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"Who siad games can't be perfect?"

This game is by far one of the greatest games I have ever played in all of my years in gaming. I mean there is so much to do in it, it just seems like it will never end, because I have playing since the release date and that is March 2006, and I am still playing it. So this game is almost perfect and

I think you should go buy it now instead of just reading this, but please read anyway go buy it after you read this.
If you're not familiar with The Elder Scrolls, Oblivion is the fourth installment in The Elder Scrolls series. The developer is Bethesda Soft works, and they are in my opinion a really great video game company. So Elder Scrolls has been an excellent series and still is.

Graphics 10/10

This games graphics are so amazing, I mean when I first wanted this game they looked like the best graphics I have ever seen in my life, and still are some of the best graphics I have ever seen. One thing I always love to do is go into a nice place on top a mountain and watch the sunset, or even the sunrise. They're so good just down to the armor on the guards, or the ground or just even those little rocks in the ocean or something there still pretty darn detailed. I am actually surprised that the developers would even care about those little things in the game world, I mean it's so massive, one of the largest I have ever seen.

This game is so good that I don't think they even needed really good great graphics, since the game is already beyond fun and entertaining. So the graphics in this game is defiantly one of the many things to see in this game. Even though the graphics are really amazing there are now of course there are games out there with better graphics but still this games graphics are still excellent.

Sound 10/10

I don't think sound is a really big factor, as far as the other factors go, but the music is this game is really great and well done. Like just how your walking through a forest all peacefully, and the music is the same, but say a wolf comes that attacks you then the music gets faster and more fierce and that is one thing I love in this game. The music isn't everything for the sound, just the acting in this game I think is great, however the only think I don't think is really great is all of the races sound differently but say an Imperial (a race) they all sound the same besides the females so all the male Imperials sound the same and all the female Imperials sound the same, same for all of the races. I don't think it's really a problem at all and I am not going to complain about it.

The music is not the only thing good about the sound and neither is the acting because there is something else good about the sound, and that is just the fighting like the sounds of the swords clashing together, or the sound of when you sheath your weapon or take your weapon, just the sound for that is great and gives you that great feel of a game. So the sound in this game is really just absolutely great. Also if you don't get into this game right away for about an hour just wait because you will, but if your not a role playing game fan don't worry I think you will still like it.

Controls 10/10

There is not to much to say about that controls, I mean you can learn it in about an hour to really just be used to it, but everything is really well done to make it easy for everyone to play. There is one thing though that I had some trouble with and that is pressing the B button to bring up your journal instead of start or select, but other wise everything else is perfect with the control scheme, and really easy to figure out. So you wont have a tough time to figure out how to do it or how to control your character.

Story 10/10

I think story is one of the most important for a game and Oblivion once again nailed another factor in the review. The story is so well thought out(talking about the Main Quest Line) that you can really just get into it and really understand what the whole game is about, and you can just dive right into it and understand it. Understanding the story isn't everything though, how good it is is what matters for the story, and Oblivion has that one of the greatest story lines I have ever played in my video game history. I mean just how it starts out is just amazing with you in the prison, and the ending is just unbelievable but I wont tell you because that would ruin the whole thing. The Main Quest Line is not the only great story in this game pretty much all of the side quests have great stories to them, I mean yeah they not be long but there only side quests so they can't be that long. So another great thing about Oblivion is the story on the Main Quest and all of the side quests. The story is great in oblivion.

Game play 10/10

Okay Game play is by far the most important factor in a game and once again Oblivion has nailed it once again and for the final time, now game play is pretty much all about the fun factor and Oblivion's fun factor goes off the charts, because I can play this game for maybe days straight, if I had the time and energy. Once you start playing Oblivion you cannot get off of it Oblivion is so addicting, I mean once I get on it the minimum I play it is two hours long, and that is really long for some people.

Now back to the game play, the fighting system in this game is really great in my opinion, just how you can block and attack and fall back when your hit by the enemies, and it's just really fun. Now the AI is really great in this game of just how smart the enemies, I mean you may get a couple of enemies who get a little stupid but it is very rare to get enemies who walk into walls. Also what I think is really cool is that the in game characters all have a way of life like what time they go to bed at what time they wake up at, what time they eat dinner at and like they all have a place to live in and some are travelers and stay in hotels in the middle and then of the forest and then continue there travels the next day to were ever there going.

Now another great thing about Oblivion is that there is so much to explore there are over 200 caves, ruins, forts and mines to explore and there are settlements to explore and nine whole cities packed with buildings. There are over 1000 unique characters in the game, I mean this game seems like it will never end, ever. There is even more to do then that, learn magic, by joining the Mag es Guild, become a fighter by joining the Fighters Guild, become a sneaky thief by joining the Thieves Guild, or become a cold blooded assassin by joining The Dark Brotherhood. And that's not even all to do in this game there is so much to do you will be burning your X-box down. Now there is even books you can read and actually some of them are very interesting to read.

There is the arena where you can become the Grand Champion. Its also really fun to just role play like be a farmer and get a rake or something, and just pick some apples or leaves and make some potions by mixing them with mortar and pestle. You can also enchant your won weapons and make your own fierce spells, or just make some fun spells just for fun. Now also the things that you can download are really good in this game especially that expansion pack Shivering Isles that really adds a lot of hours to the game play.

There are also a lot of other ones like Me runes Razor, that one is really great where you go deep into a cave to find Me runes Razor, a really good dagger. Also the Wizards Tower is a really fun one, it's for mag es and has all of these magic things and everything. Also there is horse armor and that one isn't the greatest but it protects your horse better and increases your horse's health points. There are much many more things you can download content, but one of my favorites is the Knights of the Nine where you get to become the legendary Crusader, and to get all of his armor and kill a King. So I have all of the Down loadable content for this game, and all of it is pretty darn great. One thing that is also really good is the level system. So as you level up you will get access to better armor and equipment but you will be playing against tougher enemies. Also enemies level with you so the game does not get really easy, but with that excellent armor you will own everything! So this game is near perfect but who ever said games can be perfect?
Buy or rent: Why do you even ask go buy it now you will be addicted to it so go buy it now, stop reading and go buy it. Go!
My overall score: 10/10
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ROCKS!

-Faded Dust

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/07/07

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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