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"A Great RPG That Ruined RPGs (a review on specific content)"

Now first off, I'll start off with the well known anti-flame lead sentences:

I love this game. I am not saying its bad. This is my first ES game. Its not 'revolutionary' or THE game, but its pretty damn good and gets a pretty view at the summit of the 'Greatest Games Ever' list with other great titles.

One thing I have to say about this game is its the RPG that ruined one of the biggest aspects of RPGs. Many of you are relieved at the lack of the content I will speak about, but really, I think its taken away from what RPGs are. I'm talking about the grueling travels. Using up every potion. Every item you find a blessing as you crawl from one city to the next. In some, facing random battles you pray to avoid when finally, at the edge of the screen, you see it, An Inn, or a city. A place to rest and know that you've reached a milestone. Oblivion lacks this. There are Inns and there is sleep, but there is no point other than leveling up (discluding vampirism, and some quest activations). The dungeons aren't 'tough' enough. There is rarely an onslaught of enemies to test whether you've chosen all the right equipment right down to that one health potion you need. You can just clear the room of the few enemies, or sometimes an assault of Daedra and... Wait. Everythings restored.

I miss the traveling from place to place of linear games. Now we have fast travel which nearly defeats the purpose of having a horse. The 'journey' part of the experience is kind of gone. The point of random Inns is gone as long as theres 'No enemies nearby.'

Many will say that's why the difficulty slider is there. I disagree. The difficulty of a game, and the ability to manipulate it is just a technicality and for perks. It in no way should be one of the deciding factors of gameplay. I sometimes wish games didn't have difficulties at all. I think that would truly be test is if a game was challenging and enjoyable all from a preset difficulty. That is one developpers would have to tweak for years.

Now, again, to reitterate. Awesome game. In every aspect. I realize that being 'non-linear' this game couldn't have been made any other way. The logic behind all this traveling place to place over and over again would have made the game horrid. And yes, I know I can choose to not Wait, or Fast Travel, but again. That's why they're there is because no ones going to walk it, there's too much ground to cover. I do understand that it is supposed to be a large complex land and I do appreciate the feature of Fast Traveling.

Oblivion adds ALOT more aspects that RPG creators have always dreamed of adding. That's why its still an amazing game. One I am truly glad to have decided to purchase and play. Hell, it got me on this message board right now typing this. But its just that one aspect of the CLASSIC RPG it rids of. I suppose this is the 'revolutionary' part, it has pushed the enveloppe by taking away one major element by adding in other significant content. But they couldn't work together and be an enjoyable experience.

So in the end, I am enjoying this game. It's tough sitting on both sides of the fence. This being my first Elder Scrolls game I am interested to play Morrowind or the previous ES counterparts and see what content this game's predescors added. One can only marvel at what future delveoppments might add. I am wondering if this is going to turn out as the new mold for RPGs and the classic linear crawl will be gone, replaced by open-endedness (I think Bethesda made up that word) and huge worlds. Can this 'Fast Travel' feature be the total replacement of the Turn Based games? They do seem to be fading. We'll have to wait and see what limits can be pushed when an 'Xbox 720' is produced. One can only wonder if the future of RPGs is even stable. The Oblivion revolution of the greatest RPG ever may be the eventual downfall of the genre. Let's hope not

I guess I just want to have my cake and eat it too.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/01/06

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