__/  |:|  | /\__\
         /:/  \/__/ \:\~\:\ \/__/ \:\ \:\ \/__/          /\/:/  /     |:|  |/:/  /
        /:/  /       \:\ \:\__\    \:\ \:\__\            \::/__/      |:|__/:/  /
        \/__/         \:\ \/__/     \:\/:/  /             \:\__\       \::::/__/
                       \:\__\        \::/  /               \/__/        ~~~~
                        \/__/         \/__/
            ___           ___           ___                   ___
           /\  \         /\  \         /\__\      ___        /\__\          ___
          /::\  \       /::\  \       /:/  /     /\  \      /:/  /         /\  \
         /:/\:\  \     /:/\:\  \     /:/  /      \:\  \    /:/  /          \:\  \
        /:/  \:\  \   /::\~\:\__\   /:/  /       /::\__\  /:/__/  ___      /::\__\
       /:/__/ \:\__\ /:/\:\ \:|__| /:/__/     __/:/\/__/  |:|  | /\__\  __/:/\/__/
       \:\  \ /:/  / \:\~\:\/:/  / \:\  \    /\/:/  /     |:|  |/:/  / /\/:/  /
        \:\  /:/  /   \:\ \::/  /   \:\  \   \::/__/      |:|__/:/  /  \::/__/
         \:\/:/  /     \:\/:/  /     \:\  \   \:\__\       \::::/__/    \:\__\
          \::/  /       \::/__/       \:\__\   \/__/        ~~~~         \/__/
           \/__/         ~~            \/__/
                                    ___           ___
                                   /\  \         /\__\
                                  /::\  \       /::|  |
                                 /:/\:\  \     /:|:|  |
                                /:/  \:\  \   /:/|:|  |__
                               /:/__/ \:\__\ /:/ |:| /\__\
                               \:\  \ /:/  / \/__|:|/:/  /
                                \:\  /:/  /      |:/:/  /
                                 \:\/:/  /       |::/  /
                                  \::/  /        /:/  /
                                   \/__/         \/__/
    Secrets and Easter Eggs guide to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    		(version 1.2, 12/23/07)
    	  By moshaspartan2 and TheSacredRing
    Version History:
    Ver. 1.2 3/24/08 - Moderate update. A few user contributions. Slight 
    	           changes to contacts section and format.  Be sure 
    		   to look if you have, or will try to get in contact 
    		   with me over Xbox Live. For future notice, I will
    		   continue to accept user contributions until I put
    		   a version listed as "final."  Just be advised that
    		   I may not get back to you if you contact me possibly
    		   for several weeks or months.
    Ver. 1.11 9/8/07 -A few format and grammatical changes, minor additions
    	          to the giant objects section.  Nothing too big, if
    		  you'll excuse the punn.
    Ver. 1.1  8/31/07-Tomorrow will be one year since the guide was started.
    		  I've never had so much difficulty in trying to devote 
    		  time to the guide, but after all of these months I 
    		  finally managed it.  Mostly user-contributed info, and 
    		  an update on permitted websites.
    Ver. 1.04 1/31/07-Heh, bet you've all been waiting for this update.
    Ver. 1.03 11/3/06-Guide has been accepted, only a minor update
                      in grammar error and contact information, and
                      one new section.  Next update will be a big one.
    Ver. 1.02 11/1/06-Submitted to GameFaqs. Fingers are crossed.
    Ver. 1.01 10/4/06-Added majority of easter eggs, nearing completion.
                      Some outside contributions already. Next version
                      will be (hopefully) submitted to GameFaqs.  Not
                      yet released to the public.
    Ver. 1.00 9/1/06- Began the guide, added the beginning of secrets.
                      Not yet released to the public.
    *New and imporant notice - check contacts section for updated details
     on submitting material.  Only I will be accepting emails now for
     the guide, moshaspartan2 will not be, so please check the respective
     section before emailing us.  He might get mad...:P
    Table of Contents:
    1.1- Introduction
    1.2- The Giant Nirnroot
    1.3- Skooma Den
    1.4- The Giant Mud Crab
    1.5- Drunken Goblins
    1.6- The Suicidal Troll
    1.7- The Uderfrykte Matron
    1.8- Fight Club
    1.9- Fin Gleam
    2.0- Doomstones and Runestones
    	2.01- Birthsign Stones
    	2.02- Heaven Stones
    	2.03- Hestra, Reman, and Sidri-Ashak Runestones
    2.1- Das uber rat
    2.2- The Spectral Mudcrab
    2.3- The Haunted House
    2.4- The Vampire Plant
    2.5- The Lighthouse
    2.6- The NPC Melting Glitch
    2.7- Clumsy Fool
    2.8- The Tribe of Veyond Cave
    2.9- Being a jail regular
    3.0- Sheep Charming
    3.1- The Giant Slaughterfish
    3.2- The "Giant" Object Treasures
    3.3- Torture Chambers Galore!
