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"Fantastic in it's own way, but fell short of expectations."

Okay, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If you have ever played Morrowind, then you will most likely agree with most of what I am saying. If you have never played an Elder Scrolls game before and are just curious, this review may help you decide.

Graphics: Let's just say it, the graphics are gorgeous. I especially was impressed with the realistic thunderstorms. Regardless, graphics alone should not be the only reason you pick up this game. There were a lot of things improved upon, such as the movement of Kahjits and Argonians. They no longer look like their legs are stiff. Also, moving your character around in third person no longer looks ridiculous. The clothes look better and seem to move more realistically, with the exception of the long dresses that women wear. If you wear one and run in the dress, you'll see what I mean. It still looks good though, the women even sway their hips when they walk! Neat!

Sound: Honestly, the music is something I seem to zone out of for some reason. I usually just play my own music on my XBOX 360. But what I have heard of it and paid attention too, it's not too interfering nor hard to listen to. The sounds of footsteps and the sounds of the horses are great. The only thing that annoyed me after awhile was the squishy sound it makes when you raid a zombie or a roasted rat or something. Anyway, I usually just turn the music off just to give it a more realistic feel. I mean, in real life, wouldn't it be cool to have background music all the time? ^^ I almost wish that in future games (if any), they make the music from oldish instruments. Like the lutes and things used to entertain in castles. That would be a nice addition.

Gameplay: Okay, this is where I start with my disappointment. If you have played Morrowind, you'll see what I mean. Okay, why oh why did they have so 'few' quests? There's hardly any at all compared to the hundreds included in Morrowind! Another thing, it seems almost too easy to find stuff. I mean the map markers come in handy yes, but that was kinda the cool thing about Morrowind, you actually had to follow directions and 'look'. The fast travel is an awesome addition. . .but. . .it makes things effortless and boring. I mean, it kind of takes the point out of having a horse and cool riding graphics. There are a lot less cities. Yeah, there are lots of places on the map but you can't really 'do' anything. Once you've raided a few caves and fort ruins you've pretty much raided them all. Settlements don't really do anything. You can ask the people there about rumors if you want but most likely you've heard the rumors before. One thing that really disappointed me. Did anyone else notice it's incredibly easy to make a fortune? Once you're a certain level, even common bandits have really good armor which can be sold for thousands apiece. Seriously, there's no point. Even the option to buy houses doesn't help because once you've bought all the houses there's really nothing else to buy. There isn't even any quests from the temples! There's no little groups to join and even the major guilds have few quests. And once you've reached master or whatever in your guild, there's really nothing left to do. What needs to be done is let you do things as master. Like give orders more than once in a while or actually have quests to do to keep the guild running, like recruitment.

I believe that the houses should be more interactive. You have to have skill and a lot of patience to arrange things in your house. You have to drop things and hope that they land in the spot you want and are right side up. >.< That annoyed me a lot. I never could figure out how to put things in a display case. Sheesh, what can you use them for then?

Another thing I was disappointed in was the Gates. Once you've done one, you've done them all. You only get 1 fame point for closing them. Ergh, then what's the point? They get redundant after awhile. And, I heard someone say that the NPC's each have their own voice. That is NOT true. There is a variety of about 20 different voices for the NPCs. Like, a lot of the male elves have that high pitched voice. The same voice as the guy who runs the Coipious Coinpurse. That voice is used over again for other characters. Females also do this. You'll notice it yourself when you play this game. You'll recognize voices that are used for different characters.

All in all, I was mainly disappointed in the lack of quests.
That should not discourage you from playing this game. It is still highly addicting and fun. The leveled rewards is kind of cool, but you will never be better than your enemies. They constantly level with you. So, if you are getting your butt kicked at level 2, and you level yourself to level 20, you will notice that you are still working hard to kill things. Yeah, you can change the difficulty level of the game during gameplay, but that's no fun. It's like, "I'm dying, so I'm gonna pause it and lower the difficulty to 1!" Then you do and kill it in one hit. You should have to choose the difficulty at the beginning of the game and then be unable to change it again.

Replayability: It's definitely worth playing more than once. One time be a mage, then next a thief, and then the next a warrior. Or do a combination of all three! Be evil in one game, and then a good guy in the next. It's pretty limitless.

Recomendation: I do recomend buying this game as it will provide hours of gameplay. Maybe reviews like this will influence the creators to improve the next game they come out with. We can only hope for the best! Just remember, more quests and things to actually do!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/22/08

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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