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"I Thought it was a Pretty Cool Game"

First things first, this is the very first Elder Scrolls game I have ever played, so I cannot compare and contrast this game with the others. Whether this is good or bad, is up to you. But... this game was all around, a grand game for any player, from my view.

Graphics: Compared to most other games I have played on the XBOX 360 console, this game's graphics are pretty good, at least through most of the areas in this game.

Nature: Basically, everything looks the same. The trees look exactly the same for the most part, with the occasional lake and set of ancient ruins. Now don't get me wrong, they all look pretty good. The only thing is... it is very repetitive. You travel in one direction forever, and that is all that you will see. The other side of the world is pretty much a bunch of plains with several yellow bushes, going on until you hit the ocean. Hopefully, you will be able to run fast or buy a horse, or else you may find yourself growing bored while travelling from one place to another.

Cities: The cities of Cyrodiil look very nice. Each city has its own unique look, from the giant Imperial City, to smelly, impoverished towns such as Bravil, port cities like Anvil, and to colonial cities like Bruma. With large ranges, big areas to travel around, and fine looking buildings, visiting the cities will be a true pleasure.

Creatures and People: The animals look very realistic in this game, and move like so. The monsters look rather original as well, and have huge ranges, from skeletons, to plasmas, to monstrous, humanoid creatures in the plains of Oblivion. I cannot complain about that. However, the people lack in the areas where creatures are strong in. The number one thing I specifically hate is the hair of the humans. They are all very shiny, like a hard hat or helmet. However, a REAL helmet will solve this annoyance. The other thing I hate about people is the way their faces look when they are speaking with you. First off, their eyes don't change. No blink, no looking around. All that happens is an angry, lowered brow when they do not like you. The mouth of the people hardly move when the speak. It is all very bland, but not a big minus to the game.

Armors and Weapons: Every armor had its own look, which I liked. What I had really liked was how outside of the major armor sets, several original armor parts could be found around the world. Besides that, you had the ability to enchant any plain armor or weapon, considering you had access to the Arcane University. Speaking of weapons, this game hit it on the money. With countless axes, hammers, swords, daggers, bows and clubs to choose from, you will always have a large collection to choose from.

Sound: There is nothing bad about this area of the game. Every human and humanoid creature has his of her own voice, different in a large or small scale from every other person's voice. The background music that accompanies you on your adventure is a nice touch to said adventure. Sounds from the sheathing weapons, to the striking down of enemies, to the cracking of thunder, nothing was left out this game.

Game Play: I was rather surprised at how fun this game was, both in the good and bad times. Basically, you start the game by picking what race of humanoid creatures, and even humans, you wish to play as. From there, you kick start your adventure as a prisoner in an imperial dungeon. From there, a secret passageway is opened up that leads you to the sewers. You find your way out after many events, which will shape out your adventure later on. From here, you choose your birthsign, class, and major skills. These will shape your character, and add some bonuses to him or her, AND determines how easily your character levels up. After you escape the sewers, you can go just about anywhere. You may choose to do simple, freelance quests for several people, follow major questlines for many guilds, or follow the main questline. You may even choose to do none of these, and instead wander around the rather large county of Cyrodiil, raiding caves and old destroyed forts for treasures and gold. This game allows you to do just about anything you please, making it a fun game for anyone to play.

Replay-Ability: Of course you can keep playing this game once you have finished it. If you only do the main questline, there are several other quests to tackle. Besides that, you may want to finish the game as another character, or choose to just start fresh after leading up a bad game. One time to finish this game just isn't enough.

Read... or Buy? I would have to say that you should go ahead and buy this game once the price drops a bit. Until then, you may want to rent this game. Like I have said before, one time to beat this game just is not enough.

Last of all, I would just like to congratulate the makers of this game. For my first XBOX 360 game, I wasn't disappointed in the least. It is an awesome game, definitely worth the renting or buying price. Just try to have fun with this game, and don't get lost wasting your life on it :P. Thanks, and so long.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/06

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