    3.4- Teenage Suicide
    3.5- Miscellaneous Secrets
    3.6- The Shivering Isles Secrets
    	3.61- The Museum of Oddities
    More coming soon!
    =================================	Introduction
    Welcome to the Secrets and Easter Eggs FAQ to
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This guide has been composed to tell
    you about and help you discover the many easy-to-find and
    difficult-to-find secrets that are hidden all throughout the world
    of Tamriel.There are many spoilers to Faction Quests and other parts
    of the game, so view at your own discretion. This file is only for
    personal use.  You may print it, but if you wish to post it on your
    own website or use it for anything other than personal use, you must
    first ask for permission and we will email you a response. See the
    contacts section for details. If there are secrets we forgot to
    mention or you believe we left out some important details,go to the
    contact section and email one or both of us.  You will be given full
    credit for your submissions. Due to how busy I currently am,
    unfortunately, it may take as long as 2-3 months for me to get to all
    emails between updates, so I am sorry for that.
    As of the present time, only three websites are permitted to host
    this guide:
    If you see this guide on any other website other than those listed,
    I would appreciate it if you could notify me.  All websites who wish
    to use this guide, simply contact me.  I will investigate your site, 
    and then I will get back to you on whether or not I grant permission.
    Enjoy the guide!
    *Uber-special note*
    Shivering Isles submissions are now being accepted, but as you know, 
    the entire realm is like one big easter egg, so I'll have to do a lot 
    of filtering.
    ==============1.2================    ~THE GIANT NIRNROOT~
    The giant nirnroot is around the same height as the player, and is a sight
    well worth seeing.
    To find this unique plant, head to meridia's shrine, which is a short way
    west of Skingrad. Upon reaching the shrine, continue to head west a very
    small distance and you will see a lake, upon the shore closest to the
    shrine is the giant nirnroot. You can't miss it.
    As a side note, unless you really, REALLY have to, don't actually pick the
    plant, as it still only counts as a single nirnroot, and I personally
    would rather be able to go see it whenever I want =P
    *Update* - In 'The Giant Nirnroot', there are actually *2* giant nirnroots
    on the pond west of Meridia's Shrine, and I've also found one a little
    Northeast of Shetcombe farm (Which is a little east-northeast of Kvatch).
    Finally, if you exit Bravil and follow the coast to the east, you will
    eventually come across another giant nirnroot by a large boulder.
    ==============1.3==============          ~Skooma Den~
    If you ever feel the need to enjoy the fine taste and effects of skooma
    without being harassed by those crazy guards, or simply need to find
    some for any reason, then the skooma den is your best bet.
    To find the den, pay a visit to Bravil. The skooma den is in one of the
    two-story buildings, with a small flight of stairs leading up to it.
    More often than not, there are two junkies in front of the door,
    drinking their chosen drug.
    Most of the chests in the den contain around 10 bottles of skooma, the
    same amount the junkies usually carry around in their inventories.
    ==============1.4================    ~The "Giant Mud Crab"~
    This fellow is found inside greenmead cave, which around half way along
    the Gold Road, west of the imperial city. The "Giant mud crab" is
    around the same height as an average wood elf, and is a very strange
    sight, well worth a look. Once in Greenmead cave, explore until
    you find the final chamber, it isn't a very complex place, so you will
    have very little trouble finding the crab.Be warned, the crab is very
    weak, only dishing out the same damage as a normal crab, and it only
    has the same amount of HP, so dont go expecting an incredible
    battle with this particular beast. The crab respawns as well, so feel
    free to beat the hell out of it whenever you want =P
    By the way reader, greenmead cave is an excellent place to find high
    level loot, so make use of it. I found my ring of war, and ring of
    the iron fist in this place.
    ==============1.5================	~Drunken Goblins~
    Those crazy goblins, getting into all kinds of scrapes, tsk tsk.
    Across cyrodill, numerous goblins can be found in a drunken state,
    beer bottle in hand. Here is a list of where to find these fellas:
    1) Horn cave: south of the Imperial City waterfront, in here you
       will find the first drunken goblin.
    2) Lost Boy Cavern: east of peryite's shrine, you can find the
       lost boy cavern, which is usually guarded by a minotaur.
       Aside from having a very impressive entrance, this place
       contains the second drunken goblin.
    3) Toadstool Hollow: You must drop down a hole to find this
       goblin, but you will need to use the paint brush glitch in
       order to climb back up.
