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"Bethesda creates a new chapter of their Elder Scrolls Sage and it meets expectations"

I have been a longtime fan of the Elder Scrolls series, and it is a series rich in lore and gameplay that has a large fanbase. Oblivion takes what made it's more recent previous title, Morrowind and nearly perfect it and yet take away somethings that were great about it before. Before I ramble on more let us begin.

Story: 8/10
Great! I love it and it's very epic. You must save the world from certain destruction from the Daedric Prince of destruction named Mehrunes Dagon who aided Jagar Tharn in usurping Uriel Septim in the first game, Arena. Uriel in this game knows of his death and gives you the task of finding his lost heir but thats only the main story and their and many other questlines with different stories waiting for you.

I don't know why but I feel at home with this game play. It just comes naturally so it's easy to master and fun once you know it. You can choose different weapons and weapon types and sub-types to use. Though unlike Morrowind, you have less to choose from as Spears and throwing weapons are gone and axes are now under blunt. Unarmored and Medium Armor are gone as well but I dont really miss most of the changes. Another change that you either love or hate is the fast travel. While Morrowind had Stilt Striders and boats and teleport spells, Oblivion has a feature that if you select a place on your map, you can go there. I feel it takes away tedious travel but others feel it makes the game shorter.

Graphics: 9/10
Very real, well real looking in my opinion forests look beautiful and people look pretty good graphics wise. Minor graphical glitches are the only problem and they can be overlooked for the most part.

Music: 9/10
Epic music for an epic game and they fit where they are played. When you are in the wilderness you hear a peaceful song and a different one for in town. When a monster, bandit or a demonic Daedra appears you hear a battle theme. Think like what Morrowind did.

Replay: 9/10
You can always do something different in this game so you can play this for a long time and still do things different. Characters are very customizable and you can do or not do anything you want.

Buy or Rent: Buy!
This is a game that will keep you entertained for a long time. Pick it up if you can. It's certainly worth the thirty bucks.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/08/08

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (US, 03/20/06)

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