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"This game will suck you in, and never let go."

I have no words to describe how awesome this game is. I have never played an other elder scrolls games, and I already understand what is going on in this game... This game is not perfect, but it is damn near perfection.

Story: 9/10

Ok, the first thing is the story, it is pretty damn interesting... Basicly the emporer and all his heirs are assasinated. They were murdered by a cult called the mythic dawn, apparently there is another heir, the emporer gives you his amulet before he dies, which is the amulet the emporer of cryrodil wears. Whenever a new emporer is crowned, he lights the dragonfires, thus keeping the hordes of "Oblivion", or in other words, hell, at bay, but when the emporer dies, the dragonfires darken, which is then the time when the heir uses the amulet to light the fires again... The heir is found at the city of kvatch, which has been attacked because a gate to oblivion has opened outside the city gate, the oblivion invasion has been called to kill the heir, thus taking out the entire septim line and making the world fall into darkness, the temple you left the amulet at has been invaded, and the amulet is gone... And you've gotta find the amulet... There are alot of twists involved in it... Thus making it a great story.

Gameplay: 9.5/10

The game itself is a blast, the combat system is not turned based, it is in fact ALOT like an action game. You have an attack button and a block button, depending on your weapon attack is either ranged, or close up. And you have a hotkey system on the d pad and a spell button so you can change spells in the heat of battle with ease... Just remember your hotkeys. The exploration itself is, kinda flawed. You see, the enviroments are so detailed that you just wish to see everything. But objectives would take forever if you had to travel from city to city all the time, so the developers added a fast travel system which allows you to travel between cities and dungeons very easily, of course you can't use this to get out of a battle easily, and you can only travel somewhere if you have been there... but without the fast travel system, you would be taking forever to finish quests. Oblivions concept of an RPG is that you choose your characters path, not experiencing everything... And for this reason it is not perfect, but people would moan if there was no fast travel system.

Graphics: 9/10

This game has had its place in the sun in the technical department, sure, but the attention to detail is STILL astounding a few years later, many games don't even look good a year later... But oblivion still wows me with its big draw distance , sure, other games have a larger draw distance but oblivion makes better use of it with big views of the land of cyrodill...

Sound: 7/10

Voice acting is great! Music is... Not so much. Y'see, the music is good at first but it is extremely repetitive and annoying. You'll end up plugging in your ipod. The sound effects are good too, although some of them sound ripped from other games.

Lifespan: 10/10

This game will more than give you your moneys worth, in fact people still play it on my xbox live friends list to this date! Some games don't manage to last for 1 year... But this game is just something that you will be playing for years... And its only gonna get cheaper and it is very widely available all over the place, the idiot who traded in his copy is missing out because I now have it. And I am still wondering why he traded it in, more to the point, what will happen at the end of this next questline. Make no hesitation to buy this game!

Buy/Rent: Take a wild guess.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/18/08

Game Release: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (EU, 03/24/06)

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