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"An awesome RPG if not the best"

Ok to start off Oblivion is a truly unique game in every aspect you can think of.The detail in this game is truly amazing if not epic.Oblivion reaches a level so complex that its hard to describe without actually playing this game.Bethesda has reached a level of designing games which no other company can match.Oblivion is an astounding game which sadly can't be enjoyed by everyone.

Well when you first look at this game when you turn on your Xbox360 you might be at a loss of breath.The game world is beautiful and shows how far technology has come.The detail of the Characters and NPC's are astounding they are fully detailed and look almost real that when your talking to them in the game world you feel that you are actually talking to them in real life.The actual world is also astounding from beautiful trees to amazing looking houses which take your breath away the Graphics in this game simply are astounding.The items in this game also come with great detail from the weapons to the armor to the potions which all look amazingly detailed and make you believe there real.Monsters in this game look really cool they are each unique in there own way which looks great.

The voice acting is near perfect in this game but for such a large game filled with so many people its hard to complain.The voice acting fits each NPC perfect to make them more life-like in more ways then you can imagine.The voice acting is sadly used twice for each type of Character meaning an Orc and Nord will sound the same although you may think that sounds bad it doesn't because they may sound the same but it fits to both of the characters.

This is where the game gains and at the same time loses some of its amazing potential.

Gameplay Non Combat- The gameplay is really great controls are smooth and you can pretty much do anything when ever you want.If you ever feel like stabbing someone go ahead pull of that sword go into town and stab someone.You can easily pull out a potion and heal yourself or run as fast as you like whenever you want which makes this game stand out.

Gameplay Combat - This is the part where the game loses some of its magic.The combat in this game is smooth and easy,too easy.The combat is very simple you use weapons(swords,axes,daggers,bows etc) or magic(thunder spells,fire spells etc). You can pull out a sword and attack which is pretty much it you can't attack someone in a specific way like strike the leg of the NPC or arm you just strike forward and hit.The combat may get a little more interesting when you actually level up and gain skills in the weapons department meaning you can use 3 new power attacks which still don't make up for the lousy combat.The attacks range from turning around quickly and striking to stabbing forward which strikes the enemy like any other attack you ever used which is no fun at all and makes the combat really lame and repetitive.The magic is also really simple take out of staff or use some magic you learned and shoot fire spells which sadly look the same meaning a very powerful fire spell will look exactly the same as a weak one.

The story is really just like most RPG's (Spoiler) Save the world (Spoiler) which is kinda boring but the actual moments from the main story make this game all the more interesting.The story draws you in making you want to continue and see what happens next.The story is simple when you think about it but the actual moments in between the main story make it really interesting.

The sound in this game is amazing.All the creatures sound real and so do the people.There are some technical glitches with the game sometimes the sound might shut off and you can't hear nothing but other than that the sound is great.

Ability to play
This is a point I want to make to show that this game isn't for everyone because it is complex in most areas.This installment of the Elder Scrolls is much simpler and easier to play then the last(Morrowind)but it still isn't for people who simple want to turn on there Xbox and play for 30 minutes and thats it.This game requires lots of time and along with thinking because you want to make the right mover before starting a quest of finishing one.This game is truly outstanding in most aspects but the ability for anyone to pick up and play isn't so if you have a lot of time on your hands and are dying for an outstanding RPG for your 360 you will have a good time.

This game is a an achiever.It shows how much you can do if you really put your mind on something.The Graphics from the story the game is truly one of the best RPG games every created.

Rent? or Buy?
I suggest a rent because you might not like it the first time you play and that means you just wasted 60 bucks on a game you won't play.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/14/07

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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