    4) Crayfish Cave 
    5) Northeast of the northern gate of Chorrol is Fort Rayels.
       inside is a drunken goblin. When you first enter, there are
       2 statues and 2 locked gates. On the foreheads of the 2 statues
       are pads/buttons you have to hit with an arrow for the gate to
       open. inside is a drunkin goblin. He aperantly got drunk and
       fell down a hole.  How ironic.
    6) Just outside of Infested Mine. Face the entrance to the mine
       and turn left toward a ridge, climb it to find the goblin and
       a chest.  A drunk with a bit of change left over!
    *Note*- If anybody knows where to find more of these drunk goblins,
            please inform us.
    ==============1.6================        ~Suicidal troll~
    This sorry specimen can be found at the mouth of the "Panther river",
    which is southeast of Bravil.
    Once you reach the river, you will see the Pirate ship which was
    beached on the rocks in the river mouth. Head north from this ship
    for a small distance and you will see a bridge. The troll is in the
    water underneath this bridge, face down.
    Check the troll's body, and you can find a suicide note....poor fella....
    If only it was peanut eh? =P
    ==============1.7================       ~The Uderfrykte Matron~
    Far in Northeastern Cyrodiil there is a great beast.  Don't even try asking
    me how the name is pronounced.  First you should locate Aerin's camp, which
    is northeast of kingscrest cavern and southeast of  the Temple of the
    Ancestor Moths.  Fast travel to one of those locations and head toward's
    Aerin's camp. (Another way of getting there is traveling east from Azura's
    Once at Aerin's camp, head north-northeast and look for the body of Andre
    Labouche. On the body is a letter from his daughter that tells about the
    Horror of Dive Rock (the matron).
    To get to Dive rock, keep heading up the cliff (there is no fixed path, so
    you will have to use your compass to head toward the crag-shaped icon).
    The method of climbing that I find most effective is to head up until you
    get stuck, then go left and right while constantly jumping to gain higher
    Once you reach Dive Rock, take a look at how high you are. The view
    actually benefits you, as three mapmarkers are added to your map: kingscrest
    cavern, Fanacas (an ayleid ruin), and quickwater cave.
    At the campsite at Dive Rock, read Angar's journal. Head Southeast from
    here (being careful not to fall off the edge), until you find Angar's body.
    The Uderfrykte Matron is nearby,with a ton of health (around 500 points),
    chameleon abilities, and resists frost 100%. However, fire deals 200%
    damage, so magic or a fire enchantment is the way to go.  Search the
    troll-like beast to gain the Frostwyrm Bow, which has a Frost Damage
    enchantment of 15 points.
    =================================           ~Fight Club~
    To see the three man fight club, make your way to the anvil waterfront.
    At around 12 o' clock every night, an orc, a wood elf, and an argonian
    will meet by the haunted ship to engage in a bit of hand to hand,
    bareknuckle combat, although no one will be killed or knocked out.
    =================================           ~Fin Gleam~
    Fin gleam is a unique glass helm which can be found at any level,
    very useful to a low level character, although it is obviously a very
    unattractive piece of kit if you don't like glassn armor.
    To find fin gleam, head west from anvil until you reach the waterfront.
    There should be a small island a few yards from the shore, most likely
    populated by numerous mudcrabs, use your map and you will see the small
    island just offshore. Head onto this island and go to its west side,
    then into the water.
    Follow the slope of the island right down the the sea bed, and you will
    find a skeleton not far from the island, nestled between some large
    rocks. On top of this skeleton is Fin Gleam. To make things easier,
    equip something with a nighteye enchantment or a spell and look
    around without moving just below the surface until you can make out the
    skeleton.  Don't be discouraged if it take you a while to find it.  Oh
    and make sure to grab the nirnroot that is on the island.
    NOTE: Fin Gleam is blessed with the following enchantments:
    **water breathing
    **night eye
    **detect life 20 feet
    ==============2.0================  ~Doomstones and Runestones~	
    Scattered across Cyrodiil you will find many odd-looking groups of
    stones, with one especially large stone in the center with markings
    on it.  This is a magical stone known as a doomstone or a runestone,
    depending on which you find.  Red markings indicate a doomstone and
    green markings indicate a runestone.
    First, onto doomstones.  There are two types: Birthsign and Heaven
    stones.  To activate any of them, it must be between 6:00 pm and
    6:00 am, other wise you will receive a message that says
    "No stars shine upon the stone."
    ==============2.01===============	 ~Birthsign Stones~
    Birthsign stones have no affiliation with whatever sign you chose
    for your character. They simply give you another greater power
    associated with it.  For example, you can choose the sign of the
    atronach and activate the stone of the warrior. It doesn't matter.
