Review by Dude Love Fan

Reviewed: 03/24/06

While Oblivion EASILY gets a 10/10, something still feels "missing."

We all have waited a very long time for Oblivion, and that wait is finally over. Now that I have had some time with the game is, was the game worth the wait? While the answer is most definitely yes, there is some intangible piece of the experience that is missing. Some people on the boards have called it the "soul" of the game. Personally I can't say why, but the whole experience is somewhat bland. This is sad given the amazingness of the game, but I am optimistic that the feeling will wear off when we begin to judge the game on it's own terms. All gripes aside, the game looks and plays spectacular. It takes the first person combat from Morrowind and completely improves on it. The fog that limited the draw distance is Morrowind is gone, and you can now see for miles upon miles. Combine that with the ability to do most anything you want and you have what is without a doubt one of the best games ever made.

Graphics: 10/10
Gorgeous couldn't truly begin to describe the sheer beauty of this game. When you first climb a hill and look down on the world below you realize just how large the world is. My personal experience with this included me climbing a hill through a huge forest of lush tress which blew me away by itself. I then came to a wooden bridge over a waterfall which gave me an amazing view of the imperial city which was miles upon miles in the distance. From my perch I could see the tops of the trees which ranged from Reds and Yellows to the normal greens, all lush and all lovely. The characters themselves are very detailed and have to be seen to comprehend the detail in the faces and bodies.

Sound: 10/10
Once again Oblivion delivers. The soundtrack is as epic as the size of the game itself. With cues to what is going on in the game. This is good because if you are running and hear the battle music kick in, you know something bad is coming your way. Another great feature in the sound department is that all of the dialog is voice acted, and done well, which isn't always the case with games. I never really have been good at rating the sound quality of games, as I am not too particular, if the music suits the mood, the developer did their job, as is the case with this game. Another cool note is that, like all 360 games, you can use your own music for the soundtrack if you want to.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game gives you so much freedom it isn't even funny? Want to steal an entire town blind and then sell the hot items on the black market? You can. Want to Murder an entire country town? You can. Want to venture through the wilderness killing bandits to make things safer for travelers? You can(well you just kill the bandits, no one actually travels between towns). You can make your character a upright citizen or a brazen thief or anything in between. Your main quest in the game is to close the gates to Oblivion(the Elderscrolls equivalent to Hell), and find the emperor's lost son, bringing stability to the kingdom. Other than that there are many factions to join and sidequests to take part in, all of these adding up to well over 150 hours of gameplay. If you like RPGs, this is the game for you. The combat is real time, and you are able to actively block and counter on your own unlike in morrowind where the blocking was done for you.

Overall: 10/10
If you like RPGs or GTA style games in a medieval world, this is the game for you. If you like a huge world with a lot to see and do, this is the game for you. If you like freedom, this is the game for you(now that sounded like propaganda :) If you like a linear story ala a Final Fantasy game, with turnbased combat, this isn't the game for you. With excellent sound, great gameplay, and amazing graphics, Oblivion gets a perfect score. And here's to being immersed in the game, as that is what I feel will remove that feeling of something being "off".


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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