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Reviewed: 04/24/06

The most immersive game ever made! (Includes Big Words)

With plenty of things to do in life you may of come across this game and you have pondered over whether or not to buy or rent this game? Well I think it’s my duty to tell you if you should or if you shouldn't. Now Oblivion isn’t just a game it’s a world to explore and fall in love with and always remember playing it for a while. This world is a place with people who seem real and live their daily lives. And with a empire that needs to be saved you have a long time till you have done it all. Or you maybe won’t finish this game ether. Which you probably won’t ether. So with all my blabbing on about the intro to my review I think we need to get started.

The graphics in Oblivion are amazing for the 360. The weapons in the game shine in the sunlight, blood splatters on your weapon and stays there for some time. The NPC 's also have a life like feel to them. Each town has a different theme to them that makes you have a hard time choosing your favorite. With every new game coming out Oblivion will still be a great looking game till Elder Scrolls V comes out.
Rating 10

The sound section will be broken up to 2 sections, Music and Sound itself.

Every NPC talks with spoken dialogue so it makes you feel more immersed in the game. The sound of your sword hitting your foes sword and your shield blocking his shots make you feel like you’re in the game itself. With a HD setup you will enjoy the best this game has to offer. But the one thing that makes me tremble in fear is when a enemy attacks you from behind when you least expect it, this makes you jump because the sound lights up with the battle music and the sword or other weapon making contact with your armor

I loved the music! There is nothing I can really say about the Music. The Battle music is a distinct sound you’ll want to look out for. But the best music is the Main Menu theme; it has that Pirates of the Caribbean movie theme going on that I felt like I was watching that movie. But it seems like the music in town is peaceful giving you a sense of calm and security for a short amount of time till you go to battle again.

Sound All together 10

The Game-play is excellent. The combat is like real life, you hit him and it will do damage. The AI though makes this game shine. The AI will follow a daily schedule, like eat, sleep, and work. The Main Quest is long and very good for a RPG. Also the game has over 200 side quests, 400 books and 5 main guilds you can join. All in all you have over 100 hours of Game-play here to enjoy. But there’s more! You have hidden treasure to find in old ruins. Or Abandoned Forts to explore, or even caves and under water diving to find treasure. But wait there’s still more. You have Houses! Yep Houses, you can buy houses and buy room sets at stores to make your house pretty to look at. Plus with over 9 towns to explore and numerous other villages scattered you have a lot of exploring to do. But if act now you can buy horses in the game. That’s right horses; they will help you travel faster to your destination.

Rating 10

All in all Oblivion is on track to become game of the year for 2006. With some of the best graphics so far on the 360 this will be tempting to see what tops this. The sound is also good so you will have a good time listening to the game. With the stunning music in the game you will be memorizing the songs the game has and will have them stuck in your head for a long time. Finally the Game-play is the best part of the game. With everything that will keep you hooked for years to come and several new characters created just to find more of what you can do. Now you May be wondering should I buy this or rent it? If you rent it you may not find all that this game has to offer but buying it means your secure from late fees and other stuff that happens when you rent stuff. So my last word of advice is to go out and play this awe-inspiring game and cradle it as a baby for long time. P.S be prepared to give up your social life for a while too.

Overall Game Score: 10 out of 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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