    However, you can only choose one Birthsign stone at a time, so if
    you activate the tower stone and then later the ritual stone, you
    will lose the power from the tower stone in exchange for the ritual
    stone's greater power.  I'll list the locations and descriptions
    of the stones now, so don't worry :P
    Apprentice stone:
    Location - South of Skingrad (not far).
    Power - Void Seed (fortifies illusion and alchemy 20 points for
            120 seconds).
    Atronach stone:
    Location - Northwest of Skingrad, Shardrock farm is closer
               (head north from there).
    Power - Arcane Well (fortifies intelligence 20 points and high
            spell absorption for 120 seconds).
    Lady stone:
    Location - West of Anvil
    Power - Lady's Warding (fortifies willpower and endurance 20
            points for 120 seconds).
    Lord stone:
    Location - Close to Hammerfell border, head north from the
               ayleid ruin Niryastare or from the Brena River
               (use your map to make things more clear).
    Power - Ysmir's Scales (resist frost 50% and fortifies
            light armor and heavy armor 20
            points for 120 seconds).
    Lover stone:
    Location - Head southwest from the Imperial Bridge Inn,
               southwest from Peryite's shrine.
    Power - Lover's Bower (fortifies personality and luck 20
            points for 120 seconds).
    Mage stone:
    Location - Go to the headwaters of the silverfish river
               and head north (not too far).
    Power - Magicka Manifold (fortifies magicka 50 points for
            120 seconds).
    Ritual stone:
    Location - Northeast of Fisherman's Rock, east of Fort
               Redman.  This stone gives two powers.
    Power #1 - Mara's Mercy (restores health 150 points to
               someone else).
    Power #2 - Mara's Milk (restores health 100 points to
    Serpent stone:
    Location - Southeast of Leyawiin, roughly between Bogwater
               camp and Tidewater Cave.
    Power - Cobra's Dance (Paralyze for 5 seconds and damage
            health 4 points for 20 seconds against enemy).
    Shadow stone:
    Location - Find the Yellow Road bridge that is over the
               Corbolo River and head southeast.
    Power - Fingernail Moon (Chameleon 15% for 120 seconds).
    Steed stone:
    Location - Southeast of Roland Jenseric's cabin (on road
               between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal.)
    Power - Hellride (forifies speed and acrobatics 20 points
            for 120 seconds).
    Thief stone:
    Location - North of spot where the Silver Road and Red Ring
               Road meet.
    Power - Cheater's Nip (fortifies agility and luck 20 points
            for 120 seconds).
    Tower stone:
    Location - Northwest of the Old Bridge, north of Red Ring
    Power - Warden Key (open hard lock and fortifies armorer by
            20 points for 120 seconds).
    Warrior stone:
    Location - Northwest of the ayleid ruin Silorn (southeast of
    Power - War Cry (fortifies strength, blade, blunt, and
            hand-to-hand skills 20 points for 120 seconds.)
    ===============2.02==============	  ~Heaven Stones~
    There are seven heaven stones in the game, but unlike birthsign
    stones, you can receive each power without losing any others.
    However, each stone requires you have a certain level or higher
    of combined fame and infamy (does not mean you need both, just
    reach that number with one or the other or both).  I'll start
    with the ones with the lowest requirements and
    work my way up.
    Jone Stone:
    Location - East of Sanguine's shrine (far north of Skingrad).
    Power - Jone's Shadow (fortifies sneak 30 points and invisibility
            for 120 seconds).
    Requirement - Combined fame/infamy of 10
    Aetherius stone:
    Location - Northwest of Skingrad, south from Bleak Flats Cave.
    Power - Gates of Aetherius (fortifies magicka 50 points and resist
            magicka 20% for 120 seconds).
    Requirement - Combined fame/infamy of 20
    Jode stone:
    Location - Southeast of Anvil, southeast of Troll Candle Camp
               (not far).
    Power - Jode's Blood (fortifies health 40 points and blade, blunt,
            and hand-to-hand 20 points for 120 seconds).
    Requirement - Combined fame/infamy of 30
    Sithian stone:
    Location - North of Kvatch, relatively center of Shattered Mine,
               Mongrel's Tooth Cave,and Fort Linchal.
    Power - Sithian Web (fortifies illusion, marksman, mercantile,
            security, and speechcraft 20 points for 120 seconds).
    Requirement - Combined fame/infamy of 40
    Magnus stone:
    Location - East of Haunted Mine in Nibenay Valley.
    Power - Children of Magnus (fortifies alteration, conjuration,
            destruction, illusion, mysticism, and restoration 15
            points for 120 seconds).
    Requirement - Combined fame/infamy of 50
    Shezarr stone:
    Location - Northwest of Leyawiin, north of ayleid ruin Telepe.
