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Reviewed: 11/08/06

Enter the Realm of Oblivion!


This is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the PC and the Xbox 360 and for the PS3.
Elder Scrolls has always been about searching and adventuring massive maps and Oblivion the next one in the series brings a good amount of new things.

Story 9

The Story isn't the greatest but mixing in the whole lore of Elder Scrolls mixed in with the guilds and side quests and the main quest it is pretty good.

In Oblivion without spoiling to much is this:

You create your character and you find yourself in prison, the Emperor finds you, you happen to be in the way of a secret escape rout. The Emperors sons have been murdered and he is escaping with his Blades(elite guards) he allows you to follow but the Blades don't trust you.

Going through this dungeon and learning the basics of the game the Emperor is dead(noooo!) killed by the assassins, then you are given a special amulet the Amulet of Kings!

You have to find the person to give this to and find the lost heir to the throne, but with the emperor dead something happened... Something from another realm.

A evil mythical race known as the Daedra who want power and to destroy all are being lead by a Daedric Prince named Mehrunes Dagon, with the Emperor gone he could open up his portals of Oblivion.

Oblivion is their realm a firelike home for them and a hellish nightmare to others.

Will the prisoner(you) go from life of prison all the way to a hero? can the world be saved? This is up to you!

Graphics 9.6

The Graphics in Oblivion are amazing. Truly next gen. I would have given it a 10 out of 10 but there are minor problems such as the view distance has some problems and how when you run around in just plain normal grassy areas bushes will appear, it does have a good long range view of locations such as a very nice sunset that glitters on the water from being on a massive mountain and seeing cities and roads and landmarks.

Gameplay 10

This is where Oblivion shines. It has a MASSIVE world where you can do whatever you want! If you want to ignore the mainquest you can do it! If you want to be a Hunter and live off animals and deer you can do it!

You can be a Warrior, Mage, or a sneaky a Thief be what you want!

The Combat of Oblivion is in real time unlike DND or Final Fantasy games, this game is in first person but you can switch to third.

The right trigger slashes or uses a bow, the left blocks. You can have really intense battles in Oblivion making you have to block jump and avoid many enemies, the combat is not the most original but it offers some good fun.

Unlike Morrowind when you hit a target you hurt them, when you fire a bow and if the arrow is at the same target it will hit them. The only "misses" are from missing which would be your fault or if they block your attack.

I myself have tested the freedom of this game, if you have roleplayed or like making backstories for your character you will find that there is no ends of what you can be. I have tried being a outlaw who leaves jail from the start with a bounty so the guards are after him, to a hunter who only sells things like deer meat.

Some might think this be like Fable but it isn't the same style.
Unlike a good and evil which that game gives this has a Fame or Infamy, doing evil like murder stealing will raise your infamy, and with infamy high normal people will hate you but evil people will like you more if you have that high of it.

If you do the mainquest do good things people will say "Hey your the one who saves this city your a hero!" even some guards who know you are a good person and if you do a bad thing they might let you off the hook.

You have the freedom in this game, and with graphics as good as this and a world as big as this, some might feel this game is too big, that's okay just take your time, there are ways to travel besides walking such as horses and a fast travel system. Some complain because this isn't a Final Fantasy clone or the worlds are boring and this game lacks monsters. If you want to face monsters go in a dungeon this game has some unique looking creatures.

There are many factions and groups in this game each can give fame or Infamy, this is the basic list of "guilds":

The Arena[Fame]
The Mages Guild[Fame]
The Fighters Guild[Fame]

The Dark Brotherhood[Infamy]
Thieves Guild[Infamy]

As you see doing jobs for these groups can net you fame or infamy, there are some unique ways of joining these guilds, for the Dark Brotherhood for example a guild of assassins, you have to murder someone, for the thieves guild you have to be sent in jail or search in the Imperial City for the Grey Fox the leader and find a way to join.

There are things such as diseases and unique items in this game, you can be a Vampire and feed off the living and be super strong.

The Level system isn't the greatest. But the exp is great. Unlike other RPGs you just get exp from monsters to increase your skill in Elder Scrolls you swing your sword and your better with it you pick locks you are a better lock picker you sneak around you get better in stealth and if you use hammers to repair your things you get greater etc.

Although one problem is that some have is that some loot and monsters level with you, this can be a blessing or a curse it depends on you.

This isn't as deep as it's last game Morrowind but it is easier to get into which Morrowind was harder for others.

A.I 9:

This is a great A.I, they call it "Radiant A.I" the NPCs have jobs they go home at night they sometimes take trips to other cities and they talk about the latest things, there are hunters in the wild and guards on the roads.

There are some funky glitches but that's expected such as some guards start fighting each other this is rare but sometimes seen.

NPCs have been seen stealing random items in cities like potions and so on, if people see them they will call for the guards.

And NPCs lack the skill to jump and will run at you while your on a high spot when they can't get you.

And the convos with the NPCs to each other can be the same lines over and over. But other then these small problems it's pretty good.

Replay Value 10

Some say once you make a character you don't want to again, this for me and my friends is not true. This game gives you the freedom to start all over again and to try something new, if you screw up try again, and with all the ways you can make your character look like actors or yourself I made a copy of myself in the very game!

Last Word

If you LOVE RPGs and love Roleplaying this game is for you, I know people who hated RPGs and loved this game.
The Leveling system is good in some areas but lacked more then in Morrowind, and some very minor glitches and so on keep it from getting the 10, it is one of the greatest games I have ever played, I know I gave it only a 9 but well no game is perfect for me.

If you love Elder Scrolls you should also get this game, while not as deep as Morrowind you should still enjoy it for it has almost the same style.

I hope this review might give you a better idea of Oblivion.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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