Review by x17x2xwildx

Reviewed: 05/01/06

Not That Good

I had high expectations for this game, but I have to admit that I was thoroughly disappointed with it.

First off, the game more-or-less forces to play it in the 1st person perspective. For those of you who like the 3rd person perspective, I wouldn't recommend it. This game has horrible animations. When characters jump they kind of freeze in mid-air until they set back on the ground. Also, the hair is ridiculous, and looks more like a shiny helmet plastered on the character's head. I will admit that I was very impressed with the character faces, which are rich in detail, and the amount of customization you can make to your character's looks is impressive. Also, inside areas of the world, while rather generic, are pretty. Outside, not so much. All textures look blurry and unfinished, not clean and cut like other 360 games on the market. There is no texture movement, and the characters faces remain emotionless zombies. It's rather hard to take something serious when the character talking to you looks rather bored with the situation themself. I WAS impressed by the night sky however, detail in that was rich, pinpointing every star. Also, the effects of turning from day to night were also well done. Nice, little ambient touches, like wind blowing through the trees or tall grass, were also thought out well and add much to the game. But to say that the graphics are amazing would be a lie. As I said, textures are poor, animations are horrible, and characters show no emotion.

First off, I'm aware that this is an RPG, but my God, can a game be more boring? After getting out of the jail cell area and entering the wilderness, I found myself jogging along at a rather sluggish pace for 10 minutes (no lie) until I fought a small bear. How do you fight? By jamming a button several times until your quarry is dead. Not much fun. The spells are boring as well, with generic "throw fireball" specials. Upon traveling 10 MORE minutes, I finally reached my destination. Talked for a little, enough to get me more confused about what was happening in this game, and was set off again to follow a little red arrow on a compass. Another 20 minutes of mindless wondering, and I'm finally at my destination where I have to take part in a little bit of "keep pressing this button until it's dead" fighting. *Yawn* Once again, I'll admit that the level of customization you can make to your character (spells to use, garnments to wear, etc) is impressive, it's shut down by the absolutely boring combat engine.

The sound in this game is great. That I'll admit. Everything, from the wind, to the music, fits perfectly and sounds like it belongs to the world of this game. The voice overs were well done, though, choosing to be a female character, then hearing her grunt like a man can be laugh-out-loud funny at times.

I don't even know how to write this part of the review because honestly, I have no idea what's going on in this game. I personally can't stand staring at a man's emotionless face for 10 minutes while he explains the backstory. More power to you if you can. As far as I'm concerned, someone did something which caused these Gates of Oblivion to open and begin killing everyone and it's someone your reason to stop it because this old guy says he trusts you...

I give Morrowind: Oblivion a 4/10, not because it wasn't innovative, but because of the lack of fun and graphic marval contained therein. Plantlife and the general environment graphics are very poor and grainy. The animations are pathetic looking, and running around for 10 minutes before having anything to fight wears on my patience. The poor combat doesn't help the matter, as seeing when you finally do get to fight something to more of a chore then anything fun. So, if your a diehard RPG fan, or a gamer with a lot of patience, then sure, get this game. The others however, should give it a rent to see if it's something they'd like.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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