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"Simply Amazing....One of the best RPG's every created...."

What to start with...There are so many things to talk about in this game...

I'll start with the Graphics. Simply put, they are amazing. You walk out of your first dungeon and will be awe-struck by the countryside. When I walked outside for the first time I must have looked around for 10 minutes before moving. Animations are miles and miles ahead of Morrowind, and the physics are awesome. The 3rd person combat looks a little odd, but nothing terrible. I have experienced very slight framerate drops, but nothing that really impacts gameplay or overall experience. The load times are almost all instant. There are a couple points where you will get a load time, but they only last like 4 seconds when you go into some buildings. There occasionally is a load time when walking though the wilderness too, but the load is so fast you almost don't notice it.

The gameplay in this game is amazing. It is very fun, and suprisingly deep. I love the fact that you can't just press the attack button over and over and win a fight. If the enemy has a shield I like to pull out my 2 handed claymore and acquiant the blade of my sword with his face. I still remember the first time I killed a guy with a power blow, AWESOME. There is this dull thud as the enemy goes down, so pleasing. There is almost too much to do in this game. I was suddenly struck, as I looked around outside, that there were so many things I could do. My first experience was walking up to some nearby ruins and see some guy fighting some giant crabs. I thought well I'll help the guy out. I pulled out my bow and killed one of them. After the crabs were killed he turned and ran straight at me. I was supprised, but quickly finished the bandit off. This type of stuff is just awesome. The AI is great and very fun to play with. I was on this one quest where I had to follow this guy and find out how he was getting supplies for his shop. So I went to his shop, went in, and then left when his shop closed. I then followed him all around the city, and overheard his conversation with another AI. I thought this was so cool.

The sound is amazing aswell. The music is great, and the main song is catchy just like the original Morrowind. The sounds of battle are also very well done. The only bad part is sometimes the sounds will be slightly delayed. You might hit a guys shield and not hear the sound until a split second late, but this isn't really a problem at all.

In conclusion, if you have an XBOX 360, BUY THIS GAME. If you dont' have an xbox 360. GET one and get OBLIVION. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay to be found here, and the game is always fun. THere is always something new and exciting to find or do. So in short, buy this game. I would have given it a ten, but I believe there is no perfect game. I probably would have given it a 9.7 ish if it were possible.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/06

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