    Power - Shield of Shezarr (fortifies armorer, block, light armor,
            heavy armor, and reflect spell 10% for 120 seconds).
    Requirement - Combined fame/infamy of 60
    Dragon stone:
    Location - Northeast of Lake Arrius Caverns (Northwest of
    Power - Dragon Dream (fortifies health 40 points, magicka 50
            points, and fatigue 100 points for 120 seconds).
    Requirement - Combined fame/infamy of 70
    =========2.03==========	~Hestra, Reman, and Sidri-Ashak Runestones~
    The three types of Runestones basically mean three different sets
    of bound equipment that you will receive when you activate one.
    There are 24 total runestones in the game. Activating one of the
    ten Hestra stones gives you bound gauntlets and a bound dagger or
    mace (depending on if your blade or blunt skill is higher).
    Activating one of the nine Reman stones gives you a bound cuirass
    and a bound claymore or war axe.  Activating one of the five
    Sidri-Ashak stones gives you a bound helmet and a bound bow (no
    arrows come with it.)
    Hestra Runestones:
    -Southeast of Bruma.
    -North of above stone.
    -Northwest of Bruma.
    -Southwest of Lake Arrius Caverns, Northwest of Cheydinhal.
    -Southeast of Cheydinal,Northeast of Lake Poppad.
    -West bank of Reed River, far south of Cheydinhal.
    -East of Silvertooth Cave, between Cheydinhal and Bruma.
    -North of Fort Chalman on Red Ring Road (Northeast of Imperial
    -Between Fort Caractus and Fort Empire (North Shore of Lake
    -On a peninsula on northwest corner of central island in Lake
    Reman Runestones:
    -East from Kvatch, southwest of Fort Istirus.
    -Southeast of Ra'sava camp (east of Kvatch, just off of the
     Gold Road).
    -Southeast of Breakneck Cave, west of Imperial City.
    -Southwest of Bleak Flats Cave (Northwest of Skingrad).
    -Between Ayleid ruins Talwinque and Varondo (far northeast
     of Kvatch).
    -Northwest of Kvatch (not far).
    -Between Ayleid ruin Ondo and Arrowshaft Cavern (East of
     Silverfish River).
    -South of Yellow Road Bridge (across Panther River), northwest
     of road after turning southwest.
    -Northeast of Leyawiin, between Amelion Tomb and Yellow Road.
    Sidri-Ashak Runestones:
    -North of Sancre Tor (not far).
    -Southeast of Underpall Cave (on Orange Road southwest of Bruma).
    -Northwest of Anvil.
    -North of Azura's shrine (not far).
    -Across the lake southwest from Fatback Cave (south shore of Lake
     Rumare, just off Red Ring Road).
    ===============2.1===============         ~Das uber rat~
    To find this unique, and very powerful rat, hit the ol' dusty trail
    and make your way to Skingrad.
    Once there, check your handy map and find the house of "Lazare
    Milvan". Head to this house, dispose of the pompous git who owns it
    (for me, please...) and then proceed to the basement.
    This is the home of the super rat, and he can give you a pretty
    hard time if you underestimate him....
    ===============2.2===============      ~The spectral mudcrab~
       **This section contains spoilers for the main quest, oh no >_>**
    		*View at your own discretion*
    If you want to find this seriously unique creature, you will have to
    enter the portal to Mankor Cameron's paradise.
    Once you have entered the portal, make your way past the frost
    atronach and into the water surrounding the island. Although it is
    nigh on impossible to give you specific directions from here, it still
    won't be hard to find the crab. Just swim around the island in whichever
    direction tickles your fancy, making your way through the hundreds of
    rocks which populate the water, until you find a moderately sized island
    which stands out like a sore thumb, covered in lush greenery and a few
    marble archways etc. Get onto the island, and climb the
    marble stairs to the level area above. This is where the crab resides.
    He is slightly tougher than your average crab, possessing a higher
    amount of HP, and the abilility to actually deal a noticeable amount of
    damage. Make sure you check his body after defeating him for a decent,
    probably unique, enchanted weapon, and then take a look in the Ayleid
    cask on the marble stand near him.
    The spectral mudcrab has a grand soul.
    ===============2.3===============       ~Haunted house~
    If you want to see the ol' haunted house, head to my favourite city once
    more, Skingrad. Once you reach the city, make your way to Rosethorn manor,
    the house which you can purchase from the orc in the castle.
    Just across from the manor is Nerastarel's house. Head inside and get ready
    to fight some spooks.  These are just leveled undead creatures, but search
    around for some leveled loot to compensate for any.....emotional challenges
    you may experience.
