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Reviewed: 04/21/06

Wow! And to think I thought it wouldn't live up to Morrowind...

First of all, I am a fan of The Elder Scrolls series. I could actually be called a fanatic. All I have wanted for the past year is a 360 so I could play Oblivion. I was in a mad rush to get one until I found out I couldn't do it before the game came out. I had the game pre ordered and everything. I currently own the collectors edition and guide. But, it's not all bad. I have played this game many times with my cousin. He owns a 360 and we spend most of our time playing this game. I didn't know what to expect because Morrowind is the only other game I have played in this series. Morrowind was very addicting. I have spent well over 2000 hours playing it and I was really worried it wouldn't hold up against a game as epic as Morrowind. I was wrong.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game starts off smoothly. You start in the Imperial prison where you create your character. Your character's class is determined by how you complete a small tutorial dungeon to escape the prison. The first dungeon is fun just by itself. I could play if for a long time. One thing that always amazes me is the arrows stick out of things. I shot at bucket for about 5 minutes and reclaimed my spent arrows. Once out of the dungeon, you are free to do as you wish like in Morrowind. Do what you want. Explore, fight, steal, learn. It's all available to do in the game. The combat system is very cool. It is the evolution of the series. From the 3 bland attacks of Morrowind that wouldn't even hit most of the time to the awesome attacks of Oblivion that will be registered. I loved every bit of it. The character animations were greatly improved as well. I believe that the current Xbox 360 controller is the best and most comfortable controller I have ever used. It makes hours of gameplay comfortable.

Story: 10/10
Again, like in Morrowind, you don't have to follow the story to enjoy the game. I walked around Cyrodiil for about an hour before I even considered doing anything involved with the story. I wasn't bored at all. If you do choose to start the main quest, you will have to stem the flow of Daedra into the world of Cyrodiil by closing Oblivion gates. The guild quests are interesting as well. I find that the dark brotherhood is very fun and mysterious.

Sound: 10/10
You may call me a nerd, but having the songs on your PSP is quite nice. The songs of this game fit perfectly with each thing you are doing in the story. The title song is really awesome. Once the familiar Morrowind theme sets in, that is. My current favorite song is the Wings of Kyraneth. It seems to play whenever you are exploring lower Cyrodiil. The NPC's voices are greatly improved as well. I like to hear NPC's talking to each other. Several great actors took part in this epic too. Sean Bean plays Emperor Uriel Septims son Martin. Patrick Stewart plays Emperor Uriel Septim.

AI: 10/10
Could AI get any better? Seriously? I thought I was dreaming when I played this game. My first experience of the AI came when I saw a man wondering in a forest looking for something. I also came across a guard patrolling way far away from any towns. It seems unreal. From random conversations to wondering NPC's. This games AI is the greates AI I have ever dealt with in a game.

Graphics: 10/10
This game has amazing graphics. I challenge anyone to find a game to this scale with better graphics. Go ahead and try it. The character animations are greatly improved and Cyrodiil is so much prettier than Vvardenfell. Cyrodiil is apparently modeled after the Roman Empire. It's very beautiful. The draw distance is amazing. I can stand on a hill and see almost a fourth of the way across the land.

Replay Value: unknown
I say unknown because you will never quit playing this game. You will most likely have your original character saved to mess around with for a long time. If you do happen to do everything and beat the game, you will probably play it again and again. It's so fun to play.

Overall: 10/10
Even if this was my introduction into this series, I would give it the same review score. This game is truly amazing. I owe only a little more on my 360. I will be enjoy it every day soon enough. If you do have a 360 in your possession and don't own this game, buy it. You will be addicted and entertained. I would also suggest getting Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition so you can enjoy part 3 as well.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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