Review by Henoth

"It was great but um... meh..."

When I first got my 360 this was the first game I got for it. It was fun at first until the story kept dragging on. I completed all the guild side quests and have finished the main storyline and was strangely disappointed. It lacked certain qualities.

Graphics 8/10:

Yea it was beautiful except for the fact I don't have an HD tv so all the games I play on my 360 (except for Lost odyssey) look kind of bland. The graphics looked really great and beautiful when the objects and land are like 20 feet in front of your character but looking off into the distant mountains all I could see was a polygonal nightmare.

Music 10/10:

Now it had a beautiful soundtrack. It brought me back to the days when I played WoW. (except maybe not as good.) The music playing in the background during the battles and just walking around were amazing especially the opening theme. Though the battle theme did get a bit annoying when I was just walking around and there were no enemies around me.

Gameplay 6/10:

The gameplay lacked! The main quest took like 1 hour and the only fun guild story to follow was the thieves guild (almost unpredictable ending.) Yes it had a plethora of side quests and secrets but most of them involved "I hate this bloody person go kill them for me" or "Help me find out about my past" or my favorite: "get me some beer from the bowels of that there little dungeon!" Sure there was not many collection quests which was good. The most fun I had was the deadra quest where you had to bring upon the three plagues of the village. Oh did I mention how the leveling system gets annoying? I like leveling up my skills but after level 10 they take forever to level up! The highlight of the game though was the fact that it had a free roaming battle system so that you don't have to fight a new enemy every other step (damn you final fantasy!)

Final Word:
I won't lie! Oblivion wasn't a bad game! I liked it a lot but it just lacked something for me. I love the fact there was no turn-based battle system but that some of the creatures were almost impossible to beat. I'm probably going to buy Elder Scrolls V but I just hope they fix up some things in it (and that its not exclusive to the PS3) Thank you Bethesda for creating a great game, but you can try harder.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/07/08

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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