    ===============2.4===============   ~Vampire Plant~ 
    On the first thieves guild quest, as you probably know, you have to steal a
    journal from Amatus Allectus. Well, if you check out his basement, you will
    find numerous flowers, and a considerable amount of blood. a quick read of
    his journal shows that he was trying to make a strain of "vampire plant."
    Crazy guy :P
    ===============2.5===============        ~The Lighthouse~
    Just a tiny little thing here which you probably all know, but it was a
    detail which I liked.
    Once in the anvil lighthouse, there is a small set of stairs leading up to
    a bedroom, a bookcase, and a couple of doors. One of those doors takes you
    to the main staircase which leads you up to the top of the lighthouse. Up
    here, you can actually light the torch :]
    By the way, there is an interesting glitch up here. If you get the
    lighthouse keeper on the top too, knock him off the edge. He will ragdoll
    to the ground below as usual, and then suddenly fly back up and crash
    through the floor o_O
    Check it out, you will see what I mean. Enjoy!
    ===============2.6==============     ~The NPC melting glitch~
    Now I know that a glitch doesnt really belong in here, but this is just
    too cool to leave out :P
    To perform this glitch, you must have some means of paralyzing people,
    whether it be a staff, spell, whatever. Now, get to a door which NPC's
    commonly use, and wait for somebody to come along. You have to wait until
    the last second, and cast paralysis on the person once they start fading
    away, after they use the door.
    For the next part, you have to be quick, and i highly advise that you
    put the game on the easiest difficulty. Once you have cast the spell on
    them and they have gone through the door, follow. As fast as you can, kill
    the person while they are paralysed just outside the door, they will simply
    You can now pick up the person's bodyparts, even the head, and drag and
    stretch them around all over the place. Hours of fun!
    Enjoy this, guys and gals!
    ==2.7==	~Clumsy Fool~
    To see this guy, follow these directions:
    "At Aerin's Camp, facing Dive Rock, head straight past the log until you
    hit the slope of the mountain. Turn left and walk past the two small
    boulders until you reach a large rock formation, Andre's corpse should
    be resting up against it."
    There is a note on Andre's corpse, which reads:
    "Dearest Father,
    I know it's always been your dream to travel to Cyrodiil, to climb the
    lofty mountains and reach the peak known as Dive Rock, and gaze down at
    the full beauty of the Imperial Province. But I beseech you -- be careful!
    We've both heard the tales of the creature known as the Horror of Dive Rock.
    But in truth, what concerns me most is your lack of...grace. Oh father,
    you know it pains me to say it, but you're clumsy! You always have been!
    You can't walk up a flight of stairs without crashing down to the bottom at
    least once how can you possibly hope to scale a mountain range?
    Please, father, I beg of you, call off your expedition! I fear the worst.
    Your loving daughter,
    And if you haven't guessed already, this is in relation to the Uderfryte
    ===============2.8=============== ~The Tribe of Veyond Cave
    Veyond cave is a short ways north of Bravil, on the west bank of the
    lake. Inside are a unique tribe of argonians, who get their jollies
    from walking around wearing only a loincloth, and in the female's
    cases, a bra. Shame they're lizards >_>.
    We were bullied into including this by elsquanto.I made him promise
    to stop saying "teh" if I included it though. If any of you see him
    saying it, give him a slap for me :P
    (Giving in was all mosha's doing, not mine ^_^)
    ===============2.9===============  ~Being a jail regular~ 
    Get sent to jail repeatadly, it doesn't have to be all at the same time
    but after a while of being sent to jail the guards will start to
    acknowledge your existence. For instance you can have full conversations
    with the guards that stroll by and they will refer to you as a Regular or
    "Buddy". It took me about 30-40 times, I think I lost count =)
    ===============3.0===============	~Sheep charming~
    Although it may not be a worthy replacement for our dear old packrat or pet
    scrib, you can make sheep follow you temporarily.
    Whenever i do this, i like to go to the vineyards next to the skingrad
    stables. Grab a few grapes from the yards and head towards the sheep pen
    All you have to do now is hold the grapes near the sheep's mouth for a little
    while, you should see it rear up and start to eat the grapes. Once it has
    started doing this, it should follow you wherever you go for a few minutes.
    Actually, most of the time, the whole flock will follow you :]
    I'm not completely sure about how many types of food will work on the sheep,
    but the grapes are a dead cert. Experiment for a little while.
    ===============3.1==============      ~The Giant Slaughterfish~
    Special note: many people have emailed me information about this, and I credit
    all of them for leading me to it.  I took the earliest and most in-depth
    information I could when putting up the update this is included in, so I
    apologize for any disappointment it may have caused for not using your info.
