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"Simply Amazing!"

A revolutionary RPG which is just simply amazing. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a powerful and revolutionary RPG. It is defiantly a next-gen game which deserves recognition. The graphics, sound, and other aspects of the game are all almost perfect as I go into more detail about each below.

The graphics for this game are amazing and defiantly next-gen. Almost everything has so much detail. A massive improvement from the last Elder Scrolls game, Morrowind. You will play through the beginning and not think about it that much in the dark and dreary dungeon until you walk out from it into the countryside. You will be awestruck by how great it looks. Also the massive size of the game is also amazing. After you leave the first tutorial area and walk out up the hill and look across the land you will see it.

The controls for this game are fairly simply and should not take that long to memorize and get used too. This is a very good thing in a game.

The soundtrack of this game is also amazing and epic. It also gives you some clues of what is going on in the game. If you are running through the forest and go near and enemy, battle music with start up. Another good thing is that all the dialog is voice acted and it isn't bad either. Also if you just happen to not like the music you can just use your own songs like in all Xbox 360 games.

The story in the game is also very well done, don't worry I won't spoil anything for you in here. Basically the story behind it is that the empire has already been slowly breaking apart for some time but now the gates to the Realm of Oblivion (The Elder Scroll version of Hell) have opened, the home of the demonic Daedra. Other then this main quest you can play through the stories of either the Fighter's, Mage's, or Theives' Guild, or the Dark Brotherhood. You can do these among the many side quests unrelated to the main quest or any of the guilds. The possibilities are amazing and if you want to complete them all it will take some time.

The gameplay for this game instantly gets a 10/10 due to the massive amount of freedom in it. You can do almost anything you want, if you want to steal something you can and then you can sell it on the black market. If you want you could even steal everything in a town or even kill everyone in a town except the guards who do come back after some time. You can decide to be a hero of the people or a powerful evil force. The main quest of the game takes you into the realm of Oblivion and also to find the emperors last son and the final person of the emperor's bloodline. If you like RPGs this game is a must get for you.

The combat is also much improved from Morrowind, it is completely in real time in which you can also block any attack at will unlike in Morrowind. Also the fighting is much more realistic. All you have to do is press the left trigger when an enemy attacks to block. Your character will lift his shield or whatever you have and enter blocking position. Also if you hold block down you can parry your enemy. However, if you blocking skill is not that high you can even get knocked off balance by an enemy attack. The other trigger swings your weapon in many different ways depending on the weapon and how long you hold it. This makes all of the battles much more intense and fun compared to Morrowind fighting system. The Spell system has also been improved since the last game. All you have to do is press a single button during combat to unleash it.

The only thing that sometimes makes the gameplay feel worse would be the new leveling system where enemies and items level up with you. If you played Morrowind in the past this will make the game feel not as good for you but if you haven't played Morrowind you most likely won't even notice it.

Also a new feature to the Elder Scrolls series would be the mini-game they have added to lockpicking which helps the stealth element of the game. It shows a lock with different springs which you have to try and open, the lock will be harder depending on it's complexity and your skill at lockpicking.

A second "mini-game" which has been added in would be the persuasion element of the game. In Morrowind all you could do was click bribe and taunt while in this one you have many more options and it is put together much better.

Character customization has also been creator increased in Oblivion from it's predecessor. You can almost completely customize your character. You can change things such as cheeks, complexion, hair, nose, etc... Sometimes you may even find yourself trying to create your perfect face for a half an hour without noticing that much time has passed.

If you like RPGs or even GTA games or games set in a medieval world this game is defiantly for you. Also if you like freedom in a game, this one is for you. With it's amazing graphics, great sound, and almost perfect gameplay I am giving Oblivion a perfect 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/10/06

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