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"Oblivion, a great game, but not perfect."

Oblivion, it's possibly one of the best RPG on the Xbox360, alot of people seem to think, including me.

At first I was skeptical about this game, unbelievable I know! But the reason was because I disliked Morrowind, I just couldn't applicate it, but don't let that sentence change your views on me. I only played Morrowind for a few minutes, and I didn't like what I saw, maybe I would have grown on it if I played a bit more. Besides that fact, this is about Oblivion.

I popped in the disk, and I was having fun as soon as I was in the sewers, it was amazing. This is one of the best RPG games, so anyone who enjoys a good RPG should check this out.

This review is quite long, and it's better to read it all, and think about it, then skim through.

The following is what I really enjoyed, and what made this game for me.

The goods:
1. The graphics. Yes, we have been spoiled by the graphics of current-gen consoles, but it dosn't change how beautiful the game is. Love it.

2. The gameplay. It's fairly simple, you talk to people, get quest, complete the quest, and explore. It's simple, but fun.

3. The character creation. It is much more involved, you can almost completely customize your character. The only thing I didn't like was that in Morrowind, your Nord could have those face tattoos, but that was a small sacrifice for the greater good. Although I did miss it.

4. The characters. They have emotion! More than some games, their facial expressions, and tone of voice fit the situation. 5. The controls. They are good, simple, and fitting. The only problem I had with the controls was the Hotkey. Which I occasionally accidentally clicked up, or left, when I wanted up-left.

6. The quests. There are so many quests, that you can really feel involved, and just waste time doing those instead of the main quest.

7. The map and quest guider. I am mentioning these because I have played Two Worlds (Read that review for more information) And I realized how helpful it is, when the Map has the name of the cities, and PoI (Points of Interest) Also, it was easy having the quest marker tell you exactly where to go, it was still fun for me, even though I was, more or less, "having my hand held." I realize that some people didn't like that feature, but for me it was great. It meant I didn't have to waste any more time than I had to, giving me more time overall, exploring the game and doing more quest.

8. The music. I loved it. Although the title music strangely reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean, I still enjoyed it, it was that "epic" type of music.

Now onto what, wasn't necessarily damaging, but what I didn't exactly like. The bads:

1. Too many quests?? You probably are calling me crazy. But Although the surplus of quests is good, and fun. There is such thing as too many. I got so involved in the side-quests and did so many of them, that I actually started to lose interest in the game, from lack of interest in the main story line. "Just do the main story line" Of course! Except when you are level 10, it makes the main story somewhat, hard, but still do-able. The amount of side-quests just drew me towards them, and fulfilling alot of them, eventually losing interest of the game itself, I don't know why, but it happened.

2. Enemies level like you. I know alot of people dislike this, and alot of people like it. I, like it and dislike it, but more so dislike it. It's good because the enemy are always somewhat challenging. Of course that is, if you are in the wild and not doing the main quest. As little far I got in the main quest as I did, the enemies were quite strong, but still beatable. I just realized that if I were to advance further into storyline, the enemies would just get stronger, and might have been unbeatable. (Even with the difficulty slider) Thus causing you to be self-conscious about when to level, and when to not. Or so was my case.

4. Steep climbing. I know that it is a minor thing, and alot of people just deal with it, but for me it was different. I would always be walking in a hilly area, and unfortunately run into that spot that's a little bit "too steep" and have to sidestep until I found the appropriate path up the hill. Sure it was minor, but it could be very annoying when trying to get somewhere.

5. The magic. Although it wasn't a "problem" per se, it was just something I would have loved to have done (and tried), but I seemed it as not worth the time. Even though I knew it would have been fun to have all these spells. I just couldn't get into the whole magic thing. So this is on my list of "The bads" even though it wasn't exactly bad, just personal opinion. Which is what reviews is all about, isn't it?

6. The skills. Although it's not always fun jumping everywhere you go to increase your acrobatics, it gave you something to focus on. Unfortunately, some of the skills are just ridiculous to increase, and very tenacious. Such as alchemy, although it's simple! Gather ingredients and make potions! Yes, it is simple, but it's just too tenacious to gather alot of ingredients and make potions, especially when I would have rather had useful potions instead of "restore fatigue" ect. There are also several other skills that are tenacious to train (Some of the magic skills, sneaking[without the "tips" for doing it] ect, but I will not get into them)

This review was about my honest opinions, likes, and dislikes about the game, that I could recall. Even though I didn't like some parts of the game, I still strongly encourage any fan of the RPG genre to play this game, It is amazing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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