    I noticed the two of you posted the locations of numerous giant things
    in the world of oblivion; mudcrabs, rats, nirnroots, etc.  So I imagined 
    you would also like to post the location of the giant slaughterfish as 
    well.  Its location is fairly secret but not very hard if you know where to 
    look. I first discovered it during the thieves guild quest Arrow of 
    Extrication. After exploring Fathis Arens's room you find a secret passage to 
    his tower by heading through an area known as the Wizards Grotto.  About 
    halfway through the grotto you encounter a gate that requires a key to open.  
    I don't believe there is one which forces you to take an underwater route to 
    continue to the next area. This underwater route is shown on the map as a 
    oval shaped three way intersection with cracks going through it. When in this 
    location instead of going on one of the paths shown on the map swim straight 
    down. Be careful though its a deceptively deep swim so I recommend having 
    some sort of item that casts water breathing on self.  At the bottom is the 
    giant slaughterfish be warned this guy is tough, I found this battle much 
    more difficult than the one with the Uderfrykte Matron.  This is also why I 
    recommended an item that casts water breathing on self, this fight can take a 
    while and if the fish doesn't kill you, drowning might.  If I recall properly 
    the Giant Slaughterfish has 3 scales and some fairly nice items on its corpse. 
    Also if you don't want to got through all the trouble of finding this place in 
    this manner there is a hidden passageway at the bottom of the Giant 
    slaughterfish's lair that leads out to the middle of Niben Bay.  As a matter of
    fact this passageway is right ontop of the location of the "A" in Niben Bay on 
    the map(thats convenience) hidden among some rocks by a treasure chest and some
    assorted broken pottery.
    ==============3.2==============		~The "Giant" Object treasures~
    The Imperial Palace is a grand place, and such a grand place deserves a grand
    basement, and such a grand basement deserves.....tons of giant items?!
    Yes, it's true, among a giant hourglass, which plays a role in the final
    Thieves' Guild quest as "The Glass of Time," containing "The Sands of Time" 
    (Prince of Persia anyone?),  you will find a giant chair, a giant Crystal 
    Ball, and a giant club.  Enjoy! Do not use around small 
    ==============3.3==============         ~Torture Chambers Galore!~
    If you haven't been busy with the Thieve's Guild already, you might find it
    interesting that there are torture chambers for interrogating Argonians from
    Black Marsh beneath the Leyawiin Castle.  Just head to the dungeon, and you
    should be able to find it.  (You'll know once you see blood stains all over
    the place, in addition to skulls and bones).  No love for the lizards, eh?
    You will find a similar torture chamber in the Bravil Castle dungeon, although
    it escapes me who gets tortured there...
    ==============3.4==============		~Teenage Suicide~
    After completing the Dark Brotherhood quest in which you murder Adamus Phillida
    with the Rose of Sithis, return to Leyawiin.  The late Guard Captain's bodyguard
    (a guard with a guard? Hmmm...) suicides.  Search the barracks to find his body
    and to find a note on it which explains his final predicament.  Poor fellow.
    ==============3.5==============		~Miscellaneous Secrets~
    At Fort Coldcorn, before you enter the fort, there is a chest with a key and a
    note. Before you enter the fort, jump on top of the broken second level. Jump 
    over the wall  on to a small area. That's were the chest is.
              "The sword leads the way.
               Half a mile.
               It's just past the big rock."
    Just by the chest is a fine steel longsword. Go in the direction it points 'til 
    you reach a large rock on your right. I t should be at a gorg in the hill side. 
    Near thebase of the large rock is a locked chest. Open it to recieve a leveled 
    dagger and a note that says:
              "Blessed are those who explore the unbeaten
    Some life-sized plants (submitted by Remmus): A weary short walk from the 
    northwest corner of the Brina Cross Inn (located northeast of Anvil close to 
    the road) hides two human size aloe vera plants.
    Fast-travel to the Imperial City, Talos Plaza District. Check the first door 
    just right of the fast-travel-point. Read the public note on the door, then 
    enter the house (watch out for the guards nearby!). Check the cellar. Well, 
    nothing too special here, but still there are 2 extremely rare ingredients 
    you can find in thecellar (Human Heart and Human Skin...yeah, now guess what 
    you will find down there!).  If you visit the Imperial Prison, ask to visit
    the prisoners.  One crazed prisoner will tell you he was arrested for doing
    the Night Mother's Ritual.  His daughter was killed by Rufio (the first person
    you kill in the Dark Brotherhood questline), and he wanted revenge.  Seems like
    most questions are being answered now, huh?
    I found Your guide on GameFAQs.com and used it to find such
    entertaining things as the suicidal troll, and the thoroughly useful
    Fin Gleam.
    However, as I've travelled the great land of Cyrodiil on horseback, I
    have found a secret that you seem to not yet have discovered, or at
    least not included in your Secrets guide.
    It consists of an interesting book which, if not unique, is exceedingly rare.
