Review by NickyGee

Reviewed: 01/03/08

A great game of (almost) endless fun

Ahh Oblivion, a great game indeed. Oblivion is a fun RPG game with outstanding graphics, interesting storylines, and fun gameplay. I will now start the review.

Storyline 9/10 - This is where the game truly shined. You see in Oblivion there is a main storyline which you must follow to "officially' beat the game. This storyline is very fun and interesting, however if you do not do the side quests can be finished in less than a day. Yes, sadly the main storyline was very short and fairly easy which is why I could not give storyline a 10/10 however the side quests make up for this. I think the makers of Oblivion truly intended on you playing a lot of side quests because they sure put a lot in. There are four different guild you can join, each that require different skills, that have different storylines, and that have different quests and benefits. This was a great part of the game in my opinion because it let you be known for your class. Whether you choose a class of stealth, combat, or magic these guilds have something to offer you. You can also pick up side quests from random people in the game. These quests can be anywhere from finding a lost treasure, to saving a town from monsters. Speaking of treasure, by listening to people talk, or maybe even bribing them, you can find out about lost treasures or places that you can search for. I would say about ninety percrent of the game is made up of side quests while the other ten percent is made up of the made storyline. It is true that this was a strange way to do things, but I couldn't imagine the game any other way.

Graphics 8/10 - The graphics in this game are very pretty. Trees blow in the wind, water moves, clouds float silently in the sky, and the inhabitants of this game look very detailed and realistic. Of course no game is perfect. I noticed a few minor details that bugged me throughout this game. One of these small details is that when you jump from fifty feet into a lake the splash is so minor is looks as if you carefully placed a leaf on the surface of the water. The water also did not move around you as you swam in it, but rather continued its normal way of moving which actually kind of looked like a blue blanket blowing in the wind. Another thing that annoyed me is that it is almost impossible to see at night unless you have a torch or power that grants you light. This made it hard to travel at night, or in the shadows. When you jump in the game your legs do not bend at all, but rather you just go straight up into the air as if you can levitate, and when in the air you could move around at free will which was awkward. The finaly detail about the graphics that bugged me is that if you moved forward/backward while at the same time moved left/right you slid across the landscape as if you were roller-skating. Other than those few minor flaws the graphics of this game truly impressed me and made the game an even better experience.

Gameplay 9/10 - Wow where to start. Well in this game you can choose one of many classes, or you can even design your own which was a nice touch. There are also quite a few different races to choose from, each with there own unique appearance and powers. The class categories are combat (warrior), stealth (rouge/thief/assassin), and magic (mage/wizard). For each class there are your main skills which after leveling them up enough you can level up your total level, and then there are your attributes which you increase everytime you level up. A combat based class basicly wears heavy armor, wields powerful weapons, and can take a load of damage. A stealth based class wears light armor, wields small weapons, and moves quick with the shadows so they can kill you before you can attack or even notice them. Finally a magic based class wears light armor, wields whatever weapons give the best bonuses to their spells, and keep a good distance while firing off powerful spells. Personally I think the combat based classes are the easiest to play yet the weakest, the stealth are the hardest to play but the strongest, and the mage class is in the middle. You can buy or collect weapons and armor throughout the game depending on your class that can make you stronger. You can enchant these items to make them even more powerful. You can also buy horses for faster travel, and own houses so you can always have a play to sleep. Spells are either bought, learned, or found. A fun and realistic part of items is that if your character holds too much weight (each item has a certain weight) then he/she can not move unless you drop some of the weight. You also move slower depending on how much weight you carry. Night and day changes over time, though the time goes unrealisticly fast. Some things you can only do at night, and vice-versa. You can wait or sleep in this game to make time go by faster, and you have to sleep to level up as well. The gameplay in this Oblivion truly has a lot to offer.

Sound 10/10 - The sound was amazing in this game. You can hear metal clash as swords slam together, people moan when they get hurt, many spells have different sounds when you cast them, ect. The backround music plays faintly in the backround, and changes with your enviroment and situation. Horses also make sounds when they gallop and fire even crackles as it burns. A really interesting aspect of the sound if people in the game have conversations with each other that you can drop in on. This is how many quests are started. You can sometimes hear great information from a wise man, or the ramblings of a drunk. People will also greet you as you walk by them, or tell you to leave if you have somehow offended them. People tend to comment on your appearance which is funny. Overall the sound was a great part of the game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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