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"The One and Only... It is Oblivion"

Note: this review is for the original Oblivion, not the Special Edition

one thing that I said when I started playing this... wow... ever since I have seen the preview of oblivion I thought that it isn't possible that it will do what they said it will all do. But I was wrong. I have also played the previous generation, Morrowind, and that one game alone was amazing. I was a great fan. Then Oblivion came. And this was unbelievable. Graphics: amazing, Sound: beautiful, Controls: well thought-out, Story: excellent, Game play: the best. I will tell you why in this review.

Graphics: 10
It can't get much better than this guys, this is as far as you can go. I do not own an HDTV but without one, the graphics are still unbelievable. I have not seen this on an HDTV, but I can not imagine it on the high-def. This will be the best-looking game and you can count on this being a good graphical game with high-quality nature scenes, realistic character faces, and lifelike animals. You may find yourself traveling a path just because of how well the graphics are put into place, how lifelike the trees and plants are. The world of Tamriel is vast, with over 100 different animals that all look real, and over 1,000 characters that each one looks different. I have to say, this game is amazing.

Sound: 10
As soon as you get to the title page, you realize the old theme of the elder scrolls. and that theme really hits you... its just like the star wars theme or the halo theme that as soon as you hear this theme, you know what to expect and more. I also find it cool that Patrick Stuart is the voice of the emperor, and each character seems like they have their own voice. Also, the sword coming out of its casing, that sound is flawless, along with each attack and hit that you get, that is simply amazing. Every sound you hear in this game, you know its not just some video game, it's the real thing.

Controls: 10
The controls are similar to the Morrowind game, just some slight changes. You got use of the directional pad in this game unlike Morrowind, which I find very useful. And also, you don't have to 'ready magic' which I found annoying in Morrowind. And another improvement is that there is a block button (or rather, trigger, because it is the left trigger) and that is very helpful in this game. One last improvement is the toggle sneak. That is very good use because you don't have to hold down the thumb stick all the time. It also has you using the two thumb sticks to move, which I like, because you can sidestep and stuff like that. Overall, the controls are good.

Story: 10
I have heard terrible things about the storyline, how random it is and its comparison to our real life. But this is a fantasy game, where the story line can be all magical with its portals opening and assassination on the emperor. So you can have fun with the story.
So this is how the story goes: You are in prison, like all the other games, and you find yourself in the wrong cell because your cell is a passage way through and escape route. The emperor comes and notices you, and says that you are the one in his dreams, and his time is coming close. So the emperor, his body guards, and you go through a dungeon, and occasionally being attacked by assassins. The emperor has to talk to you and tells you about what is happening. He says that he is going to be assassinated, and you must take the amulet of kings, the only key of lighting the dragon fires and preventing daedra coming into Tamriel, to his only heir. Then the emperor speaks his last words, "Find him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion." Doesn't that just give you the thought 'time to kick this game into gear'? And so the emperor is assassinated by a cult, and you must get to a monk. He says that you must go to Kvatch and get the heir (who is currently a priest at the chapel of Kvatch). You find a gate to Oblivion itself there, and Daedra has overrun the city. You alone must shut down the gate (and many other gates), find the lost heir of the emperor, and so much more to prevent the Daedra from overrunning Tamriel.

Game play: 9
Now you may be thinking, why a 9? Well I'll tell you in a bit. First of all, part of game play is how fun it is. And I tell you, man this game is fun. I know I will still be playing this 6 months from now, just because it is so fun. This is the most fun game I have ever played. You can virtually do anything in this game. You can be a dark elf, with resistance to fire. You can be a high elf, with increased magic powers but weak to magic. You can be an Imperial, who can influence others and make them like you. You can be a Breton, who is resistant to magic but not a good fighter. You can be a Nord, a northern character who is resistant to frost. You can be an Orc, who is an excellent fighter. And you can be a high elf, who is sneaky and excellent with locks and stealing. You can be a thief and raid dungeons and houses. You can be a mage and learn about anything magical in this game, from sending lighting out of your fingertips to becoming invisible to unlocking doors. You can be a fighter, where you are this ultra buff guy that can kill anything that threatens you, having a suit of cool armor, and having the best sword in the game. You can do even more, o yeah, more. You can buy yourself a horse, you can buy yourself a house, you can do quests in factions such as mages' guild, fighters' guild, or thieves' guild, you can enchant your own weapons and armor, you can make your own spells, you can do ANYTHING. Now for the flaws of the game: number one, why is there no children in this game? Everyone is an adult. There should be at least some children in this game. And number two: there are some glitches that are quite annoying. Such as a person gets stuck in a room and sometimes floating in the air and can not get down. But those don't affect game play that much, so that's why I am taking off only one point. Two negative that doesn't include in the score, is that you may find yourself hating your life because it is not as good as Oblivion, and the game sometimes have choppy frame rates during the ‘loading area' times. This will happen on your xbox360, and it will happen on a low-powered computer. It won't happen on a high-power computer. This is acceptable, because a game this huge will do stuff like that.

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Controls: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Game play: 9/10

Average Score: 9.8 out of 10
(This rounds up to 10/10, because I cannot put fractions or decimals in the overall score)

Rent or Buy: if you rent it, it will be the saddest day of your life when you have to return it, so you want to buy it. I also recommend getting the game guide with the game, because it is helpful with your quests and has detailed maps along with secrets in the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/21/06

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