    This book is called "The Posting of the Hunt" and tells of a
    ritualistic hunt of one or several sentient beings, carried out by
    unnamed hunters. The book is found next to a skeleton, either in the
    open or in the chest at the skeleton, I cannot remember which. Several
    arrows lie scattered around the skeleton, and the chest contains an
    amount of gold, and a crystal ball, of all things. It might also
    contain a weapon of some sort, again, I cannot remember.
    The position of this skeleton is about twenty meters southeast of a
    Wayshrine to Stendarr, near a boulder and a tree, out in a valley in
    the western mountain range of The Imperial Reserve. If you study your
    map to the west of Chorrol, you will find the text "The Colovian
    Highlands". This wayshrine lies at the "e" in this text, which is a
    short ride northeast from The Infested Mine, should you already have
    found that landmark. You can also begin your search at Fort Ontus;
    head due west from this fort towards the "e".
    I hope you will enjoy this little mysterious treat, and it is surely a
    worthwhile addition to any library you may have. - submitted by Cerbis Latran.
    After completing the quest in which you kill the grave-diggers in the Imperial
    City, there should be a book of the deceased on the Nord's body.  The
    final entry has a great reference to Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the
    Rings.  The name is jumbled up, but can be re-worded to spell Frodo Baggins. 
    The items the book lists for him are a magic cloak with a leaf broche, a short 
    sword with engravings, a gold ring (which was cursed).
    In the Radiant AI trailer for Oblivion the devs show a the book store owner in
    Chorrol interacting with her dog, at the end of the movie she gets annoyed with
    the dog and fireballs it to death.
    In the game, on the store's second floor where the dog died is a dog skin rug.
    In the Cheydinhal quest, Corruption and Conscience, Aldos Othran loses his house
    and money due to fines. He thus becomes a beggar for losing everything. I broke
    into his house and found a copy of the book, "The Beggar Prince". I just found
    it to be odd that a man that would become a beggar would have a copy of this in
    his house. Just a little tidbit I found.
    A giant Monkshood plant can be found in Red Ruby Cave 
    (near the Jerall Mountains). Inside, kill the creatures and you should find 
    it no problem (it's quite big). One can be found outside the cave as well.
    Just west of Fort Nikel is a pond, where you will find the body of
    Nata Dyed, who apparenlty was waiting to meet someone in the Imperial City.
    He has a note explaining part of this on his body, and a Mandrake Flower,
    which he was supposed to use to identify himself to this person. Looks like
    it didn't work out so well for him...
    After completing the first "Dead Drop" quest for the Dark Brotherhood, you will
    have eliminated the entire Draconis family, including the mother, Perennia 
    Draconis. Later on, return to the Applewatch settlement to find the tombstones 
    of all the family members.  Reading the inscription on Perennia's tombstone 
    will incite her ghost to attack you.  So do the right thing and kill 
    Reference to Morrowind:  If you by chance ask around in Skingrad via "Rumor"
    or overhear a conversation between two people, you might hear about someone
    enjoying a sweetroll when he was held up by three thugs.  If you have ever
    played The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, you would recognize this instantly,
    but for those of you who havent't, basically in the beginning of the game
    you were forced with the same situation hypothetically and were given several
    theoretical options as to what to do.
    In the bloodworks of the arena, next to Owyn on the ground you will find a
    crumpled up note.  It is from Branwen (the woman who is seen training outside
    the arena with an Argonian), claiming that she is Owyn's daughter.  Neither
    person comments on the note, but perhaps you can draw a conclusion as to
    what Owyn thinks of it. ;]
    If you go to the royal quarters in Anvil Castle and search in the garbage bin,
    you will find a letter that reads:
    "You don't know me. But I see you every day. Every day my heart skips a beat 
    as you walk past. I am writing to you in hopes that you will let me court you. 
    When you next venture into town. I will be holding a daffodil. If you walk by 
    without stopping. I'll know you don't want me. And I shall never bother you 
    For those of you unfamiliar with the history behind the Boots of Springheel
    Jack, you might be interested to know that they are actually named after a 
    creature that could make extraordinarilly high leaps.  See?  Not a random silly
    name after all...
    ==============3.6==============		~The Shivering Isles Secrets~
    If you complete the Shivering Isles main questline without having first
    completed the Shrine of Sheogorath Daedric quest in the world of Cyrodiil,
    you are still able to complete it.  However, this time around Haskil will
    be the one informing you of the quest, and how "your predecessor" didn't
    do it before.  Sounding bored as usual, he gives you the Wabbajack after
    the quest is finished, wondering why he "didn't give it to you earlier."
    He also has a few other humorous lines to say, such as "Talking to
    yourself, my lord?"
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